Best Cycling Groups In Pune

Are you bored with your mirrored gym but still want to exercise? How about cycling your way to fitness? Rich in historical places, lush boulevards, and encircled by pretty mountains, Pune will definitely be a perfect setting for that.

You don’t even need to be stressed about finding new places since the city has cycling groups. These give you the best of Pune with their well-curated cycling events. Have we piqued your interest? We bet we have! So keep reading and learn more about the best cycling groups that Pune has to offer.

4 Best Cycling Groups In Pune

  1. Speaking Wheels Tribes
  2. Indo Athletic Society
  3. Pedal Thirst Adventures
  4. Raw Cycling Club

1. Speaking Wheels Tribes

Image Credits: Facebook/Speaking wheels

Let us introduce you to the group of Speaking Wheels Tribes which is formed by two ambitious men. Alongside their successful careers, they wanted to give back to society by bringing the missing puzzle into the industry. Both of them along with their life partners started the group with the tagline - ‘Peddle to happiness’.

They conduct specialty cycling events such as night heritage rides, monsoon tea hops, Nashik wine hops, and much more. You’ll find a good balance between female and male members in this group and the majority of them are above the age of 35. The minimum age to join this group is 18 and you can expect the events to start from INR 500.

They also organize backpacking cycling trips to Rann of Kutch, Assam, and more. Apart from cycling, you can take part in camping, hiking, bike riding, and tiger safaris. They believe in leisure cycling so if racing and competition are not your deal this group can be your best bet.

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2. Indo Athletic Society

Image Credits: Facebook/Indo Athletic Society

Next in line comes the well know Indo Athletic Society which is quite active and arranges long cycling trips across Pune. This is a non-profit socio-environmental government-recognized group with three main goals: health, environment, and enjoyment. They aim to create and foster awareness for health and the environment through the sports activities and games they conduct.

You can get every little detail on their Facebook page about their old and upcoming new events. They are well-trained to handle a large group of participants and keep their josh high. You can enjoy their varied events such as 365 days office commute challenge,  Bhakti-Shakti Cyclothon, Ghorwadeshwar Bike & Hike, and more.

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3. Pedal Thirst Adventures

Image Credits: Instagram/pedalthirstadventures

Another exciting group that we bring your way is Pedal Thirst Adventures with their young and exciting energy overflowing. An all-rounder cycling group that not only specializes in competitive but also leisure cycling events. They bring you the beauty of Pune along with the option of exploring outside of Pune as well.

Their curated cycling expeditions are varied and full of adventures. You too can go on these expeditions on a cycle with a group of people who share the same love for cycling and nature. The expeditions are from Mumbai to Goa, Manali to Leh, the Dandeli Jungle trail, and many more.

You can also experience the local food wherever you go as these guys have homestays, food, and enjoyment all taken care of. You can join the club with a minimum age of 18 and participate in their adventure-seeking cycling events.

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4. Raw Cycling Club

Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to Raw Cycling Club which is established since the year 2012 and has been arranging competitive cycling events. This group ensures your safety by getting you insurance, technicians, backup vehicles, and more. Their agenda is to encourage everyone to regularly cycle by posting their daily/weekly cycling routine. 

They do this with the help of the Strava app and maintain a weekly leaders dashboard. You can have your name shine on this dashboard by achieving the longest kilometer. They conduct weekend rides, daily fitness rides, cycling tours, holidays, and expeditions. A cycling workshop is also set up for their club members where you learn about cycling tricks and tips.

If you’re someone looking for competitive cycling and get motivated by their name displaying on a winner dashboard then this is the place for you. Apart from cycling, you can enjoy activities like trekking, camping, motorcycling tours, rock climbing, and more with them.

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Summing Up

With all these exciting cycling groups bringing their unique flavor to the table we’re sure you want to be a part of them all. A fun idea would be to choose your best cycling group by being a participant in at least one event of each group. This method will help you understand the type of people, and the level of cooperation each group holds. After all, you only live once and you should live it to the fullest, so check out these groups and select whichever one is the best for you.


Is Pune Good For Cycling?

One of the primary reasons bikers enjoy the Pune-Lonavala route is the excellent state of the roads, as well as the stunning scenery.

How Far Is Pune From Goa For Cycling?

The distance between Goa and Pune is around 460+ kilometers.

Is Cycle Allowed In Pune Metro?

Yes, A cycle is allowed in the Pune metro. As said by Hemant Sonawane, PRO of MahaMetro, “Passengers can enter at any station and any car with their bicycle”, highlighting the guidelines for riding a bicycle on the metro in Pune.

Can I Take My Cycle In Local Train Pune?

A two-wheeler can be transported by train in two ways. If you’re taking the same train, you can reserve the two-wheeler as baggage. If you’re not on the same train, you can reserve the two-wheeler as a package.

Can We Ride Cycle Daily?

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, and arthritis can all be prevented with regular physical activity. Riding your bike on a daily basis is one of the best strategies to lower your risk of health problems related to sedentary living.

Can We Go To Lonavala On A Cycle?

Yes, you can go to Lonavala by cycle from Pune. You can join a cycling club and have awesome company for an exciting ride to the hill station Lonavala.