Best Homestays in Chail

Best Homestays in Chail

Himachal Pradesh has several hill stations and the locals are blessed to experience its serene year-round climate every day. Apart from this, it’s also known for its beautiful untouched forests and establishments that are built amidst that greenery. The Chail Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions known for its immaculate architecture. The Chail Gurudwara is another such spot of significance that many come to visit because of its high wooden roofs, which is the star highlight of the monument. 

If you want to experience Chail with a more homely vibe, then try staying in a homestay instead of visiting hotels like people usually would. Read on and see which are the best homestays in Chail you can select from on your next trip to this scenic hill station.

7 Best Homestays In Chail

  1. Exotic Residencia Homestay
  2. LivingStone Chail
  3. Anand Homestay
  4. Raj MoonLight Homestay
  5. Panorama Homestay
  6. Star Galaxy Super Homestay
  7. Bhagsu Homestay

Exotic Residencia Homestay 

Nestled amidst the green mountains of Chail resides a charming homestay on the quiet streets of Lower Bazaar. Upon reaching the area, you’ll see a bright red board reading ‘Exotic Residencia Homestay Chail’ in all caps. When you enter their bedrooms, you’ll notice the wooden ceilings and the gorgeous interiors done up to foster a sense of hospitality. From the balcony, you get airy views of mountain ranges, and from inside the apartment, you get the same through their large glass window panes in the living room. 

If you’re looking for a place to digital detox, this is the one for you as they don’t provide Wi-fi. Staying at Exotic Residencia is perhaps the most ideal means of connecting with yourself, with nature, and with the person you’ve come with.  

Food Availability: Exotic Residencia does have breakfast-in-bed options, but that’s the extent of their food services. However, you can make use of their small kitchenette if you want to make some Maggi for yourself or boil some tea. Anand Bhojnalaya, Shere-Punjab, and Kailash Hotel are hotels near the homestay. They’re known for their vegetarian food, so go ahead and try them out.   

 Accessibility: From Chandigarh Airport, the homestay is approximately 50 km away. Buses and taxis are available and are your only feasible options. However, the distance is closer if you stop at Shimla Airport. It is then just a 17 km drive to Exotic Residencia Homestay. If you’re driving, you’ll have to park your car outside as they don’t have private parking spaces.   

Ideal For: If you’re a group looking for a place with a homely vibe, then this homestay is the perfect match. The same goes for families. 

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed inside, so say your goodbyes to Lucy (your hypothetical pet poodle) at the earliest. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): Their entire apartment consisting of 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette, and a balcony costs approximately INR 4,000 per night. 

Location: Lower bazaar, Chail.

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LivingStone Chail 

Located amid pine and deodar trees, you have LivingStone Chail, a multi-story cottage, sitting prettily amidst nature’s glory. It is constructed on an elevation, so you’ll have to climb a few flights of stairs before entering the main hall. Once you enter the main hall, you’ll be hit with its cozy vibes since the chic sofas and patterned wooden chairs all contribute to making you feel at home. From the main hall, climb another flight of stairs and you’ll see a mini-fireplace surrounded by warm seating arrangements. 

There’s a lot you can do on this property. You can have barbeque nights here, while the kids have a good time in the children's play area that’s nearby. Apart from this, the place also has a ton of indoor and outdoor activities. You can play a game of chess with your spouse, inside or outside. You can also challenge your friend to a game of darts or mini-golf while at LivingStone as the premises offers all those facilities. The best part is that you’re doing all of this while looking at the serene landscape that surrounds Chail.  

Food Availability: LivingStone has a restaurant on-site that serves a plethora of dishes, so you don’t have to look that far for food. They even have a separate menu for children so the restaurant’s got you covered with regard to everything food. If you want to enjoy some South Indian cuisine, drop into Maple Restaurant which is just a short walk from the homestay.   

Accessibility:  The Solan Railway Station is approximately 35 km from this place. If you’re flying, the homestay is approximately 60 km from Shimla Airport. 

Ideal For: Unmarried couples and bachelors are not allowed in LivingStone Chail. This means that only married couples and those with families can book this homestay.  

