Best Homestays In Hampi For Backpackers

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is one of those destinations that you can’t be bored of. The Vijayanagara Empire left Hampi with its finest architecture and designs attentively carved on its temples and monoliths. As you delve deeper into this historic town, you’re bound to find something new to learn about its rich heritage and culture. This adds to the overall thrill of visiting “The Lost Empire” a.k.a. Hampi.

With its location near the River Tungabhadra, this heritage site is an archaeological destination that’s still known to attract many backpackers all year round. And if you’re a backpacker looking for good homestays to stay in, you have come to the right place. Continue reading our article on the best homestays in Hampi for backpackers.

Best Homestays In Hampi For Backpackers

  1. Mayuram Homestay
  2. Sudha Homestay
  3. Thilak Homestay
  4. Veeru Homestay
  5. Riverside Homestay

Affordable Homestays In Hampi

Mayuram Homestay

Located in the heart of Hampi, Mayuram Homestay is known for its homely vibe that attracts many backpackers. Its accessibility to nearby landmarks such as the Virupaksha temple and Saasivekaalu Ganesha Temple makes this homestay earn a few brownie points to its name. Also, the Hampi Bazaar is very close to this property if you have to do any last-minute shopping.

The owner of the homestay is hospitable and kind in every way. He has the utmost knowledge about what places to visit and just about everything Hampi has to offer. If you need local transport to get you around, just shoot him a text and he’ll get things done.

When it comes to accommodation, this property comes with standard non-AC rooms with double-sized beds. Each room consists of basic amenities such as WiFi and hot water. Plus, there’s a kitchen equipped with a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave if you want to prepare something light. Although the rooms are small, they are spick and span and can accommodate at least 3 adults comfortably.

Food Availability: Unfortunately, this homestay doesn’t serve food; but, they do have a kitchen that can be used to prepare small meals. Few restaurants are available nearby so you don’t have to worry about food.

Accessibility: If you prefer coming by air, the nearest airports to Hampi are Hubli and Belgaum. You’ll get regular flights from Bangalore to the Hubli Airport whereas Belgaum/Belagavi Airport has flights from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Jabalpur. Taxis and buses can be easily found from both the airports to reach Hampi. Once you reach Hampi, book a cab to reach the homestay.

If you are coming by train, Hospet Junction is the nearest railway station you’ll find; reach the homestay by catching a rickshaw or a cab. To cut down costs, you can take a bus from the Hospet Bus Stand to Hampi and then travel by rickshaw to reach Mayuram homestay. From the Hampi bus stand, the homestay is just 5 minutes by foot, saving you travel costs.

Pet Friendliness: Mayuram Homestay does not allow pets.

Rate: Prices start at INR 600 per night.

Ideal For: Families, singles, and married couples.

Location: Janatha plot, river road, Hampi 583239.

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Best Homestays In Hampi

Sudha Homestay

Sudha Homestay is another good place to rest if you’re looking for budget-friendly options, especially if you’re a backpacker. The location is close to sightseeing landmarks such as the Virupaksha Temple and the Hemakuta Hill - a tourist landmark famous for its line of ancient temples and panoramic rustic views. In addition, Sudha Homestay is far away from the bustle, attracting tourists who yearn for tranquility to stay in its peaceful rooms.

When it comes to accommodation, this homestay doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find standard rooms with queen-sized beds and standard AC rooms with twin beds, suited to accommodate a family of three. The rooms come with basic amenities such as hot water and WiFi so, in that regard, Sudha Homestay takes care of your necessities.

To get a good view of Hampi’s serene landscape, head over to the homestay’s terrace from where you’ll be blessed with refreshing views of coconut trees and calming sunsets. If you’re coming by your personal vehicle, the homestay also offers a small parking area that's free of charge.

Food Availability: Sudha Homestay doesn’t provide any meals but various restaurants are just a short walking distance from the property.

Accessibility: You’ll find taxis from the Hubli Airport and Belgaum Airport taking you directly to the homestay but they can be pricey. If you want to cut down costs, travel by bus from the airport to the Hampi bus stand. From the Hampi bus stand, the homestay is just 6-minutes away by foot.

If you enjoy traveling by train, you can catch a cab or a taxi from Hospet Junction to the homestay. For a cheaper alternative, the Hospet bus stand is just 1.2 km from the railway station. You can choose to walk to the bus station and then catch a bus to Hampi.

Pet Friendliness: This homestay doesn’t allow pets.

Rate: Prices start at INR 700 per night.

Ideal For: Singles and families.

Location: Janata Plot, Hampi 583239.

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Thilak Homestay

Located in the center of Hampi Bazaar, Thilak Homestay is a place known for its polite hospitality, access to sightseeing areas, and spacious rooms. The welcoming nature of the owners is the primary reason why backpackers feel comfortable and at home. Plus, they’ve ample knowledge of which areas to visit and will also go the extra mile to provide necessary transportation arrangements.

Each room of the homestay is fitted with basic amenities including mosquito nets and free toiletries to make your stay comfortable. In addition, Thilak Homestay also has an emergency backup inverter, which is a real added bonus to staying here. If you want to do some yoga or practice meditation, the terrace of the homestay would be perfect for that.

Where parking is concerned, Thilak Homestay has got you covered. They offer free parking and have ample space to accommodate any type of vehicle.

Food Availability: The homestay doesn’t provide any food but it does have many restaurants nearby. Some famous restaurants you should try out for some mouth-watering local dishes are Ravi’s Rose Restaurant and Mango Tree Restaurant.

