Best Luxury Homestays In Udaipur

The concept of homestays is similar to that of a bed-and-breakfast with the guests either being accommodated in the family home or a separate guest quarters nearby. Homestays in India have always been budget-friendly, but that isn’t always the case anymore. At a higher cost, you get to indulge in the local delicacies and cuisines, travel the city through obscure scenic routes, and get to be a part of local ceremonies and functions while staying at a homestay.

Nestled beside the tranquil Lake Pichola and bluish-purple streaks of the Aravalli ranges, Udaipur is a feast for hungry eyes! The city oozes a timeless charm and is known to be a destination of romance, considering all the October-November destination weddings that take place in this charming Rajasthani city. From majestic palaces, tranquil temples, and ancient but well-kept havelis to countless narrow, crooked streets that maintain the city’s timeless charm, we’d definitely recommend choosing a homestay for a more authentic experience of Udaipur. Luxurious homestays in Udaipur are on a whole another level ranging from vintage cottages and villas to havelis and bungalows! So, we bring you the best homestays in Udaipur that are worth your time and money.

6 Best Luxury Homestays In Udaipur

  1. Sun Heritage Home
  2. Pichola Homestay
  3. Jai Villa Homestay
  4. The Cavalry: Abhay Niwas
  5. Titardi Garh
  6. Burj Baneria

Sun Heritage Home

Set in the vibrant city center, Sun Heritage Home is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to take in all the sights and sounds the city has to offer. Its convenient location gives you more time to explore the city without spending precious time traveling. The Sun Heritage is a home away from home with its cozy-luxurious allure and friendly caretakers. The owner makes sure that you’re welcomed with warmth and have cherished memories to take back. The homestay provides a unique opportunity to experience authentic Rajasthani hospitality and culture.

The homestay is in the vicinity of the famous Bohedi Haveli, which was known to shelter the nobles of Mewar and was even frequented by the King for respite from time to time. The Haveli houses a Vishnu Temple and a Bawri in its midst that adds to the timeless charm of the Haveli. You have the amazing option to stay in a small portion of the haveli and experience the rich cultural heritage and get a taste of the old Haveli. 

The homestay is fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and common dining area, as well as a spacious living room where you can lounge and vile away time. You can enjoy activities like bike-riding, horse riding, or simply sit back and relax on the sun terrace, savor a cup of your evening chai and watch as the sun sets on the horizon. Sun Heritage Home also offers an in-house library for all the home cats and bookworms looking for a comfy lounging space and a book to keep them entertained.

Food Availability: The Sun Heritage Home offers its guests free breakfast services only. You can even have groceries delivered to your room if you’re in the mood for cooking up a storm!

Accessibility:  The nearest airport, the Maharana Pratap Airport, is located 22.9 km from the guest house, while the Udaipur Railway Station is located 1.3 km from here. The guest house is located close to numerous tourist attractions like Gulab Baug, Bada Mahal, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Vintage Car Museum, Taj Lake Palace, and many more amazing places.

Ideal For: Families and solo travelers and explorers.

Pet Friendliness: Sun Heritage Home welcomes your pet pals with open arms, so bring along your pets for a well-deserved vacation.

Rate: Starting from INR 1,880 for a room per night.

Location: Boheda House, Kalaji Goraji, Near Lake Palace Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001.

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Pichola Homestay

Located at the banks of Lake Pichola, the Pichola Homestay provides a picturesque and tranquil homestay experience to its guests. The homestay’s lakefront location and the heritage architecture of the villa itself add to the charm of the homestay experience and will imprint on your memories forever. Imagine waking up to the beautiful purple-pink sky’s reflection in the crystal clear lake! 

The homestay provides luxurious bedrooms which are fully furnished with contemporary and sleek decor. The rooms have a traditional structure with carved windows and long corridors. The villa itself has a timeless and vintage charm, with narrow traditional corridors, tall columns, and traditional Rajasthani designs. The rooms have wrap-around balconies hanging on the lake and overlooking the majestic palaces and forts of Udaipur City. The homestay also has a vast open courtyard that overlooks the pristine blue Lake Pichola – a perfect place to enjoy your morning chai or breakfast with a great view!

Food Availability: The homestay has an in-house restaurant that provides delicious multi-cuisine dishes and some of the best local delicacies.

Accessibility:  The nearest airport to the homestay is the Maharana Pratap Airport which is located 26.4 km away from the homestay. There are several tourist attractions located near the homestay like the City Palace, Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, and Doodh Talai Lake.

