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Best Homestays In Kabini

Kabini is a gorgeous place nestled among the western ghats along the bank of the river Kabini. The river shares its tributaries with other rivers like Panamaram and Mananthavady. The scenic beauty, mountains, hills, forests, and coffee plantations around the riverbanks are enough for you to enjoy a relaxing getaway from the busy city life. If witnessing a paradise of secluded warmth and peace is something you want, you’ll surely have a good time visiting Kabini.

So, if you’ve been longing for a trip to Kabini, count this as your cue to make a booking at some of the best homestays there. Listed below is a list of 8 best homestays in Kabini that will blow your mind. They are affordable, have some unique attributes, and come at steal deal prices.

George’s Arabica, Hive Homes

George’s Arabica is located just 200 meters away from the Kabini river. The cabin is in the middle of a farm, surrounded by a quiet environment. This allows you to stay far away from the city and in the midst of some tranquility. Some of the fun things you can enjoy here are visiting the gardens and relaxing with a hot cup of tea on the patio.

This homestay is a bit secluded from the city and they don’t have any security cameras on the property. However, you’ll find the hosts friendly and helpful, and they will also guide you to nearby places that you can explore. Plus, they’re very quick at responding to anything that you would need or any assistance you want during your stay.

Food Availability: George’s Arabica does provide you with a kitchen with basic amenities that you can use to cook for yourself. But, they also have a menu that you can order food from. Even though the menu is a bit limited, you get served delicious, hot food. Ordering food from outside is going to be a hassle as there aren’t many restaurants in the vicinity.

Accessibility: George’s Arabica is located in the small town of Kartikulam, near Mananthavady. Thanks to the location being on the outskirts of the city, there aren’t any buses that you can board to get here. But, you can hire a cab or an auto-rickshaw. The homestay has free-of-charge parking space if you do choose to travel by your private vehicle.

Ideal For: Families, friend groups, and couples.

Pet Friendliness: No pets are allowed at the homestay.

Rate: INR 3,275 per night.

Address: State Highway 33, Bavali, Kartikulam, Kerala 670646

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Best Homestays In Kabini

Kabani Riverside Cottage

Kabani Riverside Cottage is located right on the banks of the River Kabini, making it one of the best homestays in Kabini. It gives you easy access to the river with an abundance of fresh air. The comfortable and warm cottage has a beautiful view of the paddy fields and is surrounded by farms where pepper, nutmeg, coffee, vegetables, and rice are grown.

The hosts can arrange for a barbeque and bonfire on request. They also can plan your entire stay if you ask them to. They are a warm and welcoming family that ensure you have things you need during your stay.

Food Availability: Food availability depends on the availability of a cook; you will have to either make or order your own food accordingly. However, you’ll be served a complimentary home-cooked breakfast between 08:30 and 10:00 am. Alternatively, the host can also order your lunch, breakfast, and dinner if you ask them to. The food is ordered from restaurants 5 kilometers away from the destination, so make sure you carry some snacks as there's not a lot available at short notice.

Accessibility: Kabani Riverside Cottage is easily accessible by public transportation or rentals. The cottage has free parking space if you are to hire or travel by your private vehicle.

Ideal For: Large groups and families.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed on the premises. They’re sure to have a great time running around and splashing in the water!

Rate: INR 3,000 per night.

Address: Kabani Riverside Homestay, Koyileri, Mananthavady, Kerala 670646

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Palkadavu Warium Villa Homestay

Palkadavu Warium Villa is a 71-year-old family house that was renovated to include homestay facilities. It has a vintage vibe that is warm and comfortable, and its architecture is pretty unique too. The view from all the rooms overlooks the greenery and the house is surrounded by a garden on all four sides.

They have an attic that allows you to enjoy board games and watch a movie if you like. The playground is also an open space that gives you the chance to enjoy some playtime in the presence of Mother Nature. The property has a gated parking lot along with a 24/7 security guard and housekeeping services. They also will provide you with a barbeque, bonfires, and some other amenities on request.

