Best Places To Visit Around Bangalore In July

A perfect blend of nature and urbanization, Bangalore is a huge mix of sights to explore. The cold winds and delightful showers give the “Garden City” a romantic air that is hard to miss. The beauty of the rain showers that come with July can truly make visiting places in and around Bangalore a memorable experience.

The surrounding places that bejewel the city make Bangalore a truly special place. It offers a lot of scenic places to explore and trek during the monsoon season. July is the best time for you to join in on the liveliness of the city in the monsoon. Most places mentioned here are all easily accessible from Bangalore and are just about 1-7 hrs away.

7 Places You Must Visit Around Bangalore In July

1) Nandi Hills

2) Shivanasamudra Falls

3) Anthargange

4) Gorur Dam

5) Ramanagara

6) Jog Falls

7) Kudremukh

1. Nandi Hills

Image Credits: Pixabay

A place where natural beauty and history meet, Nandi Hills makes one of the best spots for a spontaneous getaway around Bangalore. It's the best place for adventurous souls to visit in July. Not only does this place offer you its scenic beauty but also certain glimpses of the past through Tipu’s Summer Residence and Tipu’s drop.

A major highlight of Nandi Hills is the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, which is one of the oldest temples in the area. The beautiful architecture of this temple makes it worth a visit. The surroundings add more than just a lush green charm to the place in July. It’s also perfect for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

What Can I Do In Nandi Hills In July?

Despite the trails being slippery, July is the time that offers the best views of the surrounding landscape. This makes it a great place for trekking, even for beginners. Cycling is the best activity to enjoy the lovely terrains of Nandi Hills. July brings gentle showers, making it an all the more amazing experience.

How To Get To Nandi Hills?

Located just 60 km from Bangalore, you can easily find KSRTC/BMCTC buses from Bangalore to Nandi Hills. The fastest route is via Bellary Road and NH 104, which takes about 1 hour, and 29 mins. Buses returning from Nandi Hills are available only a few times a day, so make sure to check the timings.

Travelers also prefer driving to Nandi Hills. Chikkaballapur Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is approximately 19 km.

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2. Shivanasamudra Falls

It is home to the first hydroelectric power plant in Asia which was set up in the year 1905. Shivanasamudra, which means ‘The Sea of Lord Shiva’, is the second largest waterfall in India. This glorious waterfall created by the river Kaveri, splits into two streams by the island of Shivanasamudra. It’s these two streams that tumble down as Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls. Although these streams fall at almost the same point, the viewpoints for both are approximately 15 km apart.

What Can I Do In Shivanasamudra In July?

The waterfalls are at their full glory during monsoon season. Since Shivanasamudra receives high rainfall, the water from the Krishna Raja Sagara dam is also released. This restores the magnificence of the waterfalls. The Dargah viewpoint here offers the best views of Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls.

How to get to Shivanasamudra?

The distance between Bangalore and Shivanasamudra is approximately 130 km. It's best to visit Shivanasamudra by private or rental vehicle since it can be challenging to travel by public transport as the place is not directly connected to the city. You can go via NH 948 which takes about 3 hours and 28 mins. If you travel by a KSRTC bus, you will be dropped at a stop from where you can hire an auto to reach your destination.

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3. Anthargange

Image Credits: Neil Productions

Situated in the Kolar district of Karnataka at 70 km from Bangalore, Anthargange is a highly sought-after spot for trekking in monsoon. Anthargange means ‘The Ganges from the Deep”, which refers to the eternal spring that emerges from a fissure in the rock. The water is considered to be sacred and it is believed that bathing in the water from the stream can cure diseases. Exploring the naturally formed caves by the volcanic rocks is sure to give you a thrilling experience.

What Can I Do In Anthargange In July?

It’s best to visit Anthargange in July if you want to see the rocky hills get covered in a beautiful green color and experience the cool caves. Famous for its cave exploration, the scenic beauty of Anthargange heightens to a new level during the monsoon season. Night exploration is another thrilling activity you can do here.

How to get to Anthargange?

Anthargange is at a distance of 80 km from Bangalore. The shortest route by road is via NH 4 which takes about 1 hour 34 minutes. Kolar is the nearest railway station from Anthargange and it is merely 5.2 km away.

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4. Gorur Dam

Built in 1979, Gorur Dam is located in the Hassan district of Karnataka. This earthen dam was constructed across the river Hemavathi, which is a tributary of Kaveri to create a reservoir. The dam offers beautiful views during the rainy season. Especially, when the spiral gates are open and the milky white water gushes through, it creates an extraordinary view.

What Can I Do In Gorur Dam In July?

The dam is in its full glory during the monsoon season. The gushing water will make you feel like you are in the clouds. The lawn beside the dam, covered in lovely green grass, makes for a great picnic spot.

This place is a treat for birdwatchers as well since a variety of birds come to the reservoir. Another highlight of the dam is the Shettihalli Rosary Church built by the French Missionaries in 1860, which is mostly submerged in the river except for summer.

How To Get To Gorur Dam?

From Bangalore, Gorur Dam is located at a distance of 193 km. The dam is located about 22 km away from Hassan. One can take KSRTC buses to get there. By road, Hassan is very well connected to Bangalore via NH 4 and NH 48. Hassan Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Gorur Dam.

