10 Scenic Locations For A Destination Wedding In India

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

Marriage is a time of celebrating the love and togetherness of two people. It’s a joyous moment that many people celebrate dancing, singing, and enjoying together. To make the whole process more exciting and memorable, many couples have also started planning pre-wedding photoshoots. Interestingly, it has also become one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. It helps you get in the mood for the wedding and gives you some time off from the preparation chaos as well.

If you too are among those dreaming of a memorable photoshoot, you’d want your pre-wedding shoot to be romantic, beautiful, and elegant. In essence, it should be a moment that captures the love and happiness that you and your partner share. A good destination will help you bring that out and capture some of the most memorable moments with your partner that you can fondly look back on with your grandchildren.

To make your pre-wedding photoshoot a success, you need the perfect location. We have taken the liberty to curate a list of 10 breathtaking places fit for a pre-wedding photoshoot in India. Have a look at these places and find out which location suits you best.

  • Lotus Place, Hampi
  • National Rail Museum, Delhi
  • Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh
  • Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
  • Rushikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam
  • French Quarter, Pondicherry
  • Taj Mahal, Agra
  • Kabini River, Kerala
  • Pangong Lake, Ladakh
  • Chandratal Lake, Spiti

Lotus Palace, Hampi

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that makes for one of the most unique places to do a pre-wedding photoshoot with your loved one. One of the architectural wonders of this city is the Lotus Palace. It’s a breathtaking place that is uniquely identified by its lotus-like structure. The sublime stone remains of the palace make for the best rustic yet romantic location to get some cute pictures before you decide on tying the knot. The pleasant weather of the city adds to your experience.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

One thing to know before you plan any kind of shoot in any parts of Hampi including the Lotus Palace is to take prior permission and make your bookings accordingly. The vintage charm and the iconic architecture in the town are all you need to make the best out of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Specialty - Majestic architecture, rustic vibes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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National Rail Museum, Delhi

When you’re listing down some out-of-the-box places for your pre-wedding shoot, you may want to have a look at the National Rail Museum located in Delhi. It’s a place away from the bustling city life amidst the rustic rails and trains built in India. The charm of the offbeat place is perfect to capture the romance and love you share with your partner.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

The enticing vibes of the trains and nature alike enable you to have some unique pictures with a beautiful backdrop. You’ll also get some time alone at the museum as it’s usually not that crowded. You can get a unique experience by capturing the vintage rails and royal British era in your pre-wedding photos at the National Rail Museum.

Specialty - Quiet place, vintage rail backdrop, can get a taste of the royal British era

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Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh

If you’re someone who wants to get a pre-wedding photoshoot in places that aren’t so crowded with people, Lakshman Jhula is going to be the ideal place for you. Lakshaman Jhula is one of the offbeat places that makes for a beautiful backdrop for a romantic photoshoot. The mountains, clear water, and white sand combine to make this location one of the most tranquil places in Rishikesh.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

You can also visit some places around Rishikesh along with Lakshman Jhula, and experience the peaceful environment before you tie the knot. The pictures in the location will turn out to be some of the best ones you would have ever taken.

Specialty - Beautiful river and mountain backdrop

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Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Jodhpur is one of the most historically and architecturally gifted places you would want to visit for your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can book one of the many palaces or some of the other historical monuments for a royal shoot. Meghraj Fort is one such royal fort where you could do your pre-wedding photoshoot.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

The whole vibe of Meghraj Fort is very rustic, historical, and royal. If that is something that you want for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you can definitely give the location a fair shot. The Fort may be a bit too expensive and out of budget for some as well. But if you want to go all out for your wedding, and it’s a big day to celebrate, it might just be worth splurging on the pre-wedding shoot as well!

Specialty - Royal and historical vibe, grand location

Rushikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam

For all the beach babies who want to take some cute pictures with white sand and blue water background, Visakhapatnam may be the perfect fit for you. The view from Rushikonda Beach is just mystical for a pre-wedding photoshoot. You may want to get to the location at sunrise or sunset to capture the perfect lighting and serene. Visakhapatnam is also a good alternative for Goa as the beaches are not overcrowded and will allow you to get the perfect shot you need.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

Specialty - Sunrise and sunset backdrop, no crowds

French Quarter, Pondicherry

If you want a colorful background with a stunning beach view for your pre-wedding photoshoot, Pondicherry is the place to go. The French Quarter in Pondicherry is one of the most romantic places in India to have a pre-wedding photoshoot. Because it has a french vibe, the photos turn out to be very vibrant and have a joyful touch.

The French Quarter is also surrounded by the beach on one side and several cafes on the other which gives you the chance to explore more locations within the area for your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can also hop into one of the cafes when you feel like having a quick bite between the shots!

