Best Places To Go Trekking In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, also known as the “Land of Gods”, is a beautiful state tucked away in the majestic peaks of the Himalayas and an ideal destination for trekking. Uttarakhand never fails to stun visitors with its astounding scenic beauty. Brimming with numerous trekking spots, some of which will take you through lush, green valleys and others through snow-covered trails, the state is a haven for adventurers. So, here is a list of the best places to go trekking in Uttarakhand for an adventure-laden holiday!

Best Places To Go Trekking In Uttarakhand

  1. Kedarnath Trek
  2. Valley Of Flowers
  3. Har Ki Dun Trek
  4. Roopkund Trek
  5. Pindari Glacier Summer Trek
  6. Chopta Trek
  7. Dodital Trek

1. Kedarnath Trek

If you want to experience a holistic trekking experience, then the Kedarnath Trek is the one for you. A 16 kilometers trek that unwinds your mind and soul, giving you the much-needed adrenaline rush, Kedarnath is one of the most popular trekking trails for good reason! Throughout the journey, you will get to experience incredible scenes from small villages and local life to snow-covered meadows and hills.

It is an exhilarating experience to witness nature’s beauty up close and unfiltered. Starting from Gaurikund, it will take you straight to the divine temple of Kedarnath. The entire trek can be completed in a single day, but if you want to explore the place in detail, you can stretch the trek for a few days depending on your schedule.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate.

Duration Of The Trek: 5 - 6 Hours

Starting Point: Gaurikund.

How To Get Here: The nearest airport from Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport, and the nearest railhead is at Rishikesh. You’ll also find the Shastradhara Helipad in Dehradun, the journey through the helicopter will hardly take you 40 minutes. Or you can book a cab or taxi from Dehradun to Kedarnath. This makes the journey more convenient.

Best Time To Visit: May to June, September to October.

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2. Valley Of Flowers

Tucked away in the Himalayas, with a huge bed of flowers spread out like a never-ending sheet, the Valley of Flowers trek is an amazing experience to have. Perfect for experienced trekkers and photography enthusiasts, the trek is a relatively easy one and absolutely stunning with thousands of vibrant flowers.

Trekking in the Valley of Flowers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to invest your time in, as the journey won’t disappoint you one bit! Beginning at Harodwar, the trek will take you through the Pushpawati river, dense forests, and Govindghat and Ghangaria. 

While wandering through the abundant flora and fauna, you might come across musks and black deer if you’re lucky as well as various species of birds. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Duration Of The Trek: 6 Days

Starting Point: Govindghat

How To Get Here: You have a number of options for traveling to Valley Of Flowers from roadways, railways to airways and helicopter services. Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport in Dehradun connecting the major cities of Haridwar, Mussoorie, and Rishikesh. Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest to the Valley Of Flowers. You can reach Govindghat by road following the NH58. The highway is well-connected to Rishikesh, Chamoli, Srinagar, and other destinations.

Best Time To Visit: May, June, and September.

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Best Places To Go Trekking In Uttarakhand

3. Har Ki Dun Trek

One of the most popular treks to experience is the Har Ki Dun Trek. Nestled on the hinges of the Himalayas the trekking route is simply mesmerizing and will surely leave you spellbound. 

Since the trek is an easy to moderate one, Har Ki Dun is recommended for beginners. But if it is your very first trek, then this trek can be a little tedious. You have to be well prepared, both mentally and physically. 

Depending on the weather, especially during winter, you can get a chance to see snow-covered peaks like Swargarohini Peak, Black Peak, and Hata Peak, to name a few. March to April is the friendliest period for trekkers, making the journey pleasant and enjoyable. Har Ki Dun has different facets, as there are various viewpoints, such as the beautiful lush greenery of the valleys, the conifer and alpine forests, and open meadows filled with wildflowers.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate.

Duration Of The Trek: 7 Days to 6 Nights.

Starting Point: Sankri Village.

How To Get Here:  The Sankri village is located 200 km from Dehradun. Dehradun is well-connected to other major cities via roads, rail, and air. The closest airport in Dehradun is the Jolly Grant airport that offers daily connectivity to New Delhi and other major cities. The Dehradun Railway Station is connected to major cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc. You can find buses from outside Dehradun Railway Station running to Sankri early in the mornings between 6 to 8 am. Or you can take a direct cab from the railway station.

Best Time To Visit: April to June, October to November.

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4. Roopkund Trek

If you are a sucker for thrillers and mysteries, trekking at the mysterious Roopkund Lake is a must. The lake, resting peacefully at an altitude of 14,638 feet, is said to be surrounded by a skeleton of victims of a natural disaster back in the 14th century. As you trek ahead, you’ll come along the Nanda Devi Shrine which falls on route of the Roopkund Trek.

The terrain is difficult to climb, but the views of snow-capped mountains and Bedni Bugyal grasslands are worth the effort. Roopkund Trek is a journey of 8 to 9 days allowing you to enjoy and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

The trek usually starts from Lohajung Pass, where there are stops like Ran Ki Dhar and Bhaguwagasa, and it ends at Roopkund lake. Winters are a big no  for trekking because of the horrible weather conditions. The beautiful stops in between the trek give you an experience of different terrains. You also get to know  about the wildlife and vegetation of that particular area.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to difficult.