Accessibility: From Hospet Jn, a cab will directly take you to the homestay. The same thing applies to cabs around the Hubli Airport and Belgaum Airport as well. By bus, the nearest bus stop to the homestay is the Hamp bus stand, which is just a 4-minute walk away.

Pet Friendliness: No pets are allowed.

Rate: Prices start at INR 800 per night.

Ideal For: Singles and couples.

Location: Riverside road, Hampi 583239.

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Best Homestays In Hampi

Luxurious Homestays In Hampi

Veeru Homestay

Veeru Homestay is a good place to rest and be pampered if you have a slightly bigger budget to spend on accommodation. You’ll see a variety of small plants and palms adorning the area and making the surroundings warm and welcoming. Also, don’t miss the different trees grown, providing shade to parked vehicles in the cemented forepart of the property.

Whether you’re coming here by yourself or with a group of friends, Veeru Homestay will see that all your basic needs are met. Its excellent customer service, clean rooms, and scrumptious home-cooked food are the main factors why backpackers return to this homestay.

When it comes to its accommodation, you have an option to choose between their AC and non-AC rooms. They come with double beds and are fitted with the latest amenities suited for your convenience. The terrace is perhaps the hallmark of this property, providing a bird's-eye view of the neighborhood and the right amount of comfort to have dinner with family or your biker friends.

As a bonus, their facilities extend to coracle rides, bike & bicycle rentals, and rickshaw transportation as well. And because of its amount of facilities, room amenities, and caring customer service, Veeru Homestay becomes one of Hampi’s highly rated homestays.

Food Availability: This homestay provides home-cooked meals for its guests. With its menu having a good list of vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes, you don’t have to search for any other food options outside the homestay.

Accessibility: The homestay is located at a distance of 15 km from the Hospet bus stop. From there, you can book a taxi and stop at Veeru Homestay.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in this homestay.

Rate: Prices start at INR 1,000 per night.

Ideal For: Singles, couples, families.

Location: Near Kaddirampura, Surya Garden, Hampi.

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Riverside Homestay

If you are looking for a homestay that is close to tourist attractions and the city center, then add Riverside Homestay to your list. Surrounding its area, you have several coconut trees, a local river, and other forms of greenery, setting the overall tone and vibe of the homestay. Also, the Virupaksha Temple is just 300 meters away and it can clearly be seen from the homestay’s rooftop.

The exterior of Riverside Homestay’s structure has bright colors and it’s a star element. Much of that vibrancy is brought to its rooms as each room is painted a different tone and colored differently than the other, making the interiors unique and lively. When it comes to room options, you can either choose a room with double beds or a non-AC room with double beds in Riverside Homestay. If you are hungry, head over to their rooftop restaurant that serves delicious home-cooked meals.

Food Availability: The homestay has a restaurant that serves delicious Kannada-style food. Although there are a couple of restaurants nearby, this homestay’s in-house restaurant will be more than sufficient for you.

Accessibility: From Hospet Jn, cabs will easily take you directly to the homestay but they are an expensive alternative. Instead, catch a bus from the Hospet bus depot to Hampi. The Hampi bus stand is just 200 meters from the homestay and the distance can be traveled by foot.

The Hubli Airport is 170 km from the homestay and taxis near the airport will drop you directly to it.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed.

Rate: Prices start at INR 1,200 per night.

Ideal For: Singles and families.

Location: Janata plot, Hampi 583201.

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Best Homestays In Hampi

Summing Up

Hampi is one of India’s most backpacker-friendly destinations, and now you know which homestays in this ancient town are the best for backpackers. Most of the homestays mentioned are close to tourist attractions, making sightseeing and exploring convenient, and also have basic amenities installed. In addition, the hosts of these homestays are hospitable and they indeed take the phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava” seriously. In other words, you’ll be in safe hands in any of our mentioned homestays in Hampi. So, travel to this historic town, and enjoy its scenic and cultural offerings to the fullest.


What Are Some Best Homestays In Hampi For Backpackers?

Some of the best homestays in Hampi for backpackers are Mayuram Homestay, Sudha Homestay, Thilak Homestay, Veeru Homestay, and Riverside Homestay.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Hampi?

If you want to experience Hampi in all its glory, then visit this historic town in the winter season. The weather is perfect for sightseeing, and in November, the annual Hampi Festival takes place. The festival is a celebration of the heritage of the Vijayanagara Empire where the entire town is decorated with fairy lights and all sorts of decorations. You can enjoy folk dances and music performances during the festival.

How Many Days It Will Take To Cover Hampi?

Hampi has to be savored, and it’s best done within three days. You’ll be able to visit the main sites of this town at a good pace, and also get some extra time for shopping.

Why Is Hampi Famous In Karnataka?

Hampi is marveled for its historic temples and monolithic sculptures left behind by the Vijayanagara Empire. Each monument has some form of skilled workmanship on it, and that finesse attracts many visitors from far and near to observe the technical intricacies up close.

Is Drinking Allowed In Hampi?

Alcohol is prohibited in Hampi. However, if you get across the river, you'll find a couple of places selling alcohol, but their prices are double the standard rate.

How Do You Travel In Hampi?

Exploring Hampi is extremely convenient. You can travel around this town either by foot, cycle, or rickshaw since the monuments are pretty close, or equidistant, to each other.

Does Hampi Have A Railway Station?

Hampi doesn't have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is in Hospet, which is approximately 13 km from Hampi.

How Long Is Hampi From Bangalore?

Bangalore is around 340 km from Hampi, and the driving distance between Bangalore and Hampi is close to 5 hours.