Best Cycling Clubs In Delhi

You stay in Delhi and can't stop yourself from trying all the cuisines it offers, but you also need to keep your health in check. How about joining a cycling group to stay in shape while meeting new individuals to take on your next food date? It sounds like we hit the bull's eye with that suggestion. Read on and learn more about the best cycling clubs in Delhi.

5 Best Cycling Club In Delhi

  1. HCR Running and Cycling Group
  2. Delhi Randonneurs
  3. JNU Cycling Club
  4. Spoke Herd Community
  5. Noida Cycling Club

1. HCR Running And Cycling Group

HCR (Helipad Canal Riders) is a community in North Delhi that promotes running and cycling. They have cycling rides every day, so you can go whenever possible. It was founded by Sanjay Rathi in 2010, and they’ve achieved considerable success so far. In 2018, Deepak Chowdhary expanded this club with the intent of sharing the joy of cycling across Delhi and named it the Daredevils.

They also organize daily cycling events and social awareness campaigns such as ‘Stop child labor’. Along with that, they arrange races in which three groups are formed to keep everyone motivated. This includes basic riders, pro riders, and advanced riders. These groups start simultaneously to cover a distance suitable for each, and the endpoint is kept the same.

They’ve sponsored events such as the 21-day challenge to encourage regular riding. In the year 2023, they want to conduct a similar 100-day challenge. To win the challenge, you need to cycle for at least one hour every weekend. To join this group, you must have a cycle with a taillight and headlight, a helmet, and a reflective jacket.

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2. Delhi Randonneurs

Image Credits: Instagram/delhirandonneurs

The Delhi Randonneurs live up to their name by organizing long-distance cycling rides (up to 4000 km). You can put your endurance to the test with their curated cycling rides, which extend beyond Delhi. The most popular one of which is the G2G, a multi-day tracker-enabled ride. It begins at India Gate in New Delhi and ends at the Gateway of India in Mumbai.

They’ve been conducting such rides since 2011 and are located in North Delhi. After gaining significant recognition, they also started conducting triathlons and duathlons in Delhi. You get the experts in this sport sharing their diet, techniques, and more to help you become the next super randonneur.

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3. JNU Cycling Club

Image Credits: Instagram/jnucyclingclubdelhi

JNU Cycling Club is an official part of Jawaharlal Nehru University. This group arranges bike trips into three divisions: basic rides, pro rides, and advance rides. The basic ride is one where you cover no more than 50 km on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. The pro rides are on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month and you cover a distance of 100 km.

The advance rides, however, can be done once you perform well in the basic and pro rides and your medical fitness test is cleared. There are three such advance rides arranged every year, so you can prepare well for the challenge. These rides are 1000 km and are organized outside of Delhi and funded by the JNU Sports Office.

The club also organizes special cycling races on occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day, National Youth Day, World Environment Day, International Day of Yoga, etc. Not only that, but they also keep environmental awareness campaigns and weekly fitness events.

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4. Spoke Herd Community

A unique blend of food, cycling, and like-minded people is the Spoke Herd Community. They organize weekend rides and sometimes even weekday rides starting at 10.30 am and ending at 1.30 pm. Their journey began with putting action into the motto ‘being healthy and living a great lifestyle.’

You can enjoy a cup of coffee or Kulhad chai with a lip-smacking burger or sandwich at their stores. Along with that, they provide rental bicycles ranging from mountain bikes and tandem bikes to electric bikes and more. Pretty cool, right? They have certain membership fees, which you can see along with all of their benefits on their website.

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5. Noida Cycling Club

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Noida Cycling Club, also known as NCC, was formed by Aman Puri in 2011. The club's motto is built on bringing together like-minded people passionate about their fitness and health. They conduct activities in which a certain area of the city is selected and cycled to as a group.

Cycling isn't just about health for them but also about enjoyment, eating, and connection. They’re one of the clubs with the highest percentage of female cyclists in India and also organize female-specific rides.

When it comes to levels, they provide beginner rides every Saturday for those seeking a leisurely experience. On weekends, this club offers longer tours that go all the way up to India Gate or Terminal 3. Everyone aged 8 and above is allowed to become a member, and there’s no fee to be a part of the club.

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Summing Up

Now that you know about the best cycling clubs in Delhi to be a part of, which do you choose? We know they all have distinctive perks to offer and are sure to get you enthusiastic about the adventure they’ll take you on. So pick a club quickly and get ready to meet some very cool folks to share your foodgasm stories with.


How Can I Join A Cycling Club In Delhi?

You can join the best cycling clubs in Delhi by joining their Facebook or Instagram accounts and filling out a membership form. These clubs are,

  • HCR Running and Cycling Group
  • Delhi Randonneurs
  • JNU Cycling Club
  • Spoke Herd Community
  • Noida Cycling Club

Which City Is Most Cycle Friendly In India?

Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, and Chandigarh are one of the most cycle-friendly cities in India despite their traffic congestion.

How Do I Meet Cyclists?

You can meet a bunch of cyclists by joining a cycling club in your city.

Where Can I Cycle In Delhi?

You can enjoy cycling in Delhi at Sanjay Van, Dhaula Kuan to 11 Murti, Najafgarh Wetlands, Dwarka to Sultanpur, Aravali Biodiversity Park, and Tughlaqabad Fort-Faridabad.

Is Cycling Safe In Delhi?

Cyclists face a higher risk in Delhi than motorcyclists and car occupants so it’s best to wear proper cycling gear.

Which Time Is Best For Cycling In Delhi?

It’s better to go riding early in the morning in Delhi to avoid traffic.

Is Helmet Necessary For Cycling In Delhi?

Yes, every cyclist in Delhi must have a helmet while riding.