Best Homestays In Kodaikanal

The state of Tamil Nadu is absolutely astonishing and offers you the best of many things in the world, ranging from a delicious variety of food to stunning natural views of forests and hill stations. If you want to explore a hill station that has the peace and beauty of a typical hill station but can offer you a wholly different culture, Kodaikanal can be your ideal pick. Kodaikanal is an adorable hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. At 2,000 meters above sea level, the town centers around the man-made, star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake, bordered by evergreen forests.

A homestay is a private house that offers accommodation to paying guests in beautiful locations where you might be provided with the best that the town has to offer. The hill station of Kodaikanal has stunning sights for you to explore and experience ranging from trekking points to waterfalls and serene lakes.

You can visit the Kodaikanal Lake, Silver Cascade Falls, Bryant Park, Thalaiyar Falls, Berijam Lake, Canopy Hill among many but if you just want to read, stargaze, take in the surroundings and enjoy nature at its best, these homestays in Kodaikanal can offer all that without needing to step out.

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Atman Homestay

Homestays basically play on the idea of creating a home away from home in a more peaceful and gorgeous setting and Atman Homestay can be exactly that for you. Atman is run by a wonderful couple who are mentioned positively by various customers for their delightful hospitality.

Atman Homestay has 4 large bedrooms with attached bathrooms, has fancy decor, and is luxuriously done up to offer you comfort and opulence. A Western-styled garage, artistic interiors in the living room, 1000+ music CDs, a lovely, curved kitchen, etc. are some of the highlights that make Atman Homestay one of the best in the town.

Food Availability: The hosts at Atman make sure that you have everything accessible and food is a huge part of it.  They offer a delicious Indian Breakfast which is not only tasty but also healthy and, well, free!

Accessibility: Atman Homestay is extremely easy to reach and will be very accessible. Atman is a small drive from the Kodai Lake. It is 136.8 km away from the Madhurai Airport, the closest airport to the hill station. You can easily take a local or private taxi from here to Atman.

Ideal for: Atman Homestay is ideal for families, especially if you have children. They have various family-centered activities and you can even stay on at the property for a workcation. The property is also couple-friendly.

Pet Friendliness: They do not allow pets on the property.

Rate: You will need to get in touch with them directly to get a quote and the necessary information on availability.

Location: 19-38/1, Fairy Falls Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101

homestays in kodaikanal

Bungalow By The Lake 

From the very name, you can sense the sheer luxury that the property embodies. Bungalow By The Lake is ideal for you because it has all things premium. If you are looking for something quiet, it is located in an almost semi-secluded location which is just 10 minutes away from Kodai Lake.

Bungalow By the Lake has great hosts and 2 large bedrooms with 360-degree panoramic views of the stunning mountains and lakes. The property is over 100 years old and was designed by the Britishers so you are in for an English architectural treat. Visit this place to have a peaceful time with yourself, friends, or family. Just keep in mind that they do not appreciate loud music or parties so if that's what you want, this property may not be your jam. If you are a fan of serene experiences like picnics, boating, bonfires, and barbeques, this place has everything you will need along with free Wi-Fi.

Food Availability: They offer delicious food if you require it and offer complimentary breakfast too, at certain times. Food expenses are included in the overall price of your stay.

Accessibility: As stated, it is a semi-secluded location and you might need to go through some bumpy roads but the view will most likely soothe your sour muscles. The homestay is nearly 135.2 km from the Madhurai International Airport. You can easily hire a public or private taxi from the lake or airport to take you to the Bungalow.

Ideal for: It is going to be ideal for a peaceful getaway with family or even if you want to spend some time with yourself.

Pet Friendliness: No, they do not allow pets during your stay so you might need to leave your fur babies at home.

Rate: The prices vary based on the seasons and availability so you might need to get in touch with them directly through their official website. You can get the villa starting from as low as INR 5,000 for one night.

Location: Observatory Rd, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101.

Cloudwalks Kodaikanal

Out of all the homestays on the list, if there is one that has fascinated us the most, it is Cloudwalks Kodaikanal simply because of how beautiful the name is and it is safe to say that the place lives up to the name. It is located 4 km away from the main city and promises to offer you the most astonishing view of the sunset and clouds. They also have family-special rooms, free Wi-Fi, and free parking so you can enjoy the surreal view while also being connected to the world. Nearly 20 species of birds visit the property so if you love bird-watching, you are in for a treat!

Food Availability: They have a variety of food items available. They have an in-house restaurant that can cook Italian, Continental, pan-Asian, and of course, Indian food. They also whip up kid-special meals so that you can relax about your little picky eaters.

Accessibility: It is located 3.5 km from the main city but there are plenty of cabs and taxis available. The Madhurai International Airport is 81.2 km from this homestay while the Coimbatore International Airport is 99 km away.

