Best Travel Apps In India

Are you planning on taking a trip and hoping to look like the coolest, most easy-going traveler to ever tread Indian streets? Well, one way to ensure that is by having the least amount of things to worry about. Thankfully, the 21st century has given us millions of apps that let you book tickets, make hotel reservations, figure out the best route to get somewhere and handle pretty much every other aspect of travel.

That being said, an app has to be efficient and easy to use. So, you need to make sure that the app you’re going to use for the entirety of your trip, or trips, is one that works very well. In order to save your efforts and internet bills, here’s a list of the best travel apps in India.

11 Best Travel Apps In India

  1. TripIt
  2. PackPoint
  3. Weather Pro
  4. Cleartrip
  5. IRCTC Rail Connect
  6. Google Maps
  7. Incredible India
  8. Uber/Ola
  9. TravelSpend
  10. Amazon Music
  11. Travel Buddy

1. TripIt

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of places to see and things to do? Maybe you’ve reached your destination and realized there’s so much more you want to discover. Either way, having a digital helper make an itinerary of your entire trip customized specifically for you is a lot of help.

Travel app

TripIt is an app that uses basic information about your trip like the duration of your trip, time of your visit, and the budget for your trip. If you let the app access your Google Calendar, it will automatically sync your car, hotel, and flight reservations. All of this information is then used to make a plan that is very much in sync with your plans, or lack thereof.

2. PackPoint

So, you’ve decided on a place to visit for your next trip. You’ve figured out all the activities you want to do, the kind of views you’ll see, and the weather you’ll experience. However, now that what is going to be offered to you is in place, what you carry in order to make the most of every experience becomes a top priority.

This is where PackPoint comes in. This app is essentially a packing assistant that gives you curated lists of things to pack based on the place that you’ll enter as your destination. In fact, this list will be curated according to the season and weather conditions in said destination. All you have to do is enter the name of the city you’re visiting, departure date, and the number of nights you’ll be staying there. Moreover, once you have a list, you can share it with your contacts. In case you’re anything like us, you will need your friends and family to remind you to pack!

travel app

3. Weather Pro

India is a large country and experiences different seasons in different parts. If you’re planning on covering multiple destinations in a single trip, having an app that lets you know the real-time weather conditions is a huge help.

Weather Pro is a simple app that lets you see the weather conditions in your current location, as well as any area you search. Moreover, it also shows you weather forecasts. This app has a very straightforward function and it completes that function very efficiently. The UI is simple and the app is free to use.

4. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is an app that lets you book tickets to everything that comes with travel and accommodation. It is available on every smartphone there is. Once you download it, you can book pretty much everything. Moreover, you get the complete choice of making reservations based solely on what you want the trip to look like.

The feature-heavy mobile app gives you features like express checkout, where you can create a profile and make the process of booking tickets faster. You also have all the information you’d need on a trip like PNR numbers, ticket and itinerary details, and much more.

best travel apps in India

One feature that is a definite explorer’s aid is the ‘travel guides’ section. These are comprehensive and easy-to-read guides about the place you’re visiting or searching for. Lastly, the app has new discounts coming up every few days. So, if you pay close attention, you might save up a significant amount of money, too!

5. IRCTC Rail Connect

Given the amount of trains that traverse across the country, it is no wonder booking tickets can become quite a nerve-wracking experience, more so if you have to go to the station and book those tickets.

best travel apps in India for your next trip

IRCTC Rail Connect is an app that lets you skim through all the trains that travel on the route you select. It is easy to use and since it is managed and run by the railway department, there are no extra charges.

This app is designed to do one thing and it does its job very well. As you log in and make a profile, you can add all details like your age, gender, etc. This makes booking tickets for yourself very easily. On the other hand, you can book tickets for other people just as easily with fast profile-making.

Moreover, you can change your boarding station even after booking the ticket, and switch between current and tatkal reservations. You can also set up cashless systems for payment and refunds, and keep an eye on waiting lists before and after booking.

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6. Google Maps

Chances are, if you own a smartphone, you already have this app on it. The accuracy of Google Maps was a question about half a decade ago. However, it has evolved enough to be so accurate that it will tell you the route from your location to your destination, give you updates about any road work or diversion, and an ETA that is pretty accurate.

The best thing this app does for travelers is providing offline maps. You can search for any location and download the maps for it. These maps will load up without an internet connection and will use GPS to mark your route.

list of best travel apps in India

Other than that, you can also select a route you prefer, and you can also select the type of vehicle you're traveling in so that the app can give you the best route possible. Moreover, when you figure out the route to your destination, you can also look for restaurants, ATMs, and other landmarks. In fact, if you see a name that seems interesting, you can easily find information about the location. Lastly, when you do start traveling, Google Maps allows you to share your live location to anybody in your contact list.