Ideal For: Families with children, married and unmarried couples, small groups, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, Pichola Homestay does not allow pets.

Rate: Starting from INR 1,500 per night.

Location: 52, Bhim Parmeshwar Marg, Hanuman Ghat, Ambrai Rd, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

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luxury homestays in Udaipur

Jai Villa Homestay

Jai Villa is located on top of a hill that overlooks the Aravalli Mountain ranges and is owned by the Shekhawat family belonging to the Rajput clan of Rajasthan. The family strongly believes in Athithi Devo Bhav – guests being equivalent to God – and treats their customers with the best of Rajasthani hospitality thus providing a culture and heritage-packed experience. The villa is located in a quaint residential area with all urban amenities within walking distance.

The villa seamlessly integrates contemporary modern decor with traditional architecture, which is simply a joy to stay at! The villa’s structure includes several traditional aspects like filigree work on the window frames, winding corridors, beautiful columns, and expansive sun terraces. The homestay is fully furnished and is well connected to major tourist attractions like City Palace and  Baghore ki Haveli. You can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast on the terrace while enjoying the beautiful view or catch up on your favorite book while sitting in the villa’s expansive courtyard.

Food Availability: The homestay offers free vegetarian breakfast and tasty local cuisines for meals. There are several restaurants and cafés located in the vicinity that also provide delicious food options.

Accessibility: The nearest airport to the homestay is the Maharana Pratap Airport which is located 21 km away, while the nearest railway station is the Udaipur Railway Station which is 2 km from the homestay. It’s in close proximity to several tourist attractions like Vintage Car Collection, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Baghore ki Haveli, Saheliyon ki Bari, etc.

Ideal For: Families, children, married couples, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Jai Villa welcomes your furry friends with open arms.

Rate: Starting from INR 3,800 per night.

Location: 3-Ratanjeet Complex, Sector-13, Hiran Magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

The Cavalry: Abhay Niwas

The Cavalry exudes lavish guest house vibes, but the moment you step in, the homestay’s personality evolves and you’re sure to feel the homeliest of feeling that you’ve been missing all this while! You can experience the epitome of Rajasthani hospitality here and will certainly have the most comfortable and relaxing stay here. The homestay showcases the rich heritage and history of Mewar dating all the way back to the 8th century and still follows the old Mewari traditions passed down from generation to generation. You’ll be immersed in Rajasthani hospitality throughout your stay here and are sure to take back some unforgettable memories from Abhay Niwas.

The rooms of the homestay are well-maintained, fully furnished, and spacious, ensuring great levels of comfort and luxury. The food here is prepared based on a weekly menu and with a lot of care and attention to the flavors and textures. You’ll have a great variety of dishes to try and a fun time with all the food. The homestay also provides parking spaces and due to its central location, if you’re planning to drive around the city, this would come as a huge plus point. The only downside would be that the homestay is a little far from the Old City and Lake Pichola but this can easily be solved through a short commute via car/taxi.

Food Availability: The homestay offers free breakfast services and on-demand dining services. 

Accessibility: The homestay is located 19.9 km from the closest airport, the Maharana Pratap Airport. The closest railway station is the Udaipur Railway Station which is 3 km from the homestay. Abhay Niwas is also close enough to several tourist destinations like Sahelion ki Bari, Moti Magri, Jagdish Temple, Baghore ki Haveli, Fateh Sagar Lake, and many more.

Ideal For: Families with kids, married couples, and solo explorers.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, the homestay does not allow pets. 

Rate: Starting from INR 2,950 per night.

Location: 6, Abhay Niwas, Residency Rd, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

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luxury homestays in Udaipur

Titardi Garh

Titardi Garh is a great place to stay if you’re seeking the natural scenic beauty of Udaipur. Resting atop a hill, surrounded by a panoramic view of the mountains, lush green scenery, and the vibrant village situated around the hill; this rustic homestay has everything for a nature lover. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on the outskirts of Udaipur, Titardi Garh is an idyllic homestay you can go to if you simply need to unwind and relax amidst the Udaipur scenery.

The homestay overlooks a tranquil lake and is essentially nestled among the Aravalli valley offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of all that the valley has to offer! Waking up in the lap of nature and to the call of the wildlife and peacocks roaming in your garden sounds like quite the experience, doesn’t it? Titdardi Garh offers you the same and more! 

