Best Places To Visit In Summer Near Delhi

We bet the scorching heat of Delhi makes you want to forget about the bills and let the AC run 24/7. But our Indian parents would skin us alive before letting that happen, right? So how about you step into a place with natural AC?

Yes, there are plenty of places near Delhi to skip the heat in the summer. Wondering which are these places? Allow us to enlighten you on the best places to visit in the summer near Delhi.

8 Best Places To Visit In Summer Near Delhi 

  1. Mussoorie
  2. Sattal
  3. Kufri
  4. Mukteshwar
  5. Lansdowne
  6. Kanatal
  7. Rishikesh
  8. Manali

1. Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, sits at an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level. It’s one of the most popular hill stations you can escape to in the summer. This eternal beauty will take you by surprise as you move closer to it.

You’ll experience a cool summer here, with the average temperature ranging from 10°C to 26°C. If you remember drawing mountains behind mountains in school, you’ll see them come to life here. It’s been a muse for romantics, a paradise for loners, and the heavens for nature lovers.

Distance From Delhi: Around 276 Km

Things To Do In Mussoorie

Prance In Kempty Falls And Bhatta Falls

You heard us right! Mussorie has two stunning waterfalls which are sure to keep you keeping for more. Kempty Falls is a gigantic azure waterfall, 15 km away from Mussorie that you’ll get to swim in. While Bhatta Falls is about 7 km away from Mussoorie and is covered with boulders and greenery.

Paddle Away In Mussorie Lake

Take in the view of Doon Valley while paddling in the serene lake of Mussorie, which was recently developed. It’s just 6 km away from Mussoorie, and the night view from here is magical.

Explore With Trekking

With all those mountains in view, we’re sure you can’t stop yourself from trekking your way up one. The famous treks here are Nag Tibba Summit, Bhadraj Temple trek, Thangaon, and more.

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2. Sattal

If you’re an aquaphile, head to Sattal, as it will amuse you endlessly. The name Sattal literally translates to Seven Lakes, and these are encapsulated by pine trees. These lakes are perched at a height of 4495 feet above sea level. The average temperature here ranges from 15°C to 30°C in summer, making it the perfect getaway.

Distance From Delhi: Around 313 Km

Things To Do In Sattal

Watch Exotic Bird

Sattal is one of India's untainted and clean freshwater biomes, covered in lush oak and pine woods. These lakes are a haven for migrating birds. More than 500 species of resident and migratory birds live in the area. 

Camp Around The Lake

You’ll find many camps organized by the localities along these lakes to give you an outdoor experience. The scented pine and oak woods and the serene lake, mixed with a starry sky, make for the perfect camping experience.

Fish Out Some Food

While boating in Sattal is quite famous, fishing in its lakes is something you can busy yourself with. All that’s needed is to get a fishing permit, and you can take your catch back to your place to cook.

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3. Kufri

Kufri, which is bordered by Himachal Pradesh, is a popular hill station. This pretty land is situated at an altitude of 7,510 feet and has dense valleys featuring pines and deodars. It’s a moderately developed hill station that has given rise to several adventurous activities. Summer temperatures range from 12°C to 19°C, making it an ideal place to escape the sweltering heat of Delhi.

Distance From Delhi: Around 360 Km

Things To Do In Kufri

Race Away With Go-Karting

Kufri has the highest go-karting track in the world and is surrounded by lush forests. We know that even the imagination itself sounds so cool. Visit Kufri Fun World to experience this exciting sport. 

Meet Up Some Animal Friends

Visit the Kufri Zoo and enjoy the spacious green surroundings filled with deodar, fir, blue pine, and spruce. Here you’ll meet animals like Sambar, Barking deer, Musk deer, Black Bear, and more.

Become One With Nature By Trekking

Mahasu Peak is one of the highest points in Kufri. Touring this area on foot is highly advised. You can climb this hill by trekking through a dense cedar forest.

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4. Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar, the apple city, is a charming destination at 7,497 feet above sea level in the Nainital district. It’s a site to behold for every environment enthusiast. The city’s name comes from the famed Mukteshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The average summer temperature ranges from 19°C to 27°C, allowing you to explore its beauty.

Distance From Delhi: Around 348 Km

Things To Do In Mukteshwar

Lose Yourself In Nature With Hiking

Mukteshwar, known for its beautiful hiking trails, is ideal for nature enthusiasts. Its gorgeous views are a delight to see. The Peora to Mukteshwar trail, Tagore Top, Bhalu Gaad waterfall, and MukteshwarSitla trails are all popular hiking routes in the area.

Feel Your Wings With Paragliding

One of the most thrilling things to do in Mukteshwar is paragliding. Floating over the valley and gliding through the clouds gives you a dreamlike sensation and a tremendous adrenaline surge.

Test Your Strength With Rock Climbing

Rock climbing and rappelling are among the activities at Mukteshwar that people from across the world come to experience. If you wish to clamber some mountains, Chauli Ki Jali is just 3 km away and proves to be one of the best spots to try this activity.

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5. Lansdowne

Lansdowne, located at 5,670 feet above sea level, is well known for housing the Indian Army's Garhwal Rifle unit. It’s a charming tiny hill town that few people are aware of. You can expect the temperature to range from 15°C to 30°C here in the summer. It has thick oak trees, fascinating slopes, and bewitching vistas.