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7. Incredible India

This is another app that was launched by the Ministry of Tourism. It is an informative app that lets you see the historical, cultural, and regional importance of pretty much every landmark that you will hear of on your travels.

Not just that, Incredible India also holds information about restaurants and hotels in the area that you’re in. If you’re thinking of winging any part of your trip, you can use this app to figure out a place that lets you access all the landmarks in the easiest way possible. We recommend keeping this information hub on your phone and making the most of a country as full of history and culture as India. 

8. Uber/Ola

Regardless of whether you’re an Indian citizen or not, you must have heard of Uber. If you’re an Indian national, you must have heard of Ola as well! Both of these are cab service organizers that let you book and track your cab rides on their individual apps.

You can easily book a hatchback, sedan, or a luxury car to travel in. Moreover, Ola has recently started two-wheeler taxis as a service. This means much cheaper options are available frequently enough for you to travel without a lot of hassle. Also, all rides through both of these are safe as you have live-location sharing available. Lastly, you can book not just inside the city, but also to cities around you.

9. TravelSpend

There is a heavy chance that your expenses might run ahead of your budget when you’re on a trip. If you’re on a limited budget, overspending in any stage of the trip can force you to go back home to not overspend, essentially ending your vacation right there.

If this is a fear of yours, TravelSpend is nothing short of an accountant by your side. It is an easy-to-use app that lets you track your spending to the last penny. The best part is, you can set a budget, after which it will track your spending and let you know how much spending capacity you have. Moreover, you can add multiple members to your spending list and figure out who has paid for what, and how much money you owe to your travel companions. So, trips taken with large groups are also taken care of!

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10. Amazon Music

One of the best times to enjoy music is when you are out exploring. Songs like “Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi” from Swades hits different while visiting a new place. Use an app like Amazon Music to check out several songs and playlists that are perfect companions on your trips. This streaming service has around 100 million songs and tons of podcasts. You’ll never run out of entertaining things to listen to!

Amazon Music is also one of the best lyrics apps, so you can even have a private singing session for yourself while chilling on a long train ride. We don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of Prime Music vs Spotify or make any other comparisons. Just know that Amazon offers a lot for the money. This app comes as a part of Amazon Prime membership which also lets you watch awesome TV shows and movies on Prime Video. Need to shop for something for your trip? Buy it from Amazon and enjoy free and fast delivery, which is also one of the benefits of your membership.

11. Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy is a social network for travelers that gives you insight into all the destinations people are traveling to. Here you can find personal opinions on hotels, cafés, restaurants, monuments, adventure places, and many more. You can choose from a collection of stays, transport, trek guide, tour guide, and more for your destination and check the reviews of the same place. You can also save a post for your future reference and chat with people to know about the local secrets.

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Summing Up

Backpacking in India can be quite a task and anything you can get to help you ease out the many processes is a boon. Of course, there are alternatives to all the apps that you have seen mentioned in this blog. However, we find these to work the best considering the fact that they are free to use and available on all operating systems. Hope you have a grand trip and collect a treasure trove full of memories. Happy travels!


Which Is The Best Traveling App In India?

If you’re out exploring India, you might want to have MakeMyTrip, IRCTC Rail Connect, and Incredible India on your phone. These are some of the best travel apps in India.

What Is The Cheapest Traveling App In India?

To take a trip in any part of the country without breaking your bank, you can use Oyo and Airbnb to figure out accommodation, ClearTrip to figure out reservations, and Ola and Rapido to figure out transportation. All of these apps give you good options at a reasonable price.

Which App Has Cheap Flight Tickets?

Skyscanner is known to have cheap flight tickets available most of the time. You can further combine these discounted prices with any offer that you might get on your debit/credit cards to further lower your airfare.

Which App Is Best For Booking Tickets?

MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and Cleartrip are the ones that currently reign the list of ticket-booking apps.

Is Rail Connect App Safe?

Yes. The Rail Connect app is launched and run by IRCTC, the official body governing trains and train travel in India, So, you don’t have to worry about its legitimacy or your data’s security.

Can I Book A Train Ticket Without An IRCTC Account?

You cannot book train tickets online without having an IRCTC account. However, that is only applicable if you’re booking the tickets yourself. If you’re booking tickets through a travel agent, you don’t need an IRCTC account.

Is TripIt App Free?

The TripIt app is free to access and use on every platform where it is available.