Best Homestays In Pondicherry

Pondicherry is one of India’s bustling cities that has a deep and vibrant history. There’s so much to see and so much to do in this capital. It also garnered the title of ‘Paris of the East’ due to its rich French influence and much of this effect is seen through its heritage buildings and historical structures.

Staying here will be a dream for many as it consists of multiple untouched beaches, ancient churches, and serene temples. The exploring can become endless, and that’s why you may need at least a week to enjoy this southern gem’s culture. Residing in a homestay is the perfect way to experience a city while also being in touch with the roots of what makes any place special. Pondians are very friendly, cheerful, and lively people, and there’s no better place than a homestay to get to know them more closely. That’s why we’ve curated some of the best homestays in Pondicherry to help you better decode the beauty of Pondicherry.

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Villa Marinaa

If you’re looking for a homestay located in the heart of the city and with plenty of space to enjoy the morning dew, then you should consider staying at Villa Marinaa. This 6-room villa, which is also a heritage property, has everything you could ask for, which is precisely why it holds the top spot in our list of best homestays in Pondicherry.

Your stay at Villa Marinaa will not go in vain. For starters, it has a spacious terrace with checkered cream and brown floor tiles. From here, you can totally enjoy the satisfying view as it overlooks the garden and the hushed main road. Once you go downstairs and take a stroll in the garden at the entrance, you’ll notice a separate space dedicated to bonfires. This is the cue to get your guitars ready, learn a few bonfire songs to sing along, and fire up your barbeque grill. Their rooms are spacious with private attached bathrooms and air-conditioning, each room more than comfortable for 3 people to stay in. The homestay also has a kitchenette with modern amenities installed as well.

There are plenty of seating options indoors and outdoors. Decked in high-quality wooden furniture all around, you can easily converse comfortably with fellow guests, or spend time playing UNO with your family. Along with this, the homestay organizes a plethora of activities as well. Although they aren't included in the net cost of the room, they’re worth spending a few extra bucks on. Cooking classes, bike tours, yoga sessions, walking tours, and live music performances are just some of the many things you can participate in at Villa Marinaa.

Where safety is concerned, you don’t have to worry too much since it's a common area, and the property is CCTV-protected. Fire extinguishers are available as well, but there’s no need to test them out, is there? So, barbecue responsibly!

Food Availability: If you prefer cooking, you can make use of their kitchenette. They do offer breakfast-in-bed options, and special meals for kids. Many tourists who come here love the freshly brewed coffee that comes with breakfast. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafés located within 3-5 km of walking distance from Villa Marinaa. Villa Shanti, De Busy, Hooper Kitchen Bar, Le Dupleix, and Cozy Resto Pub are some of the local restaurants you should definitely check out. 

Accessibility: The Pondicherry Railway Station is a kilometer away from this homestay. Additionally, the Puducherry Airport is 5 km from the area. You can easily reach this homestay from both these places by taxi. If you’re coming by car, Villa Marinaa has free parking available.

Ideal For: Whether it is for one person, a couple, or a family, Villa Marinaa caters to all strengths and numbers.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, you’ll have to leave your furry friend behind because this homestay doesn't cater to pets. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For one night and two adults, the price is INR 2,160. Their beds are spacious, so you’ll get ample space to do those morning cat-stretches. 

Location:  4 Sarathambal Street, Tamiz Thai Nagar, Mudaliarpet.

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A La Villa Creole 

This 150-year-old two-story heritage home brings out all the homely vibes that you so much desire. With its rooms sporting bright colors, beds designed in an ancestral model, and incredibly friendly hosts, you can say with some conviction that A La Villa Creole is a home away from home. Once you enter the reception area, you cannot stop yourself from reading a book from its mini-library. The best part of this homestay is that it is situated just 450 meters away from the Promenade Beach.

The place is Wi-fi-friendly across all its rooms and has several board games available if you want to have fun with your friends or family. You can approach the hosts at any time if you need something, all thanks to their 24-hour open reception. The upper level has a cute little terrace as well, so pick a book from their mini library and unwind. 

Food Availability: A La Ville Creole has an on-site restaurant that serves delicious and well-prepared South Indian food. You can try their squids as they’re prepared in a special manner which will leave you wanting more. If you prefer eating out and desire something near the homestay, you can pop into Aqua Open Deck, Feast House, or Satsanga. They’re all less than a kilometer away from the homestay.

Accessibility: If you’re getting down at the Pondicherry Railway Station, you can take an auto-rickshaw to get to the place as it’s just 500 meters from the railway station. From the Puducherry Airport, the distance is around 5 km. If you have a lot of luggage, book a taxi. A La Villa Creole has no parking available, so you may have to park your car outside the premises.

Ideal For: Whether you want to spend some time with your spouse, or travel with your friends, A La Villa Creole’s doors are always wide open.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed here.

