Best Places To Experience Rural Tourism In India

Best Places To Experience Rural Tourism In India

India has precious gems placed throughout its length. We have beautiful coasts, bustling cities, and most importantly, untouched villages. Learning how villagers live their lives without much modernization is intriguing. Along with that, learning about their culture and craftworks, and getting a first-hand experience of that is an enthralling encounter altogether. 

If you want to experience a different side of India, then you need to visit some of its villages. Trust us, you’re going to love it. Here are some of the best places to experience rural tourism in India.    

6 Best Places To Experience Rural Tourism In India

  1. Puttur, Andhra Pradesh 
  2. Chitrakote, Chhattisgarh
  3. Majuli, Assam 
  4. Ballavpur Danga, West Bengal 
  5. Hodka, Gujarat 
  6. Tordi, Rajasthan

1. Puttur, Andhra Pradesh 

Puttur is a small village situated in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. Who knew among the bustling cities of Andhra Pradesh, was this quaint village filled with charm and culture! To give you a rough ballpark of where this village is, its location is approximately 35 km from Tirupati city. And it’ll take you approximately an hour to reach by car. 

Best Places To Experience Rural Tourism In India

Numerous mangroves and green fields dot the land of Puttur. You can walk for hours and hours together and still not get tired of those fields of grace and the fauna that resides in Puttur’ mangroves. Agriculture is this village’s source of livelihood. But, in addition, the locals are known for their weaving skills and hence, have set a strong silk empire. With techniques passed down from each generation, villagers skillfully weave silk sarees in intrinsic patterns. And you can even spot a few mastering the craft in their traditional homes. 

Another fun fact is that the villagers have a certain technique to bandage bone fractures. At least you now know you’re in safe hands if, God forbid, anything of the sort happens. Villages are incomplete without temples, and Puttur does have quite a few. If you want to know what traditional rural food tastes like, then kindly request a local to show you around. They’re warm and very welcoming and will not shun you.

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2. Chitrakote, Chhattisgarh

Rural life is very much unlike urban living, and Chitrakote is a testament to that. This village, bursting with traditional lifestyle, is situated in Bastar district in Chhattisgarh. A plethora of tribes still reside to this day and have a way of life, vibrant enough to bring out the essence of the village. 

The Goncha festival is one such celebration where all the tribes of the Bastar district get together to enjoy each other's company. It’s a time of harmony where they construct pistols made of bamboo shoots and use the Goncha fruit as bullets. The main intent of the festival is not to incite violence, but it’s just something that amuses them. It’s something that unifies them and something that brings out the uniqueness of Indian culture. 

Among the vibrant culture resides India’s version of Niagara Falls: Chitrakoot Falls. This 95 ft cascade draws many waterfall enthusiasts to view its vastness and beauty. If you want to do a little bit of sightseeing, then the Jagdalpur Palace and Danteshwari temple are open for visitors. 

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3. Majuli, Assam 

The north-eastern territory of India is flooded with numerous gems, and many such are found in this river island called Majuli. Located in the Brahmaputra river, this island sees many tourists arriving to enjoy its lush surroundings, unique wildlife, and warm hospitality.

Best Places To Experience Rural Tourism In India

Fun Fact: Majuli is the first island in India to be declared a district, so that’s some food for thought for you.

Across the wetlands of Majuli, you’ll spot pelicans, Siberian cranes, greater adjutant storks, and whittling teals surrounding the place. If you happen to stay overnight, you’ll hear geese and ducks flapping across the night sky to distant parts of the island.

You get to learn a lot about a village’s culture through their festivals, and Majuli is no short of triumphant celebrations and dance. The Ali Ai Ligang festival marks the beginning of the sowing season and so, members of the Mishing tribe get together for a great jubilee. They prepare scrumptious dishes made of chicken, pork, and fish and a special beverage called apong (rice beer). Visit Majuli in mid-February to get a taste of this thrilling festival. 

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4. Ballavpur Danga, West Bengal 

Ballavpur Danga rightfully deserves this spot as one of the best places to experience rural tourism in India. Located in a more secluded part of West Bengal, Ballavpur Danga is inhabited mainly by the Santhal community. They have preserved their Santhal values and are one of the remaining villages that still have a rich tribal element in their lifestyle. Touring this place will be an experience and a journey you’ll cherish for years.  

