Best Tree House Resorts Near Mumbai

As children, we’ve all dreamt of building and living in a treehouse of our own, whether to conduct secret spy meetings or simply watch the starry sky. Well, it can definitely happen! Today there are several resort accommodations that offer treehouses for stay where you can simply gaze at the world as it goes by. Here are some of the best treehouse resorts near Mumbai to vile away your woes!

6 Best Tree House Resorts Near Mumbai 

  1. The Machan, Lonavala
  2. O’Nest Homestay, Devrukh
  3. Sterling Nature Trails, Sajan
  4. Machli Farmstay, Sindhudurg
  5. Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas, Dapoli
  6. Forest Hills, Tala

The Machan, Lonavala

The Machan is one of the most popular treehouse resort’s in India, and focuses on sustainable living and reconnecting with nature. The resort operates on electricity from renewable sources like solar power and wind power. But what sets them apart from other treehouse resorts is that at Machan they limit accommodation so that each guest can enjoy in 1 acre of greenspace by themselves! This is in line with their philosophy of reducing stress on the forests while providing a private and tranquil environment for the guests. 

They offer a wide range of choices for stay, whether you want to choose a Jungle Machan or a Canopy Machan or something else. Each of the houses are fully equipped with all modern amenities, beautiful furniture, and decor, and offers some of the most incredible panoramic views. The resort also offers yoga sessions, spa treatments, and guided tours through trails in the forest, making a stay at Machan a wholesome experience.

Food Availability: They offer buffet-style meals along with kid-friendly buffets. You can also avail of special diet meals for extra charges of course. And if you’re in the mood for barbeque, the resort will provide you with all the necessary tools to get started.

Accessibility: The closest airport to the resort is the Pune International Airport which is 86 km away and will take you about 2.5 hours by cab or bus. And the closest railway station is the Lonavala Railway Station located 15.5 km away and will take you about 40 mins to reach by cab. The resort is about an hour from NH4, which connects Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai.

Ideal For: Families, children, small groups, solo travelers, and married couples.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the resort.

Rate: The prices at The Machan start at INR 13,000 per night.

Location: Private Road, Lonavala Rd, Atvan, Maharashtra 412108

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O’Nest Homestay, Devrukh

Located in the interiors of the Konkan, the O’Nest Homestay aims to provide its guests with an authentic rural experience and indulge in various activities to get out of the rut of chaotic city life. If you’re looking for a weekend in a lush green space, somewhere close to white sandy beaches then look no further! The O’Nest has you covered.

The tree houses boast some incredible decor and furniture and offer all the necessary amenities like modern bathrooms, TV, A/C, and more. The property has a vast space for guests to explore, and even a small play area for children decked with a swing set. They also have an open courtyard in the front, and a separate patio near the dining area, where you can lounge in the company of nature! O’Nest also has several activities that guests can indulge in like bird watching, trekking, pottery, table tennis, and river fishing, for the complete Konkan experience.

Food Availability: O’Nest has a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar that serves Indian, European, and Chinese cuisines. They have a detailed food and drinks menu for you to choose from.

Accessibility: The closest airports to the resort are the Belgaum Airport (218 km i.e. 5 hours) and the Pune International Airport (279 km i.e. 6 hours). The nearest major railway station is the Ratnagiri Railway Station, which is 39.5 km from the resort and will take you about 1.5 hours to reach via cab. 

If you wish to travel by bus, you can get buses going from Mumbai to Chiplun or Mumbai to Ganapatipule, from where you’ll have to hire a private car to reach the resort. From Chiplun the resort is 64.8 km, taking about 2 hours, while from Ganapatipule it is 60 km and takes about 1.5 hours.

Ideal For: Children, families, married couples, bachelors, small groups, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Your pets are welcome at the homestay at an extra charge.

Rate: The rates at the O’Nest Homestay start at INR 1,500 per night.

Location: Ozare Road, Sanmitra Nagar, Devrukh, Maharashtra 415804

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The Machan tree house resort in Lonavala

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Sterling Nature Trails, Sajan

Sterling Nature Trails is a perfect weekend getaway for all adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Set in the untouched terrain of Vikramgad, the resort has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and accommodation. The resort’s unexplored location brings you the truest of nature. Imagine waking up to the warm rays of sunshine falling on the tree tops accompanied by sweet songs of the birds. 

