Best Cycling Groups In Mumbai

The vibe of Mumbai and its people is quite outgoing and one that never sleeps. With increasing pollution, many cycling enthusiasts have started a cool trend. They mixed fitness with exploration and as we know it, that mix never goes out of style.

Add to that the excitement of riding with like-minded individuals, and you’ll have the most memorable stories to tell. You can do this by joining any of the cycling events held by these groups. Keep reading and you’ll soon know the best cycling groups in Mumbai.

7 Best Cycling Groups In Mumbai

  1. Velocrush India
  2. Cycling Under The Moonlight
  3. T Trikon
  4. Treks And Trails India
  5. Cyclofunatics
  6. Borivali Cyclists Association
  7. Chalo Chale

1. Velocrush India

Velocrush India is a one-stop solution for everything cycling. Velo means a vehicle powered by a human and crush is the emotion along with India as their exploration point. Velocrush has achieved a firm footing since 2015, bringing cycling the attention it deserves. You can go cycling with them on weekends. They conduct both midnight events on Saturdays and sunrise events on Sundays.

You don’t need to be a pro cyclist, have a cycle, or even know how to cycle in the first place. Velocrush not just brings you the joy of cycling on weekends but also holds cycling classes and rents cycles. They are a team of 30 people who are all trained and make sure that you get the best out of your time. If you have your own cycle you can enjoy the event at INR 650 and if not rent one with them and pay INR 990.

On weekends, one of the routes they trail on starts from Worli with views of the beautiful Arabian Sea. They head toward Haji Ali and then cover the Queen’s Necklace- Girgaon you have Chowpatty. From there they head to Marine Drive and cover Colaba and head back to Worli. To know more, you can connect with them on their website where you can also book your slots.

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2. Cycling Under The Moonlight

Image Credits: Instagram/mumbaicycling_

To bring some enjoyment to the mundane lives of Mumbaikars, Cycling Under The Moonlight started its journey in 2016. It’s co-owned by three partners who dropped out to start an exciting journey. This group aims to bring back those fond memories of your cycling and enhance them. Knowing that a lot of us prefer to sleep till 1 pm, this group opted to organize all their events on Saturday nights. That’s how their name came to be.

Starting with small troops they’ve come a long way where now they also entertain corporates and college groups. Each cycling event held by them has a head count of 30 so you better book soon. You can bring your cycle or rent one with them. If you have a cycle you’ll be charged INR 399 and without a cycle, the event costs INR 799.

At this event, they provide a  water bottle, snacks, energy drinks, a first aid kit, and three representatives to help you be on track. The event begins at 11 pm at Colaba and ends around 4 pm at the same place. You can expect to cover Worli Seaface, Radio Club, Gateway of India, Regal Cinema, Mantralaya, Nariman Point, and more.

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3. T Trikon

Image Credits: Instagram/t_trikon_

To ensure you get the best experience, T Trikon has its core mantra ‘going that extra mile’ in place. They arrange midnight cycling events starting at 11.30 pm from Happy Cycle Shop at Colaba and ending at 4.30 pm at the same spot. You’ll be covering Nariman Point, the Asiatic Society library, Girgaon Chowpatty, Babulnath Temple, Worli Seaface, and much more.

If you’re not a night owl they also have evening cycling events which are comparatively shorter. It starts at 4 pm from the same start point and ends at 7 pm giving you enough time to get ready for your beauty sleep. The places covered in the evening treks are Gateway Of India, Wilson College, Raj Bhavan, Walkeshwar, Teen Batti, and Kamla Nehru Park. A breakfast ride for early risers and cycling tours for the ones with high stamina are available too.

You can join in the fun whether you are 5 years old or 65 years old. They provide you with rented cycles and helmets, refreshments, and a first aid kit. The instructors known as buddies in this group will give you a brief of the trail in the first 15 mins and guide you throughout. These cycling events start from INR 899 and they take you through every nook and corner of Mumbai.

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4. Treks And Trails India

Image Credits: Instagram/treksandtrails

Treks and Trail India was founded back in 2012, with the funda of doing ‘the ordinary in an extraordinary way’. Already sounds fun right, let us tell you more. They organize midnight, sunrise, lakeside as well as coastal side cycling events. Not just that, they take you mountain cycling at Bhavali Dam too. A whole day of cycling event at Alibaug is also organized to explore the destination rightly.

You’ll get non-gear cycles with helmets at the start point of each event and they also include meals and refreshments. A list of what to carry is mentioned before the event so you can come prepared for the fun-packed journey. Their midnight event covers places like Colaba, Marine Drive, Babulnath, Breach Candy, Haji Ali, Worli Sea Face, and more.

