Best Homestays In Haridwar

Haridwar is a beautiful city in Uttarakhand that is a pilgrimage site for Hindus all over the world. There’s quite a bit of history and culture in this city along with the many temples. It gets a little more religious importance as the famous river Ganga flows right beside it! In ancient times, this area was called ‘Gangadwar’, which translates to ‘the doorway to Ganga’, since this is where the river Ganga enters the Indo-Gangetic plains.

However, this name was given to the city somewhere between 1700 BCE and 1300 BCE. In some ancient texts belonging to that time, you’ll see this city being referred to as Haridwar. It is obvious that if you’re staying in a city so full of history, culture, greenery, and chilly weather, you need to make every moment count. That being said, what better way to experience a place than by living in a local’s company, in their house? So, here’s a list of the best homestays in Haridwar.

Best Affordable Homestays In Haridwar

Asma Greens Homestay

Located about 13 kms away from Haridwar Railway Station, this homestay is the perfect place to stay if you’re on vacation, more so since it also puts you about 8 kms away from Rishikesh. Asma Greens is located on Delhi Farm Road, which is a big street in Haridwar. So, getting here is pretty easy, too!

The homestay itself is a very pretty single-storeyed house with a large yard, a beautiful garden, and ample parking space. Every guest gets one bedroom to themselves that is equipped with all the necessary amenities and an attached bathroom. The guests have to share the terrace as well as the living room.

This homestay is unique because while it puts you close to the religious city of Haridwar and the more touristy city of Rishikesh, it’s located in a very calm and relaxing spot. So, you can explore quite a bit in either direction and come back to the perfect place to get some rest and disconnect.

Food Availability: There is a fully equipped kitchen in the homestay. However, the guests are responsible for their own cooking. If you want to avoid that hassle entirely, you can check out places like Hungry Bites, Fauji Da Dhaba, and UGTE Restaurant in close proximity. Moreover, you’ve got Super Bakery and New Super Bakery very close to the homestay, in case you’re in the mood for a snack.

Accessibility: The closest airport to Haridwar is in Dehradun and is called Jolly Grant International Airport. This airport is about 27 kms away from the homestay and will take less than an hour for you to commute between the two places. On the other hand, the closest railway station is about 22 kms away from this homestay. However, the commute from the railway station takes you through some very scenic routes, which is something we think you should know.

Ideal For: Families, couples.

Pet Friendliness: This property does not allow pets.

Rate: Starts at INR 800 per night.

Location: Delhi Farm Road, Rishikesh.

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Abhi Ganga Homestay

Located between Ganga Kenal and the main river Ganga in Kankhal, Abhi Ganga Homestay is a mid-budget accommodation for visitors of Haridwar. It is right in the middle of the town, very close to Haridwar-Roorkee Road. So, coming in and out of this place when you’re exploring Haridwar is very easy.

Once you get to Abhi Ganga Homestay, you’re welcomed by a two-story house. It has four bedrooms for its guests, all of which have attached private balconies and attached bathrooms. Moreover, you have the option of choosing between an AC room and a non-AC room. All the rooms in this property have large windows that let a lot of light and fresh air in, ensuring that you never feel congested. That being said, you can always spend some time on the terrace for that much more peace.

Staying at Abhi Ganga Homestay puts you very close to places like Gangolihat Ki Mahakali Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Sati Kund Temple, Udan Khatola, Vishnu Ghat, and Har Ki Pauri. All of these attractions are in an approximate 5 km wide circle and there are tons of transportation options to take you to all of these places and back.

Food Availability: There is a basic kitchenette on the property that can be used to heat up food or make basic snacks like tea and coffee. However, you will have to visit one of the many great restaurants in the vicinity for a meal. In our opinion, Sardaar Saab Restaurant, Purohit Bhojnalay, and Ramesh Pundir Dal Chole Kulche are some of the best options available.

Accessibility: Located about 3.5 kms away from Haridwar Railway Station, it will only take you 15 minutes in a rickshaw to reach Abhi Ganga Homestay. On the other hand, Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is about 42 kms away. So, you can get a bus or a cab to get to the homestay, both of which are frequent from the airport.