Rate (exclusive of taxes): A La Villa Creole has rooms of different sizes and price ranges. A small double room has one large bed and will cost you INR 1,300 for one night and two people. Their deluxe double room (2 single beds) will cost approximately INR 1,500 per day.  

Location:  No 50, La Bourdonnais, St. White Town, White Town.

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Rakshithasai Illam

This simple homestay, located on the peripherals of Pondicherry, will make you feel warm and fuzzy in its familial pleasant surroundings. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and you’ll feel closer to God and spirituality as the Manakula Vinayagar Temple is just 4 km from this place.

Spotting this place is extremely easy as its bright neon color, splashed with shades of pink, lilac, and brown is hard to miss. The place has CCTV cameras placed in all prime areas, so you won’t have to worry much about safety. The staff is incredibly friendly and will help you with whatever you need. The best part is the free Wi-fi. Who doesn't love free Wi-fi?

Food Availability: They offer breakfast-in-bed options, and provide special diet menus on request. Sri Krishana Bhavan and Yashika Café Bar are your nearest options if you want to have dinner or lunch.

Accessibility: From the Puducherry Airport, this homestay is around 3 km whereas, from the train station, it's around 5 km, hence easily reachable by taxis, private buses, or auto rickshaws. Private parking is available as well if you’re coming by car.

Ideal For: Couples and families alike will enjoy this homestay’s calming vibe. 

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed, and there are no extra charges to accommodate them. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For one night and two people, it’ll be INR 1,150.

Location: 3, Thiruvalluvar street, Kottakuppam. 

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Isai Ambalam Guest House

If you’re searching for a place that’s far away from the noisy traffic of the city, then you should check out Isai Ambalam Guest House as your potential homestay. The place is situated in a forested area but still has access to basic requirements such as bakeries, shops, and supermarkets. The place is done up entirely in wood and some of the furniture has traditional carvings on them. They complement the white satin walls that house them, making the atmosphere quite homely. 

Once you stand on the balcony of their rooms, you’ll notice the lush green lawn that covers the empty space. Tiny seating arrangements are made on these lawns as well so that you can admire nature in all its glory. Apart from that, you can engage with the community by participating in bike tours, walking tours, and yoga classes. If you feel a bit adventurous, you could also rent a bicycle from them and scout the streets of Pondicherry.

They have 24-hour reception, board games, and puzzles to entertain. They offer laundry services as well.

Food Availability: You don’t have to search far for the first meal of the day because Isai Ambalam will prepare an English, or Irish breakfast (whichever you prefer) to get you through the day. You could make your own in the shared kitchen as well. If not you have Ganesh Bakery, Well Café, and Town Hall just within a kilometer or so of walking.

Accessibility: The homestay is 5 km away from the airport, and 10 km from the railway station. Taxis and rickshaws can easily access the homestay. Free parking is available as well.

Ideal For: This place is highly recommended for couples. Spacious beds, green lawns, cute patios, etc. form the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed, but you may have to pay a bit more for their accommodation.

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For two adults and one night, the price will be around INR 1,450.

Location: Alankuppam, Auroville, Royal Pudupakkam.

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BlueMoon Homestay

Located in the heart of Pondicherry and away from the city chaos, this tranquil getaway spot should be on your list. BlueMoon Homestay is a huge blue two-storeyed structure painted with white stripes on its walls facing the road. It stands out among the other structures that have a much dimmer appeal in comparison to BlueMoon.

Located just 2 km away from the Port of Pondicherry, this homestay has a fireplace that can help keep warm from Pondicherry’s nighttime cold temperatures. You could also walk up to their terrace after breakfast and enjoy some of that sunshine and breathe in the fresh morning air to rejuvenate yourself. The place is well-protected as they do have CCTVs installed outside and in the common area.

Food Availability: The homestay serves traditional South Indian vegetarian breakfast every morning. For dinner and lunch, you can pop into Banana Leaf Barbecue Restaurant or Thalappakatti Restaurant. If you desire some hot beverages, you can visit Sri Sai Ram Coffee Bar, or Hari Tea & Coffee Bar. All these destinations are within walking distance from the BlueMoon Homestay.

Accessibility: It is located 1.3 km from the Pondicherry Railway Station, and 3.8 km from the Puducherry Airport. You could have taxis or auto-rickshaws drop you at BlueMoon. You’ll have to park your vehicle outside since this homestay doesn’t have any parking facility available.

Ideal For: The entire vibe of BlueMoon screams romantic. You cannot enjoy romance when family is around, so leave them at their place and enjoy this romantic getaway with your spouse.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are unfortunately not allowed at BlueMoon Homestay.

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For two people and one night, a standard double room will cost INR 1,260.  Their standard apartment will cost INR 2,700, and their King room with a view of the garden will cost INR 1,350.

Location:  No.3, Bhagat Singh Street, Ilango Nagar.