Distance From Delhi: Around 245 Km

Things To Do In Lansdowne

Paddle Your Blues Away In Bhulla Lake

Bhulla Lake is a small, well-maintained lake by the Indian Army. It’s located just 1 km away from Lansdowne city center. You can try out the boating activity or go to the small overbridge to get the best view of the Garhwal Hills.

Spend The Night In The Wild

The sky in Lansdowne becomes clear in the summer, and camping below the stars is something you should definitely not miss here. You can find many camping operators offering you diverse views of the hill station.

Chat Up With Wildlife

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, which spans over 300 sq km, sits at the northern end of Jim Corbett Park. Apart from tigers, you’ll also see barking deer, hog deer, goral, sambhar, porcupines, and other rare species.

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6. Kanatal

Kanatal rests at an elevation of 8500 feet above sea level, making the temperature range from 10°C to 25°C in summer. It's surrounded by the gorgeous Himalayas and deep valleys, making it a photographer's and nature lover's dream. Discover woodland trails, eat by a stream, and chase mountain goats through Kanatal's velvet-soft grassland.

Distance From Delhi: Around 300 Km

Things To Do In Kanatal

Glide Between The Valley

Kanatal features a valley crossing between its lush green valleys, which gives you an adrenaline high like none other. You’ll be tied to a rope and pull the other end of the rope to traverse an 80-foot-deep valley.

Sleep Under The Stars

Kanatal offers some of the greatest camping experiences in Uttarakhand, as well as stunning starry evenings. A night beneath the stars, surrounded by oak trees, is a thrilling experience you should definitely try.

Climb High With Rappelling

Kanatal has a rocky, mountainous landscape that is perfect for adventure activities such as rock climbing and rappelling. For the same reason, the town attracts a large number of adventure seekers to come and participate in these activities.

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7. Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the home of the gods, has the Ganga flowing through it. Not only that, but it's also a haven for adrenaline junkies. The sunrises and sunsets here are breathtaking. Summer temperatures in this area range from 14°C to 39°C. It is the ideal marriage of tradition and modernity. It is without a doubt one of the best spots to visit in the summer near Delhi.

Distance From Delhi: Around 268 Km

Things To Do In Rishikesh

Beat The Heat With River Rafting

One of the best places to experience river rafting is in Rishikesh. You can begin at Shivpuri, as it’s where the most ferocious currents are found. You’ll be asked to dive in the river more than once with proper safety measures to experience the feel of the Ganga.

Learn Your Body Better With Yoga

Known as the capital of yoga, Rishikesh is where you can have a peaceful environment to try some yoga. Check out ashrams like Parmarth Niketan, Omkarananda Ganga Sadan, Yoga Niketan, and Sadhana Mandir to find like-minded people.

Camp Alongside Ganga

Once you’ve tried rafting here, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to come back. How about you camp right alongside the Ganga to quench your thirst even more? You’ll find many operators to help you with the same.

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8. Manali

Manali, at almost 6,500 feet above sea level, is a must-see summer destination for Delhiites. The Beas River runs through the center, while the mountains all around create a breathtaking setting. In the summer, visitors come from all around India to capture its beauty. The temperature will range between 10°C and 25°C, giving you another reason to rush to its dwelling.

Distance From Delhi: Around 540 km

Things To Do In Manali

Bathe Your Pain Away

Hot water springs are among the most interesting natural phenomena known to man. You can have this experience at Vashisht, which is only 3 km from Manali.

Drench Yourself In Beas River

You can go river rafting at Beas River where you get a view of the coniferous forest and the stunning mountains. You can also pack yourself a picnic and spend an evening beside the river.

Go Mountaineering At Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is a famous location for all mountain lovers and adventure seekers. The trek includes crossing high mountain passes, magnificent vistas of the Pir Panjal Ranges, and gorgeous alpine scenery such as Chandratal.

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Summing Up

We hope we’ve managed to get you the best list of the places to visit near Delhi to cool off the scorching heat. Each place has its own allure to enjoy and remember. You can choose the one that fits your preference the most and plan the best escape from Delhi ever.


Is Shimla Better Or Manali?

If you want to spend some time in the Alps, Shimla and Manali both are excellent choices. Yet, if you just have 2-3 days, Shimla will be better.

Why Is Mussoorie Famous?

Mussoorie, the queen of hill stations, is well-known for its natural beauty, vibrant social life, and entertainment options.

What Is Famous In Sattal?

The stunning Sattal, which translates as "seven lakes," is famous for its association with a classic narrative from the epic Mahabharata.

Is Kufri Worth Visiting?

Kufri is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country, owing to its breathtaking landscape and plenty of tourist attractions.

Is There Snowfall In Mukteshwar?

Yes, you’ll experience moderate to heavy snowfall from October to March in Mukteshwar.

Why Is Lansdowne Famous?

Lansdowne is one of India's quietest hill stations and has been popular since the British arrived.

Which Place Is Kanatal?

Kanatal, a beautiful small village in Uttarakhand, is well known for its hilltop adventures. The location, at an elevation of 8500 feet, affords panoramic views of the massive Himalayan range.