Their tree-top rooms are fully air-conditioned and situated 15 feet off the ground. The rooms display elegant woodwork and offer a stunning view of the landscape below. The resort is decked with a swimming pool, recreation center, and conference room, and has various adventure activities planned for guests. They offer archery, valley crossing, kayaking, ladder climbing, net climbing, and various team sports.

Food Availability: The resort has an in-house restaurant that serves delicious and authentic local cuisine, throughout the day.

Accessibility: The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which is located 108 km and takes about 2.5 hours to reach via cab or bus. The closest railway station is the Palghar Railway Station which is 48.5 km from the resort and will take about 1.5 hours to reach via cab. 

If you’re planning to travel by road, we recommend hiring a private cab as there are no direct buses and you’d have to change atleast 3 buses to reach the resort. Instead, a cab from Mumbai will take you about 3 hours to reach the destination.

Ideal For: Solo travelers, small groups, office teams, married couples, families, children, and bachelors.

Pet Friendliness: You need to make a prior request for your pet. But pets are allowed at the resort at an extra charge.

Rate: The prices at the resort begin at INR 2,350 per night.

Location: Village Sajan, off Wada-Jawhar road, Vikramgad, Sajan

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Maachli Farmstay, Sindhudurg 

An eco-friendly farm stay, Maachli offers modern luxury in the lap of nature. Nestled amidst a tropical forest, the homestay derives its name from the word ‘Maachli’ which are huts made by farmers to protect their farmlands. The huts are built in a vernacular architectural style, with coconut-leaf thatched roofs and provide great cross ventilation. Maachli offers its guests a chance to explore regional cultures and connect with village locals,

The whole vibe of the huts is minimalistic and it is reflected in the interiors, with minimum furniture and more space. While its vibe is minimalistic, the cottages surprisingly portray abundance! With minimal, urban decor the huts showcase the abundant nature outside and encourage guests to explore and delve deeper. Apart from the amazing accommodation, the retreat also offers various activities like plantation tours, pottery workshops, and a visit to the grasslands.

Food Availability: Maachli provides its guests with scrumptious local cuisine. The food here is prepared in a mud stove and served in earthen pots and banana leaves to enhance its flavor! For foodies, this traditional food is certainly going to be an experience in itself!

Accessibility: The closest domestic airport is the recently opened Sindhudurg Airport, which is located 31 km from the retreat and will take you an hour to reach by car. But if you’re looking for an international airport, the Dabolim Airport in Goa is 89.6 km away and can be reached in about 2 hours by cab. 

If you’re planning to travel by train, the nearest major railhead is the Thivim Station, which is located 52 km away and should take you about 1.5 hours by car. If you wish to travel by road, you can catch NH 66 from Mumbai. The journey will either take you about 11.5 hours by car or an overnight journey by bus.

Ideal For: Bachelors, families, children, married couples, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately pets aren’t allowed at the farm stay.

Rate: The rates at the Maachli start at INR 8,500 per night including breakfast.

Location: Ishavasyam, Manjardewadi, at Post-Parule, Vengurla, Sindhudurg

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Tree house resorts near Mumbai

Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas, Dapoli

Next up on our list of tree houses near Mumbai is an incredible farm side retreat in Ratnagiri. Previously a nursery and family home the resort is now one of the most popular nature retreats in Maharashtra. Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas is surrounded by acres of orchards and spice plantations, lush rugged hills, and a splendid diversity of flora and fauna. A vacation here is a great way to reconnect with nature and indulge yourselves in a variety of farming and plantation activities. 

Their tree house accommodations include log houses and bamboo houses, and each of these are air-conditioned and fully furnished. The rooms boast an all-wood decor and have a modern contemporary vibe. Amrutes’ offers its guests various activities like farming, planting activity, fruit picking, bird watching, cooking sessions, biking, archery, and rifle shooting. A vacation to Nisarga Sahavas is wholesome and will certainly leave you feeling rejuvenated and with some great memories!

Food Availability: The resort provides its guests with local traditional cuisine. The meals are served in a buffet style and have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Accessibility: Though Ratnagiri Airport is the nearest airport to the resort, it is not operational. Instead, you can go to the Pune International Airport which is 208.9 km away and will take you 5.5 hours by car. The closest major railway station is the Chiplun Railway Station located 57.3 km away and will take about 2 hours to reach via cab. You can also reach the resort by road from Mumbai by taking the NH-66. The journey will take you about 6 hours by car.