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, LivingStone does not allow pets. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For a 2 BHK, this accommodation costs INR 8,800 per person. 

Location: Himachal Pradesh, LivingStone, Village DUNO, Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Road, Chail.

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best homestays in Chail

Anand Homestay 

Among the narrow roads of Upper Bazar, you will find a homestay sandwiched in between a row of picturesque buildings. Ask any local of the place and they’ll immediately point you to the multi-floored structure. As you enter one of their rooms, you can’t help but admire the solid colors that the bedrooms are decked in along with pretty, spacious wooden cupboards and tea tables to put your stuff on. 

While you peek from the balcony, you’ll get the chance to admire the lush sights surrounding you. This is perfect if you want to have some quiet time for yourself. When it comes to amenities, the place has a doctor on-call and a restaurant on the ground floor. You’ll also feel pretty secure here because it has 24-hour security. 

Food Availability: Just below the homestay is their restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Their Paranthas and Namkeen Lassi are a real hit among customers. You’ve got Panorama Bakery a stone's throw away from the homestay if you’d like to savor their delicious pastries instead.   

Accessibility: The Solan Railway Station is approximately 36 km away from Anand Homestay. You’ll have to catch a cab to reach the place.  

Ideal For: Unmarried couples are not allowed, but bachelors are. If you’ve always wanted to travel solo and explore the offerings of Chail, then this homestay is ideal for you. 

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed on this property, so better say your goodbyes to your furry friends at the earliest. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): A deluxe room will cost you INR 2,240 per night for two adults. 

Location: Upper Bazar, Chail.

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Raj MoonLight Homestay

When you stand across this homestay, you’ll be greeted by the small but well-kept lawn on a slightly higher elevation. There’s a tiny patio as well, so you can go and enjoy reading your favorite novel there. 

The place embodies simplicity and comfort and is ideal for a small weekend getaway. After you leave your sandals on the polished red floor and relax on their wide comfy beds, you’re surely going to think about how blessed you are to have found this simple abode. The place also has CCTV and security cameras placed at strategic locations, so you can sleep soundly at any time of the day.   

Food Availability: They have a restaurant attached to their homestay, so you don’t need to travel far to have some veg fried rice. You could also use their shared kitchen and cook a meal for yourself. The vegetable market is just 5 km from the property, if you’re in the mood for some fresh produce.    

Accessibility: Raj Moonlight Homestay is approximately 53 km by taxi. From Shimla Airport, the distance is around 47 km by car.  

Ideal For: It’s a great place for married couples, or for those who like to travel with family.  

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed at Raj MoonLight. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For two people, their rooms are charged at INR 1,447 per night. 

Location: Vill. Mihani, Kandaghat Road, Chail.

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homestays in chail

Panorama Homestay 

This red and white 3-story homestay stands apart from the rest of the other structures surrounding the area. And this theme is carried out from their decor to the linen they choose in their bedrooms. The living room has chic sofas and coffee tables done up elegantly keeping comfort in mind, lending a modern tinge to its ambiance. From your bedroom balcony, enjoy panoramic views of Chail, and notice how the residents go on about doing their daily chores. 

If you ever feel like catching up on some Netflix specials while you’re sipping your morning cup of chai, use their free Wi-fi to your heart’s content! 

Food Availability: The homestay provides continental breakfast every morning. This is a real plus point for those who don’t want to walk around in search of breakfast places. With their kitchen facility, you can always also cook up a meal yourself. If you’d like a light afternoon snack, visit Gurudev Maggie Paratha Point, which is a few kilometers away from the homestay.   

Accessibility: From the Solan Railway Station, the homestay is located approximately 34 km away. Taxis are readily available to travel to this place. 

Ideal For: The place is couple-friendly, regardless of your marital status. However, bachelors aren't allowed. 

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): It will cost INR 2,080 per night for a single room 

Location: Village Mihani Post office, Chail, Tehsil Kandaghat.

