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Best Homestays In Jodhpur

Jodhpur, also known as the ‘Blue City’, is one of the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. The palaces, forts, havelis, temples, and houses all portray the gorgeous architecture in the city which is all built in shades of blue. Some of these havelis, palaces, and houses have been converted into homestays that have also been major attractions among foreign tourists. A majority of the homestays in Jodhpur are located in prime touristy areas which makes sightseeing and exploring the city accessible to all. 

Staying in a homestay is definitely among the best ways of experiencing the authentic culture of a place. If you’re up for this experience and are looking for some of the best homestays in Jodhpur, here’s a list for you to check out. Keep reading to know the one that best caters to your taste and requirements.

Best Homestays In Jodhpur

  1. Castle View
  2. Juna Mahal Boutique Homestay
  3. Apple Homestay
  4. Newton’s Manor
  5. Jagat Vilas
  6. Suraj Haveli
  7. Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay

Castle View

Castle View is a haveli or a traditional mansion that is more than 500 years old. The homestay is adorned with traditional vintage interiors and furniture with modern amenities. You have balconies for each room that give you a different view of the city. The homestay is for anyone on a budget who wants to experience living in a traditional haveli in Jodhpur. The rooftop and balconies of the homestay have a gorgeous view of the Meghraj Fort and Bluecity Panchetiya. 

Castle view will also provide you with a local guide to take you on a tour of the city. They also provide you with walking tours, bike tours, and massages (with an additional charge). Activities like karaoke are also hosted by the host for you and your family or friends to enjoy in the evening. The homestay has installed CCTV cameras inside and outside the property for safety reasons.

Food Availability: They have an on-call homemade food option available for you. You have a menu of traditional Rajasthani food that you can order from. They also have their very own Castle View Restaurant where you can have any of your meals if you like. All of this will be available at an additional charge and is not included in your room charges. 

Accessibility: Castle view is just a kilometer away from the Jodhpur Railway Station and is also easily accessible from the Jodhpur Airport. You can avail of the local cabs or auto-rickshaws from the homestay to get to the tourist places of your choice at any time of the day. Besides, the homestay will also provide you with a shuttle service to the railway station and the airport. If you want, they can also hire a cab for your tour of the city.

Ideal For: Families, friends, couples, and solo travelers.  

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: Starts at around INR 950 per day.

Location: Rawhtoh, Gundi ka Mohalla, Navchokiya, Sodagaran Mohalla, Jodhpur 342001.

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Juna Mahal Boutique Homestay

Juna Mahal Boutique Homestay is a haveli that is over 470 years old. This homestay was initially home to a brahmin family that served the royal family temples. It was later converted into a homestay that is now popular among foreign tourists. 

The homestay was constructed out of stones and has a very open space with big windows surrounding the entire space. The sunrise and sunsets are the best from here and the big windows help pour natural light into all corners of the property all day long. They have laundry service, and also provide you body massages, henna painting sessions, and village and camel safari as per request. 

Food Availability: The homestay provides you with a small kitchenette with basic grocery items as per request, where you can prepare small meals. You can also ask the in-house cook to prepare your meals, choosing them from a fixed menu. The food served here is strictly vegetarian and if you're looking for other options, you could go out to local restaurants and eateries. This homestay also has a rooftop restaurant where you can go have some coffee or tea, or even enjoy a meal with a view.

Accessibility: Juna Mahal Boutique Homestay is located near the busy street of Ada Bazaar. You’ll get easy access to local transportation services to get to the touristy places. You can also book cabs that will pick you up from your homestay directly. Plus, the homestay offers airport pickup and can book transportation for you.

Ideal For: Couples and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: Usually between INR 2,050 and INR 3,550.

Location: Old Fort Road, Ada Bazaar, Dr. Madan Daga Marg, Bhistiyon Ka Bas, Jodhpur 342001.

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Best Homestays In Jodhpur

Apple Homestay

Apple Homestay is located in a secluded corner of the city that is great for a getaway with family and friends. It's a luxury experience with spacious rooms that come with a balcony view. You can enjoy a cup of tea while viewing the sunset and the forts from the rooftop at this homestay. It also makes for a good play area for kids. 

