Best Tree House Resorts In Coorg

Best Tree House Resorts In Coorg

Mesmerizing landscapes, cascading waterfalls, lush green forests, and undulating hills - that’s Coorg for you. A treasure house of enchanting natural wonders. The hill station is also popularly called ‘Scotland Of The East’ and ‘Kashmir Of The South’. To truly immerse yourself in the greenery of the place, staying in a tree house is a must. Check out some of the top tree house resorts in Coorg so you know what your best options are.

5 Best Tree House Resorts In Coorg

  1. Forestvalley Tree House
  2. The Bliss Coorg
  3. EconestTreehouse Dubare
  4. The Tamara Coorg
  5. The Woodpecker Estate Coorg

1. Forestvalley Tree House

If you’re looking for some of the best tree house resorts in Coorg, Forestvalley Tree House is the cream of the crop. This property is located amidst breathtaking coffee plantations. It’s surrounded by greenery and its close proximity near a stream makes it a great accommodation for all nature lovers. The tree house is also located close to some of the best tourist attractions of Coorg like Abbey Falls and Madikeri Fort. 

Their tree house is a two-bedroom duplex cottage with basic amenities. There’s a spacious seating area where you can relax and enjoy your me-time. If you’re considering staying here, your mornings are surely going to be blissful! The tree house has a balcony from where you can admire the lush greenery that surrounds the place. They also have other options like a wood house and a villa in case you’re traveling with a large group.

Food Availability: Forestvalley Tree House has an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy several regional delicacies. They also offer à la carte breakfast to their guests. You can also check out other restaurants near the place like Daisy’s Greenhill Restaurant, Raintree Restaurant, and Athithi.

Accessibility: The nearest airport to Forestvalley Tree House is Kannur International Airport, which is 59 km away, a drive of nearly 3 hours. If you’re traveling here by bus, the Coorg KSRTC Bus Station is 2.9 km from here.

Ideal For: Families with children and couples.

Pet Friendliness: Forestvalley Tree House is pet-friendly.

Rate: INR 15,000 onwards.

Location: Kodagu, Madikeri, Karnataka.

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Forestvalley Tree House In Coorg

2. The Bliss Coorg

The Bliss Coorg is a boutique homestay with a tree house, perfect for a peaceful vacation. The very first glimpse of this property will certainly exceed your expectations. It’s an ideal place for those of you looking for a place to unwind in the serenity of Mother Nature.

They offer different accommodation options. You can choose to stay in the tree house, cottage, or family villa. Their tree house are humble and have a spacious balcony from where you can feast your eyes with the gorgeous views surrounding the property. The duplex tree houses come with a spacious living room.

This property also has a garden with rows of manicured plants along with breathtakingly beautiful coffee and pepper plantations. If you’re a solo traveler, they have a collection of books to keep you company. But if you’re traveling to Coorg with your friends or family, there are other activities like indoor games including table tennis, darts, carrom, etc to keep you entertained. Bottom line, this place is an absolute bliss!

Food Availability: The Bliss Coorg has an in-house chef who prepares delicious food for the guests. They also offer a complimentary breakfast to the guests. If you’re in the mood for a barbecue night with your gang, you can request them in advance and they can make the arrangements for you.

Accessibility: The nearest airport to reach this property is the Mangalore Airport, which is nearly a 4-5 hours drive. If you’re traveling by train, Kannur Railway Station is 96 km from here, making it a drive of almost 3 hours. You can also reach the property by bus as the Madikeri KSRTC Bus Station is only 26 km away.

Ideal For: Families with children, couples, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: The Bliss Coorg is pet-friendly. If you’re a dog-lover, you’ll enjoy spending time with two loving St. Bernard’s that reside within this property.

Rate: INR 2,600 onwards.

Location: Kunjalageri, Bellumadu Virajpet, South Coorg.

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3. Econest Treehouse Dubare

Coorg is a popular hill station in Karnataka, so you’ll find ample accommodations here that offer a luxurious stay. That being said, a luxurious stay certainly comes at a price. For all those seeking a budget-friendly, comfortable, and luxurious stay in Coorg, Econest Treehouse Dubare is definitely a bang for your buck! Popular attractions like river rafting in Coorg and Dubare Elephant Camp are only 10 minutes away from this property.

Their wooden tree house has a beautiful terrace, an ideal spot for photography as the property is surrounded by greenery and beautiful birds. You’ll be awakened by the sounds of birds in the mornings. For all the adventure junkies, Econest Treehouse organizes activities like roping, rafting, trekking, etc. If you’re in the mood for a campfire at night, you can request them in advance and have a gala time with your friends.

It’s the perfect place to get rid of your monotonous routine and enjoy a relaxed vacation. If you don’t believe us, you can check their official website and read the reviews yourself! There’s also the option of getting a quote on the website for your stay here.

Food Availability: The host of Econest Treehouse Dubare prepares tasty homemade food. They offer a vegetarian breakfast to their guests. However, you can order food from any restaurant near the property. 

Accessibility: The nearest airport to this property is Kannur International Airport, which is 64 kms away. So it’ll take you around 3 hours to drive here. 

Ideal For: Families with children, married couples, and bachelors are allowed here. The property does not accept unmarried couples.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed

Rate: INR 2,300 onwards.

Location: Dubare Road, Kushalnagar, Karnataka.

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Tree House Resorts in Coorg

4. The Tamara Coorg

The Tamara Coorg is a luxurious eco-resort. If you’re willing to splurge a little for a luxurious and comfortable stay, this might be just the place you’re looking for. This resort has 56 cottage-style luxurious villas for you to choose from. Each of their villas are furnished and have an elegant decor along with premium facilities. 

