Best Homestays In Jaipur

The capital city of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the country. Its iconic pink-colored buildings have earned Jaipur its moniker, the ‘Pink City’. The popular misconception that there is nothing to do in the desert capital state of the country is put to rest once you visit this beautiful city. The vibrant and mesmerizing aura and a hoard of fantastic attractions which include the Amer Fort and Jantar Mantar are enough for you to drool over this breathtaking city.

Jaipur is also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites so, by now, you must have a faint idea of why this city has been garnering unwavering attraction from people across the globe. If you’re one of the lucky ones who are about to explore this world-famous city, you’ll need a decent place to rest and unwind here. And if you’re not the type to spend lavishly on hotels, homestays will be your best friends. So, let us introduce you to your new potential best friends; the best homestays in Jaipur.

Best Homestays In Jaipur

  1. Kalpana Yoga Homestay
  2. Dera Jaipur Homestay
  3. Le Fort Homestay
  4. Camellia A Boutique Home
  5. All Seasons Homestay

Kalpana Yoga Homestay

A vacation in the Pink City of Rajasthan is a blessing in itself. But when you select a place like the Kalpana Yoga Homestay as your stay in the city, things get even better. Providing a calm and serene stay through her well-maintained and tastefully furnished home, Kalpana is known to be an excellent host, a renowned yoga instructor, and pet mom to an extremely loving Golden Retriever.

The property is nestled amidst lush greenery in one of the poshest residential areas of Jaipur. You’ll be served a complimentary à la carte breakfast if you manage to reach the property early. Once you’ve settled yourself in this home away from home, the wonderful vintage-chic interior of this homestay will help you get a feel of this place. The spacious terrace upstairs makes for a perfect location to have a relaxing tea session, be it in any weather. You can even join one of Kalpana’s daily morning yoga sessions and get in touch with your spiritual side. Now that’s a vacation to look forward to!

The highlight of the entire homestay is the cute four-legged Golden Retriever that goes by the name Zara. You’ll find her strolling and spreading happy vibes all around the property, giving everyone a reason to smile endlessly.

Food Availability: You’ll be treated with delectable home-cooked meals made out of fresh ingredients grown in the backyard itself. However, if you wish to try nearby restaurants, check out Mosaic, Dragon House, and the Daniel’s Oriental Kitchen which are within 0.5 km distance of the homestay.

Accessibility: The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport, 13 km from the accommodation. You can also avail yourself of the airport transfer service offered by the homestay. The property is also just about 850 meters away from the Jaipur Railway Station, making it very convenient for you to reach the homestay.

Ideal For: Your kids can tag along with you here as it’s a family-friendly homestay.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed here.

Rate: About Rs.1,900 per night.

Location: Hathroi Fort, 69, Harikishan Somani Marg, Gopalbari, Jaipur.

best homestays in jaipur

Dera Jaipur Homestay

Looking for a quaint and lavish homestay in the heart of Jaipur? Dera Jaipur Homestay serves as your best possible option. Hosted by a family with a long lineage of war veterans, this place is nothing if not royal in every sense. The continental and buffet breakfast options available here will set the tone for your day.

You can choose between the Deluxe and Super Deluxe rooms based on your requirements but rest assured that the royalty that oozes out of this place is no small matter. From intricate-patterned rugs to plush cushions, every piece of furniture in this homestay is well-thought-of to perfectly match the rest of the ensemble. Dera Jaipur comes with an attached balcony for when you wake up, the first thing you experience in the morning is the fresh crisp air of the Pink City. The small attached garden here is just the icing on the cake.

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Food Availability: You won’t feel the need to head out to taste delicious food as the hosts here provide lip-smacking meals that’ll leave a lasting taste. However, if you choose otherwise, the nearby foot outlets include Tea House, Hotel Anurag Villa Restaurant, and the Umaid Mahal.

Accessibility: If you’re reaching via the most Indian form of commute – the railways – know that the Jaipur Railway Station is at a distance of 1.2 km. If you prefer the aerial route, the Jaipur International Airport is about 12 km from the homestay.

Ideal For: The Dera Jaipur Homestay is popular among families looking for a quiet getaway from the regular hustle-bustle of city life.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed in the Dera Jaipur Homestay.

Rate: Approximately INR 4,000 per night.

Location:  Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Dr. K. K. Singh, D-226, Tulsi Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur.

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Le Fort Homestay

Another pleasant homestay that regularly offers yoga classes is the amazing Le Fort Homestay. The spick-and-span rooms here have been praised by literally every guest that has had the good fortune to stay at Le Fort. The affordability of this place makes it another viable option for budget travelers to book a stay here. The host, Alif, has lived in this place his entire life so any kind of queries you might have – related to local restaurants or places to visit – he’s the guy you call!

There are six types of rooms for you to choose from and a couple of them have attached balconies. All the rooms come with every possible modern convenience you’d require and will very well exceed all your expectations. The homestay is centrally located in a residential neighborhood so know that you’ll still be surrounded by civilization if the alone time gets a little overwhelming for you.

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Food Availability: Complimentary breakfast is provided here and you can also get special diet menus on request. The nearby food joints include Mosaic, Dragon House, and Daniel's Oriental Kitchen.

Accessibility: The homestay is conveniently located at a distance of 10.4 km from the Jaipur International Airport and 1.4 km from the Jaipur Railway Station.

