Best Cycling Clubs In Bangalore

When you think of the weather, Bangalore has the best one among all the metropolitan cities. You can go for a run or walk any time of the day, and it will never be too hot or cold. When it comes to traffic, though, Bangalore is famed for having notorious jams every now and then. Getting to your destination can get frustrating, but what if there’s a way to avoid this roadblock?

How about you give cycling a go? Sounds cool, right? Even on weekends, rather than being a couch potato, you can explore Bangalore in a healthier way by cycling. If cycling alone sounds boring to you, join a cycling club. Of course, we’ve got you covered on this; read on and learn more about the best cycling clubs in Bangalore.

6 Best Cycling Clubs In Bangalore

  1. Pedal In Tandem
  2. Bumsonthesaddle
  3. Cadence90
  4. Go Green Go Cycling
  5. Bangalore Bicycle Championships
  6. Bangalore Amateur Racing

1. Pedal In Tandem

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If you’re looking for a cycling club in Indiranagar with well-curated cycling routes and tours, Pedal in Tandem brings just that. It’s a one-stop shop for cycling enthusiasts and brings you one-day, multi-day, and mountain biking rides too. The options are tempting, and they also have a dedicated beginner's slot to choose from.

A workshop is conducted to give you the conviction to handle your cycle even when it breaks down. You can also build your own customized bicycle with them to suit your needs. Along with exploring the offbeat routes of Bangalore, you’ll get to enjoy the local culture and cuisine as well. If you want to pitch an exciting cycling tour at your office, this club organizes corporate events too!

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2. Bumsonthesaddle

Bumsonthesaddle is one of India's leading online cycle stores, with a physical one in Jayanagar. With the expertise of 15 years, they’ve begun conducting cycling rides for everyone who’d like to share their love for the activity. You can join them on their Sunday early morning rides, which are around 50 km long and begin at 6 a.m. and can end by 10 a.m.

To encourage the newbies, they also have a century challenge on the last Sunday of every month, which is an endurance group ride. Here you’ll be riding for 100 km with the seasoned riders and making a new record with yourself. On the second Saturday of each month, they host a simple bicycle repair session to help you take responsibility for your ride.

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3. Cadence90

Image Credits: Instagram/cadence_90

Another local bicycle store in Jayanagar that promotes cycling is Cadence90. They shed new light on the notion of cycling. By offering continuous positive memories to its community and clientele, they hope to make riding a habit rather than a mere hobby. You can visit their shop to buy a new cycle for yourself or create one from scratch. Sounds mind-blowing, right?

Not only that, but they've been organizing bicycle trips every Saturday and Sunday at 6 am for the past ten years. On these rides, you’ll be accompanied by three experienced cyclists and they’ll take you around south Bangalore. All the updates of such rides are notified to you on a WhatsApp group once you join their group.

They also organize a dedicated cycling event every November to explore the whole of Karnataka where they cover about 500 km. They’ve built a strong community of cyclists who believe in camaraderie and sportsmanship.

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4. Go Green Go Cycling

Bringing the concept of preserving nature, Go Green Go Cycling has been organizing Sunday events for 14 years. They’ve conducted over 800 successful go-green campaigns so far. Their simple idea is to take your cycle to work rather than your motorized vehicles and limit emissions.

To help you be safe while riding, they train you with all the necessary signaling for the first 4 weeks. In these 4 weeks, you’ll cover a distance of 30 to 35 km, and then comes the endurance rides. Here you’ll be covering a distance of 70 to 150 km and will get to learn technical knowledge about cycles.

This is to make you confident and independent enough to ride long distances without worrying about a breakdown or getting exhausted. If you’re a dedicated participant, you’ll also get a reflective jersey. You can register at their official website and be a part of this club and explore the whole of Bangalore with them.

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5. Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Image Credits: Instagram/bangalorebicyclechampionships

Do you enjoy racing? Bangalore Bicycle Championships is a club that organizes races for all age brackets year-round. They believe that you should feel a sense of being alive as you push your limits and achieve your goals. People from Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai fly in to compete. Volunteers pitch in to help, and a large crowd cheers you on as you work up a sweat.

The journey began in 2009 when a few cycling enthusiasts raced their way to Nandi every Sunday, and soon the number of racers grew. Now they’ve more than 8 teams with 10 to 12 competitors from Bangalore participating in the race. These races are sponsored, and you also get a merchandise T-shirt and a rain cover for your bag.

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6. Bangalore Amateur Racing

Bangalore Amateur Racing is a 10-year-old community that aims to grow awareness of the joy that cycling brings. They have a no helmet, no ride policy in place to ensure safety. You can go on cycling rides with them every Saturday and Sunday at 6.30 am. They organize varied racing events as well, one of which is a handicap race.

In a handicap race, the slowest group begins first, followed by the faster and the fastest. This gives anyone a fair shot to win the race and have a good time. Aside from that, every first Sunday of the month, a community cycling activity is organized, and a homebaked cake is handed out at the end.

While riding, you’ll be expected to keep one of your ears music free to avoid any accidents. You’ll be given proper guidance on the signaling techniques and the technical aspects of maintaining your cycle. You can get all the updates on upcoming events like the tour to Goa on their WhatsApp group after becoming a member.

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Summing Up

All these exciting clubs and their innovative ways of nurturing the concept of cycling must have gotten you really excited. So beat the traffic of Bangalore and have some fun exploring the city by joining any of the above-mentioned clubs. Before you get going, invest in a good helmet with reflective stickers, as all these clubs have that rule intact for riding.


How Can I Start Cycling In Bangalore?

You can start by visiting a bicycle shop and getting yourself a cycle or renting one. Then you can join a cycling group and start exploring Bangalore.

Is Cycling Allowed In Lalbagh?

Yes, everyone is now permitted to ride a bicycle in the park. The government has put in a new restriction banning anyone from driving or riding a motorbike within the Lalbagh botanical garden.

Is Helmet Compulsory For Cycling In Bangalore?

Yes, it’s compulsory to wear a helmet for cycling in Bangalore.

Which Time Is Best For Cycling In Bangalore?

The best time to ride your cycle is early in the morning when the city is sleeping.

Do People Ride Bicycle In Bangalore?

Yes, people are often seen riding bicycles in Bangalore, especially on the Kanakpura road.  The undulating countryside here is incredibly picturesque and has comparably little traffic.

Is Cycling Allowed In G.K.V.K Bangalore?

This location is well-known among bikers and wildlife seekers since it leads into the G.K.V.K Forest. These routes are good for both new and experienced riders to get a feel for their bike.

Which Cycling Event Is Held In Manyata Tech Park?

Embassy Cycle For The Planet 7, presented by Embassy REIT,  takes place at Embassy Manyata Business Park in Bangalore. This event aims to inspire people to begin cycling in their daily life.