They strictly prohibit smoking and drinking at the event and give you a list of rules to abide by to maintain decorum and safety. Apart from cycling, they organize trekking, camping, and backpacking trips as well. You can check their website for all the updates and bookings too.

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5. Cyclofunatics

Image Credits: Instagram/cyclofunatics

Quite young among the others, Cyclofunatics started their journey in 2020 and have the most unique ways of cycling as a group.  Their simple idea is to have fun exploring Mumbai while paddling your way through its lanes. All you need is a cycle and a helmet to join the group.

The entire event is cost-free so you’ll be required to bring in your snacks and other necessities. You’ll be going on long rides like Mumbai to Lonavala, Mumbai to Alibaug, Mumbai to Arunachal Pradesh, and more. The stay and meals are an affair mutually decided on and you get an itinerary beforehand to ensure your route.

The maximum head count is 50 and the bookings happen quickly so make sure you do the same. While on a cycling tour with them, you might do activities like kayaking, camping, and more. You can connect with the club by joining their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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6. Borivali Cyclists Association

While every other cycling group is trying to get in line with the fast-paced Mumbai, Borivali Cyclist Association is just trying to take a break. They are the most laid-back folks you’ll be riding with and sometimes that’s the energy we need. The majority of their activities are held in Borivali and Gorai. They organize a 21-day challenge where you’ll be covering the maxim distance and it’ll get recorded on Strava.

Here you can also be out of town and travel anywhere you wish as far as you are covering the maximum distance. After the challenge, you’ll be participating in their ‘Team Time Trail’ event which is a race of 20 km. If you’re wondering about renting a cycle, they provide that as well. The price range for their events ranges from INR 250 to 500.

The challenge and the event are a joint affair where at the end you get medals and certificates. Don’t fret, you’ll get a break of two days between the challenge and the event where you can rest up and prep for the race. The entire drill is sponsored by multiple brands so do expect t-shirts, food, refreshments, and more.

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7. Chalo Chale

Lastly, we bring you Chalo Chale, a quirky group that was established in December 2019. They started with an idea to promote Vasai and eradicate the rumors and taunts of Vasai being a village. This idea popped into the head of a passionate cyclist and now we have Chalo Chale a group dedicated to exploring Vasai.

To add more fun and joy they’ve curated their events in ways where you don’t just do cycling. You get to put up a tent, have a beach lunch, and play games with the group. No, it doesn't end there. You also get to camp under the starry sky right on the beach and have barbeque dinner, and breakfast in the morning.

These events start from INR 699 and their wholesome vibe is sure to bring you back wanting for more. The starting point is at K Movie Star Multiplex, Vasai (W) and there you’ll be given cycles and helmets. You can participate in events like cycling for a full day, monsoon cycling, backpacking trips, sunset cycling, and much more.

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Summing Up

So, now you know about the best cycling groups in Mumbai. Each brings you closer to the history, beaches, nightscapes, sunrises, and more. Join one and be ready to add memories to your bucket of cycling adventures, we hope you have enough room!


Which Is The Best Cycling Track In Mumbai?

The best cycling group in Mumbai are:

  • Velocrush India
  • Cycling Under The Moonlight
  • Mischief Treks
  • Chalo Chale
  • T Trikon
  • Treks And Trails India
  • Cyclofunatics
  • Malad Cycling Club
  • Borivali Cyclists Association
  • Chasing the Sun – We are Sunchasers

How Do I Find Local Cycling Groups?

You can find local cycling groups by starting the inquiry at the closest cycle vendors as they might have some details. A quick research on Facebook and Instagram can also help you narrow down some cycling groups.

How Do I Join A Cycle Group?

You can simply join their group on Facebook or Instagram and check them for upcoming events.

Is Group Cycling Safe?

Cycling in groups is safe if basic principles are followed. Please take the time to read their criteria and make sure you follow them when participating in member group runs. Group safety is dependent on group awareness and communication.

How Do I Find Friends For Cycling?

You can make new friends with like-minded people in a cycling group and go on adventures together.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Cycling Club?

Some of the benefits of joining a cycling club are improved fitness, safety, technical expertise partner discounts, social connections, organized rides, a traffic-free environment, and more.

Which Is The Best Place For Cycling In Goregoan?

The Aarey Path is one of the greatest places in Goregoan to ride. The little settlement is known as the 'Aarey Milk Colony.'

What Are The Three Main Positions In Cycling?

Cyclists typically adopt three postures: upright posture (UP), dropped posture (DP), and aero stance (AP).

Is It Safe To Cycle In Sanjay Gandhi National Park?

Yes, cycling at Sanjay Gandhi National Park is safe as there are officials and locals always available. Cycling in SGNP will take you through a varied landscape with small rises and falls at regular intervals.