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Best Restaurants And Cafés In Varkala To Try Out

Varkala is a sunny little town in Kerala and is one of the many reasons that this state is called “God's Own Country.” It’s very easy to fall in love with Varkala with its serene Kappil lake, tranquil temples, and the most popular attraction, Varkala beach. But there is one thing that does not get all the attention that it deserves and it is the wide selection of delectable food served here. Let's take a look at the best restaurants and cafés in Varkala to try out on your visit.

Top Restaurants And Cafés In Varkala

  1. Darjeeling Cafe
  2. Sreepadman
  3. InDa Cafe
  4. Trattorias
  5. ABBA Restaurant & Everest German Bakery 
  6. Gods Own Country Kitchen
  7. Caffe Italiano

1. Darjeeling Cafe

Conveniently located on the Varkala beach, this is an eatery that looks and has the charms of a beach shack. The meals served here are a combination of Indian and Tibetan dishes. Vegan options are available here and if you are a non-vegetarian, you are going to be drooling over the variety of beef, seafood, and chicken dishes on their menu. A lot of thought has been put into creating a chill and relaxing ambiance here which perfectly accentuates the views of the beach. 

The sheer joy of having a fine drink while gazing at the wide open sea is unbeatable. Last but not least, your furry friends are also welcome here as this is a pet-friendly place.

Address: North Cliff Road, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 700 for two (excluding drinks).

Ideal For: Couples, pet parents, and small groups.

Must-Try: Kerala fish curry, mango daiquiri, and screwdriver.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 7 am to 11 pm

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2. Sreepadman

If you ask any local near the famous Janardhana temple area for a good place to eat, one of the options they will give you is surely going to be Sreepadman. This restaurant receives a lot of love from the locals and tourists too, as it offers authentic dishes from the rich cuisine of Kerala at pretty affordable rates. It doesn't matter even if you are traveling on a budget, as you can still enjoy some of the best food in Kerala without hurting your wallet at Sreepadman.

Address: Temple Junction, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 300 for two.

Ideal For: Small groups.

Must-Try: Dosas, thalis, and appams.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 5 am - 11 pm

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Best Restaurants And Cafés In Varkala To Try Out

3. InDa Cafe

What comes to your mind when you think of a European café? Well, be ready to be surprised because Inda Cafe doesn’t look anything like that. It is located in what looks like a spacious Kerala-style home which has an amazing laidback vibe. The menu here features European dishes with traditional South Indian ones. To spice things up, it uses old fishing boats as seats, and a beautiful garden to enhance the beauty of the place. The end result is a homely café that oozes warmth and a mouth-watering aroma engulfing the room. 

The owners of this café have nailed the ambiance perfectly here. Being located in a secluded area makes it even more peaceful. The cafe leans towards using fresh and local ingredients and you can notice this in every bite. It is known especially for its breakfast, which is served here all day!

Address: 1/153 A, Kurakkanni, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 500 (excluding drinks).

Ideal For: Couples, families, and small groups.

Must-Try: Brick-oven pizza, salads, sandwiches, soups, and desserts.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 8:30 am to 10 pm

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4. Trattorias

Most of the eateries in Varkala have one thing in common, they all have put a lot of thought into how the places should look. Trattorias is just another example of it. It features extremely cozy interiors which look marvelous under the soft glow of the orange Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. If you are in the mood for some Asian cuisine, then you have to consider this place. It is known for its Oriental offerings but is not limited to them. 

You can also find Japanese, Thai, and Italian dishes too, along with some vegan options. All of these taste even better as they are coupled with the stunning views of the beach.

Address: North Beach, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 600 (excluding drinks).

Ideal For: Small groups and couples.

Must-Try: Sushis, soups, and tandoori seafood platter.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 7 am - 11 am

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5. ABBA Restaurant & Everest German Bakery 

One of the biggest eateries in the Varkala cliff area, ABBA Restaurant is a must-visit when in Varkala. The place is cherished by patrons for its menu, which is an assortment of Italian, Indian, and Chinese dishes along with vegan options. The aroma of freshly baked bread and buns from its bakery will automatically make you order some for yourself. This sea-facing restaurant is surrounded by ample walking space which is perfect for taking memorable snaps. 