Vacation Home Stay

Located just opposite the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Vacation Home Stay has its home right in the middle of Pondicherry’s bustle. When you stand on Archibishop Gandhi Street, you’ll notice a grand two-story structure painted in shades of blue and white. It might be a design choice that resembles the Promenade Beach that’s nearby. Once you enter the homestay through the narrow gate, you can’t help but notice the polished red flooring underneath your feet, decked in solid-colored sofas along with multicolored floor mats to contrast the aqua blue walls.

The bedrooms follow the same tone as well, except for the fact that there are solid wooden, and steel beds touching the walls. The place has an open-air bath, so if you’ve just come in from a swim in the beach, you can wash off all that extra sand stuck on you.

The owners provide a range of extra services as well. From a vast list of massages to bike tours, Vacation Home Stay will make sure that your stay with them is memorable.

Food Availability: Fancy some homemade food? You can easily request some from the owners. However, if you’re in the mood to celebrate, you could request for some champagne or wine. Satsanga and La Terrasse Restaurant are two places you can go to eat as they are just a kilometer away from the homestay.

Accessibility: The place is just 100 meters from the Pondicherry Railway Station; you could even walk to the place. From the Puducherry Airport, you can take a cab or a rickshaw to travel to the homestay as it’s just 5 km away.

Ideal For: If you’re a group looking for affordable and accessible accommodation, then this place will be suitable for you.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed.

Rate (exclusive of taxes): A budget double room for one night and two people is around INR 888. A quadruple room is INR 1,185. If you want the whole property, it’ll be INR 3,000.

Location: No 17, Archi Bishop Gandhi street, Colas Nagar.

Kottaiveedu Pondicherry 

If you’re looking for a homestay unique in aesthetics and ambiance, then you need to book a room at Kottaiveedu Pondicherry. This red establishment that has a Mughal fort-like vibe has been an attraction for many tourists. Even its rooms have an essence of royalty as it is decorated entirely in patterned carpets, bright-colored wooden poster beds, and royal furniture. Staying here will indeed make you feel like a Maharaj more than anything else.

Kottaiveedu Pondicherry has an indoor swimming pool, but if you prefer something more natural, Serenity Beach is just a 1 km-walk from this place.

Food Availability: Unfortunately, there’s no food available in this homestay, but there are a couple of restaurants around its peripherals. For seafood, you can go to FinZ, or if it's breakfast you’re looking for, you can drop by Crêpe In Touch. You could also use the homestay’s shared kitchen to cook something light for yourself. 

Accessibility: From Puducherry Airport, the homestay is just 2.4 km away, and from the Pondicherry Railway Station, it is located around 5 km away. Taxis and rickshaws ply to that place in plenty, so reaching there is no issue. However, there is no parking available, so you’ll have to park your vehicle outside.  

Ideal For: From groups, families, and couples, Kottaiveedu can be enjoyed by all. Since it’s away from much of the traffic, your stay in this place will be guaranteed to be a peaceful one.

Pet Friendliness: This homestay does not allow pets.  

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For one night and two adults, a small double room will cost approximately INR 1,500- 1,600. The premium ones start from INR 1,900 and go up to INR 2,300.   

Location:  Kottai Edupay, No: 36 Jameyth Nagar, Kottakuppam.

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Which Homestays In Pondicherry Are Good For Families? 

Villa Marinaa, A La Creole, and Rakshithasai Illam have good family environments. Their gorgeous gardens and lawns speak for themselves. They also offer rooms and amenities that are fit for vacationing families.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In A Homestay In Pondicherry? 

Homestays in Pondicherry have different price ranges. Per night they can start from INR 800 and can even go up to INR 5,000. You can book according to the range of your budget as there are options catering to all kinds of prices and preferences.

Which Homestays In Pondicherry Offer Breakfast? 

Villa Marinaa, A La Villa Creole, Rakshithasai IIIam, Isai Ambalam Guest House, BlueMoon Homestay, and Vacation Homestay offer breakfast.

Which Are Some Of The Best Homestays In Pondicherry? 

Villa Marinaa, A La Villa Creole, Rakshithasai IIIam, Isai Ambalam Guest House, BlueMoon Homestay, Vacation Homestay, and Kottai Veddu Pondicherry are some of our top picks. Some others are Villa Kalifie, Royal Homestay, Lia’s Homestay,  Le Jaguar Bungalow, and Villa Anna Pondy.

Why Do People Prefer Homestays?

Homestays allow you to know about the culture and traditions of the surroundings, live with the locals and experiencing some fantastic home-cooked meals from organic farms.

Are Homestays Good?

Absolutely, homestays are good and fabulous in terms of money, food, and stay. They are cheaper, serving yumilicious food provided with all the basic facilities.

Which Location Have Largest Number Of Homestays In Pondicherry?

Bommayapalayam, in Pondicherry, has 23 properties which makes it the largest village to have homestays. 

What Homestays In Pondicherry Have Nice Views?

Homestays like The Balifeld Villa, Hotel Casa De Coco, and Rani Residency have been ranked for having alluring views.