Experience The Saputara Hill In Gujarat

Everything You Need To Know About Saputara Hill In Gujarat

Situated in the regions of Dang Forest, the Saputara Hills, of the Sahyadri mountain in the Western Ghats, has breathtaking displays of the valley which earned its name among popular tourist’s places. Soon it was developed into a hill station with hotels, theatres and other amenities like a museum.

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The cascading waterfalls and lush of fauna, indicating signs of high vitality, is quite the contrast to the rest of the dry cities of Gujarat. The hill resort, located 3000ft above sea level, is planned to be one of the most systematic in the entire country to give you both a relaxed yet entertained getaway with all its activities.

Saputara in Gujarati translates to ‘Abode of Serpents’ which is apparently derived from the Sarpanganga (Serpent Ganga) river that looks in the shape of a snake or a serpent. On festivals like Holi, the tribal people gather on the banks of this river to worship the image of the snake.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Saputara Hill Station?

One of the best things about this place is that you can visit it at any time of the year. It is an all around the year destination and you do not have to adjust your vacation time according to it.

saputara hills, saputara, saputara gujarat

During the winter season, the months of October to February, the milieu of Saputara and the valley is misty and ideal for outdoor activities. The monsoon season begins from July and ends in September, giving the tourists a chance to witness the ecosystem of the place at its prime time. The plants and flowers are full bloom, lush and brimming with life. The summer time in Saputara falls from March to June, where the temperature ranges around 25° C. Thus, it becomes a haven compared to the other hot and humid places of the state.

Things To Do In Saputara Hill Station

For adrenaline filled adventurous activities, you can choose from paddling along the river to cable car rides. For a quiet, calm and peaceful day, you can take a stroll in a heavenly garden or admire the exquisite arts present at the museum.

saputara hills, saputara, saputara gujarat

Adventurous Activities

Cable Car Ride – At a height of 25 to 30 ft, the autos are linked with a rope which are used while transit to numerous places around the whole town, called the Pushpak Ropeway. It gives a perspective of 10,000 foot view of the entire city. It can carry at least 12 people at a time. Our personal favourite moment during the ride is the part when the Cable Car glides above the Saputara Lake.

Sunrise Point – A famous Sunrise Point that’s locally also called the Valley Viewpoint is located in Saputara. This point can be reached via a 1.5km trek towards Waghai. You could just as well drive up there in your car or your bike, as there’s a parking area too. It gives a great view of the entirety of Saputara Valley, and if you go there during monsoon, you get to see a hill station in full bloom.  

Townview Point – Another stunning spot which is prominently built at a high elevation with the idea to give a vantage point from where the entire sloping station is visible. It gives a mesmerizing juxtaposed view of the urban communities and woods of the Dang Forest.

Unwinding Activities

The Saputara Museum – The Saputara Museum is also famously known as the Saputara Tribal Museum, that falls on the road to Surat and Nasik. It gives an insight regarding the entire Dand Valley and the towns falling under it. The idea is to give the way of life of the locale and cultural experience to the travellers. 

Sunset Point – Close to the Saputara Museum, on the Sunset Point Road you can find the Nightfall Point. It is famously also called as Gandhi Shikhar or pinnacle. It is only 1.7km far away from the town. You get a panoramic view of the dusk, ancestral towns and Dang Forest in the region. Many travelers reach this point via Ropeway in just 10mins.

The Saputara Lake – The Saputara Lake is located right in the heart of the valley surrounding the green lush. They offer boating facilities on the lake. Imagine rowing amidst the picturesque landscapes and scenic valleys, it is like being in a trance like state. 

Forest Nursery – The Forest Department of Saputara administers the Forest Nursery where it houses various plants and trees. In addition, there are also many beautiful blooming carnations, roses and hibiscus plants. It is highly maintained and you can buy your desired plant sapling for your home.

Tourists Attractions That Cannot Be Missed Near Saputara Hill Station

Gira Falls

Gira Falls is situated at just a kilometer’s separation from the Saputara-Waghai Road in the town of Waghai. They are at a 30m high gushing waterfall that originates at the Kapri Tributary and confluence at the Ambica River. This place is visited at its peak during the winter season as it looks even more mystical.

The Vansda National Park 

Spanning over 23.99 sq km, just 40kms far from Saputara, lies the Vansda National Park. In the month of April, 1979, this area became secured territory. It is the home to wild creatures like hyenas, four-horned antelopes, panthers, sambars, python, cobras, russell’s snake and many more. It is also a home to 60 varieties of butterflies, 121 various bugs and 30 types of snakes.

The Rose Garden 

Located in the same area as the Lake Garden and Step Garden, only a minute drive away from the Saputara Hill Station, is another area that soothes your soul. Especially during springtime, The Rose Garden is filled with various types of rose assortments in full bloom. There is also a section known as ‘Smriti Club’ where they can plant a rose to their name. It is open from 8am to 7pm. There is no entry fee to the garden.

Religious Places

There are also many religious places that you can visit from Saputara. Some of them are Saptashrungi Devi Mandir in Vani, Unnai Mata Temple, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Jain Temple and Swaminarayan Temple. All of them are in close vicinity and convenient to reach. 

Getting Around Saputara Hill Station

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In Saputara, the Saputara bus stop and ST depot are the prime bus terminals where the frequency of the buses are regular. Saputara does not have its own railway station. The closest railway station is at Billimora, the Waghai railway station, around 50kms away from the city.

Although you can opt for a cab, there aren’t many cab companies in the city. Since Saputara is a small place and the tourist attractions lay very clone to one another, an ideal choice to travel within the city would be auto rickshaws.

In case you’re visiting Saputara for a short and limited time, various companies offer chauffeur driven cars from the neighboring towns.

How To Reach The Saputara Hill Station?

saputara hills, saputara, saputara gujarat

By Train

The best advised mode of transportation to reach Saputara is said to be via train. Waghai railway station at Billimora, which is around 50kms far away from Saputara, is the closest railway station in the vicinity. This railway station is linked to major places like Gujarat, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. After reaching Waghai railway station, you can hop into a bus or taxi to reach the city of Saputara.

By Bus

The bus route to Saputara is well connected across the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. There are numerous government and private buses running from Mumbai, Gujarat and Pune. There are also buses that run from Nasik, Chikli, Billimora and Surat. The buses come in various options like opting from regular, deluxe, air conditioned and private coaches. They are very comfortable and economical.

By Flight

The nearest domestic airport is the one at Surat, the Surat Airport, which is around 156kms away from Saputara city. The closest international airport is at Mumbai, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is approximately 225kms far away from Saputara city.

What Makes The Saputara Hill Station Special?

The only hill station of Gujarat is the Saputara Hills, which in itself has an intriguing appeal about the place. At first, just a valley, it was turned into a hill station due to its enticing beauty that couldn’t be hidden.

saputara hills, saputara, saputara gujarat

It is a sanctuary to many exotic species and the region takes pride in it’s flora and fauna. They are well maintained and every local on board gives a hand in keeping it intact all round the year.

It is one of those destinations which can be visited all around the year. With all its mind-numbing natural beauty, the Saputara Hill Station is an abode to both entertaining adventurous activities and activities that provide a relaxing escape, making it unique and one of a kind.

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