Duration Of The Trek: 9 Days

Starting Point: Lohajang Pass

How To Get Here: As per your convenience you can reach Roopkund Trek via rail, air, and road. Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport in Dehradun connecting the major cities of Haridwar, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, etc. If you’re traveling by train, Kathgodam is the nearest railway station for reaching Roopkund Travel. If you are planning to take a roadway then there are Volvo buses from Delhi taking you to Kathgodam directly.

Best Time To Visit: August to October

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Best Places To Go Trekking In Uttarakhand

5. Pindari Glacier Summer Trek

Perched up at an altitude of 12,370 feet above sea level, a little ahead of Phurkia, the Pindari Glacier Trek is located in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. This trek is simply incredible, offering you a relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. It is absolutely surreal to see the remote villages tucked away on the high peaks along the way. 

The mountains covered in snow, lakes with crystal-clear and sparkling waters, and wooden bridges enhance the beauty of the trek and take it to the next level. You will not only fall in love with the surroundings but also get used to them and the lifestyle of the people. 

One of the most incredible places to witness stunning landscapes in India is here! So, if you’ve dabbled in trekking before and have had enough experience, this is the trek for you.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration Of The Trek: 7 Days

Starting Point: Loharkhet

How To Get Here: The trek begins from Loharkhet in Saung village and you can reach the village by road from Bageshwar. Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport from Bageshwar and is well-connected to Delhi. If you’re planning to travel by train the Kathgodam station is the closest railhead from Bageshwar and well-connected to the major Indian cities.

Best Time To Visit: October

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6. Chopta Trek

Located at a height of 2,680 meters and nestled amidst meadows and evergreen forests, the Chopta Trek is considered one of the best treks to experience in your lifetime. Starting from Haridwar, it takes you to the Devarivatal Lake and leaves you mesmerized by the sheer natural beauty that it has to offer. 

The real excitement is after reaching the summit of the Himalayas, where you get to witness magical views like Bandarpoonch, Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Chaukhamba. Isn’t that great? Along the path, you see a lot of dense forests that have trees like oak and deodar. 

Tugnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated right at the top of Tugnath Mountain. You can visit the temple on your trek itself. You get to see the beautiful, snow-covered mountains, a top view that is worth the while. The landscape is a visual treat, filled with meadows and undiscovered paths.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate.

Duration Of The Trek: 3 Days

Starting Point: Haridwar

How To Get Here: Uttarakhand is connected to most of the major cities the journey gets convenient. If you are planning to take the journey by road, cab or taxi from your destination will be recommended. There is no availability of buses directly to the destination but you can take buses dropping you till Gopeshwar and Ukhimath. If you want to travel by air, the nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.

Best Time To Visit: April to June.

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Best Places To Go Trekking In Uttarakhand

7. Dodital Trek

Tucked away in the pretty mountains at an altitude of 3,310 meters, the Dodital Trek is quite an interesting experience. The trek is regarded as one of the most beautiful ones, drawing visitors to the magnificent scenery and leaving them awestruck by the environment. Starting from Sangam Chatti the trek takes you through small, quiet villages that are in Uttarkashi. 

Dodhi is named after the Himalayan Trout and is a trek that can’t be missed. While trekking, you get to hear the sweet chirping of the birds in the surrounding pine trees. Get completely immersed in the sight of different birds like the Grey Tit, Himalayan Babbles, Blue Magpie, and Brown-Fronted Woodpecker.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate.

Duration Of The Trek: 5 Days

Starting Point: Sangam Chatti

How To Get Here: From major cities of Uttarakhand, you can get to the Dodital Trek via train, plane, and road. If you are planning to travel by plane, then Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest. For train travelers, Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest and most convenient way. You don’t have to be worried about looking for cabs because the taxis and cabs are right outside the railway station. There are regular buses from cities like Delhi that drop you at the Dehradun Bus Station.

Best Time To Visit: May to October.

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Best Places To Go Trekking In Uttarakhand

Summing Up

Uttarakhand is a super popular destination for trekking and climbing activities. So, if you’re an adventurous soul looking for your next trek in Uttarakhand, then you’re in for a great time! And if you don’t know, where you want to start off your trekking expedition, check out our list of the best trekking places in Uttarakhand to help you pick your favorite spot and get started!


Which Is the Best Trek In Uttarakhand?

There are many trekking spots in Uttarakhand to go for trekking and a few of them that are considered are Valley Of Flowers, Chopta Trek, Kedarnath Trek, and Dodital Trek. 

Which Is The Toughest Trek In Uttarakhand?

Kedarnath Trek and Valley Of Flowers Trek are considered to be the toughest treks in Uttarakhand out of the many spots.

Which Is The Easiest Trek In Uttarakhand?

Nag Tibba Trek is the most leisurely trek in Uttarakhand.

Why Is Kedarnath Trek Difficult?

The Kedarnath trek requires you to climb from 6,500 feet to 12,500 feet, which is not normal for the human body. In cold temperatures, covering such an altitude in a day can be dangerous to health without proper training and precautions. Hence, the Kedarnath Trek is the most difficult trek of all time.  

Which State Is Very Popular For Trekking?

Himachal Pradesh is known for its heavy snowfall and is thus a popular trekking destination. 

Can Kedarnath Be Done In 1 Day?

Yes, it can be completed in one day, but if you want to enjoy the surroundings, you can extend the trek for more than one day.

What Are The Four Types Of Trekking?

The four types of trekking are easy trekking, moderate trekking, strenuous trekking, and difficult trekking.