7 Best Luxury Hotels In Nainital

7 Best Luxury Hotels In Nainital

The northern end of India is one of the most beautiful places in India. There are a bunch of places that will make you think you’re in paradise. One of the most well-known places in this part of the world is Nainital, a tiny hill station in Uttarakhand. Speaking of Nainital, this is a place that has roots buried deep in mythology. It is said that the left eye, or ‘nain’ of Sati, fell here as an indirect result of a fallout with a king called Daksha. In fact, the crater which provided the base for the Naini Lake is the exact spot in which the eye fell. Well, Naini Lake and other locations like Tiffin Top, Eco Cave Gardens, and Raj Bhavan are some of the places in Nainital that are sceneries not worth missing out on.

However, if you want to get the best possible experience in Nainital, you have to make sure that you are staying in a hotel that gives you the treatment that compliments the grace of the hill station. So, we at Unstumbled have curated a list of the best luxury hotels in Nainital for you to stay in! 

7 Best Luxury Hotels In Nainital

  1. Shervani Hilltop
  2. The Manu Maharani
  3. The Naini Retreat 
  4. The Himalaya
  5. The Swiss Village Resort
  6. The Grand Hotel
  7. Nature Drops

7 Best Luxury Hotels In Nainital

1. Shervani Hilltop

The name of this hotel totally justifies the vibe that this hotel provides. It is comfortable, good-looking, and as elegant as a sherwani made of the finest cloth. The building for this hotel was built in 1960, but it did not start working as one until twenty years later. This hotel offers hardwood flooring, antique furnishings, and finer details that make all of it feel a little more royal.

The best part about the Shervani hotel is that it offers accommodation in the form of cottages, suites, and top-notch rooms that will pretty much meet everyone’s taste. This beautiful hotel is located on the northside of Nainital and is far away from the hustle and bustle that this city can attract. The best part about it is that it’s right in the midst of nature, giving you the chance to actually explore the unfiltered beauty of Nainital

Starting Price: INR 10,300

Location: Mallital Hilltop

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2. The Manu Maharani

This hotel is comparatively new to a lot of the others in Nainital. Commissioned in 1991, this hotel was already a jewel in the crown called Nainital. After its renovation in 2006, the hotel gained a few more points with its new contemporary-yet-vintage look and feel.

There are 67 premium, terrace, and luxury rooms in this hotel, and all of these rooms get the outstanding surroundings of the Kumaon Hills, elegant interiors, and the best of cuisines any hotel can offer. The guests can also use one of the many facilities like the spa, the sauna, and the fitness center. One more thing that this hotel is known for is its friendly and warm staff. Oh, and the rooms have minibars!

Starting Price: INR 8,500

Location: Grassmere Estate, Mallital

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3. The Naini Retreat

Situated in the heart of the Ayarpatta Slopes, the Naini Retreat is a beautiful hotel that was historically known to be the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit. Considering the fact that it provides an exquisite view of the mountainside, it’s no wonder that the Maharaja decided to stay here.

For us mere mortals, The Naini Retreat offers the perfect embodiment of history and luxury. The accommodation has heritage decoration, hardwood floors, window seats, balconies, and a Tattva Spa. Would you really like to miss out on an opportunity to get treated in a spa that has the mountains of Uttarakhand as a view? To add to it, the in-house restaurant offers some of the best dishes in the Kumaoni cuisine. Staying at this hotel becomes a luxurious affair from every aspect!

Starting Price: INR 7,000

Location: Ayarpatta Slopes, Mallital

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7 Best Luxury Hotels In Nainital

4. The Himalaya

Built in 1918, Hotel Himalaya is one of the best places in Nainital to get a view of the gorgeous Naini Lake. In fact, when it started, this place was a favored vacation spot frequently used by kings and queens that were looking to spend some time off of the throne.

There are sixty rooms in this hotel, divided into the new and the old wings. All of these rooms, along with the common areas are tastefully decorated with antique furniture. It also has all the modern amenities you could think of, along with a spacious terrace, adventure sports, and a beautiful mini-golf course. There is also an in-house spa and a few indoor games that you could spend your vacations indulging in, just like the royalty did in their time.

