Charaideo Maidam Of Assam Gets Nominated For UNESCO World Heritage Site

Charaideo is almost 30 km away from Sivasagar town of Assam. It’s said to be the first capital of the Ahom. This place is said to symbolize the Ahom power as it’s considered to be the place or origin of the Ahoms. The Charaideo Maidam is where the mausoleum or the burial mounds of the Ahom rulers lie. These burial mounds are also known as ‘Pyramids of Assam’. There are over 90 of them at Charaideo Maidam.


This historic site has been nominated for the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site by the Centre. There are two other World Heritage Sites in Assam - Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park. If selected, this place will be the third World Heritage Site in this state.

The Archaeological Survey of India protects 30 of these burial mounds at present. Currently, a number of the monuments over here are under neglect. This site is also considered to be sacred for the ancestral gods of the Ahom tribes. ‘Che Tam Doi Phi’ is the ancestral name of Charaideo Maidam. It literally translates to ‘city of the sacred hill’. 

Both local and international tourists visit Charaideo. Since the Archaeological Survey of India protects only 30 of these sites, the remaining are in a condition of decay. One of the main reasons why these sites are damaged is human encroachment.

When planning your next trip to Assam, don’t forget to add Charaideo Maidam on your list of places to explore. There are several other monuments that you can visit in the town of Sivasagar.