Best Trekking Groups In Pune

Pune was the core of Chhatrapati Shivaji's reign and holds rich culture, heritage, and pride. With him having climbed every height of success at such a young age, the Punekars too burn with the same passion for climbing mountains. In addition, the city has a moderate temperature year-round giving you the best of both worlds: a hill station and a metropolis.

Taking advantage of this, many trekking enthusiasts have formed groups organizing exciting treks and trips every weekend. You can find over 200 such groups in Pune and which suits you best can be an intimidating task that we are here to make easy. So stick with us and by the end, you’ll know exactly which group to call to get set for your next climbing quest.

8 Best Trekking Groups In Pune

  1. Adventure Club Pune
  2. Xtreme Trekkers
  3. Sahyadri Adventure Club
  4. Explorers Treks and Tours
  5. Foliage Outdoors
  6. Trekfit Adventures
  7. Adventure Mantra Pvt. Ltd
  8. Yuvashakti Himalayan Adventurers

1. Adventure Club Pune

Image Credits: TripAdvisor

With the notion that 'living outside is a life well lived', Adventure Club Pune was formed in 2015. You can find them located in the up-and-coming New Kalyani Nagar neighborhood of Pune. They’re close to all main business parks, government buildings, railway stations, and key neighborhoods of Pune.

The club has got a team of 150 people with over 8 years of experience and is rapidly expanding to provide a lifetime of thrill-filled adventures with safety as a priority. This group organizes a handful of trips to Pune and even more escapades across India. 

They’ve expanded their services into the Himalayas, Western Ghats, the North East, Nepal, Bhutan, and other Indian states. This also includes Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, J&K, and Uttarakhand. In the previous two years, they’ve catered to over 45,000 people exploring India and have multiple reviews admitting satisfaction.

Address: 403, Waterbay Society, New Kalyani Nagar, Pune, 411014

Contact: 7798414480

Additional Services: Camping, hiking, and more.

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2. Xtreme Trekkers

Image Credits: Instagram/xtremetrekkers

Xtreme Trekkers is a 13-year-old group with the motto to help people conquer themselves and not just mountains. They’re located on Karve Road which is on the western side of Pune and has great connectivity to the rest of the city. The group was initiated with the idea of sharing the love for adventure in nature and the team grew to over 25 dedicated members. 

All the team members are necessitated to have a basic mountaineering course and a 3 months in-house training to ensure the safety of the participants. So far they’ve successfully organized over 3000 treks. Here, the age limit set for the participants is a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 70 years so you can bring your entire family for a wholesome trekking experience.

Strict no alcohol, no smoking, and no litter policy are in place which allows a safe environment for everyone as well as protects nature. Since they operate easy, moderate, and difficult types of treks, they make sure that you are fit enough to take on the challenge. They suggest you the best trek according to your fitness level and provide you with the best services.

Address: Xtreme Trekkers,2nd floor, Sankala Arcade, Karve Road, Pune, 411004

Contact: 81490 17580

Additional Services: Internation tours, jungle safaris, bungee jumping, rafting, biking, and more.

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3. Sahyadri Adventure Club

A group founded by travel and tourism and advanced certified professionals, Sahyadri Adventure Club is one of the leading groups organizing adventure activities. They’re located in the up-surging suburban neighborhood of Visharant Wadi which is efficient in terms of connectivity.

The leaders are certified by institutes like the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and provide you with great satisfaction in terms of safety, knowledge, and guidance. They cater to multiple institutions like schools, colleges, and corporates while keeping solo travelers and groups of friends and family in the mix too.

You can become a part by paying a one-time membership fee of INR 1,000 and avail of exciting deals and offers. There are options ranging from easy to difficult, so you can definitely experiment. They cover many Maharashtra regions such as Raigad, Kolhapur, Satara, Ahmednagar, Nashik, Thane, and Pune. Not just this, they also have unique events like the Velas Turtle Festival to educate and grow your love for mother nature.

Address: 207, A2b, Mahalaxmi Vihar, Vishrantwadi, Pune, 411015

Contact: 7057600905

Additional Services: Package tours, camps, adventure sports, and more.

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4. Explorers Treks and Tours

Image Credits: Instagram/explorerstreksandtours

All hail the seasoned experts in the industry - Explorers Treks and Tours! They’ve been organizing adventure activities for the people of Maharashtra since 2001. This group is located in Sadashiv Peth, a neighborhood established by Madhavrao Peshwa in honor of Sadashivrao Peshwa.

The trekking group is a child of their ‘overflowing love for the wilderness & adventure sports’. They’ve mastered the skills to manage and entertain large groups of people with their high-end professional team and experience. Whether you're the age of 10 or the age of 70, this group can help you devour that thirst for thrill, travel, and adventure.

They take pride in their openness, solid camaraderie, business ethics, and sincere love for the environment and believe it to be the reason for their success. They’ve been rewarded with many awards and certificates for being the best innovative tour operators in Maharashtra. You will be surprised by the simple categorization system they have for going on treks as per the seasons. You get the chance to tour and explore the world safely and enjoy its many adventure activities.

Address: 1692, Bhagyadarshan Building, Shop 5, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Rd, near Grahak Peth, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, 411030

Contact: 9850502723 | 985050 6622 | 9120-24463322

Additional Services: Package tours, international tours, camping, educational events, and more.