Titardi Garh is a heritage home and has maintained the style and decor of the 18th-century Udaipuri homes for a culturally rich stay. With elegantly designed sleek modern bedrooms, wooden furnishings, common dining, and living areas, a large and spacious terrace, and expansive green space with amenities for building a bonfire, the homestay attracts a mixed variety of patrons to its doors. And since the homestay is pet friendly, it is only fair that the homestay comes with pets of its own. This homestay is sure to make them feel right at home and get your pets into vacation mode themselves. 

Food Availability: The homestay provides delicious Udaipuri cuisine and a variety of local dishes that are worth a try. 

Accessibility: The homestay is near several tourist attractions nearby like the Vintage Car Museum, Gulab Baug, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, etc. The nearest airport is the Maharana Pratap Airport which is 19.9 km away, while the Udaipur Railway Station is 4.4 km away.

Ideal For: Families with kids, married couples, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: The homestay welcomes your furry friends with open arms.

Rate: Starting from INR 2,900 per night.

Location: Titardi, Sector 9, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001.

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Burj Baneria

This boutique homestay offers a panoramic view of the crystal blue Lake Pichola and the surrounding forested areas. Historically, a Burj is a structure on the stone parapet of a fort, which essentially gives you a clear vantage point of the surroundings. Since the homestay is perched on a hillside and offers a clear and expansive view of Udaipur and its many lakes, the homestay was named Burj Baneria. It is a magnificent Rajputana-style villa and is far away from the city to escape all of its chaos.

The homestay offers a tranquil and idyllic experience of Udaipur, and you surely will wake up to marvelous sunrises and view from every room. The climb to the hilltop villa may be a challenge but if you’re an adventurous person, you’ll definitely manage. And if not, then the owners are always there to lend you a helping hand. With options for both rooftop dining and indoor dining, mealtime at the Burj is something to look forward to. The homestay offers its guests the chance to sit back and relax with the breathtaking view of the historic city, the lake that mirrors a million hues of the sky, and the echoing chirps of birds. Be sure to visit the Burj for a one-of-a-kind Udaipuri stay!

Food Availability: This luxury homestay offers scrumptious meals and indoor and outdoor dining options. 

Accessibility: The closest airport to the homestay is the Maharana Pratap Airport which is 24 km away. There are several tourist spots near the homestay like Jag Mandir Palace, Lake Pichola, Taj Lake Palace, Ambrai Ghat, Doodh Talai Musical Park, and many more.

Ideal For: Individuals looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay in Udaipur. Families, couples, small groups, and solo explorers are all welcome here.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, the Burj is not open to pets.

Rate: Starting from INR 2,750 per night.

Location: Near Seeta Mata Mandir, Sisarma - Jaal, Boraj Road, near Jungle Safari Park, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001.

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luxury homestays in Udaipur


How Are Homestays Different From Hotels?

The main difference between homestays and hotels is the cost and extent of personalization. Homestays are generally priced lower than hotels and offer an authentic experience. The rooms have a touch of home, unlike the clean and monotonous feel of hotel rooms. And the lower prices encourage guests to stay longer.

What Is Udaipur Famous For?

Udaipur is a royal tourist destination for explorers who love history, culture, heritage, and architecture. The city is famous for its grand palaces, timeless forts, tranquil lakes, lush green gardens, ancient temples, and the inherent romantic backdrop running through the city's veins.

Is Udaipur Better Or Jaipur?

While Jaipur is a bustling city and the business center of Rajasthan, Udaipur is more of a peaceful city with less crowd and beautiful sceneries. On the one hand, Jaipur has a plethora of forts and grand architecture while Udaipur has beautiful lakes, grand palaces, and timeless forts to explore. And if you love sitting by the lake and enjoying the sunset, then Udaipur is your best bet!

Which Is The Best Season To Visit Udaipur?

The best time to visit Udaipur is during the winter. The months from September to March are the best time to explore Udaipur due to the cool and pleasant climate, making it quite comfortable to explore the city.

How Far Is Udaipur From Mount Abu?

Udaipur is 163 km from Mount Abu.

Is Ola And Uber Available In Udaipur?

Ola and Uber services are both available in Udaipur.

Which Is The Nearest Airport To Udaipur?

The nearest airport to Udaipur is the Maharana Pratap Airport, which is approximately 20 km from the city centre.

How Many Railway Stations Are There In Udaipur?

The Udaipur Railway Station is the only railway station in the city.