The caretakers of the property will also help you plan an itinerary and guide you through the local spots in the city. Puppet shows, folk dance, desert safari, and village safari are some of the many recreational activities that are arranged at the homestay.  If you need help with your transportation and going around the city, the homestay can arrange that for you as well. The caretakers are kind and will help you with any kind of assistance you need. 

Food Availability: The homestay has an in-house restaurant that serves you some delicious local meals. They also have a shared kitchen that is open for guests to cook meals. Besides, there is a cook in the kitchen who can cook some meals for you when asked for. You can also go outside and eat at the local eateries and restaurants if you want. Do note that you're not allowed non-vegetarian or outside food in the homestay. 

Accessibility: Apple Homestay is just a few minutes away from the Jodhpur Airport and some of the prime touristy places like Ghanta Ghar, Mehrangarh Fort, and Mehrangarh Museum. You can easily get local transportation from the homestay as it is located on the busy streets just off Mata Ka Mandir.

Ideal For: Families and friends groups.

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: Starting from INR 1,083 per day.

Location: 23-A Shakti Nagar -1st Street, Paota C Road, Near Smart Point, Jodhpur 342001. 

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Newton’s Manor

Newton’s Manor is a homestay that is tucked away from the city and makes for a quiet and peaceful place to spend your vacation with your family. It’s a private space that you'll be sharing with the host. The space is very old yet comfortable and the hosts are very accommodating and hospitable. They will also guide you to plan your itinerary with places that you could visit here. 

You can also enjoy a variety of indoor games with your friends or family at this homestay. The garden and surrounding space are great for kids to enjoy some playtime as well. There are trees and plants surrounding the property which makes it a very pleasant place to have a good time with family. 

Food Availability: There is a chef at the property who will cook Indian meals from the menu they have. They also have a kitchen that you can use to cook small meals if you want. There are some local restaurants and hotels that provide food delivery to the homestay. 

Accessibility: The homestay is just 5 kilometers away from the city center and within a walking distance of Panch Batti Circle. Additionally, there are ample transportation services available for you to get around the city. You can hop on an auto-rickshaw and get to your destination. You can also ask the homestay to arrange transportation for you to get to the airport or the railway station. They also have parking spaces if you're traveling with your own vehicle.

Ideal For: Families and small groups.

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: Starting from around INR 1,371 per day.

Location: 86, Jawahar Colony, Behind Shree Ram International Hotel, Central School Road, Ratanada, Jodhpur, 342001.

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 Best Homestays In Jodhpur

Jagat Vilas 

Jagat Vilas was a part of the Rai Ka Bagh Palace which was home to the royal family. The Jagat Vilas was the headquarters of the Royal Guards and will give you the experience of living the authentic Jodhpuri life. The homestay is run by a traditional family who will provide you with any kind of help you need during your stay. The property also has CCTV surveillance as a safety measure.  

Jagat Vilas’s host will arrange for a cycle city tour for you if you ask them to. They will also provide you with a local guide who will give you a tour of the neighboring touristy places. You can also avail yourself of the ayurvedic massages and join yoga classes if you like here. Overall, you'll have a pretty wholesome stay at Jagat Vilas. 

Food Availability: The homestay has a cook who will prepare home-cooked meals for you from the menu that they have. You can also order food or ask the caretaker to order it for you if you want. There are a few local restaurants nearby where you can go and enjoy your meals. 

Accessibility: Jagat Vilas is located just a few minutes away from Umaid Bhawan Palace. You can avail of local transportation services from here to get around the city. They also have rental bicycles available, if you want to take a more local approach to explore the city of Jodhpur.

Ideal For: Families, couples, and friend groups.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed.

Rate: Starting at around INR 1,440 per day.

Location: 25, Gautam Kumbhat Marg, Behind PNB ATM, Rai Ka Bagh, Jodhpur 342006. 

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Suraj Haveli 

Suraj Haveli is a homestay that’s run by the ancestors of Mr. Suraj who treated his guests like family, and the homestay is a homage to him by his family. This homestay is definitely one of the most luxurious places that you can live in. It's a haveli, as its name suggests, and is a very old one too. You’ll have a good time in the common living space that has board games available for you to play with your family and other guests. 

This homestay has a rooftop that has the most beautiful view of the famous Mehrangarh Fort. You can view the sunrise and sunset from the rooftop while the majestic fort just gazes at you from far. If you want to have a day of self-care and relaxation, you can get manicures, massages, pedicures, and salon services at Suraj Haveli. They also have 24-hour security on the premises.

