5 Beaches To Visit For A Socially Distant Break

5 Of The Most Pristine Beaches To Travel To For A Socially Distant Break


Most of us around the world have been feeling trapped due to the necessary social distancing and quarantine imposed on us that was caused by the coronavirus outbreak. At the time where work from home and online classes are promoted, living confined surrounding the four walls of your home can be quite suffocating at times. It is understandable why anyone would want to get out and breathe in fresh air for a few days.

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After months of being restrained, many of us crave the feeling of strolling down the dunes of sand on bare feet that seemingly merge with the water bodies and inhale the familiar salty air. Although, the intent to fulfil your desires is in no way a license to let negligence creep in. The threat of the virus is still very real. Fortunately, there are some places which can facilitate social distancing while letting you enjoy the joys of exploration. 

So here are some of the lesser known beaches you could visit for a socially distant break, while keeping in mind all the necessary precautions.

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala

The longest recorded drive-in beach of Asia lies in the God’s Own Country, Kerala, India. The beach lies in the city of Kannur and about 4kms of its shore runs in tandem with the NH66 highway making it a filmy experience for anyone wanting to go on a drive with a picturesque view on sight. The road that leads to this beach is surrounded with groves of coconut trees and is not paved, hence, providing the adventure of the rustic beauty of nature. 

The Muzhappilangad beach is generally known to have low tides and water currents. This makes it possible for tourists to enjoy a good swim at the beach. This place is also known to be a hotspot for migrating birds like Caspian Plover and Pectoral Sandpiper. Around 200m to the south of this beach, there is an exclusive island which is called Dharmadam Island. Locally the island is referred to as Pacha Thuruthu which means ‘green island’. Due to the low tides, you can simply take a walk on the water to reach this island. 

During a time of social distancing, drive-in beaches are the right remedy to avoid encountering people and enjoying the breath of tranquil air among the mesmerizing natural beauties. The drive-in option not only allows you to ensure proper social distance, but also allows you to opt for the much required break from the ‘new normal’.

Butterfly Beach, Goa

Situated to the north of Palolem beach, in the Southern part of Goa, lies the Butterfly beach which is often wrongly known to many as Butterfly Island. The beach earned its name due to its peculiar shape that is quite similar to that of a butterfly. During the low tides, many aquatic life like sea cucumbers, sea urchins, goldfish and redfish wander here which makes this beach quite unique to the rest of Goa. On the way to the beach, you can also witness dolphins in the middle of the sea. Additionally, a part of this beach is known to have countless butterflies flying around making for a breathtaking view.

5 Beaches To Visit For A Socially Distant Break

The beach is quite serene as it has managed to stay away from the limelight compared to all the other beaches in Goa. There are no roadways that connect this beach to the state and this is the reason due to which this place has remained secluded. You either have to hike for over two hours through the forest to reach the beach or take a ferry from another beach (either Palolem or Agonda) to reach here. Even though the task of traveling to this place seems tedious, this is one of the major reasons why you could choose to visit this beach during the pandemic.

Shivrajpur Beach, Gujarat

Often not recognised for more than the sand dunes that stretches as the ocean of desert, the state of Gujarat has more to offer. Gujarat, predominantly referred to as a state of desert, the beaches of the region often go under the radar, making them some of the best offbeat places. The Shivrajpur beach is one such hidden gem of the Indian state. It is situated only at 12kms far away from Dwarka and about 22kms from Okha on the Dwarka-Okha highway. 

The beach is known for its crystal clear waters and white sands. Various birds and dolphins have been spotted on this beach by the locals. There is a lighthouse in the vicinity which creates the perfect image of tranquil shore. Maharao Deshalji, a ruler of Kachchh, had built a fort here to provide shelter for the Kachchhi vessels in the 1720. The place is enriched with magnificent natural beauty and history. 

The beach is not commercialised, which makes it secluded and easy to maintain. Shivrajpur beach is regulated with several rules and has fixed timing (6AM to 6PM) for tourists to visit. Locals here had put in a lot of effort towards cleaning and upholding the natural beauty of the beach. A testimony to this is the fact that recently, it was awarded with Blue Flag certification. This certificate is an eco-label that is awarded to only a selected number of beaches that have a safe and hygienic environment. Beaches with Blue Flag are recognized to be the cleanest beaches in the entire world and it is no wonder why you should consider visiting this beach.

Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep

All those picturesque views of beaches in the internet with clear turquoise blue waters, silvery white sands, undulated coconut groves sprinkled all over the dunes, mind blowing coral reefs and aquatic lives can be witnessed in real life in Lakshadweep. Honestly, every beach in this region is truly spell binding. However, Agatti beach is one of those beaches in the island that remains unexposed to the major part of the tourists. The beach offers several activities like snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving and fishing. The accommodations in the area have numerous luxurious stays like deluxe cottages and bungalows.

5 Beaches To Visit For A Socially Distant Break

After the offset of the outbreak of Covid-19, travel at no place in the world has been safe. In India, Lakshadweep is the only area with no recorded cases of corona. The Union Territory has been putting up their best efforts in avoiding negligence and taking proper guidelines to keep the virus at bay. To enter the Union Territory, you will require a permit. You can apply for an e-pass at the portal of their Administrative Office. For a safe vacation right now, Lakshadweep offers the right environment to relax.

Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

The Ottinene beach in Paduvari, in the district of Udupi of the state of Karnataka, is again one of the lesser known beaches of Southern India. The beach is maintained by the forest department. It is partially surrounded by the woods and elevated cliff which makes it very difficult to identify and, thus, has remained out of radar of the tourists for so many years. The shape of the beach is quite unique as it looks like the river Sumana is making a U-turn as it joins the adjacent Arabian Sea.

The tune of the tides of the beach that constantly hit the rocky hills in the shore and the swaying palm trees soothes your entire being. From the elevated cliff, an observation deck has been built to give a soul gripping view to the travellers. There is also a sunset point at the beach for the tourists. The local fishermen take their boats into the sea everyday as it has various fishes from the freshwater and Sea.

The forest department has established few accommodations like eateries and cottages for the tourists which can be pre booked from the Kundapura forest office. Staying at a place with a view like this can rejuvenate your mind and body. The option of pre-booking cottages is safe at a time like this. This ensures limited visits from different places. The beach is camouflaged due to the forest area concealing it from the outside world which makes it a good spot to visit during this pandemic.

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