Local artisans in Ballavpur Danga are known for their skillful handcraft work. Since it's their main source of income, the quirks of the trade are passed from generation to generation. And you’ll notice the finesse in their weaved mats, baskets, ornaments, and musical instruments. If you feel you have the “Moves like Jagger”, then you can participate in their traditional Santhali dance. The Santhali women, draped in bordered red white saris, perform this exquisite dance to the rhythm of drums. 

The fairs and festivals are an important ingredient of the Santhali tradition. If you drop by this village anytime between September and October, you’ll catch the Karam festival. During this occasion, members of the tribe thank the Gods for their blessings and pray for even more. The melas (fairs) consist of continuous dancing and singing. The Santhali community loves their music and dance and you’ll evidently notice that on your trip here. Jaydev Kenduli Mela, Sriniketan Krishi Mela, Chadi Das, and Pous Mela are some prominent fairs in this village. 

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5. Hodka, Gujarat 

What makes this village unique is that its terrain is dotted with cute little houses made of sand and clay. They’re cool to live in, and beats the idea of buying an AC. Located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, Hodka is situated around 65 km from Bhuj. And this village gets its identity from its rich art and crafts culture. The Meghwals are master craftsmen and a lot of their precise work is seen in their clothing, especially in women’s apparel. 

If you fancy a bit of birdwatching, then the wetlands of the Chhari Dhand will please you. The area consists of various migratory birds basking in the heat of the sun, and just enjoying themselves. The area covers 10 sq meters where various wildlife species including the Dalmatian pelican and Oriental darter reside. Being in Hodka village is the actual meaning of wanderlust! 

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6. Tordi, Rajasthan 

Countryside camel carting, day and night jeep safaris, kite flying, etc are some of the many things you can do in Tordi. This village is figuratively a stone's throw away from Jaipur, and that’s why it sees many new, and repeated visitors coming to its lands. Home to the famous Tordi Fort, this vibrant village is filled with history. And you can experience a bit of that period by participating in various activities this place has. 

Best Places To Experience Rural Tourism In India

You can know what being a potter feels like by creating cute mud vessels with the help of local artisans. Stroll through the 500-year-old village consisting of double-story mud houses to learn a bit more about their culture. You can then end the day watching the sunset and relaxing on the dunes. 

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Which Places Are The Best For Rural Tourism In India? 

India is blessed with numerous villages that still have an immense tribal culture. Here are some of our top picks which we think you’ll enjoy: 

  • Puttur, Andhra Pradesh 
  • Chitrakote, Chhattisgarh
  • Majuli, Assam
  • Ballavpur Danga, West Bengal
  • Hodka, Gujarat
  • Tordi, Rajasthan

Which Village Of Gujarat Is Famous For Community Tourism? 

The Hodka village is famous for garnering a lot of rural tourism for Gujarat. Its arts, and crafts culture, expanse surroundings, and history-rich village appeal to many who want to breathe in a bit of Gujarat. 

Why Is Majuli Famous? 

Majuli gains a lot of attention for its rich flora and fauna, preserved culture, and lush landscapes. This little piece of Assam is an embodiment of Assamese culture. It has rich tribal traditions, festivals celebrated in its style, and local food prepared with ingredients found in its surroundings.    

What Is The Best Time To Visit Chitrakoot Falls? 

The months starting from July and leading up to March are the preferred period to visit this place. The heat climate is pleasant and the sun is not too hot as well.

What Is Rural Tourism Destination?

Rural tourism destination refers to a farm or a village where tourists visit and experience the local life. You’ll be experiencing the local products, lifestyle and culture. 

What Is Sustainable Rural Tourism?

Sustainable rural tourism simply refers to promoting tourism in rural areas while making sure to follow sustainable environment-friendly practices. 

Which Indian State Has Best Villages?

The state of Kerala and Gujarat has some of the prettiest villages in India. 

Which State Is Best In Rural Development In India?

Kerala has the best rural development in India.

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