Food Availability: Suraj Haveli offers complimentary breakfast for all its guests. They also have a coffee shop and a restaurant where you can get your meals from. They serve authentic snacks and meals at all times of the day. If you'd like, you can also go out and enjoy food from the local restaurants and eateries. 

Accessibility: Suraj Haveli homestay is just a 10-minute drive away from Jodhpur Airport. You have easy access to the local transportation from here. You also have easy access to bus stops in the neighboring areas, plus, you’ll also get auto-rickshaws from anywhere around the homestay.

Ideal For: Families and friend groups. 

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: The rates per day usually range between INR 2,799 to INR 5,700 depending on the rooms you book.

Location: Suraj Haveli, Near Suttar Khane Ki Gali, Naya Bass, Manak Chowk, Jodhpur 342002.

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Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay

Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay is located in the Salawas, which is more on the outskirts of the city. It’s one of the most surreal experiences living here as you get first-hand experience of the archaic lifestyle of the villagers. They welcome you with a complimentary welcome drink. For extra safety, they also have 24-hour security on the property. 

The homestay will also arrange for trekking around the local areas, picnics, walking tours, bonfires, Bishnoi village safari, BBQ facilities, folk music and dance during the evening, and a guided tour of the neighboring areas and touristy places for you. Besides, they have a children's playground and an indoor play area, and also organize activities for kids and families. 

Food Availability: The breakfast here is complimentary. They also provide you with home-cooked food from the menu they have fixated. You also have a shared kitchen that you could use to cook meals. To get the groceries, you can ask the caretaker to do so. 

Accessibility: Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay is located about 20 kilometers away from the Blue City. This makes traveling to and from the city a long journey. You get local buses that run in a regular and timely manner. If you're traveling by your own vehicle, they provide valley parking services. 

Pet Friendliness: No pets allowed.

Rate: Starting at around INR 1,700 per day.

Ideal For: Families, couples, and a large group of friends.

Location: Salawas Village, Kumharon Ki Dhani, Near Gosala, Jodhpur 342013.

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 Best Homestays In Jodhpur

Summing Up 

Blue City is one of the culturally, traditionally, and historically rich cities in India that you must visit at least once. And when you do, you can book any of the above-mentioned homestays for your trip. They're all homely and portray the rich culture and heritage of the city. Besides, they provide you with the comfort you need. So make sure you check them out and make the most of your trip to Jodhpur.


How Much Does It Cost To Stay At A Homestay In Jodhpur?

Homestays are typically affordable compared to the hotels and inns you usually have. But the cost of living in a homestay depends on its location, the facilities it provides, and the kind of homestay it is. Typically in Jodhpur, you'll find a homestay ranging from INR 1,000 to even INR 3,000 and more for a day.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is a vast city with ample forts, palaces, and touristy spots to explore. If you really want to dive deep and explore all of the city, about 6 days should be enough. But if you want to visit only its best tourist spots, about 2 days should be enough time to explore those. 

How Do I Travel Within The City Of Jodhpur?

Just like any other city in India, Jodhpur too has a vast transportation system. You have the local auto-rickshaws that you’ll find anywhere in the city. You can also rent a private vehicle or take the public bus to get to your destination. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Jodhpur?

If you really want to enjoy the city and its beauty, the months from October to March are the best time to visit. The weather during this time is pleasant which makes it very apt to explore all the places you want to visit. 

Is Jodhpur Worth Visiting?

Jodhpur or the Blue City is one of the most gorgeous cities in the country. You get to witness everything from the blue hues that you’ll spot everywhere to the colorful clothes and the traditional tasty food that you find across the streets. You also have palaces, forts, havelis, and other touristy spots across the city. It's a city that's worth exploring and visiting at least once in your lifetime.

What Are Some Of The Best Homestays In Jodhpur?

Some of the best homestays In Jodhpur are: Castle View, Juna Mahal Boutique Homestay, Apple Homestay, Newton’s Manor, Jagat Vilas, Suraj Haveli, and Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay.

Which City Is known As The Blue City?

Jodhpur is known as "The Blue City" since many of its buildings are painted blue, giving this city its iconic look.

What Is The Distance Between Jaipur And Jodhpur By Road?

By road, Jodhpur is 367 km away from Jaipur.