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Star Galaxy Super Homestay

This homestay is tucked far away from the main road and from all the honking and noise pollution. So, don’t be surprised when you wake up to the beautiful sound of birds chirping in the morning. From its terrace, you also get a good bird’s eye view of the locality, making it perfect to renew your connection to mother nature. It’s a good place to do a couple of yoga stretches as well before you start your day. 

From Star Galaxy, Chail Palace is just 4 km away, so if you want to do a bit of sightseeing and savor the history of the place, then you know where to go. 

Food Availability: The place has a restaurant, but it serves just tea and snacks. You could always use the kitchenette if you want to cook up a quick snack. 

Accessibility: The Shimla Airport is just 18 km from the homestay, and you can easily take a taxi to the place. They also have private parking available, which they deserve a couple of brownie points for.  

Ideal For: Only bachelors and married couples are allowed here. This place is ideal for families as well since the ambiance is quite homely. 

Pet Friendliness: If you’re a pet parent, then three cheers for Star Galaxy Super Homestay because pets are allowed here.

Rate (exclusive of taxes): For a one-day stay for two people, the rate will be INR 2,088. 

Location: Vill. Jeetnagar, Chail

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homestays in chail

Bhagsu Homestay

Good food, cheap accommodation, and a friendly environment are a few things that Bhagsu Homestay goes by. The owners are extremely jolly people, so you can be sure that there’s never going to be a dull moment when they’re around. This definitely makes a huge difference to the staying experience. 

Bhagsu Homestay’s bedrooms are spacious enough for you to run around or to even take small jogs in. Its cream-colored atmosphere definitely makes it warmer and more cozy. Looking for a place to call your second home? Visit Bhagsu Homestay in Chail and you most certainly won’t be disappointed. They have a washing machine as well, so there’s no need for you to repeat outfits for your next excursion!   

Food Availability: Since they’re located in a more forested area, it only makes sense if they include a restaurant along with the homestay. So, if you need to grab a snack, or have lunch or dinner, then this restaurant will save you the trouble of finding a new place to serve you meals. They prepare really scrumptious hot veg. dumplings, and rava idli sambhar. So, feast away!  

Accessibility: From Shimla Airport, it’s a 48 km drive to the homestay. From Solan Railway Station, the distance is around 38 km to Bhagsu Homestay. Taxis are your best bet to get at the HomeStay.

Ideal For: It’s an ideal homestay for families, and married couples since its location is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed here, unfortunately. 

Rate (exclusive of taxes): Their room rates range from around INR 1,500 - 2,000 per night for two people.

Location: Lower Bazar, Chail.

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Which Are Some Common Amenities Homestays Provide?

24-hour security via CCTVs and security alarms, free Wi-fi, private parking space, kitchenettes, etc. are some common amenities you’ll find in homestays across the board.   

What Are Some Best Homestays In Chail?

  • Exotic Residencia Homestay: Best place to digitally detox. 
  • LivingStone Chail: Ton of amenities for couples and families.
  • Anand Homestay: Bright solid-colored rooms with comfort as their focal point.  
  • Raj MoonLight Homestay: Well kept lawns, a cozy ambiance. 
  • Panorama Homestay: Chic interiors. 
  • Star Galaxy Super Homestay: Away from the traffic and noise of the city.  
  • Bhagsu Homestay: A serene, homely feel.    

What Is Chail Famous For?

The Chail Palace is the star attraction of this hill station and has been attracting tourists for centuries. Constructed in 1891, the Maharaja of Patiala built this grand structure as a summer retreat during British rule. The rooms in the palace function till date, and everyone who wants to experience a piece of history stays in them for a day or two.    

Does Chail Have Snow?

Chail does have snow during the peak winter season. From green to white, the color transition that happens on its mountain peaks and ranges is one of the prettiest sights to see. December to February are the best months to visit Chail so as to experience that transition.

How Far Is Chail From Kasauli?

Chail is around 64 km away from Kasauli.

How Far Is Chail From Chandigarh?

Chail is around 104 km away from Chandigarh.

Is Chail Higher Than Shimla?

Chail sits at an altitude of 2250 m, which is even higher than Shimla.

Which district Is Chail In Himachal Pradesh?

Chail is located in the Solan District in Himachal Pradesh.