10 Of The Best Places For Bicycling Around Mumbai

10 Of The Best Places For Bicycling Around Mumbai

Mumbai is more than the ‘City of Dreams’. This metropolis is a vibrant blend of people, cityscapes, and lifestyle. The city certainly has a lot to offer, from stunning historic architecture to lively crowds and colors. And what better way to explore a city than cycling through its lanes and streets, and experiencing the city life first hand! Here are a few cycling spots in and around Mumbai:

10 Best Places For Cycling Around Mumbai

  1. Marine Drive
  2. Bandra-Kurla Complex
  3. Worli Sea Link
  4. Aarey Milk Colony
  5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  6. Ghodbunder Road
  7. Palm Beach Road
  8. Mini Seashore
  9. Uttan
  10. Vandri Lake

Marine Drive

This is one of the most iconic stretches of roads in Mumbai. Marine Drive attracts people who seek to relax along the promenade and listen to the crash of the waves of the Arabian Sea. The promenade can also be an ideal spot if you’re planning on bicycling around Mumbai.

Starting from Nariman Point, you can pedal along the 3.6 km stretch of Marine Drive and go to Malabar Hill. You’ll get to see a lot of skyscrapers and also enough greenery in this concrete jungle. Or if you want to cycle along the iconic structures of British India, you can set out towards Fort.

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Bandra-Kurla Complex

The very business-oriented Bandra-Kurla Complex may not seem like the perfect cycling spot, but it works just as well. The roads are wide and smooth, which would be enough for the casual or beginner cyclist. As mentioned before, BKC is a business hub, so you want to cycle around here before office hours or on the weekends. Otherwise, it’ll be really maddening trying to worm your way around it.

The good news for cycling enthusiasts is that proper cycling tracks will be built around BKC. Also, on Sundays, the area would be closed for automobiles from 9 am to 4 pm.

Cycling around Marine Drive

Worli Sea Face

If you’re enthusiastic about cycling around Mumbai, best do it by the sea at Worli Sea Face. Here you can enjoy the whip of the sea breeze on your face and indulge in your passion for cycling. While the views are stunning, it’s not the longest cycling trail in Mumbai (3.5 km).

Also, this is a popular destination, so if you want to enjoy some solitude while cycling, cycling around Worli Sea Face in the early morning is a great idea!

Aarey Milk Colony

This 16 sq km patch of greenery near the suburban Goregaon is considered to be among the most haunted places in Mumbai. But that shouldn’t deter you from pedaling to this location (at least in broad daylight!). Aarey Milk Colony offers a lot of cycling trails and with its isolation from the main city, it’ll give you a breath of fresh air. You can also reconnect with nature and take a break from cycling near one of the lakes in this green zone.

A word of advice though: we wouldn’t recommend exploring Aarey Colony after dark as it can be pretty isolated.

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Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Spread across 104 sq km, this is the only national park in Mumbai and acts as the city’s green lung. In addition to the vast green spaces with wildlife, the Kanheri Caves in the park also attracts history nerds.

What’s more, even if you don’t have a cycle, you can rent one from the park itself and explore the wilderness to your heart’s content. If you’re a more experienced cyclist, you can cycle towards the Kanheri Caves, which are about 6 km away from the park’s main gate. The zig-zagging trails and inclines can make it considerably challenging, but that makes getting to the destination all the more rewarding.

Cycling around the Worli Sea Link

Ghodbunder Road

Officially known as State Highway 42, this is a major road in Thane that runs along the periphery of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. With its inclines and sharp turns, Ghodbunder Road is popular among cyclists in and around Mumbai.

The best-known cycling trail near Ghodbunder Road is in the Yeoor Hills. It’s a short off-road track that can be quite slippery and dangerous during the monsoons. Also, it’s not a track for beginners.

If you choose to cycle along the entirety of Ghodbunder Road from Mumbai, you can also visit the Ghodbunder Fort and relax by Vasai Creek beside it.