Starting Price: INR 2,200

Location: Near Bus Stand, Tallital

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5. The Swiss Village Resort

The Swiss Village Resort is the epitome of luxury and comfort. There are 17 family cottages, 5 imperial suites, 10 executive suites, and 10 Swiss luxury tents. Moreover, all of this is located at the height of 7,500 feet, on the northern end of Khabrar Hills. You can imagine the mesmerizing view the rooms offer!

This resort was started in 1985 but had a renovation to bring it up to speed with modern times. Now, every form of accommodation has a loaded kitchenette, 32” TVs, and indoor wifi in every room. The Swiss Village also has a kitchen with five cuisines, an in-house bakery, party lawns, a bowling alley, and pretty much everything you would want around on a vacation.

This resort serves as an amazing place to vacation, with your family or with your special someone. After all, the Swiss are the best hosts for a vacation, aren’t they?

Starting Price: INR 2,205

Location: Bhowali-Ramgarh-Mukteshwar Road

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6. The Grand Hotel

Built in 1872 by the British Raj, The Grand Hotel was one of the first hotels in Nainital. Nowadays, it serves as the perfect example of the blend between modern and retro. The property has Victorian furniture, colonial architecture, open verandahs, and beautiful fireplaces in every room. Does this not shout luxury!

7 Best Luxury Hotels In Nainital

The Grand Hotel also offers multiple chances towards family-oriented activities as well as a romantic venture with your special someone. There are 5 different categories of rooms to choose from, namely The Grand Suite, The First Floor Suite, The Ground Floor Suite, The First Floor Double Room, and The Ground Floor Double Room. All of them have spectacular views of the Emerald Green lake. That, added with the age-old furnishings and wooden floorings, definitely adds to the ‘grand’ in the Grand Hotel.

Starting Price: INR 4,200

Location: The Mall, Nainital 

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7. Nature Drops

While this is more of a resort than a hotel, it doesn’t take away from the luxury part of it. In fact, it has managed to acquire a three-star Michelin rating as well. There are 8 rooms in the form of tents that come with their own balconies, bathrooms, and amenities like free in-room WiFi, premium bedding, and an airport shuttle.

Moreover, Nature Drops is literally dropped in the middle of nature. The scenery is a mountainside that is covered with evergreen forests and a range of mountains that extend beyond the horizon. There is a play area for the kids on-site and the adults get a 24/7 restaurant with an amazing Indian menu. It might sound like a rather simple set-up. But isn’t simplicity the soul of elegance?

Starting Price: INR 3,854

Location: Bagar-Malla, Pangoot

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Summing Up

When you think about it, a place like Nainital can easily be experienced for a budget. However, having a little more of the finer things on a trip like this might just be the one percent after ninety-nine. So, why not splurge to your heart’s content and have fun like royalty? Check out more articles like this to find out places around India that will definitely make it on to your bucket list. Happy travels!


Why Is Nainital So Famous?

Nainital is famous for tourist spots like the Naini Lake and the Raj Bhavan, along with food from the Kumaoni cuisine.

Is There Snowfall In Nainital?

Yes. There is snowfall in Nainital, but it is infrequent. In fact, Nainital only receives snowfall every 2-3 years.

What Is The Origin Of The Name Of Nainital?

The name of this hill station is born out of a mythological story where the eye of a goddess fell into this part of the world. The literal translation of ‘eye’ into old Indian languages is ‘Nain’, which is the word that snowballed into Nainital.

How Far Is Nainital From Delhi?

The distance between Nainital and Delhi is around 315 km by road and 235 km by air.

What Is The Price Range Of Hotels In Nainital?

Nainital has a great variety of hotels ranging from budget accommodation to luxury. The budget hotels usually start at around INR 600 per night and can go up to INR 1800. The luxury hotels can start from INR 1,900 per night and can go as high as INR 20,000 per night. 

Is Nainital Good For Honeymoon?

India has plenty of wonderful places to go for your honeymoon and Nainital is certainly one of those. The charm of the mountains and the romance of fresh air is present in this city. You will easily find great hotels and plenty of places to explore and fun activities to try.

Is 2 days Enough For Nainital?

Nanital has a lot to offer in terms of scenery, culture, places, and food. Two days will only let you explore a few tourist points but if you want to enjoy and see the city properly, plan for at least 3-4 days 

Which Month Is Best For Nainital?

The months between March to June are best to visit Nainital because the temperatures aren't too low and you will be able to experience various fun activities.

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