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Camping In Leh

Every travel enthusiast has dreamt of visiting Leh-Ladakh at least once in their lives. Filled with beautiful valleys, snow-clad hills, and scenic landscapes, Leh is the utopia that everyone dreams about. If you're to visit Leh, you simply can not miss out on a chance to spend a night camping under the beautiful skies and waking up to a mesmerizing view of the snow covered mountains.

Without any further ado, let's get into our top places for camping in Leh to make your experience here even more special!

7 Famous Camps In Leh

  1. Tsomoriri Camp And Resort Hotel
  2. Nubra Ethnic Camp
  3. Shyok Camp Nubra
  4. Indus River Camp
  5. Tiger Camp Nubra
  6. Highland Camp
  7. Mulkila Adventures

Tsomoriri Camp And Resort Hotel

With 15 connected tents carefully decorated with boutique-style décor and jute floor coverings, the Tsomoriri Camp and Resort already makes your stay more appealing and comfortable. Situated at an altitude of 15,000 feet in the Changthang territory, the camp site is surrounded with beautiful mountains and scenic landscapes. So, pick your camera, capture your stay here, and make that perfect Instagram post.

With many opportunities to explore nature around and indulge in adventure activities, this hotel is the perfect place to experience the real essence of Leh.

Want to keep away from the bustle? Tsomoriri Camp is your dream destination if you’re looking for a less crowded and more nature-packed camping experience.

Elevation - 4,959 m

Price - Starts at INR 5,500

Things To Do - Visit Korzok Monastery

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Nubra Ethnic Camp

Famous for the luxurious camping experience that it provides to travelers and located in the Nubra valley, this is one of the most famous sites for glamping in Leh. You can start your day by enjoying the peaceful wind and beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains against the backdrop of the beautiful sky. Then take some time to experience a safari through the vast terrains of the land. Spend an afternoon visiting the local tourist attractions, guided village trek, and hiking.

You can enjoy various activities like off-road bicycle rides, mountain biking, rock climbing, and stargazing near the campsite. Munch on tasty snacks throughout the day and at nights, have delicious local meals for dinner. The campsite is famous for its luxurious tents with facilities like attached bathrooms, electric blankets, oxygen cylinders, medical and first aid facilities and much more!

Elevation - 3,048 m

Price - Starts at INR 5280

Things To Do -

  • Camel Safari
  • Visiting Maitreya Buddha
  • Visiting Panamik Village For Hot Springs

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camping in leh

Shyok Camp Nubra

Nestled against the backdrop of the mighty mountains surrounding Nubra Valley, Shyok Camp Nubra is guaranteed to give you the peace that is expected of the mountains. The campsite has placed itself beautifully over the natural landscape with tents that complement wide open pastures and bridges that let you cross streams that make their way across the premises.

The tents themselves are equipped with western washrooms and other creature comforts that ensure a very comfortable stay. The campsite also provides hot water on-demand and a scrumptious selection of dishes for all your meals. If you’re looking for a simple, peaceful, and easy-going time on your trip, you need to check out Shyok Camp Nubra!

Elevation - above 3,048 m

Price - Starts at INR 2,449

Things To Do -

  • Visit Samsthaling Monastery
  • Visit Shyok River
  • Hundar Sand Dunes

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Indus River Camp

Indus River Camp is one spot that lets you feel the essence of being in the mountain-city while letting you see the beauty laid outside its bounds. Located about 10 km away from Leh in a place called Ranbirpura, Indus River Camp is the perfect spot for glamping on the banks of Indus River.

The premises of this campsite are home to a few tent-style accommodations, a few cottages, and a few glass-walled chalets that face the ever-so-beautiful river. Indus River Camp also offers a wide variety of veg and non-veg food that you can order as and when you like. Moreover, once you’re done appreciating the views and the creature comforts that the campsite offers, you can start exploring everything that is around!

The staff will help you rent a motorcycle, go birding, attend a yoga class, or even explore the historical monuments that are laid in close proximity. You can also check out their website here and request a customised itinerary for your trip.

Elevation - 3,524 m

Price - Starts at INR 11,000

Things To Do -

  • Visit Zorawar Fort
  • Visit Hall Of Fame, Leh
  • Visit Leh Golf Course

Tiger Camp Nubra

Tiger Camp is one of the few places that will let you stay in close proximity to the river, while still having some distance from the crowns coming to the water. It is located only a few minutes away from River Nubra and is home to some exquisite views of the mountainscapes that cover the background.