Specialty - Colorful streets, beaches, colonial vibe

Taj Mahal, Agra

Speaking of love and wedding and not mentioning the Taj Mahal does not feel fair, right? The Taj Mahal itself is the iconic monument that represents love. The wide grounds, stunning white monument, banks of lake Yamuna, and the beautiful arches add to the romance that you would want to have in your pre-wedding photos.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

You can choose to go there early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the sunrise in your pictures. The marble monument acts as the perfect backdrop for a cute pre-wedding shoot with your partner. The Taj Mahal may seem a little cliche, but for all the romantic couples out there, it’s definitely a place worth considering.

One pro tip would be to take all the permits and permissions needed before you go for the shoot. The Taj Mahal is also closed for visitors on Fridays, so plan a day and time accordingly.

Specialty - White marble monument, serene banks of river Yamuna

Kabini River, Kerala

Kerala may not seem like a location that would be romantic by the sounds of it, but there are several hidden gems that lie within the state that you can explore with your partner for a unique pre-wedding shoot. The banks of River Kabini is one such location that may seem just perfect if you and your partner are explorers and want to make an adventure out of the short photoshoot trip.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

You can experience the wilderness, lush greenery, wildlife, and the soothing and calming vibe of the River Kabini. The tribal location is magical to capture the love you share with your partner. So, if you want to explore a new place and also ensure you get some glam Insta-worthy pre-wedding photos, you may want to visit the Kabini River in Kerala.

Specialty - Rural and tribal architecture, boat safari, lush green forests in the surroundings

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Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Ladakh may have been on the list for a few of you, especially after watching the movie 3 Idiots. It shouldn’t be surprising that it grabs a spot on this list too. The clear blue water and white sand lands of Pangong Lake have left unforgettable marks in our minds. The view of snow-tipped mountains, bright sunlight, stark grey rocks, clean blue lakes, and endless roads make for the accurate Bollywood-style pre-wedding shoot.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

Make sure you take into consideration the weather condition in Ladakh before you make any concrete plans. The cold weather during winters and the harsh sun during summers can be a bit tough on you. But the picture might just be totally worth it after all!

Specialty - Mountain backdrop, grey rocks, picturesque blue lake

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Chandratal Lake, Spiti

If you and your partner are adventure seekers, going to a destination amidst mountains for a fun and quirky pre-wedding shoot can be quite romantic. The Chandratal Lake in Spiti Valley is one such location that you may want to explore to make the most out of your pre-wedding photoshoot. The picturesque white mountain background will add a very Bollywood touch to your pictures.

10 Breathtaking Places Fit For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In India

You may want to also look at the different angles of the lake for some Dilwale movie-inspired pictures. The best time to visit Spiti Valley is during winters as the weather is cold and the surroundings are covered in snow. The pure white backgrounds will provide the perfect contrast in all pictures.

Specialty - Snow-capped mountain valley

Summing Up

So if your wedding day is approaching soon, the above-mentioned places could be of help to you in finalizing the destination for your pre-wedding photoshoot. All these places are the best offbeat locations that you can visit before your wedding. The add-on here is that these places are all holiday destinations in India and make for a great getaway as well. So if you need a break from the wedding preparation, pack your outfits for the shoot and be ready to enjoy a mini-break.

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Which Place Is Best For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

Within India, you’ll find many places fit for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you can choose the location. Some of the best places for a pre-wedding photoshoot in India are the Taj Mahal in Agra, Kabini River Banks in Kerala, and the French Quarter in Pondicherry.

Is Pre Wedding Shoot Allowed In Taj Mahal?

Yes, it’s allowed. You can organize a wedding shoot in the Taj Mahal with prior permission and documentation. Without permits, you’ll not be allowed to do any photography within the arena. One tip we would suggest is to make early morning reservations as you’ll not see any crowds photobombing your pictures.

Is A Pre-Wedding Shoot Necessary?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not a compulsion on anyone. It’s more of a trend that people these days have been following. If you really want to have some professional pictures with your loved one, you can go ahead with a pre-wedding photoshoot.

How Much Does Pre-Wedding Shoot Cost In India?

The cost of a pre-wedding shoot in India could vary based on the location as well as the photography expertise used. On average, small-time or beginner photographers could charge around INR 12,000 - INR 17,000 for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The rates could increase and go up to INR 45,000 - INR 50,000 if taken by a professional and experienced photographer.

How Much Does A Photoshoot Cost In India?

On an average, a photoshoot in India can cost between INR 5,000 to INR 12,500 per hour, depending on your photographer, the types of photos you want, and the equipment your photographer uses.

How Much Does The Entirety Of Wedding Photography Cost In India?

If you get a photographer on contract to cover an entire wedding, you might have to shell out anywhere between INR 50,000 and INR 1,50,000.

How Many Photos Should A Wedding Album Have?

A typical wedding photo album in India has anyehere between 80 to 120 photos.

Which Type Of Photography Is Best For Weddings?

For Indian wedding photography, classic, dramatic, and candid photography are the best suited styles.