Ideal For: More preferred by families.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed here.

Rate: Approximately INR 1,300 per night.

Location: Hathroi Fort, 79, Harikishan Somani Marg, Gopalbari, Jaipur 302001

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best homestays in jaipur

Camellia A Boutique Home

Pushpendra, the host of the beautiful Camellia A Boutique Home, aims to make his guests feel special and provide a cozy oasis to create endless memories in. This old architectural house comes with all the modern amenities and you won’t need to look for places outside to get good quality food. The in-house chefs will make sure you have a reason to remember Camellia Homestay for a long time. However, if you’ve been a traveler for long enough and have mastered the art of cooking by now, the in-house BBQ facilities will be a nice place to show off your Salt Bae skills.

Thanks to the homestay’s laundry and dry cleaning services, you won’t have to apply filters over your soiled clothes before you click pictures. The host and the staff even go out of their way to help plan the itinerary for your Jaipur trip. Past guests have had the good fortune of getting an organized leopard safari too.

The convenient location and the pleasant surroundings of this homestay are its best features. Your experience here will be as amazing as a baby tasting chocolate for the first time!

Food Availability: The homestay provides delicious breakfast every morning but if you wish to try your hand at cooking, the in-house BBQ facilities are something you might like. Owing to its prime location, there are a number of high-end restaurants and bars nearby that you can head to. Some of which include the Krystal Bar, Signature Bar, Chanakya Restaurant, and the Anjum Cafe among others.

Accessibility: The Jaipur International Airport is just about 8.7 km away from the homestay while the nearest metro station is just 5 minutes away.

Ideal For: This luxurious stay is ideal for all families, couples, and solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are allowed here.

Rate: Approximately INR 2,780 per night.

Location: 33, Shiv Path, Suraj Nagar West, Civil Lines, Jaipur 302006

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All Seasons Homestay

Considered one of the best places to stay, the All Seasons Homestay is indeed an ideal place for any time of the year. A visit here during the monsoon season will let you witness the breathtaking view of the raindrops sliding down the small shrubs in the attached garden. Ranjana, a cordial and welcoming host, will make you feel at home and will always be a call away in case you need any sort of help.

The entire point of a homestay is to make you feel at peace and provide you with some quality me time which is exactly what this place does. The light-tone color combination in every room and common area will provide a sense of tranquility to your mind. You will also have easy access to all the basic amenities like a refrigerator, air conditioning, and parking options. They also offer car hire services.

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Food Availability: You can get a taste of authentic Rajasthani cuisines with the organic home-cooked food available here. The on-site restaurant also offers scrumptious Indian food. The nearby restaurants are Sky Lights, Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, and Chitra Katha which are within 200 meters of the homestay.

Accessibility: The Jaipur Railway Station is nearly 1.2 km away and the Jaipur International Airport is 10.3 km away from the All Seasons Homestay.

Ideal For: Apart from being ideal for all seasons, this homestay is popular amongst couples as well as families.

Pet Friendliness: The homestay doesn’t allow pets.

Rate: Approximately INR 1,920 per night but the price may vary depending on the type of room you book.

Location: 33, Shiv Path, Suraj Nagar West, Civil Lines, Jaipur 302006

Summing Up

In Jaipur, being one of the most populous and famous vacation spots in the country, there is no doubt you’ll be treated with world-class amenities, astounding attractions, rich culture, and homely vibes. With so many things waiting to be explored in the city, you’ll need your energy levels at the maximum and for that, a comfortable stay is a must. The list above of some of the best homestays in Jaipur will help you narrow down your hunt for it.

best homestays in jaipur


Are Homestays Cheaper Than Hotels?

Generally, the prices of homestays are lower than that of hotels. However, there are some high-end homestays that match the prices of hotels but the amount of personal care and customization you get in such homestays will be worth every penny.

Is Booking A Homestay A Good Idea?

If you’re looking for a homely feeling away from your actual home, then you can never go wrong with a homestay. The comfort of a home mixed with the modern amenities of a hotel is the perfect spot to stay in while on a vacation.

What Is The Speciality Of Jaipur?

The Pink City is known for its rich culture, classic Rajasthani jewelry, fabrics, and handicrafts, among others.

Which Language Is Most Used In Rajasthan?

There are a lot of languages being spoken in the state of Rajasthan. Hindi is the most widely spoken language while Dhundari is the most widely spoken regional language here.

What Is The Famous Food Of Jaipur?

Dal, baati, and churma are a few of the most famous dishes in Rajasthan. You will find these food items in almost every restaurant in Rajasthan, regardless of whether it is a five star rated one or a roadside dhaba.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Jaipur?

Jaipur experiences hotter weather throughout the year. So, in order to visit the place when the weather is most pleasant, plan a trip between November and March.

Does Jaipur Have A Nightlife?

Absolutely! Jaipur has a very colorful nightlife with many nightclubs, restaurants, and tourist spots.

Are Two Days Enough For Jaipur?

Yes. You can easily make a itinerary that will cover all the well known spots throughout the city over two days.

What Languages Are Spoken In Jaipur?

The main regional dialect in Jaipur is Dhundari. However, a lot of locals also speak Marwari and Hindi. As a traveler, you will get by just fine with speaking in Hindi or English.