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5. Foliage Outdoors

Image Credits: Instagram/mayuresh.borse

Speaking of the seasoned players, let us introduce you to this nineteen-year-old group - Foliage Outdoors which has managed to touch new heights with its consistent growth. This group has its deep roots located at the Kothrud, previously known as Kothrud Baug during the Maratha Empire era. With over 200 team members having impressive knowledge and leadership skills, you’re sure to leave all your worries behind. They cater to corporate events, summer camps, college tours, international tours, and much more. The age limit for trekking is from 10 years to 60 years and no prior experience is required.

They aim to be renowned as a travel agency that gives an unrivaled experience and wants to achieve by exceeding customer expectations. The promise of safety, enjoyment, adventure, and exploration is delivered. Concerning your trust, they encourage your opinions and wants and try their best to fulfill them. Since they’ve been in the game long, they have all the ethics appropriate for corporate events as well. They’ve gone one step ahead and made the prices reasonable so you won’t need to compare or cross-check either.

Address: 103, Mahadkar Chambers, Karve Road, Near Kothrud McDonalds, Kothrud, Pune 411038, India.

Contact: 919689664477

Additional Services: Camping, rappelling, rock climbing, summer camps, rafting, and more.

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6. Trekfit Adventures

Trekfit is a group founded in 2015 that is made up of young and enthusiastic team members aiming to give you a memorable adventure experience. They are located on Senapati Bapat Road, a mix of residential and commercial properties. They have 60 team members out of which the majority take part as freelancers on weekends. The other part of the team is solely invested in the group and they are all asked to get the basic mountaineering course.

The clubs organize weekend and backpacking treks in Sahyadris and the Himalayas so you can experience both lush greens and icy mountains. Since the group started with the founder planning trips for friends, the prices are budget-friendly, allowing people from all walks of life to join. The minimum age is 8 and there is no maximum limit if you think you got it in you. The leaders keep the journey entertaining by playing games like Tug of War, dumb charades, and more.

Address: Mhada complex, Gohkalenagar, Senapati Bapat Rd, Pune, 411016

Contact: 91120 00530

Additional Services: Camping, hiking, bungee jumping, rafting, and more.

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7. Adventure Mantra Pvt. Ltd

Adventure Mantra is a group of people who became a family with a passion for exploring the outdoors together. They’ve chosen Bibwewadi to be their home which is a premium neighborhood on Pune's southern outskirts. Their life mantra is to ‘Explore, Experiment, Experience, and Engage’. The group started with the aim to help people find themselves by exploring the outdoors by climbing mountains, trekking, or simply by outdoor games.

They entertain participants of all ages, be it from schools, colleges, corporates, the underprivileged, and the differently-abled. They take safety precautions by partnering with Adventure Sports Cover 360 which is an insurance offered by Bajaj Finance. They also provide high-end adventure gear to ensure you enjoy every passing second of your escapade fearlessly.

Address: State Bank Society, B-502, Purple Castle, Chaitraban, Bibwewadi, Pune, 411037

Contact: 7756090010

Additional Services: School camps, summer camps, outdoor courses, camping, and more.

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8. Yuvashakti Himalayan Adventurers

Keeping the growing youth in mind and the concrete jungle they get to experience daily, Yuvashakti plans to bring a change by encouraging adventure activities. They’re established in Narayan Peth, one of the historical and old residential localities. The group aims to pull the youth away from polluted areas and have some fresh air. Their second purpose is to encourage leadership skills and keenness for exploration in youngsters.

They’ve been in the industry since 1985 and are still growing stronger in India and abroad as well. Multiple treks and trips throughout Sahyadri and the Himalayas are arranged to make your dreams to reach the highest height come true. They’re well known for having the most reasonable prices for these thrilling endeavors. The trek leaders with years of experience make sure you enjoy nature to its fullest and with extreme safety.

Address: 388, Lokhande Talim Rd, Near Modi Ganpati, Narayan Peth, Pune, 411030

Contact: 982 291 3455 | 982 240 3283 | 777 708 5544

Additional Services: Jungle Safari, biking, international tours, and more.

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Summing Up

There you have it, a list of the best trekking groups in Pune. They surely would have taken you by surprise with the unique elements they bring to the table. Well, what we have just told you about them is just the frosting on the cake. Feel free to contact the group that suits your needs and personality the most and be prepared for some fun time.


How Can I Join Trekking Group In Pune?

You can join a trekking group in Pune by simply getting in touch with them via their contact, address, or website and registering with them.

Which Is The Best Place For Trekking In Pune?

Matheran, Vasota Fort Trek, Lohagad Trek, Raigad Fort Trek, Kalsubai Peak Trek, Korigad Fort Trek, Sinhagad Fort Trek, and Peb Vikatghad Trek are some of the best places for trekking in Pune.

Can Couples Go For Trekking?

Hiking together allows a couple to devote 100% of their attention to each other. They’re not swayed by cell phones, social media, jobs, or other people. The road and the partner are the focal points, so yes, couples can and should go trekking together.

What Are The Small Treks In Pune City?

Korigad Fort Trek, Kothaligad Trekking, Vikatgad Peb Fort Trek, Vasota Trek, Trek to Kaas Plateau, Tikona Fort Trek, Ghangad to Korigad Trek, Katraj to Sinhagad Night Trek, Kalsubai Trek, Tung Fort Trek, Sudhagad Fort Trek, and many more.

How Can I Explore Pune Alone?

You can explore Pune by visiting Aga Khan palace, going on a spiritual tour, checking out the Rajiv Gandhi zoological park, and scouting the Karla caves alone.

Where Can I Meet People In Pune?

The most common way to socialize is to go to the nearest pubs and bars. If that's not your deal, you can also meet people by joining a trekking or cycling group in Pune. There are year-round tours on the history of Pune where you can meet people who have recently moved there.