Best Trekking Clubs In Chennai

Chennai has a lot of adventure sports to offer. To make sure you don’t end up missing these fun activities, trekking and adventure clubs can be your reliable buddies. Whether you’re a Chennaiite or have recently relocated for school or a profession, you can enjoy nature by being a member of these clubs for free.

You can explore the unexplored, make new bonds, learn new skills or just become one with nature on the treks organized by these clubs. Exciting, right? Let us introduce you to the best trekking clubs in Chennai so you can get the best out of your time and money.

5 Best Trekking Clubs In Chennai

  1. Chennai Adventure Club
  2. Tent N Trek
  3. Hygge Journeys
  4. Exoticamp
  5. Trip Seeker

1. Chennai Adventure Club (CAC)

Chennai Adventure Club is a group of adventure enthusiasts with many years of expertise. The club is located in Arumbakkam, a residential locality of Chennai where you can commute easily. You can enjoy a variety of customized and fixed weekend adventure package trips including transport, camping, trekking activities, and meals, among other things. They provide highly trained and experienced trek leaders to guide you through every adventure.

Their goal is to conserve the ecosystem and its inhabitants while also protecting biodiversity. They believe in aiding Eco Development Committees (EDCs) and tribal people by taking part and organizing social events. You can register with them simply by visiting their website and filling out a form. They specialize in providing their services to corporate groups, schools, colleges, family groups as well as solo travelers. You can enjoy all the enriched values by being a volunteer in preserving nature and communities with them.

Address: 2/16, 1st Floor, Ambalavanar Street, Arumbakam 100 feet Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Arumbakam (next to the Vijay park hotel) Chennai - 600106

Contact: 094457 77387

Additional Services: Hiking, camping, tenting. wildlife tours, jungle tours, eco-tours, etc.

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Best Trekking Clubs In Chennai

2. Tent N Trek

Located in Vadapalani, a neighborhood in Chennai, Tent N Trek is a recent player who joined the category of trekking clubs. With this club, you can experience a variety of outdoor activities such as trekking, mountaineering, swimming, and so on. You'll trek the deep woods, steep valleys, freezing deserts, and unexplored trails. They arrange several adventure activities in which you’ll have a fantastic time if you participate!

They take necessary approvals from the landowners and forest authorities, so your experience is bound to be smooth. They also have you covered in terms of cleanliness and medical supplies if such concerns are on your mind. Every camp features bio-toilets, camp amenities, and at least one doctor or pharmacist on board to ensure you have a hassle-free time. Since all of their treks and trips are women and kid-friendly, you can take the family along for the adventure. They also plan customized trips for businesses, educational institutions, and universities.

Address: Old No: 14/1 New No: 25/1 Second Floor, Second Main Rd, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

Contact: 09159 544544

Additional Services: Kayaking, scuba diving, jeep safaris, bike rallies, etc.

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3. Hygge Journeys

Three young travel enthusiasts left their well-paying job to establish Hygge Trips. Located in the peaceful locality of Thirunagar, this firm arranges excursions to some of the stunning and unexplored locations in India. Not only that, their unique and customized itineraries with explicit descriptions will keep you pumped for your next adventure.

They’ve even collaborated with a local stand-up troupe called Tanglish Comedy to put on events for you while you're on the trek. The club also organizes special excursions for corporates, schools, and colleges. Along with having quirky tour guides, you also enjoy the campgrounds filled with activities. Chennai serves as the starting and ending point for these treks, so you don't have to bother about traveling to base camp.

Address: 128/2, Pillayar Koil St, Thirunagar, West Jafferkhanpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083

Contact: 074023 57569

Additional Services: Off-road jeep rides, campfires, rappelling, etc.

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Best Trekking Clubs In Chennai

4. Exoticamp

Exoticamp was conceived as a concept on the spur of the moment from pure adventurous delight. It’s located in Thoraipakkam which is a promising residential locality in the southern zone of Chennai. When they first started, their motto was to assist anyone who wished to go camping in India in finding secure campsites and hygienic facilities. With trials and errors over many initial camps, they learned and evolved their practices. Exoticamp now only lists privately owned campsites with clean restrooms, a small first-aid kit, skilled local hosts, and backup cottages or dorms in case of inclement weather.

You’re constantly directed and well cared for by their knowledgeable tour guides. As they grew, they added specialized trekking, hiking, and wildlife exploration along with camping to heighten the thrill. They have over 1000 reviews and a 4.9/5.0 rating on social media, and they are quickly growing their service offerings. It's been five years since they began their club, and they put your safety and happiness first.

Address: Block 3, F3, Sakthigarden 2nd Cross Street Okkiyampet, Thoraipakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097

Contact: 097900 00401

Additional Services: Kayaking, camping. hiking, wildlife tours, etc.

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5. Trip Seeker

A young child's desire to explore the wild professionally led to the creation of Trip Seekers. It is now a reality and is situated in Guindy, one of Chennai's most significant neighborhoods. The club's mission is to offer you amazing activities that are affordable and uncompromised throughout India. In the month of December 2019, they embarked on their first endeavor which was a walk across the Nilgiri Mountains. Since then, they’ve continued to give their members adventures packed with excitement.

To join, you’ll need to provide some basic health information, and voilà, you’ll be on one of their members! In the woods, alcohol is strictly forbidden, and they take this restriction very seriously. You’ll be guided by experienced trek leaders who speak Tamil, Hindi, English, and Kannada. They provide well-tailored programs for businesses, university students, couples, families, and groups of friends. Most of their packages include breakfast, supper, homestays, tents, and even barbecue.

Address: No 5, Race View, Five Furlong Rd, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032

Contact: 094980 10946

Additional Services: Archery, swimming, paintball, etc.

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Best Trekking Clubs In Chennai

Summing Up

Here you have it, a list of the best trekking clubs in Chennai, and yes, each of them has a distinctive vibe. Although different, they do have a common goal, which is to offer you a budget-friendly service with long-lasting happiness. So, go ahead and start preparing for your next adventure!


What Are The Recreational Activities In Chennai?

Recreational activities in Chennai include beach bonfires, camping, and bird watching close to Pulicat Lake. You can visit the Marina beach, walk through Thalankuppam Pier, and participate in water sports in Muttukadu. For an overview, go on rides at MGM Dizzee World, and take a heritage tour of Royapuram Fishing Harbour, among other exciting options.

How Can I Join Trekking Group In Chennai?

You can join a trekking group by simply registering with them by visiting their website or over call with no fee chargeable.

What Is A Trekking Club?

Trekking clubs are associations where a number of individuals come together for outings in the great outdoors. This usually entails cross-country travel across rugged or mountainous terrain. The majority of trekking groups will have knowledgeable trail leaders who can provide direction.

Why Do You Want To Join An Adventure Club?

Adventure clubs are a terrific place to explore new things and participate in outdoor activities. A youth outdoor adventure club exposes young people to activities that will both test and reenergize them.

What Is The Minimum Age For Trekking?

If you're thinking of going on a family journey, your kids should be at least 8 years old. Some clubs do have a minimum age limit set so you can refer to their official website as well.

What Happens In Adventure Club?

They plan activities like hiking, overnight camping, abseiling, tours to see animals or going on safari, caving, white-water rafting, rock climbing, parasailing, paragliding, scuba diving, etc.