Ideal for: It is ideal for couples, especially honeymooners as they have rooms specifically designed for young couples. If you are planning a nice getaway with family and pets, this can be ideal for you too.

Pet Friendliness: The property allows pets but you might need to put in a prior request. Having a pet along with you will also cost you some extra money.

Rate: The prices for the villa begin at around INR 14,000 per night depending upon the rush, availability, and season.

Location: Samuktha Gardens, Near Reliance Tower, Kurusadi Methu Near Trippr Hostel, Chinnapalam, Kodaikanal, 624101 Kodaikanal, India.

Maruti Villa 

A warm house, a stunning garden, and a home away from your home which is a 100-years-old British-built bungalow, Maruti Villa is one of the most beloved homestays in Kodaikanal and has great ratings and reviews. It offers panoramic views of the valley and the lake which can be savored from the rooms while you use their free Wi-Fi to post gorgeous pictures. Maruti Villa is well-connected to the market too, so it is not beyond a short trip to the nearby shopping spots whenever you feel like it.

Food Availability: They can offer you your own kitchen space for an additional INR 200 where you can cook up a little something for yourself/your family.

Accessibility: Maruti Villa is one of the most famous homestays in the town and is the most accessible out of all the homestays we’ve mentioned so far. It is a mere 1.7 km from the Kodaikanal Bus Station and nearly 80 km from the Madhurai International Airport. It's also quite close to the main market and town center, hence can be navigated easily through public and private transport.

Ideal for: It is ideal for a family vacation and to have a workstation for yourself because of its amazing connectivity. Maruti Villa is also conducive to couple trips.

Pet Friendliness: They do not allow pets on the property.

Rate: The prices for one night begins around INR 7,000.

Location: Old Upper Lake Rd, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101.

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Cocos Nucifera

We’ve all seen those adorable little isolated houses on social media with cozy furniture and breathtaking views and Cocos Nucifera can make that little fantasy come true for you. It is an absolutely beautiful isolated property made entirely of wood located on the hilltop known as Surya Pride Rock. Cocos Nucifera is as natural as it gets because it is located outside the main town and has no telephone connectivity! You can get the host’s number who will be willing to help you out whenever you need. If you’re lucky, you might even see some wild boars from the windows of your room, so lock the doors, maybe?

Food Availability: They have complimentary breakfast which is fixed and you can order the cuisine of your choice straight to your room.

Accessibility: It is within 5 km from the city but can be a little tricky to get used to so get in touch with the host and they will be able to guide you better. It is nearly 130 km away from the Madhurai International Airport, through the NH-44.

Ideal for: It is ideal for couples and they also offer you long-term stays. Cocos is also a good choice for those who are looking for a tech detox tied up with a holiday deep in the heart of Kodaikanal.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed here but because of how isolated this area is and owing to the population of rare wild boars, we would suggest you keep your furry friends home.

Rate: The prices begin around INR 5,000 per night.

Location: Sivaganga Estate, Observatory Rd, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624103.

Whispering Waters

If you have a thing for pretty names and prettier places, Whispering Waters can be that dreamscape for you. If you like a lake view, an ideal iconic setting, loads of country vibes, and rustic aesthetics blended in with modern comfort, Whispering Waters has all of that and more for you. The homestay has 3 rustic cottages with a capacity of 4 guests each and you will not run out of activities to do and explore here. You can take wilderness walks through the farm, sit near the waterfall, and take in the gorgeous hillsides. There’s also an option to light a bonfire under the stars or to explore the countryside which can be an ideal setting for a memorable night of music and fun.

Food Availability: The hosts here are very generous and have you covered if you do not plan to leave the property. The in-house restaurant offers homemade meals thrice a day and you can also access their shared kitchenette with permission.

Accessibility: It is located just 5 km away from the Kodaikanal Bus Station and 5.4 km from the city center. The town has no dearth of private and public vehicles and you can even contact the hosts to check if they can schedule a pickup for you.

Ideal for: It's a couple-friendly homestay that can be ideal for a romantic getaway and offers you privacy or some fun times with friends.

Pet Friendliness: They do not allow pets on the property.

Rate: The prices fluctuate a lot depending upon the seasons and rush but it is an expensive property nonetheless. For the whole villa, prices begin from INR 14,100 per night.

Location: Chinnapalam, Tamil Nadu 624103.

best homestays in kodaikanal


In Kodaikanal, you can see major British influences in the architecture and Dalethrope is one such homestay, built as far back as the 1930s. Not only does it offers you the old-world vintage charm of the thirties but it is also covered by meadows, pine groves, and eucalyptus trees, making it a perfect blend of both worlds. It is close enough to the main city for you to be able to easily access the town but far enough to offer you peace. Perfect, right?