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Palm Beach Road

This 10-kilometer stretch of road has turned out to become one of the most popular cycling spots in Navi Mumbai. Located beside marshes and lined with trees, Palm Beach Road is also scenic and attracts numerous bird species. Remember to be extra careful of fast-moving vehicles while you’re here.

You can pedal your way to Kharghar Hills, which are about 10 km away and the inclines can test your endurance and cycling skills. You get to see lush greenery and waterfalls during the monsoons, but it’ll still be fun to ride during pleasant winter mornings.

Alternatively, you can go up Parsik Hill in Belapur as well. It’s not a very high climb, but the quiet, tree-lined roads would be worth exploring.

Mini Seashore

Located in Vashi, Mini Seashore is a location that’s frequented by locals who want to stretch their legs and get some exercise. Mini Seashore is beside the Vashi Holding Pond, which was constructed as a measure to store and drain water during high tides and prevent waterlogging. It has now developed into a spot for water activities.

What will attract you to Mini Seashore is the jogging and cycling path that surrounds the Vashi Holding Pond. It’s not a challenging path at all, but if all you’re looking for is cycling close to the beach, Mini Seashore is worth a visit.

Cycling around Mini Seashore


Located about 40 km away from Mumbai, this route will take you through the narrow lanes of fishing towns, rice fields, and marshes. This isn’t an easy route, however. You’ll have to exert your way up steep slopes on your way. To the passionate and experienced cyclist, the harder the trail, the more exciting it’ll be.

There are multiple locations you can cycle to around Uttan. You can take on the challenging Brazil Climb (which has nothing to do with Brazil!), the road towards the Velankanni Church, or the popular Gorai Beach. If what you’re looking for is even more tranquility in Uttan, you can head towards the Global Vipassana Pagoda in Gorai.

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Vandri Lake

If you want to gear up on your endurance cycling skills, set out towards Vandri Lake. This lake is located in the Palghar district and is about 80 km from the heart of Mumbai.

It’s a popular destination for bikers during the weekends owing to its proximity to Mumbai. While it may be quite far to cycle, you need not worry about the roads as Vandri Lake is just a short distance from NH48. You’ll be cycling on a smooth highway for the most part of the journey. The destination, a placid lake, would be worth it and is an ideal place for relaxation before heading back to the chaos of Mumbai.


Is It Safe To Cycle In Mumbai?

Yes, it’s quite safe to cycle in Mumbai. But it’s recommended to go cycling in the early mornings and late nights to avoid crowds and traffic congestion.

Is Cycling Allowed On Sealink?

No. Pedestrians, two-wheelers, and autorickshaws are not allowed on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. The fast-moving cars and windblasts on the bridge can make cycling risky.

Can You Cycle On Juhu Beach?

Yes! You can cycle on Juhu Beach. In fact, there’s a dedicated cycling track in the nearby Kaifi Azmi Park.

Do You Legally Have To Wear A Helmet When Cycling?

No, you’re not legally obliged to wear a helmet when cycling. But that shouldn’t be a reason for you to not invest in good cycling equipment, particularly helmets.

Is Cycling At Night Safe?

Cycling after dark surely is a bit riskier than in daylight. But you can make it safer by wearing reflective clothing, having head and taillights on your bicycle, and choosing paths that are well-lit.

Do Bikes Pay Tolls In India?

No. Two-wheelers are exempted from paying tolls in India. One can pass through the booth from the leftmost lane.

Is Mumbai Safe At Night?

Yes, Mumbai has a reputation for being safer than most Indian cities at night. But at the same, you still need to exercise caution with regard to taking shady alleyways and unlit streets while traveling at night.

Can I Wear Shorts In Mumbai?

Yes, you can wear shorts in Mumbai. You will find a number of people wearing shorts in the more posh and high-end parts of the city. Just keep in mind to avoid wearing shorts when visiting places of worship.