Best Hostels In Goa Under INR 1K

Goa is one of the top tourist destinations in India and for all the right reasons! Its stunning beaches, Portuguese frameworks, and cheap booze make it everyone’s favorite. Given the tight budget, plus the peak season, we all look to save every bit of bucks feasible. How about saving money on your stay while still having a good time?

Staying in a youth hostel in Goa can be the best choice for solo travelers. You get to meet people from all over the world, which can add to your experience. If you agree, read on for the best hostels in Goa for just under INR 1K.

Best Hostels In Goa Under INR 1K

  1. Zostel Goa, Morjim
  2. The Hosteller GOA, Candolim
  3. goSTOPS Goa, Calangute
  4. The Funky Monkey Hostel
  5. Piggy Hostel, Calangute
  6. Whoopers Hostel, Anjuna
  7. Shalom Backpackers, Anjuna
  8. Green Nest Hostel And Guest House

1. Zostel Goa, Morjim

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Are you seeking to experience the susegad lifestyle of Goa? If so, Zostel Goa at Morjim is the place to be. As you enter the property you’ll be greeted with the vibrancy and colors of the hostel. You can choose from their snug dorms to private and elegant suites for a refreshing stay. Their lively common rooms with multiple indoor games are perfect for connecting with fellow travelers.

If you’ve got work coming along with you, they have a cozy seating area you can complete your tasks and chill. They also have a swimming pool area, but we guess you’ll be performing those strokes at the beach instead. This hostel also provides amenities like free Wi-Fi, parking, and air conditioning and is pet friendly as well.

Not only that, but they also feature an in-house restaurant, café, and bar where you can have delightful meals and drinks. In terms of shared rooms, they offer many variations from two to 8 bunk beds so you can choose as per your comfort.

Address: Pushkin House, 1088/1, Near Nanu Wines, Madhlowaddo, Village Morjim, District Pernem, North Goa, 403512

Price Approximation: INR 749 per bunk bed in Standard 6 Bed Mixed AC Dorm

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2. The Hosteller Goa, Candolim

Next on our list is the most preferred backpacker hostel in India, the Hosteller. They have three hostels in Goa and since you'll be there to enjoy the beaches why not pick the Hosteller Goa, Candolim? On entering, you'll be greeted by wave murals that cover the common rooms, reminding you of the closeness to the warm ocean just a km away.

Local jute baskets dangle from the ceiling, giving a pleasant glow that reflects the lightness of spirit and the inviting embrace of Goan hospitality. The entrance oozes Portuguese elegance, with glazed windows and bamboo accents, bringing you to a bygone era of colonial beauty.

The entire property gives you the vibe of a home away from home (quite a bigger one) with lots of festivities like pool parties and more. It’s got three common areas and a game room that will spoil you for choices.

Address: Fort Aguada Road, Anna Vaddo Rd, Candolim, 403515

Price Approximation: INR 483 per bunk bed in 10 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory

3. goSTOPS Goa, Calangute

This cheerful and bright hostel is an 8-minute walk from Calangute Beach and is set on beautiful, tropical grounds. goSTOPS Goa will take your breath away with its cozy, colorful, and bohemian-themed décor.

They have three common rooms with one having games like foosball and carrom board. The majority of the property is kept open for that beach breeze to linger in the air. They have 24/7 front desk service and all the modern amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, lockers, and more.

It’s got that raw village home vibes paired with bright colourful furniture and linens. You can choose from their spacious multiple dorm options or private deluxe rooms. The proximity of this hostel to Goa’s longest beach makes it a go-to for many travelers.

Address: 3, 15, Dr Afonso Rd, near the spice rack, Tivai Vaddo, Calangute, 403516

Price Approximation: INR 500 per bunk bed in 6 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory Room

4. The Funky Monkey Hostel

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The Funky Monkey Hostel is a great place to recharge your batteries, reconnect with nature, and meet people from all over the world. It’s a 4 min walk away from Anjuna Beach, formerly a popular hippie hangout in the 1960s. It’s now best known for EDM, psytrance, and techno.

If you have no desire of going out, you can stay in the hostel and relax, eat some freshly cooked dishes, sip a delicious cocktail, or chit-chat with other travelers at the bar. Despite its proximity to Goa's party beach, Anjuna, this hostel retains a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

If you're in Goa for some spirituality, you should definitely check out Funky Monkey. They have yoga lessons, large communal rooms, and beautiful gardens for you to meet your better self. The hostel features air-conditioned dorms, private rooms, bike rentals, free Wi-Fi, hot showers, and more. It’s a perfect spot for all those who love peace and calm.

Address: 773, San Minguel Vaddo, behind Curlies parking lot, South of Anjuna Beach, 403509

Price Approximation: INR 500 per bunk in 6 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory Room

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5. Piggy Hostel, Calangute

Another lovely hostel at Calangute, Piggy Hostels has a mission to provide local and foreign travelers affordable lodging that is everything but a 'boar'. It's the finest hostel for travelers in Goa, with the perfect blend of affordability, elegance, outstanding comfort, and modern conveniences.