As per your preferences and the number of guests you’re traveling with, you can choose from the resort’s 4 different suit categories. Those include Suit Cottage, Eden Lotus Cottage, Luxury Cottage, and Superior Luxury Cottage. All their villas will give you the feel of a tree house with a modern touch!

A stay at The Tamara Coorg is enough to pamper you during your vacation. That’s because this resort has several facilities like their Yoga Temple, where you can connect with your inner-self. They also have an award-winning Wellness Spa where you’ll get to experience the ultimate relaxation through various therapies and ayurveda rituals. Other amenities at this resort include a swimming pool, sports, fitness studio, and much more.

Food Availability: At The Tamara Coorg, you’re welcome for a gastronomic journey at their in-house restaurants - The Falls. They serve delicious local, Indian, and international cuisines to fulfill your cravings. The resort also has a lounge bar called The Deck where you can enjoy some yummy cocktails on your leisurely evenings.

Accessibility: The Tamara Coorg is close to Kannur International Airport, which is 36 km away from here. It’ll roughly be a 2-3 hour drive. The Mangalore Airport is 117 km from here, so it’ll take you around 3.5-4 hours to drive here. 

Ideal For: Families, married and unmarried couples, and bachelors. The resort doesn’t welcome children below 12 years of age.

Pet Friendliness: The Tamara Coorg is not pet-friendly.

Rate: INR 19,859 onwards.

Location: Kabbinakad Estate, Yavakapadi village, Napoklu Nad, Madikeri Taluk, Kodagu District.

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5. The Woodpecker Estate Coorg

Mesmerizing views, yummy food, and a comfortable stay - that’s what makes Woodpecker Estate one of the best tree houses in Coorg. The location of The Woodpecker Estate is away from the humdrum of city life. This tree house is hidden among the coffee plantations, in Madikeri, Coorg. There’s a reason why the tree house is named Woodpecker Estate - every morning, woodpeckers actually come and peck at the window panes here. So, if you’re planning to stay here, you certainly don’t need an alarm! 

This tree house has a beautiful spacious balcony, from where you get the most beautiful view of the coffee plantations outside the property. If you’re a nature lover and enjoy exploring new places, there’s a waterfall close to this tree house, just 1 km away. You can go for a walk near the waterfall while enjoying the beauty that surrounds you. A lot of people who have visited The Woodpecker Estate have given positive reviews about the property’s host and owner.

The tree house has unique facilities like a suspended Machaan lounge net where you can lie down and become one with nature. If you prefer to be indoors, the tree house has a small collection of books that will give you company. There are several indoor games and bicycles at this tree house to keep the guests entertained.

Food Availability: The caretaker of the Woodpecker Estate prepares lip-smacking food. Don’t forget to try their special dosa for breakfast with a hot cup of chai. Since this tree house is located amidst coffee plantations, away from the city, it’s best if you have your food here. A must-try delicacy at this tree house is their moong dal kheer which is absolutely delicious!

Accessibility: Kannur International Airport is at a distance of 101 km from The Woodpecker Estate. It’ll take you around 3 hours to drive here from the airport. If you’re traveling by train, the Mysuru Junction is the nearest railway station, around 126 km from here. It’ll roughly be a 3-3.5 hours drive.

Ideal For: Families with children, couples, and bachelors.

Pet Friendliness: The Woodpecker Estate Coorg is not pet-friendly.

Rate: INR 5,750 onwards.

Location: Madikeri, Karnataka 571201. 

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The Tamara in Coorg

Summing Up

These were the 5 best tree house resorts in Coorg. A holiday experience in a tree house would be a great way to unwind and get lost in the wonders of nature. Coorg is one such hill station that will astound you with its abundance of natural beauty. Whether you’re traveling to Coorg with your family, friends, or better half, it’s definitely worth visiting!


Which Is The Best Month To Go To Coorg?

The best months to go to Coorg would be March and April as the climate is pleasant and you can enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, cycling, hiking, etc. Otherwise, you can visit the place in winters, from December to February. That’s when you’ll get to see the misty hills and enjoy the cool climate of Coorg.

What Clothes To Wear In Coorg?

The ideal clothing to wear in Coorg would be comfortable cotton clothes. But if you’re visiting the place in winters, carry warm clothes like a jacket or a sweater as it can get very chilly and windy, especially at nights and early in the morning.

Why Is Coorg So Famous?

Coog is a popular hill station in Karnataka. The place is famous for its various plantations like coffee, tea, spices, etc. Coorg also has a rich flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes, and several waterfalls, all of which have made it a popular tourist destination.

How Far Is Madikeri From Coorg?

If you’re traveling to Madikeri from Coorg by road, the distance via road is around 24 km. So, it’ll roughly be a 1 hour ride.

What Is The Famous Food In Coorg?

One of the most famous foods in Coorg is Kadambuttu, which is nothing but steamed rice dumplings. They are served with pandi curry or vegetable curry. Kadambuttu also tastes great with a ginger and coconut chutney, also called as shunti paji.

Is Madikeri And Coorg Same?

Madikeri, also known as ‘Mercara’, is a popular hill station town in Coorg (Kodagu) district of Karnataka.

How Far Is Coorg From Mangalore?

The distance from Mangalore to Coorg via road is around 159 km. It’s nearly a 3.5-4 hours drive.

How Can I Go To Coorg From Bangalore?

If you’re traveling to Coorg from Bangalore, two of the nearest railway stations are Mysore Junction (95 km away) and Mangalore Railway Station (134 km away). It is recommended to take a cab from Mysore Junction to reach Coorg since the drive is shorter.