Food Availability: The villa has a functioning kitchen available with all the basic necessities you could need. You can ask the host to get you some groceries with an additional charge. They also provide meals if you order them at prior notice.

Accessibility: The location is easily accessible by public transportation. You won’t have a problem getting rickshaws or booking cabs if you want to visit some places around as well.

Ideal For: Families, groups of friends, and married couples.

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: INR 3,000 per night.

Address: TP14/75, Kartikulam Road, Thrissilery Rd, Mananthavady, Kerala 670646

Pugmarks Wayanad Suite

Pugmarks Wayanad Suite is located among the mountains of the Western Ghats. It is surrounded by hills on all sides and has greenery everywhere you look. The property has seven premium homes that you can choose from. They have a watchtower on the property that allows you to see the majestic elephants passing by, and will undoubtedly be one of the best homestays in Kabini for nature-lovers.

They have a 24/7 front desk along with security personnel and CCTV cameras for security purposes. The hosts make sure that your time here is spent well with ample activities arranged by them. They take care of children's activities, arrange a barbecue, and have an outdoor fireplace. Along with these activities, they also provide walking tours and small hikes. Plus, there are massage and laundry services provided here, so you can truly unwind after a long hike with no worries about your dirty clothes!

Food Availability: Breakfast is complimentary on all days. When it comes to lunch and dinner, they have a restaurant that you can order from. There are also a few restaurants and hotels in the vicinity that you can dine in or avail of take-outs from.

Accessibility: Pugmarks Wayanad Suite is well connected to the surrounding cities and towns by roads. The homestay will book a cab for you if need be, or you can hire one yourself. They also provide guarded parking space on their property.

Ideal For: Families with children, friends groups, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed on the property, so you can have a blast running around with your furry friends!

Rate: The rates change between INR 2,200 and INR 3,500 depending on the room you book.

Address: Ammani Vayal, Kartikulam, Manandhavady, Kerala 670646

Best Homestays In Kabini

Marsim Holiday Resort

Marsim Holiday Resort is a popular place to stay when visiting Kabini. It’s in close proximity to many tourist destinations and has ample amenities perfect for a family trip. You can enjoy fishing, barbeque, hiking, and massages here. They also have a kids club and can organize activities on prior notice.

The resort has front desk services open for you at all times along with housekeeping services. Marsim Holiday Resort takes the initiative to help you organize your itinerary for sightseeing purposes if you need it. If you have any problems with your sightseeing plans in general, you can approach the staff here. They are friendly, welcoming, and always ready to provide you with any assistance you would need.

Food Availability: Breakfast is included in your package, but you’ll have to order food from the caretaker in advance. If not, you can also order lunch and dinner from local restaurants.

Accessibility: Thanks to the shuttle services they provide, Marsim Holiday Resort is among the best homestays in Kabini for people facing trouble with transportation arrangements. Plus, the resort is located on the main road. This makes accessing public transportation to get around much easier for all.

Ideal For: Families and large friend groups.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed on the property!

Rate: INR 3,050 per night.

Address: Pozhuthana road, Vythiri, Kerala 673576

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Ranger’s Farmhouse

Looking for something exclusive and cut-off, yet easily accessible? Looking for a place that has the smell of coffee wafting in on the fresh mountain breeze? Ranger’s Farmhouse is the place for you. This is a private property surrounded by mountains, coffee plantations, and lush greenery. Outdoor cooking and dining, some music, a barbeque, and a fireplace are some of the many things that are available at Ranger's Farmhouse. It is ideal to host a small party or an event for a group of 2 to 25 people.

The rooms in the farmhouse have a view of the gardens, mountains, and the gorgeous courtyard. They also have security cameras on the premises. The caregiver lives in the neighboring building to provide you with anything you need 24/7.

Food Availability: There is a fully functional kitchen available if you would like to cook a meal yourself. If not, you can order in or dine out in local restaurants nearby.

Accessibility: The farmhouse is easily accessible from Kalpetta town. Private and public transportation services are available to reach you to the destination. They also have free parking space for your vehicles.

