Best Eateries In South Mumbai That You Must Visit!

As humans with the privilege to taste the epitome of flavors, it is only fair for us to get random cravings. And those cravings must be met with the absolute best! South Mumbai is known for the diverse variety of options available when it comes to food. We aren’t kidding. All it takes is one Google search about the cuisine you’re thinking of. And voila! You’ll have a sea of options to choose from.

South Mumbai is the central and oldest part of the city. Being so rich with history, you’ll find it in the itinerary of all the tourists that come to visit. But are you even enjoying the place to the fullest if you’re not visiting the top restaurants with lip-smacking food? Worry not! We’ll tell you the best eateries in South Mumbai to go to next time you're in town.

4 Legendary Eateries In South Mumbai

  1. New Martin Hotel
  2. Cafe Churchill
  3. Leopold Cafe
  4. Cafe Mondegar 

New Martin Hotel

Known for its value-for-money experience, New Martin Hotel serves authentic Goan cuisine. From the outside, it looks a little rustic and seems stuck in the past. But the second you step inside, you’ll have one of the best meals of your life.

This eatery in South Mumbai is known for Prawn Pulav, Fish Curry Rice, Steak and Chips, Vindaloo, and Chicken Roast. The best part? It doesn’t feel like you’re eating out in a restaurant. Every bite feels like home-cooked comfort food.

New Martin Hotel is located in Colaba Causeway. It’s open from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 3 pm during the day, and 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the evening. Don’t visit the place on Sundays because it’s closed. Even restaurants deserve a day’s rest.    

Cafe Churchill

This quaint cafe in Colaba Causeway is easy to miss on the busy roads of Colaba. But, the ambience is very cozy and feels welcoming.

Photo Credits: TheUntourists/Pinterest

Behind this famous eatery is a Parsi couple that should get all the credit. Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Burgers, and Pasta are the most praised of this restaurant in South Mumbai. The taste of every dish served is simply heavenly. The menu is so vast that your concern wouldn’t be how to finish the food, it’ll be– where to start ordering from.

Cafe Churchill is one of those eateries that are always busy no matter the time. Don’t let that put you off, because the service is as fast as The Flash! The staff here is very hospitable and you’ll be leaving the restaurant with happy smiles and a satiated tummy.

You can visit this cafe any day of the week. The timings are from 11 am to 11:30 pm. This makes it possible to drop by whenever you’re hungry for otherworldly flavors.

Leopold Cafe

Ask any local for recommendations and the one common answer you’ll hear everyone say is: Leopold Cafe is the best eatery in South Mumbai. The cafe has always been a symbol for Mumbai. But after the 26/11 attacks, its significance skyrocketed. Even now when you visit the cafe, you’ll see bullet marks all around the cafe. There are 19 of them to be exact and all of them are a tribute to the tragedy that happened.

Photo Credits: ButterflyWorkshops/Pinterest

The cafe is a great hangout place and is popular for its Shepherd's Pie, Draught Beer Tower, Walnut Pie, Beef Chilli, Chocolate Ecstasy, and Chicken Poppers. Leopold Cafe is a paradise found for those who are non-vegetarian. If you like alcohol with your food, Leopold Cafe has got you covered! Along with being a restaurant, it also has an entire bar.

We advise you to make reservations before visiting unless you enjoy waiting outside this cafe. Foreigners are a common sight because it’s quite famous among them.

The eatery is open every single day from 7:30 am to 12:00 am. You know what that means? They have everything starting from breakfast to dinner and drinks!

Cafe Mondegar

Once you enter Cafe Mondegar, you’re no longer in Mumbai, but in Goa. The walls are covered with quirky artwork by Mario Miranda, there’s retro English music playing in the vintage jukebox. To add to the charm, the atmosphere is bustling with people chattering away. It really makes you feel like you’ve teleported to India’s Sunshine State, just by the ambience.

Photo Credits: UrjaBhatt/Unsplash

This popular eatery is known for Fluffy Omelette, Latte Coffee, Kheema Ghotala, Draft Beer, King Prawns, and Cold Coffee. Cafe Mondegar is both beautiful and delicious! Despite the overflow of crowd because of its recognition, the service stays top-tier. The flavors really blend well together and every dish creates a savory buzz in your brains. 

The cafe is open from Monday to Sunday, and the opening hours are 8 am and it closes at 11:30 pm. Trust us, you want to experience dining at Cafe Mondegar in your time in Mumbai. 

Summing Up

These eateries in South Mumbai have perfected every dish they serve, giving you the experience of enjoying the authentic flavors. You may be aware of the presence of these legendary cafes, but if you haven't visited them yet, now is the moment to book your tables!


What Is The Price Of Cafe Mondegar For Two?

The cost for two at Cafe Mondegar is approximately INR 1,200.

What Is Mumbai’s Famous Food?

All of the Mumbaikars have an undying love for Vada Pav. It’s a spicy potato patty (Vada) that’s stuffed inside a bun (Pav) with chutney. If you’re in Mumbai, you’ll find a Vada Pav stall in pretty much every corner!

Why Is South Mumbai So Famous?

South Mumbai is one of Mumbai's wealthiest neighborhoods, home to Girgaon Chowpatty, Malabar Hill, and Marine Drive. Since it has been a magnet of economic activity for almost a century, it has drawn business communities from all over the world.

What Is The Famous Sweet Of Mumbai?

Jalebi and Kheer are the national sweets. Kaju Katli, Gujiya, and Son Papadi are also well-known.

Is Kala Ghoda Worth Visiting?

Yes. Kala Ghoda, located in South Mumbai's Fort neighborhood, is the city's crescent-shaped culture and art zone, equipped with cafes, museums, art galleries, and street art.

Why Is Colaba So Expensive?

Colaba is home to some of the most expensive real estate in India. A lot of the buildings here showcase the architecture during British rule, increasing the prestige of the area. And owning one of those prestigious is associated with wealth and achievement, enticing purchasers ready to pay a premium for it.

What Happened To Leopold Cafe?

The cafe was an early target of gunfire and grenade blasts during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks on November 26, about 9:30 p.m. Approximately an hour after landing, the terrorists fired bullets from outside the restaurant, killing ten people and wounded many more. During the attacks, the restaurant sustained substantial damage.

What Is Colaba Market Famous For?

The Colaba market is well-known among Mumbai residents. People enjoy collecting the best jewelry at a low cost. This market is also well-known for its quirky clothing, handicrafts, fashionable footwear, and so on.