Food Availability: They offer complimentary breakfast and have room service available. Most of the rooms have kitchenettes of their own so you can also cook your own meals.

Accessibility: It is a mere 0.6 km from the town center hence you can easily get a taxi or private cab to take you there. The famous Kodai Lake is just 1.3 km from Dalethorpe. The homestay is 134.5 km from the Madhurai Airport.

Ideal for: It primarily caters to families and has activities for kids too.

Pet Friendliness: Not only do they allow pets on the property but they also have a huge garden and activities for them too.

Rate: The standard room can be available for as cheap as INR 2000 per night but high-end premium room options are available too.

Location: 1/72 A Convent Road, Kodaikanal 624101.

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Lilly’s Valley

Traditions can be inspiring and beautiful if you approach them with an open mind and especially if they are reflected in the architecture of a place. Lily’s Valley is one such property oozing tradition through each wall and decor choice. The homestay is built across 3 acres of wooded lands. It was the first resort in the town of Kodaikanal and has over 26 British-style Kodaikanal homestay cottages with handcrafted woodwork that will take you back to the roots, literally.

Food Availability: They offer complimentary breakfast and tea and also have a wide range of food options available for you in their on-site restaurant. If you’re in the mood for some restaurant food, you could always pop by Orchard Restaurant or Domino’s Pizza, which are located quite close to Lilly’s Valley Resort.

Accessibility: The resort is just 1.8 km from the center of town and the lake. So you can easily get there through a short taxi ride or a 15-minute walk. The Madhurai Airport, which is the closest airport, is around 134 km from the homestay.

Pet Friendliness: They aren't pet-friendly.

Rate: You can get a standard room for approx 4,000 INR per night but there are other options too with varied prices.

Ideal for: They are ideal for a family vacation and even offer baby-sitting services to make your vacation truly stress-free.

Location: 17/178 Sivanandi Road Tamil Nadu Hotel, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101.

Summing Up

Honestly speaking, we think you’ve picked a wonderful hill station to begin with and whichever homestay you choose, we know that it will make your overall experience even more mesmerizing. We hope that our suggestions have given you the right direction and a fair idea about your stay. Whether you prefer exploring every sight there is in Kodikandal or just staying in your homestay reading, taking a nap, inhaling fresh air, and appreciating the surroundings, it is okay because hill stations can be savored in multiple ways!


How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Homestays In Kodaikanal?

One of the major reasons why people prefer homestays over hotels is for the reduced prices when compared to the latter. The rates are often negotiable and can vary on various factors but homestays In Kodaikanal mostly fall in the price range of INR 2400 - INR 14,400 per night. Do not forget to always compare across various options before making the booking.

What Activities Are Available In Kodaikanal Homestay?

Homestays in Kodaikanal can arrange various activities to entertain you. As this is a hill station that is blessed by rich wildlife and view, you can go fishing, birdwatching, trekking, picnicking, star gazing, barbecues, and various other activities. Some homestays also offer kitchenette facilities so if you are a fan of home cooking, that can be ideal for you.

Is A Homestay Cheaper Than A Hotel?

Ideally, homestays are meant to be cheaper than a hotel because they are a humble version of an accommodation system. But, due to commercialization and many homestays becoming luxury stays, the prices of homestays can be as high as a hotel and even more on certain occasions. Homestays can be overall cheaper if you have a huge squad and you make prior bookings. If you directly contact the homestay, you might be able to secure a cheaper deal as they can lay off the additional taxes which come through a booking website.

What Is The Closest Airport To Kodaikanal?

The airport nearest to Kodaikanal is the Madurai International Airport which is about 120 km away. The Trichy airport and the Coimbatore airport are located 150 km and 175 km away, respectively.

What Is So Special About Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal literally translates to ‘Gift of Forest’ and that sums up the answer to this question. In this day and age, beautiful natural spots are becoming fewer and fewer in number. Kodaikanal is located several thousand feet from sea level, is blessed with rich, abundant lushness and greenery, and has a wide range of rare flora and fauna to be enjoyed.

What Is Kodaikanal Famous For?

Kodaikanal is most famous for its rich flora. Dominant varieties are Acacia and Eucalyptus trees, However, pear trees are also in high quantity and the quality of fruit is top-notch.

Are 2 Days Enough For Kodaikanal?

Considering the fact that most of Kodaikanal's tourist spots are nature-based, you can explore them pretty quickly. Two days are enough to cover almost all of Kodaikanal.

Is Kodaikanal Safe To Visit?

With safe neighborhoods and a vigilant police force, Kodaikanal is fairly safe to visit.