7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

When you think of taking a romantic excursion with your partner, you might want to go to a scenic location that is away from the noise and crowd of a city, has a lot of couples' activities, and provides a comfortable overall experience. Consequently, one of the first places that you might have thought of, is Ooty.

This hill station in the Nilgiris is not just beautiful, but also very accessible, not heavily crowded, and into the arms of lush green covers that continue beyond the horizon. Well, Ooty is a town that is romantic by its very nature. So, while you plan the perfect trip, with an extensive list of romantic places and gestures, the place you’re staying in should be just as romantic. So, we curated a list of 7 luxury hotels for a romantic getaway in Ooty. Check it out! 

7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

  1. Taj Savoy Hotel
  2. Zest Danish Villa 
  3. Kluney Manor
  4. Sinclair's Retreat 
  5. Fernshills Royal Palace
  6. Hotel Gem Park
  7. Western Valley Resorts

1. Taj Savoy Hotel

There are 40 rooms situated in colonial cottages that were constructed in the 19th century. All of these cottages and their amenities were originally built as a summer retreat for the British Raj. However, over the years, with a few renovations, this place has become the perfect spot to serve as a hotel to couples visiting Ooty.

The interior of the rooms still stays in the years when they were built, with a very retro feel. There are old-school fireplaces, wooden décor, and flower-filled gardens that surround every cottage, making you feel like you’re living in an old English movie. On a trip with the love of your life, privacy and intimacy are important factors. Unfortunately, as quiet as Ooty is, the best parts of it can only be found in the estates that live on the side of the mountains. Thankfully, these estates do rent out their rooms with complimentary views.

Starting Price: INR 12,450

Address: 77, Sylks Road, Monterosa Colony

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Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

2. Zest Danish Villa

This hotel gets its name from the brand of hotels that Mahindra runs – Zest Chain of Hotels and the fact that a Danish family resided in this 179-year-old villa before independence. After 1947, Mahindra took ownership of the estate and converted this villa into 15 individual rooms with a small play area for children. Unsurprisingly, this hotel has kept a lot of its yesteryear charm.

While the rooms are fairly basic, they are very well maintained and the interior creates a very earthy, old-school vibe. The furniture is mostly wooden and the beds are on a raised platform close to the chimney. However, the actual chimney is rendered inoperable and replaced with electric space heaters in every room.

The fact that this hotel provides you with 2.3 acres of land on the top of a hill, a few kilometers away from the actual town of Ooty, is just one of the benefits. The bigger one is the earthy tones and lack of interruption in the form of technology. It’s just you, your partner, and the beauty of a house stuck in time. What better place to live and celebrate love?

Starting Price: INR 4,000

Address: 30, Sheddon Road, Pudumund

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3. Kluney Manor

Kluney Manor is arguably the most desired hotel in Ooty for couples looking for a short getaway from Bangalore. This hotel is at the top of a small hillock with the beautiful Ooty serving as a backdrop. The interior, like many others in this city, is Victorian and the management has kept it true to its nature.

The biggest selling point of this hotel is the amount of exposure it provides to nature. You can avail guided treks as well as a wildlife safari from the hotel itself. While that is what you do outside the hotel, as you come in, you get to choose from their Rustic and Classic cottages or stay in the Vintage Suite. The best part is, these cottages are not divided like a regular hotel: they are all premium, just with different interiors, décor, and vibe.

This hotel was built in the 1800s by the Britishers responsible for building the roads leading to Ooty. Later, the Maharaja of Patna used this estate as his personal retreat. With that history, it’s safe to say that this place is not only full of history but also charming enough for centuries. Wouldn’t you want to bring your royal highness to a place like this?

Starting Price: INR 3,750

Address: 196/197, Patna House, Mount Pleasant

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7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

4. Sinclair's Retreat

Sinclair Retreat is the highest resort in South India, situated at 8,000 feet above sea level. The elevation of the resort gives it some of the most exquisite views of the lush green valleys and the blue mountains that surround the place. The factor that makes this hotel ideal for couples to visit is the tranquility it offers with the amazing views from all 78 rooms and 2 villas. There are multiple categories of rooms, too. The restaurant, called Pine N Petals offers multiple mouth-watering cuisines, which is complemented by the Spanish bar that goes by the name of Alto Espirito, and a coffee shop that goes by The Portico. Everyone on this list serves up a grand menu that will keep you coming back.

While there is the obvious option of avoiding the crowds and enjoying the company of your partner in the confines of your room, there is also the option of going to the spa, the gym, or the library. Seriously, imagine a library date in a place like Ooty! If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, Sinclairs Retreat also offers pre-arranged sightseeing tours, evening bonfires, DJ nights, and magic shows, amongst a bunch of other things. Regardless of what you want to do as a couple, you’ll find something that the both of you will enjoy in this hotel.

Starting Price: INR 5,000

Address: 444, Gorishola Road, Thalayathimund

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7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

5. Fernhills Royal Palace

Fernhill Palace served as one of the residences of the then Maharaja of Mysore. However, it started its life long before coming under his hands. Built in 1844, the palace has been famous for resembling a Swiss Chalet. The carved Burmese Teak bargeboards and cast-iron ornaments give this place that elegant, royal feel.