Ideal For: Families, solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed in this homestay.

Rate: Starts at INR 1,450 per night.

Location: Kankhal, Haridwar.

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homestays in haridwar

Best Boutique Homestay(s) In Haridwar

Govindam Homestay

Located less than a kilometer away from Haridwar Railway Station, Govindam Homestay puts you in the middle of all the places to see in Haridwar. The host, Ram, is very friendly and will help you with whatever comes your way. So, once you make your way to Haridwar, you’re in for a good time and that’s guaranteed.

The homestay itself is a gated bungalow with a decent-sized yard and ample parking space. There’s a park that shares its boundary wall with the homestay and the guests are free to use it to their heart’s content. Moreover, the park also has a playground. So, if you’re traveling with children, they also have a safe area to burn some energy. On the inside, this homestay is a fully furnished house that has all the creature comforts you could ask for. There are three bedrooms to choose from, all of which are en-suite with bathrooms. Moreover, you’re free to access the kitchen in the house to cook meals for yourself.

On the other hand, once you step out of this homestay, you have multiple tourist attractions in close proximity. The main market in Haridwar, Har Ki Pauri, and Gauri Kund are all under two kilometers from Govindam and can be easily accessed on foot. If you’re looking for secure accommodation in the middle of the city, you might want to check this place out.

Food Availability: Guests at Govindam Homestay can access the kitchen on the property to cook for themselves. However, for a taste of what Haridwar has to offer, they will have to visit Chotiwala Restaurant, Dada Boudir Hotel, or Hoshiyarpuri. All of these places are close to the homestay and offer amazing food from different cuisines.

Accessibility: Since Govindam Homestay is right behind Haridwar Railway Station, you can just walk to the place once you get off a train. However, if you’re planning on flying in, you’ll have to travel 44 kms by road from Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. You will find buses coming to Haridwar from Dehradun but we’d recommend you take a cab to the homestay for the most comfortable commute possible.

Ideal For: Families.

Pet Friendliness: This property does allow pets and there is ample space in the yard for them to run around. However, we recommend talking to the staff about your pets and their needs before making a reservation.

Rate: Starts from INR 3,750 per night.

Location: Bilkeshwar, Haridwar.

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UVs Homestay

UV’s Homestay is a cozy spot that allows you to visit the tourist attractions in the city as well as the trails that lie right beside the town. Moreover, the hosts are known to be very friendly and accommodating. They live on the ground floor of the homestay and are available for any help you’d require.

On the inside, there are three bedrooms that are available for renting out. All of them are equipped with bathrooms, TVs, and a balcony. While you have complete privacy in those areas, the kitchen and living area are communal and will be shared with other guests of the homestay. There’s also a library in this homestay for the guests. So, if you’re looking for a day of solace and the company of great minds, you can spend as much time here as you like.

Staying at UV’s Homestay puts you in the middle of the city. The best part is, public transportation is very easily found from around the homestay, especially cycle-rickshaws. Regardless of how you travel, you won’t have to do a lot of it. Places like Prajapati Daksh Temple, Mansa Devi Ropeway, Ranipur Gate, and Chandi Devi Ropeway are all less than 5 kms away from UV’s Homestay.

Food Availability: Homemade food is provided on request by the hosts of the homestay. In fact, if you make a request early enough, they will also pack lunches for you as you explore the city of Haridwar.

Accessibility: UV’s Homestay is only 1.5 kms away from Haridwar Railway Station and you can easily find auto-rickshaws, or cycle-rickshaws, to take you to the homestay. On the other hand, Jolly Grant Airport, the closest airport to this place, is about 42 kms away.

Ideal For: Families, couples, solo travelers.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are welcome in this homestay. In fact, there’s a lawn right out the front door. So, you can rest assured that your pet won’t be congested for space at all.

Rate: Starts at INR 3,250 per night.