5. Ramanagara

You might know this place as the location of the iconic movie “Sholay”, but Ramanagara is more than that. It is a scenic town located in Karnataka. What makes it special are the rocky hills and the historic significance the town holds. These hills are a habitat for endangered Long-billed Vultures! This makes the small hills and mountains of Ramanagara the perfect place for trekking and rock climbing for both adventurers as well as nature enthusiasts.

The iconic Ramagiri hill also houses the ancient temple of Pattabhi Rama, which is said to be more than 1,000 years old. The idol of Lord Rama here has several legends attached to it. It’s said that the idol is from the time of Ramayana and hence it makes the place even more sacred to visit.

What Can I Do In Gorur Dam In July?

The rocky misty hills become a treat to the eyes, mind, and soul in monsoon, with their lush green beauty and waterfalls. July is a great time to go trekking, birdwatching, and photography as the rain truly brings life and vibrance to the place.

Ramanagara offers a lot of fun adventure activities like zip lining, rock climbing, and other such adventure sports and games. The lake near the hills also offers activities like raft-building and river-crossing, which can be best enjoyed during this time of the year.

How To Get To Ramanagara?

Located at a distance of 50 km from Bangalore, Ramanagaram has direct connectivity with the city via road. You can easily drive to the place in a private or rented car or just take a bus. Take the Bengaluru - Mysuru Expy and NH 275 to reach your destination via road. But the cheapest and fastest way to reach the town is via train which will drop you off at Ramanagara Railway Station.

6. Jog Falls

Image Credits: Mysore Wheels

Jog Falls is the third-highest plunge waterfall in India and is one of the most mesmerizing wonders located in Karnataka. This waterfall is formed by the four different cascades of the river Sharavati - Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket.

There are multiple viewpoints to witness the waterfall, but you can get a close-up view of the waterfall on the Watkins Platform. The Sharavati viewpoint and the British Bungalow viewpoint also offer a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape along with the waterfall.

If you are a nature enthusiast, you can trek or hike to explore the surrounding hills and forests and get a chance to come in close contact with the diverse wildlife and bird species!

What Can I Do In Jog Falls In July?

The majestic beauty and the sheer force of the waterfalls make it a sight to behold especially during monsoon season. This is the best time to capture the beauty of the waterfall and the surroundings in a photograph. Hiking, kayaking, coracle riding, and watching migratory birds are some of the activities you can do at Jog Falls.

How To Get To Jog Falls?

The easiest way to reach Jog Falls from Bangalore is to take a train to Shimoga and hire a public transport or taxi from there to your destination. Located at a distance of 428 km, Jog Falls is also very well connected to the city via road.

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7. Kudremukh

Located in the Chikmagalur district, Kudremukh is a scenic hill range and national park known for its rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. The name “Kudremukh” literally translates to “horse face” in the local language since the hills resemble the face of a horse.

The region surrounding Kudremukh is also known for its beautiful waterfalls which turn even more majestic in the monsoon. A major highlight is that Kudremukh is known for its ecotourism and its efforts towards conservation.

Why Visit Kudremukh In July?

July is the best time to witness the numerous waterfalls of Kudremukh. You will get to witness the Hanuman Gundi Falls and Kudremukh Falls at their best during this time. Kudremukh is a treat for trekking enthusiasts because of its challenging trekking trails, which are guaranteed to give you all the thrills you need. The rain brings a sense of tranquility to the surroundings and it makes for a serene and quiet trekking adventure.

Monsoon is also the best time for birdwatchers to get a glimpse of the numerous bird species residing here. You might also get a chance to come across langurs, deer, and guars in their natural habitat.

How to get to Kudremukh?

Kudremukh is at a distance of 332 km from Bangalore. The most convenient way you can travel there is by road. The best route is via NH 75, for the road trip. KSRTC buses are also available for Kudremukh. Once you reach the base town Kalasa, you can also explore the area by public transport.

Summing Up

These are the best places around Bangalore to visit during July. With this list, we hope nothing can drown your travel plans! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, raincoats, and get ready to explore the city and its surroundings!


Which Are The Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore In July?

Nandi Hills, Shivanasamudra Falls, Anthargange, and Gorur Dam. Apart from these places, one can also visit Bannerghatta National Park, Jog Falls, and Skandagiri which are also ideal places to experience nature at its best in July.

Can We Visit Bangalore In July? 

Although winter is considered to be the best time to visit Bangalore, you can visit in July to avoid crowds. Just make sure to carry your umbrella everywhere.

Is July The Rainy Season In Bangalore?

The month of July is typically considered to be rainy in Bangalore.

Which Is The Best Way To Travel In Bangalore?

Traveling by bus is the most convenient and cheapest way to travel in Bangalore. Hiring a taxi or renting a car would be an ideal way to travel in and around Bangalore and for going on road trips. Other than these, auto rickshaws are a very common mode of transportation.

Which Place Is Best To Tour Near Bangalore During Monsoon?

Chikmagalur, also known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’ is an iconic destination and also hosts a vast spread of tropical rainforest, which is a great tourist attraction.

What Is The Speciality Of Bangalore?

Bangalore is known as the “Garden City of India” because of the number of well-maintained gardens in the city.

Why Should People Visit Bangalore?

Bangalore is known as both The Garden City and Silicon Valley of India. The moderate weather is also one of the main reasons why Bangalore is one of the top destinations for people to visit in India.