This beautiful abode resides on over 50 acres of land, right against the Nilgiri Hills, and is generously enveloped by the tea gardens and cardamom plantations. Your stay here truly takes over all your senses, even the olfactory ones. This place is all about slowing down and living life like the royalty that ruled the land. So, if you and your partner want to truly relax, and maybe pretend to be royalty, this is the best place to do it. After playing dress-up, you can also visit one of the many attractions that this hotel is central to.

Starting Price: INR 8,000

Address: Fernhills Post, Nilgiris

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7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

6. Hotel Gem Park

Hotel Gem Park is nothing less than what its name suggests: a gem. Nestled within the lush green valleys, overlooking the Nilgiri and Doddabetta Mountains, it provides for the perfect vacation a couple could hope for. As grand as the views are from the windows, living in Gem Park is much grander. A contemporary interior that is studded with a traditional vibe welcomes you into a hotel that knows how to treat you like royalty. A newspaper is delivered to the room every morning, to be picked up by you and read while having the finest tea, or coffee, all ready for you in the room.

This hotel is focused on serving guests, whether they are there to relax or explore. If you and your partner belong to the first category, you can hop into the pool available on the property, or visit the Ayurvedic Spa, while the second category can ask the hotel for information about the guided tours of Ooty and its beauty. While all the other locations on this list have a very inherent royal Victorian feel to them, Gem Park serves royalty in the most contemporary sense of the word. What could be better than to have your partner by your side at a place that treats you royally, and also makes you believe you are royalty?

Starting Price: INR 7,500

Address: Sheddon Road, Pudumumd

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7 Best Luxury Hotels In Ooty For A Romantic Getaway

7. Western Valley Resorts

Looking over the Emerald Lake in all its glory, Western Valley Resort is one of the most luxurious 3-star hotels in this city. This exotic resort is located at 7,350 feet above sea level and covers almost 1.65 acres of land. So, rest assured when we say you have quite a bit of room and some of the most breathtaking views in this hotel. While the hotel offers the typically luxurious rooms in three categories, namely Premium, Premium Family, and Honeymoon suites, there are a few other options available. The star of that list is the Tribal Stay option, which is a beautiful accommodation with tribal-themed interiors and furniture.

The best part of this hotel is that it lies on the picturesque slants of Yellakandi and is enveloped by tea plantations. Not to mention the fact that this area is fairly rural and mountainous, meaning not only are you in a beautiful spot, but it’s also fairly quiet and calm here. So, if you’re looking for a vacation full of beautiful nothings and evening walks through never-ending meadows, this place might make you fall in love with it. Of course, not as much as your partner!

Starting Price: INR 5,099

Address: Bygada Road, Yellakandi, Nanjanad

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Summing Up

The thing is, a lot of us look for these trips with our partners because our lives in the cities and the monotony that attaches itself to our backs start feeling heavy. It starts taking a toll, and as much as we would like to convince you that love protects all relationships, we start looking for a new ‘spark’ with our partners. This might best be achieved only in their company, but definitely not in isolation. So, for a trip that allows you to be exclusively with yours, but does not limit you mentally, physically, or geographically, Ooty is arguably the best choice. We figured if you’re going to this hill station, we might as well let you know of the best places that amplify the chances of your trip being a memorable success. However, if you’re there with the one you love and nothing but your love, we think you are already in the right space. All the best and happy travels! 


What Is The Best Time To Visit Ooty?

While Ooty is a year-round destination so to speak, the best time to visit this beautiful town is between the months of April and June, and September through November.

Is Ooty A Good Place For a Honeymoon?

Yes. The lush green environment, the old Victorian vibe of the buildings, and the beautiful places that surround Ooty make it a great honeymoon destination.

Why Is Ooty Called The ‘Queen Of Hills’?

Ooty has gained the moniker of the ‘Queen Of The Hills’ due to the grandeur of nature it possesses. Not just that, but the agriculture and tea plantations combined with the royal history of this place give it a charm that is rather royal.

What Is The Original Name Of Ooty?

In early times, Ooty was called Udhagamandalam, which was changed into ‘Ootacamund’ by the Britishers ruling the area. This name that was given by the people of the Raj was later turned into Ooty.

How Safe Is Ooty?

Ooty is one of the safest hill stations in India. The crime rates are pretty low and there are almost no violent crimes or robberies. It is pretty warm towards couples as well so you can have fun without worrying!

How Much Does A Trip To Ooty Cost?

The overall cost for a trip largely depends upon what kind of traveler you are and what kind of trip you embark upon. On average, if you stay in an affordable place, you can easily spend one day under INR 2,000.

Is Ooty Safe For Females?

Yes, Ooty is a very safe option for female travelers but it is always advisable to be cautious. 

How Many Days Are Enough In Ooty?

Ooty is an adorable place where you can spend easily one week if you enjoy a slow life. If you simply want to explore and move on, 3-5 days are more than enough to see everything in Ooty.