Ideal For: Families with children, large groups of friends, and gatherings.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed on the property, and there’s plenty of open space for them to run around.

Rate: INR 2,789 per night.

Address: Cholappuram, Pinangodu, Kalpetta, Wayanad (Dist), Kerala

Rinad Castle

Rinad Castle is an affordable place ideal for a getaway from the city into the world of wilderness. Surrounded by green forests and mountains, and less than 500 meters away from the Kabini River, it promises a breathtaking view. The owners can organize jungle safaris, treks, hikes, and personalized Wayanad tours for you on request.

Rinad Castle provides a tour guide to help you navigate around the many sightseeing places around, including the Kabini River. They have 24-hour security along with security cameras on the premises. They also have room service available during the day.

Food Availability: Breakfast is complimentary with the stay but lunch and dinner need to be paid for. Alternatively, Rinad Castle provides you with a private fully functional kitchen with basic amenities. You can cook your meals there or order in from the restaurants and cafés around the area.

Accessibility: The property is easily accessible by private and public transportation from Vythiri Side Hill. You can also rent a private vehicle or one will be provided to you by the host with an additional charge.

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: INR 2,000 per night.

Ideal For: Couples. No kids allowed.

Address: NH766, Old Vythiri, Vythiri, Kerala 673576.

Best Homestays In Kabini

Hermas Villa

Located in the middle of the Lakkidi Rainforest, Hermas Villa is the perfect place that takes you away from the busy city life into tranquility and peace. It’s the ideal choice for a calming and relaxing place to stay in when visiting Kabini. Besides, it is just a few minutes away from the river Kabini which allows you easy access to its banks.

Hermas Villa has indoor games, board games, and outdoor activities arranged for you on request, and it also has a swimming pool in the backyard for you to enjoy some pool time. These features make it one of the best homestays in Kabini for families with young kids who need some fun to pass the time! The lawn is ideal for children to play or for elders to take a stroll. Hermas Villa is also in close proximity with many other touristy places around Kabini that the host is kind to guide you to if needed.

Food Availability: For food, they have a kitchen that you can use to cook for yourself. But, if that’s not your choice, you can also order from local chain restaurants and hotels.

Accessibility: Hermas Villa is easily accessible via roadways. You can easily hop on a bus or a cab to get here. If you have a personal vehicle, the villa provides you with a free parking space for your vehicle.

Ideal For: Couples, families with children, and friend groups.

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: INR 6600 per night.

Address: Lakkidi, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala 673576

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Summing Up

All of these are the best homestays that are available in different parts of Kabini. If you have been longing for a trip, you can book any of these homestays that appeal to you and satisfy your requirements. You are definitely in for an unparalleled experience of scenic beauty, mystical forests, plantations, and mountain views.


Where Is Kabini Located?

Kabini is a river in the southern parts of India well known for its natural beauty and views of the mountains. It originates from the Wayanad district of Kerala and flows towards the east to join the Kaveri river in Karnataka.

Is Kabini Jungle Safari Open?

The Kabini Safari is open to the public twice a day during the weekdays and four times a day during the weekends. That safari is organized by the Forest Department and you can book your slot in advance to ensure you do not miss the tour.

Is Kabini Worth Visiting?

Kabini is among the popular getaway destinations in Kerala. It’s an ideal place to go to to experience the beauty of nature and spot animals in their natural habitat. The birds and wildlife that surround you here are surreal to experience.

How Many Days Are Enough For Kabini?

A week-long vacation in Kabini sounds like a good idea. It is a place you can visit for a getaway or even a family vacation. Depending on what places you want to visit, you can choose your stay accordingly. Visiting the town for the weekend will help you go to some important places while a weeklong trip will give you a view of most parts of the city with ease and time to relax as well.

How Many Tigers Are There In Kabini?

There are about 80-90 tigers in total in Kabini.

How Many Leopards Are In Kabini?

The total number of Leopards in Kabini is 100.

How Much Does Kabini Safari Cost?

The Kabini safari cost is Rs. 900 per individual. 

Which State Is Kabini?

Kabini falls under the Wayanad district which is in Kerala State.