Best Homestays In Mashobra

Known as the Birdwatcher's delight, the small yet stunning town of Mashobra is going to be a dream of an experience for you to have. Adorned with stunning mountains and greenery, Mashobra can be your perfect gateway if you are craving an escape to the hills but do not want to witness the chaotic commercialization and crowd. 

Homestays are ideal for such gateways because they can be your perfect, more aesthetic home away from home and we will provide you some of the best Homestays in Mashobra so you can quickly start packing and put as many pictures as you can because come on, the gram deserves to be lit and friends deserve to be a bit jealous, right?

6 Best Homestays In Mashobra

  1. Nature Homestay
  2. Sylvan Vistas Homestay
  3. Ridge View Mashorbra
  4. Star View Cottage
  5. West End Homestay
  6. The Jannat View Mashobra

Nature Homestay 

An affordable, safe, stunning homestay located among breathtaking mountains, Nature homestay lives up to its name and beyond. The upside of picking Nature homestay is the mesmerizing view of Cedar Jungles that can be witnessed from the rooftop terrace. If you’re traveling to Mashobra with a group of friends, you can also choose to book the entire apartment instead of a single room here. They even offer room services and free breakfast services during fixed hours. 

A team at the property as well as Mr. Rajiv Sokta who resides here will help you out in any situation so your stay is comfortable. Keep in mind that there are no lifts at the 2 storey homestay so you will need to climb stairs which isn’t the most suitable for the elderly. Outside food and smoking is not permitted on the premises.

Food Availability - Nature never lets anyone starve and well so does Nature Homestay which comes with its own restaurant where you get a variety of veg meals. The homestay also offers a shared kitchenette at your disposal to cook. However, they are pretty strict when it comes to non-veg food so as long as it's all veg, it's fine. 

Accessibility - Nature homestay is a pretty popular property and is easily accessible from major points. It is located 61.3km away from Shimla Airport and the Barog Bus Terminal is 110 km away from the homestay. If you feel confused or unsure about how to reach the property, you can contact the host and they will easily arrange a pickup for you. In case you need a vehicle for sightseeing that can also be arranged on prior notice.

Pet Friendliness  - Pets are not allowed on the property. 

Rate - Approximate price range is between INR 2700 to INR 3000 per night

Ideal for - Nature Homestay is an ideal property for couples who enjoy each other’s company as much as they enjoy the natural surroundings. 

Location -  Village Jagoti, Mashobra, 171007.

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Sylvan Vistas Homestay

One of the properties that will absolutely melt your heart would be Sylvan Vistas homestay. The breathtaking pictures on their website alone is sufficient enough to convince you to leave everything and be there. It is a promising homestay since it not only meets your accommodation needs but opens a window of opportunity for experiential travel. 

The common area is perfect for get togethers, dancing, and where all the music-themed action happens. There’s also a relaxing sunroom to practice yoga in the day or just stargaze during the nighttime. The rooftop is perfect for enjoying the crisp mountain air and capturing the scenery from the property. There’s endless soul-satisfying activities that you can experience at Sylvan vistas!

They have deluxe, premium, and attic room options for you to select from and they all come with jaw-dropping views. You can directly get in touch with them to get the best deals and they even have many retreat packages for you to select from. 

Food Availability - They have their in-house cafe serving you a variety of food options where they can also make a spread of special diet meals. You can use the kitchenette to cook your own meals if you wish to.

Accessibility - They are pretty popular and easily accessible. If you simply call the host, they can arrange a transfer to your homestay for you, be it from a railway station, airport, or bus stand. You can leave them to arrange your pickups and drops.

Pet Friendliness - You can take your fur babies along with you as it is a pet-friendly property. 

Rate - Approximate price range is between INR 3500 to INR 5500 per night

Ideal for - Except for the elderly, the property is ideal for couples to big groups looking for a rejuvenating experience. 

Location - Vashisht Orchards Mashobra-Ghorana Road, Baikhalti, Road, Mashobra, 171007.

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best homestays in Mashobra

Ridge View Mashorba 

If your ideal vacation plan looks like you sitting on a balcony surrounded by the stunning view of valleys while having a nice cup of tea or coffee, then Ridge View is the property for you. They have free high-speed wifi, breakfast options, room services available to make your stay as comfortable and cozy as possible. 

To capture the landscape, there’s an amazing terrace and each room has a balcony as well. Many guests who have stayed at the property have raved about the generous host and cooperative staff. You will also be able to chill in the common lounge to interact with fellow guests and the host. There are no restrictions on smoking and alcohol consumption.

Food Availability - They have their own restaurant and coffee shop to provide you with the best food options and they also allow outside food. Do note that non-veg food is not allowed on the property.

Accessibility  - It is a pretty accessible property and the host can also arrange to pick up and drop facilities for you. SMS OFFICE Agri is just 830m away from the property and Shimla Old Bus Stand is just 11.7km from the property.

Pet Friendliness - It is a pet-friendly property and a homestay will definitely feel like a home away from home with your fur babies.

Rate - Reasonable rates between INR 2400 to INR 2600 per night

Ideal for - It's a beautiful and affordable property suitable for families with pets and kids. Just keep in mind that they do not allow unmarried couples on the property.

Location - Ridge View Mashobra Shimla, Near Forest Range Office, Mashobra II, 171007

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Best homestays in Mashobra

Star View Cottage

It is a well-equipped property that offers various room options for you to select from. You can get a private room and even an entire villa for you and your group. The star view cottage goes above and beyond in terms of service. There’s so much that be done at the property. The team can help organize cooking class and treks. It is also the perfect for barbeque and bonfire gatherings. The owner Rajesh will be able to guide you on building your itinerary with things to do as he is knowledgeable about the region.