Ideal For: Married couples, children, families, bachelors, small groups, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: This farm-side resort welcomes your furry friends with open arms. And there are various animals on the farms as well, which will make for a great time for your pets.

Rate: The tree houses at Amrutes’ start at a price of INR 7,500 per night.

Location: Amrute Nursery, village is Gavhe, Ratnagiri, Dapoli

Forest Hills, Tala

Located about 160 km from Mumbai and Pune, the Forest Hills resort is tucked away in the forests near Kuda Caves in Raigad. The resort is a seamless blend of modern luxury and is blessed with natural scenery. With sublime and elegant cottages, container homes, barn cabins, tree houses, and glass homes, Forest Hills offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its guests. Set within an artistic landscape of evergreen forests, gushing rivers and streams, and a breathtaking valley, the resort is a destination of utter luxury both in terms of amenities and view.

Their tree houses sit right on the edge of the hillside offering exquisite views of the valley. The houses showcase an elegant, modern wooden decor and feature a private balcony that is made so as to accommodate the tree branches falling into the house. If you wish to spend your weekend in a more rustic and cozy vibe, the resort also has tree houses offering just that! At the Forest Hills, you don’t only get the best of accommodation but also the best of experience with fruit-picking activities, nature walks, horseback riding, kayaking, massage therapies, and more.

Food Availability: The resort has an in-house restaurant that offers a multi-cuisine menu, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Additionally, there are several cafes and restaurants located near the resort where you can try delicious local dishes.

Accessibility: The Pune International Airport is the closest airport to the resort, which is located 150 km away and will take about 4 hours to reach by cab. The nearest major railway junction is the Lonavala Railway Station which is 115.8 km from the resort and takes about 3 hours by cab or bus. You can also travel directly from Mumbai by road via the NH-66. The journey is approximately 138 km and should take you about 4 hours to reach via car.

Ideal For: Married and unmarried couples, families with children, small groups, bachelors, pet parents, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: The resort is open to pets, and there are pets living on the property as well.

Rate: The rates at Forest Hills begin at INR 15,000 per night.

Location: Survey no. 157/9, Village-Taraste, Pitasai Kumbet Road Post-Pitsai, Tala

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Forest Hills tree house resort in Tala

Summing Up

After a hectic work week, all you’re waiting for is the long weekend to unwind and relax. And what better way to spend your long weekend than at a stunning tree house! With all modern luxuries and a whole bunch of adventurous activities, your weekend trip is bound to refresh your soul and get you ready for the week ahead. So pack your bags, and get ready for a rejuvenating vacation in the embrace of nature, at these amazing tree house resorts near Mumbai.


Which Trees Are Best To Make Tree Houses?

Trees like oak, maple, apple, cedar, deodar, or banyan trees are great choices to make a tree house as they are more sturdy and have a wider girth that provides stability and balance to the tree house on top.

Where Are Tree Houses Found In India?

Some of the best tree houses in India include The Machan in Lonavala, Forest Hills in Tala, Rainforest Resort in Kerala, Suro Tree House Resort in Shimla, Ojuven Resort in Kotkhai, and the Tree House Hideaway in Bandhavgarh.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Lonavala?

The best time to visit Lonavala is between the months of June to September, during the monsoon, as the entire hill station seems to erupt in lush greenery and the view of waterfalls and rivers cutting through the hilltops is a sight one must see. Though, honestly, you can visit Lonavala any time of the year, since it's a hill station and will provide great views all year round.

Where Is Ratnagiri Located?

Ratnagiri is located on the western coastline of India, in Maharashtra. This coastal district is famous for its coarse beaches, majestic forts, and beautiful lighthouses. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Ratnagiri?

The months from October to March are the best time to visit Ratnagiri as the climate is slightly humid but overall rather cool and pleasant, making sightseeing activities quite comfortable during this time.

Which Season Is The Best For Konkan?

The winters are the best time to go towards the Konkan coast as the weather is quite pleasant with a slight chill in the air. The humidity during this time is also less, and the climate is favorable for tourist activities. On the other hand, the summers are extremely hot and humid.

What Is Alibaug Famous For?

Alibaug is a beachside town and is famous for its pristine beaches, ancient majestic forts, and a whole lot of water sports. 

Which Is The Cleanest Beach In Alibaug?

The Varsoli Beach is the cleanest beach in Alibaug and boasts some of the best beachside resorts and hotels, and is famed for a variety of water sports and mouth-watering seafood cuisine.