This campsite is set in a way that shrubs and bushes of many sizes and colors keep you company as you walk around, while the tall trees stand mighty in the background. So, rest assured that you are well accompanied by the green of the mountains. Additionally, once you get to your tents, you’re welcomed by simple glamping tents with attached bathrooms, light fixtures, and a kettle.

You also have a brick-and-mortar kitchen and mess at your disposal. However, that space is communal, giving you the chance to go back home with more friends than you had when you came here.

Elevation - about 3,000 m

Price - Starts at INR 2,850

Things To Do -

  • Visit Nubra Valley
  • Visit Yarma Gompa

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camping in leh

Highland Camp

One of the most affordable and beautiful campsites near Leh, Highland camp is located in the Highland district also known as the Lukung Village of Ladakh. Close to the Pangong Tso, the campsite offers beautiful views and is surrounded by beautiful trees and hills. 

There are 10 deluxe Swiss Camps that come with clean washrooms, which provide a 24 hour hot and cold water facility. You can start your day with 30 minutes of meditation underneath a tree sitting silently and letting the sounds of nature take over your mind. 

After meditating you can free your body and mind with a yoga session. If you're not ready to sit in one place and relax, you can go on a morning walk through the nearby forest or go on a spontaneous, little hike through the beautiful hills that surround the campsite. 

There are many other water activities available here such as boating and rowing. You can also visit the nearby village and get to know the locals that live there. You must not miss a chance to try out delicious delicacies made by the locals in the village. Just talking and interacting with the people who live nearby and getting to know their stories will give you some of the best moments spent in Leh.

Elevation - 4,378 m

Price - starts at INR 4,200

Things To Do -

  • Visit Samstemling Gompa
  • Visit Nubra Village

Mulkila Adventures

Located off of the Leh-Manali highway, Mulkila Adventures is one campsite that makes you feel like you’ve stepped on a different planet. It is surrounded by mountains that go the length of the world and meet the skies at the very end of your horizon. This view, put together with the meadows that literally go across the borders of the country if enough to give enough the most stoic man chills going down his spine.

The campsite is home to 30 tents, all of which have attached bathrooms, and a separate kitchen/mess area. The decor of the tents is simple, with single/double beds and basic bedside furniture. If you are looking for a vacation to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a visit to Mulkila Adventures is surely in order.

Elevation - 3,650 m

Price - starts at INR 2,700

Things To Do -

  • Visit Leh Palace
  • Visit Main Bazaar

camping in Leh


Is Leh Safe For Camping?

There are many campsites in Leh that promise a safe and comfortable stay. Whether you're staying alone or with company, you must take care of a few basic things on your own to ensure your safety. Make sure you drive slowly through the rough roads, carry important medication, and always keep a first-aid box in your luggage. Also, keep plenty of warm clothes in your luggage and always check the weather forecast before continuing your journey.

How To Prepare For Camping In Leh?

To pick the perfect campsite, you must shortlist a few options. Pre book the camps and plan your itinerary wisely. If the camp isn't providing food options or you want to be extra careful, carry your own food. You can opt for ready-to-cook meals that require you to only put hot water in them or carry dry food packages and dry snacks with you. Carry enough warm clothes, gloves, winter caps, and mufflers with you.

What Are Some Good Camping Activities?

Reading books, storytelling, card games, board games, crafting, running, hiking, trekking, water sports such as water rafting, rowing, rock climbing, Rappelling, and so on!

Is Leh Safe For Couples?

Even though it’s completely safe for couples to travel in Leh, make sure you travel with groups or at least find the company of other travelers. This will ensure better security.

How Can I Plan A Budget Trip To Leh?

  • Go off season to save cost. Preferably during April-May to August-September.
  • Travel with a group to share the expenditure.
  • Compare your campsite options and opt for the more affordable one.
  • Choose where you eat wisely.
  • Try to carry as much dry food as you can with you so that you don't spend much on snacks.

Is Leh Part Of Kashmir?

Leh is definitely part of Kashmir and is situated in the remote area of the Kashmir region.

Does Leh Have An Airport?

Yes, Leh does have an airport and it’s situated just 3.8 km from the main city. The aerodrome sits at an altitude of 10,682 feet and is recognised as one of the highest airports in the world. Pretty impressive, right? The airport is named after the 13th Dalai Lama, Kushok Bakula Rimpochee.

How Far Is Leh From Delhi?

The aerial distance between Leh and Delhi is about 613 km and 957 km by road.