Star View Cottage also has a dining area and the staff here can arrange special meals for your children. They have parking services, and many shared spaces like a common room, prayer room, a sun deck for you to mingle with other guests and enjoy by yourself. 

Food Availability - They have their in-house restaurant where you can get Himachali food and various other dishes cooked on prior request. They can also provide you with both delicious Jain food options and non-vegetarian food. If you prefer to cook your own meals, they also provide kitchen and helper facilities at extra cost.

Accessibility - It is a pretty accessible property which is located at just 12 km away from ISBT Shimla. Roughly just a 20-minute drive away from must-visit destinations like Kufri, Naldehra, and the Mall road. If you find any difficulty getting transportation, you can also call the property to arrange paid airport and bus transfer services.

Pet Friendliness - They do not allow pets on the property. 

Rate - Approximately INR 3500 per night

Ideal for - The homestay is ideal for a romantic getaway and even for a trip with your homies where you can rent the entire place and it will be much cheaper. 

Location - Mashobra-II, Bus Stop, Forest Ranger Office Road Star View Cottage, Mashobra, 171007.

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West End Homestay

West End Homestay is run by a charming family of 4 who have been hosting several guests at their abode since 2017. The property is situated on Shimla Naldhera Road away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy version of Shimla. You will find your own little piece of peace here with your loved ones or just with the one you should love the most, yourself. 

There is a caretaker who stays on the property to provide you with all the help needed. The dining room is a shared common space for guests to use. Just make a note that they do not allow smoking and alcohol inside the premises. If you choose to stay here, ensure you visit Naldhera golf course as it’s merely 20 minutes away from the homestay.

Food Availability - They have free breakfast available for you and they have their own staff serving home-cooked delicious meals. You can also order food from outside and non-veg food is also allowed. Feel free touse their kitchenette if you enjoy cooking meals yourself. 

Accessibility - It is pretty easily accessible as it is located just 12 km from the main town of Shimla. You can also call up the host prior in case you need pickup/drop services. 

Pet Friendliness - Pets are not allowed on the property. 

Rate - Approximate price range is between INR 2999 to INR 5998

Ideal for - It is an ideal property for unmarried couples looking for a romantic gateway or groups looking for a place to chill and have fun.

Location - Craignano road, Mashobra, Shimla HP, opposite green wood estate, Mashobra, 171007.

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The Jannat View Mashobra

“Jannat” is an Urdu word that literally translates to Heaven which means that the name of the place simply means ‘A View of Heaven’. And that’s exactly what you will be getting on this beautiful 3BHK villa. The view and hospitality of the hosts are unmatched. Location-wise you will be close to all the major tourist attractions. The homestay has a centrally heated facility which means that you will be warm and comfortable even if you visit during the chilly winters.

You can also get access to some of the amenities like bonfires and barbecues at an extra cost. The host is well versed in the locality and they also have free wifi available for you to help you excel in that work-life balance. Just know that it is a no smoking and drinking premise so if your idea of fun doesn't include booze, you should be good to go. 

Food Availability -  The caretaker cooks delicious food but you can also cook your own food as they have a fully functional kitchen with a coffeemaker, microwave, and induction gas.

Accessibility - It is easily accessible and is just 12 km away from the Shimla bus stand and only 4.6 km away from Green Valley. It is also not that far from the Shimla airport like many other homestays, it is just 28 km from the airport so you can easily get a cab or taxi. 

Pet Friendliness - They do not allow pets on the property. 

Rate - Approximately INR 12,000 per night

Ideal for - It's an ideal villa for a small group or even couples who want to have a cozy space for themselves because as much as your company is heavenly, the place should be equally good, right?

Location - Misty Mountain Apartments, Circular Road, Craigneno, Shimla, 171007.

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Best homestays in Mashobra

Summing Up

The best part about Himachal Pradesh is that no matter how many times to visit the state, you will never run out of options and places to explore. The town of Mashobra is one such unexplored gem and a perfect spot to just sit, work or contemplate for days and homestays are an ideal option for that. We hope that our list of these best homestays in Mashobra nudged you in the right direction and helped you seed up your plans to have the gorgeous vacation you so need and deserve. 


What Are Lowest & Highest Price Homestays In Mashobra?

As you must have understood by now that Mashobra is a quaint small town where you can find various kinds of properties depending upon your budget but you can always get a steal deal if you visit during the off-season or do prior bookings. If you are going in groups, booking a homestay can be a lot cheaper where you might be able to get a great property for as cheap as 400 rupees per person for a night.

What Is Special In Mashobra?

It is a cute little town near the big city of Shimla and that, in itself, is a pretty special thing but beyond that, The Reserve Forest Sanctuary is also located in Mashobra which is one of Asia's largest watersheds that is a major source of water for the city of Shimla. Mashobra also has stunning landscapes, views, and many interesting adventures for you to explore.

Is There Snowfall In Mashobra?

We all love snow and we should because it literally is one of the most stunning natural phenomena and lucky for us, there is snowfall in Mashobra. Typically, the months of December to February have heavy snowfall in Mashobra, and trust us, if you happen to visit during these months, you will have one of the best experiences playing with the snow. Playing with snow is one of the best things to do in the town of Mashobra.

How Far Is Mashobra From Shimla?

Mashobra is just 10 km away from Shimla.

What Should I Wear To Mashobra?

If you're visiting Mashobra between November to March, you'll have to carry a good set of thermals, gloves, and warm socks.

How Many Days Are Enough For Mashobra?

4 to 5 day will be more than enough to explore the rich offerings of Mashobra.

Which Are Some Of The Best Homestays In Mashobra?

Some of the best homestays in Mashobra are Nature Homestay, Sylvan Vistas Homestay, Ridge View Mashorba, Star View Cottage, West End Homestay, and The Jannat View Mashobra.