Best Staycations In Bangalore

5 Best Staycations In Bangalore

A change of scenery every once in a while is always amazing. But if you don’t want to bother with the trouble of careful planning and packing, you can just set out on a staycation! If you’re wondering what a staycation is, it’s in the word itself: a vacation close to the place you stay. At the same time, it also means having an indoor vacation where you’re just relaxing and charging up. With that said, here are a few places to have safe staycations in Bangalore.


This villa is situated right in the hip locality of Koramangala. It suits the staycationer who wants something that resembles country life without actually being in the countryside. Despite its location, it’s relatively quiet and surrounded by greenery.

What’s going to captivate you right off the bat is the beauty of Casabianca – built in a style that gracefully combines Spanish and Mangalorean architectural styles. The rooms are spacious and furnished in a way that makes them both comfortable and beautiful. Also, each room has a private bathroom attached, so you needn’t worry about hygiene in a shared space.

What Casabianca lacks for luxury, it more than makes up for it with its homely atmosphere. You can help out the cook in preparing meals and dine in a common area. Lie down in a hammock and keep all the worldly worries at bay. Or if you want to take your work with you, Casabianca is also ideal for a workation. The dog lovers who are reading this, you’re all in for a surprise!

Where: Koramangala 3 Block.

Rate: INR 1,800 per night.

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bangalore lake

Our Native Village

This resort is located a little away from the city and surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. Our Native Village aspires to transport the guests to a rural world and take them down memory lane by creating a place that would remind them of their childhood homes and wide-open spaces.

The rooms are made with materials that emulate a rural feel but are at the same time fitted with amenities that would ensure your comfort. The murals in the rooms, which are in the six art forms from around India, would be sure to hold your eye.

Our Native Village is best visited with your family. Here, you can relive your childhood and even teach your kids the games you played before technology took over. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, try a bit of farming, pottery, as well as milking cows. Is your body sore after all the hard work? You can avail yourself of spa and Ayurvedic massages that would coax the tension out of your muscles and bring the glow back to your face.

Where: Native, Junasandra.

Rate: Starting from INR 4,500 per night.

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MangoMist Resort

Surrounded by mango trees all around, MangoMist Resort is a serene location for safe staycations in Bangalore. Whether you’re going as a couple, with your friends, your family, or even on a corporate vacation for that matter, you can be assured of having a great time here.

MangoMist Resort prides itself on the steps it takes to be eco-friendly – using solar-powered rooms and recycling most of the used water. The environmentally conscious in particular would feel more at home here. In addition to this, the food prepared here is organic and sourced from local farmers.

When it comes to activities, MangoMist Resort has plenty of them for kids and adults alike. You can test out your skills by taking up paintballing, rock climbing, zip-lining, and the like. For those looking for a quieter staycation, there are indoor sports as well. 

Depending on who you’re going with, there are a variety of rooms to choose from – romantic wooden cottages, luxury rooms with a jacuzzi, or spacious rooms for the entire family. But if you intend to sleep in the great outdoors, you can choose to camp and have the star-studded sky as your roof too!

Where: Harapanahalli, Anekal.

Rate: Starting from INR 4,990 per night.

bangalore city

The Ritz-Carlton

Located close to the famous Cubbon Park and right in the heart of Bangalore, The Ritz-Carlton is where you can enjoy a luxurious and urban staycation. But all the same, you’ll be able to escape the chaos of life in Bangalore, if only for a little while.

This 277-room 5-star hotel is adorned with sculptures and paintings by artists from around the world. The rooms and suites are designed in a blend of traditional and contemporary elements which are pleasing to the eye and comfortable. If you get a room in the upper floors, you can get a spectacular view of the Silicon Valley of India.

The Ritz-Carlton also has packages exclusively for the staycationer. You’ll be pampered with the service provided – a special dinner personally curated by the chef, savings on restaurants, and so on.

This hotel also has an in-house app to add more comfort to your stay. By using the Marriott Bonvoy app on your phone, you can check in and out and order your meals for in-room dining.

Where: Ashok Nagar.

Rate: Starting from INR 6,300 per night.

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Taj West End

If your idea of safe staycations in Bangalore also involves splurging and making the most of them, consider having one at the Taj West End. The colonial era-styled buildings, the lush greenery, the opulence, and the prime location add to the appeal of the Taj West End.

Taj West End will offer you the best of everything. The spacious and luxurious rooms have teak floors and are elegantly designed with marble. They offer views of the verdant spaces and give you a sense of tranquility. While the buildings are indeed colonial-styled, the amenities provided are modern – a perfect blend indeed.

The delectable cuisines and spirits provided in the many fine dining venues here make for a perfect place to have a romantic candlelight dinner and make it a stay to remember. Also, history nerds have a lot to explore in this 130-year-old property and relax under the shade of the Rain Tree, which is even older than the hotel itself!

Where: Race Course Road.

Rate: Starting from INR 7,500 per night.

These are the five best staycations in Bangalore that you need to check out. Now that you know where you can go to get a break from the everyday city picture, go on and take that break and come back completely rejuvenated.


Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Resort In Bangalore?

Yes, unmarried couples are allowed to stay in resorts in Bangalore. There’s no law that forbids it.

What Do Couples Do During Staycation?

If you’re planning on a staycation, whether at home or a nearby hotel/resort, here are some things you can do:

Go On A Hotel Staycation: No harm in splurging a bit for a getaway with your significant other. You could choose a luxury hotel to pamper yourself!

Go On A Road Trip: The beauty of staycations is that they require hardly any planning. On a whim, you can set out on a road trip, preferably scenic, and spend some quality time together amidst nature.

Have A Fancy Dinner: Whether you prepare it yourself at home or choose a fancy restaurant, a candlelight dinner might just be the perfect thing to end your staycation with.

What Is A Staycation?

Staycation means a holiday you go on that’s quite close to your home. It could also be a day trip with you indulging in leisure activities.

Why Are Staycations Better?

If you don’t want to be bothered by the stress of all the planning and packing, staycations will be a much better alternative. You can decide on a staycation right off the bat and go someplace close by and what’s more? It’ll also save you a ton of money for a lot of fun!

Which Is The Largest Hotel In Bangalore?

The Taj Bangalore is the largest hotel in Bangalore. This 5-star hotel is located about 30 km away from the city center and has 154 rooms including 13 luxury suites.

How Many Rooms Does Vivanta Taj Have In Bangalore?

The Vivanta Bengaluru has 199 rooms and suites. This hotel is about 45 km away from the airport and is located in the upmarket neighborhood of Whitefield.

Where Can I Go For A One-Day Trip In Bangalore?

Bangalore is packed with things to do, but ensure you check out our list of places from above and tick off at least one place to have some tasty local food (MTR, Nasi & Mee, Nagarjuna), experience the nightlife and beer scene (Taco Bell, Vapour Pub & Brewery), and explore the city (Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore Palace).

What Is Famous Food In Bangalore?

Along with many beautiful sites and vibrant nightlife, Bangalore is also known for its tongue-tickling food. Some of these include idlis, dosas, chaat, rolls, kebabs, and Mangalore buns.