Location: Devpura, Haridwar.

homestays in haridwar

Best Luxury Homestay(s) In Haridwar

Nehnilayam Homestay

Nehnilayam Homestay prides itself on the ‘fusion of style and comfort’ that the hosts have managed to create and maintain. Located off of Haridwar main Road, this homestay puts you in a very convenient spot that lets you go around Haridwar without a lot of hassles. In fact, the area in which Nehnilayam Homestay is located has a few spots that put you next to the River Ganga, only where it isn’t as crowded.

As you get to the homestay, you’ll see a bright blue wall hiding an equally bright blue and yellow, two-story house. As you enter, you’re welcomed by a very cozy house that is decorated with wooden furniture and decor that gives it a very rustic vibe, taking you to the nineties.

There are two rooms in this homestay that you can book. One of the rooms is a studio room with a double bed and an attached bathroom. On the other hand, the other room is a suite with two double beds, an attached bathroom, and a private balcony. Regardless of what room you choose, you get large windows looking out to beautiful Haridwar and a common sit-out place on the terrace.

As you step out of Nehnilayam Homestay, you’re put in close proximity to places like Mansa Devi Temple and Har Ki Pauri. Moreover, the area around this homestay is very calm. So you can just take a stroll whenever you feel like it. The best part is, if you don’t feel like stepping out at all, you can take a cooking class from the hosts to spend your time.

Food Availability: The hosts of this homestay pride themselves on the vegetarian satvik (good, healthy) food that they cook and will prepare the same for their guests upon request.

Accessibility: The closest airport is 44 kms away in Dehradun, while the closest railway station is Jwalapur Railway Station. Most trains that come to Haridwar stop at this station. If you’re getting off here, it is an approximately 10-minute-long walk.

Ideal For: Solo travelers, couples.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed in this homestay.

Rate: Starts at INR 3,800 per night.

Location: Jwalapur, Haridwar.

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Summing Up

As small as the holy town of Haridwar is, it’s bustling with life. Homestays in the area are far and few but the ones that do operate here pride themselves on the taste of local life that they provide. If you’re in the town to visit all the religious places, the people in these homestays will be your biggest asset. If you’re in Haridwar just to explore, you get to live life close to a local’s. So, we think homestays are a good deal. When are you going to check this town out?


Which Is The Best Homestay In Haridwar?

While there are a few fair contenders in this fight, Asma Greens Homestay and Nehnilayam Homestay take the moniker of the best homestays in Haridwar.

What Is The Price Range For Homestays In Haridwar?

In Haridwar, you can find a homestay for a price between INR 700 and INR 4,000.

What Is The Best Time To Go To Haridwar?

Haridwar experiences a moderate climate throughout the year. However, we recommend going there in the time between November and March. During this time, the weather is pleasant and allows you to explore much more of the holy place.

What Can You Shop For In Haridwar?

A few things like old coins, stone shaligrams, Rudraksh malas, and brass items are well-known as souvenirs sold in Haridwar.

What Is Haridwar Famous For?

Haridwar is a very famous pilgrimage destination for Hindus. This is because it is bestowed with the presence of three gods: Bramha, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Haridwar?

Any time between November and March is good if you're planning a trip to Haridwar. This timeframe will allow you to visit the town when the weather is quite pleasant.

What Should I Wear In Hardiwar?

There are two factors that come into play when deciding an outfit in Haridwar. 1) It's cold. 2) It's a pilgrimage destination. We would suggest you to choose an outfit that covers you. Trousers, shirts, and/or T-shirts with one winter layer over them should be just fine.

How Much Do Helicopter Tickets Cost In Haridwar?

If you book a one-way ticket for the helicopter ferry, it will cost you around INR 3,250. On the other hand, buying a round trip ticket for Kedarnath Darshan will cost you about INR 7,300.

Do You Need To Carry Oxygen In Haridwar?

No, you don't need Oxygen tanks or a breathing apparatus in Haridwar. However, if you do feel uneasy, there are medical camps set up with all the equipment you might need to breathe easily.