They have a few lively restaurants nearby for when you want to feast out, and exciting clubs and bars for when you want to get wasted. The hostel even provides free yoga classes every morning for fitness fanatics. Not only that, they have lots of peace and quiet when you want to stay back and read a book.

Whatever your travel style is, Piggy Hostel will keep you comfortable while you experience the beauty and warmth of India's small sunshine state. All rooms are beautifully designed to capture the spirit of Goa while being light, spacy, and airy. They offer free Wi-Fi, parking, laundry facilities, free toiletries, and more.

Address: 136/1, Holiday St, Gauravaddo, Calangute, 403516

Price Approximation: INR 326 per bunk in 10 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory Room

6. Whoopers Hostel, Anjuna

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Oh, if you’re a fan of the popular series Breaking Bad, then you’ll love spending your time at Whoopers Hostel. As you reach the entrance, you’ll be welcomed by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman murals in their yellow overall suits. Even the entire crew is portrayed on one of the walls, which makes for the perfect background for your Instagram picture. As you move closer inside, you’ll come across more such murals.

The property itself is painted with the series' signature dark green and yellow colors, making it a perfect setup for your own breaking bad sesh! Their luxury hostel dorm provides pleasant and modern lodging at an affordable price. The dorms are designed to provide the ideal combination of leisure and privacy. You'll be provided with freshly made mattresses with clean bedding, private lockers, and dedicated power outlets.

You can make use of their various amenities, like free Wi-Fi, bicycle and scooter rentals, air conditioning, and more. You can get your party started right at their in-house bar, and if you’re into games, then bingo, they have many for you there.

Address: 75, Ourem Rd, Mohanbagh, Palolem, Canacona, 403702

Price Approximation: INR 699 per bunk in 6 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory Room

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7. Shalom Backpackers, Anjuna

Shalom Backpackers at Anjuna offers a brilliant mix of sophistication and enjoyment. The dark navy blue paint stretched along the property with dim lights dangling from nooks and corners are a sight you’ll remember.

Their rooms are air-conditioned and have cute designs and drawings that make you feel just at home. The game room is filled with board games and you might just get addicted to their large pool table. To top that, they even feature a huge swimming pool where you can take your morning dip in.

It’s in close proximity to Ozran Beach so you can participate in all the beach activities whenever you’d like. Here you can enjoy amenities like free Wi-Fi, parking, an in-house restaurant, car, and bike rentals. You don’t even have to turn on your phone for music as they’ve got speakers installed with banging songs!

Address: Beachaholic Homestays Rd, Dmello Vaddo, Anjuna, 403509

Price Approximation: INR 494 per bunk in 10 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory Room

8. Green Nest Hostel And Guest House

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Last but of course not least is the Green Nest Hostel for all those who prefer the peaceful Goa. This hotel is encircled by coco grooves and tropical trees such as mango, cashew, and banana. You'll be in the lap of nature, surrounded by birds and butterflies.

The hostel's rooms are extremely nice, with bunk beds made of pine wood and white bright walls paired with a balcony having a mountain view. It has a pleasant feel and lots of areas to hang out. Chess, Dominoes, and Carrom are among the board games available here that you can challenge a fellow traveler in.

The hostel is pet friendly and lits up like a Christmas tree at night. They provide both dorm rooms and private suits to choose from. You can indulge in the many activities they offer like walking tours, movie nights, bonfires, and more. The hostel offers lockers, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and a game room, taking care of all your safety and entertainment needs.

Address: HNo 457/16/17/18 Kudas Vaddo, Green Nest Rd, Arpora, 403516

Price Approximation: INR 600 per bunk in 8 Bed Mixed AC Dormitory Room

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Summing Up

Stunning, lively, funtastic, colorful, and laid back is the essence of these hostels in Goa that you should definitely consider over pricey hotels. It’s a perfect way to save up your hard-earned money and still have a classy and memorable stay in Goa while celebrating life.


Which Is The Best Hostel In North Goa?

Zostel Goa, Morjim, The Hosteller Goa, Candolim, goSTOPS Goa, Calangute, and Piggy Hostel, Calangute are among the best hostels in North Goa.

How Much Are Hostels In Goa?

The dorm rooms at Goa hostels can cost approximately INR 272 to INR 799 per night.

What Are The Best Backpacker Hostels In Goa?

Zostel Goa, Morjim, The Hosteller Goa, and goSTOPS Goa are among the best backpacker hostels in Goa.

Which Is The Best Hostel In Goa For Couples?

The Bucket List is a fantastic hostel in Goa for anyone but their private rooms are downright romantic.

Which Place Is Best For Stay In Goa?

There are multiple hostels in Goa that are fun, laid back, and cozy. You can choose from the ones below,

  1. Zostel Goa, Morjim
  2. The Hosteller Goa, Candolim
  3. goSTOPS Goa, Calangute
  4. The Funky Monkey Hostel
  5. Piggy Hostel Calangute
  6. Whoopers Hostel Anjuna, Goa
  7. Shalom Backpackers Anjuna Goa
  8. Green Nest Hostel

Which Side Of Goa Is Cheaper To Stay?

North Goa is comparatively cheaper to stay in than South Goa.