Address: Cliff Top, Varkala Cliff, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 600 (excluding drinks).

Ideal For: Families and large groups.

Must-Try: Pastries, humus, juices, and cheese omelet.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 7 am to 11 am

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Best Restaurants And Cafés In Varkala To Try Out

6. Gods Own Country Kitchen

This is the simplest-looking restaurant on our list and we are not complaining. It is said that there is beauty in simplicity and it couldn’t be more correct in the case of Gods Own Country Kitchen. Now here’s a surprise, this is one of the most happening places in Varkala because of its popular live music shows. It is located near the sea, so the cool breeze and the sound of waves crashing on each other add to the restaurant’s ambiance. 

On the food side, its menu is nothing short of special as it covers hits from Chinese, Continental, Italian, and Indian cuisines. There’s a lot worth trying here! 

Address: North Cliff Near Helipad, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 900 (excluding drinks).

Ideal For: Small groups and couples.

Must-Try: Kerala chicken curry and spiced fish.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 8 am to 11 am

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7. Caffe Italiano

Here’s another sea-facing café. A place to eat and relax, which is situated inside an awesomely designed place. That’s another reason to make you want to plan a trip to Varkala. Caffe Italiano is a true gem. You have to try Italian dishes or if this isn’t something you fancy, then order anything from their huge variety of Indian and Chinese options. Vegan food is also available here. 

Thanks to the use of potted plants inside and outside of the café, there is this cool earthy vibe to this place. The owners have also added a mini library here. Imagine reading a book amongst the greenery and sipping coffee in the warm glow of the setting sun! We could really use a teleportation device right now.

Address: North cliff, Varkala, Kerala

Price Approximation: INR 900 (excluding drinks).

Ideal For: Couples and small groups.

Must-Try: Sizzlers, Italian pizza, and pasta.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 8 am to 11 am

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Best Restaurants And Cafés In Varkala To Try Out

Summing Up

Many of the popular restaurants in Varkala offer panoramic views of the sea and have a great ambiance. So to have an edge over each other, they all had to go the extra mile to carve a space for themselves and stand out from the pack. The places on this list all did that beautifully. So no matter which of these you end up choosing, you are bound to have a great feasting experience.


Is Varkala Worth Visiting?
Yes! The Varkala beach is easily one of the most scenic beaches in Kerala and it is the crown jewel of this town. The next popular attraction here is the Janardhana Swami temple. It has small markets where you can buy some exciting things at affordable prices. Last but not least, the whole laid-back vibe of this place is definitely worth experiencing.

Is It Safe To Travel To Varkala Alone?
Yes, it is safe. In fact, it is a popular choice for solo backpackers. But you should always be cautious of your surrounding and the people you talk to. We suggest that you keep someone updated about your location from time to time.

How Many Days Are Enough In Varkala?
Varkala is a laid-back place and your trip also has to be the same. So try to spend at least three days here to make the best of your visit.

Which Is The Best Month To Visit Varkala?
Any month from October to February would be perfect because the climate here is chilly but not too cold. The winter months have always been the best time to visit Varkala.

Why Is Varkala Beach Famous?
It’s a well-maintained beach that offers fantastic and dreamy views of sunsets. It is very easy to lose track of time here. This is the only beach in southern Kerala, blessed with grand red cliffs which push the look of the beach to a whole other level.

What Is The Traditional Kerala Food?
Puttu with Kadala, Appam with Stew, Malabar Parotta, Palada Payasam, ​Kerala Prawns Curry, and Banana Fritters are some of the most loved traditional delights of Kerala.

How To Reach Varkala By Flight?
You can take a flight to Trivandrum International Airport which is slightly more than an hour's drive away from Varkala. It is well connected with all the major cities in India.

Which Sweet Is Famous In Kerala?
Palada payasam, chatti pathiri, rava laddoo, neyyappam, bamboo rice payasam, and ada pradhaman are some of the popular sweet delicacies of Kerala.