Best Beachside Hotels And Resorts In Gokarna

Gokarna is a temple town in the southern part of India. It is known as one of the seven principal Hindu pilgrimage centers where devotees gather to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. However, it has seen a rapid change in the image it has. Considering the pristine beaches and idyllic water, it has become a very prominent tourist spot. In fact, about three and a half decades ago, Gokarna wasn’t even on the map of the tourists looking for a laid-back vacation!

Even though it has become a prime vacation destination, Gokarna has managed to preserve its Elysian charm and attracts many local as well as international tourists. In fact, it is often compared to Goa when it comes to the beaches and things to do once there. Of course, if you’re visiting a place like this, you have to stay at a great hotel on the sand! Here’s a list of the best beachside hotels in Gokarna!

6 Best Beachside Hotels And Resorts In Gokarna

  1. SwaSwara Wellness Retreat
  2. Kahani Paradise Resort
  3. Arthigamya Spa & Resort
  4. Kudle Ocean Front Resort
  5. Namaste Sanjeevini Resort
  6. Stone Wood Nature Resort

SwaSwara Wellness Retreat

Located on Om Beach, SwaSwara is much more than a resort. It is focused on health, healing, and wellness, and has all the arrangements to accommodate that cause. Ayurveda and yoga are central to everything that happens here, alongside much more that helps you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and focus on relaxing for a while.

All accommodations in this resort are Konkan villas, full of wooden furniture and earthy colors. All the villas have big windows all around and the natural lighting complements them very well. The people at SwaSwara have paid enough attention to detail to have A/Cs, but only in the bedrooms.

You also get an attached private courtyard, a large communal pool, a Yoga Shala that is dedicated to Asana classes, and a library that has a WiFi connection to let you read much more than just physical books. It also has an art studio that has a resident artist who will help you express yourself through various art forms like sculpting, clay modeling, and painting.

There’s also a meditation deck on the side of a cliff and it provides the perfect vibe for disconnecting for a short while. SwaSwara is located on Om Beach, the one beach that is famous for looking like the symbol of Om when you look at it from a higher point.

Food Availability: There are two restaurants on the property called Anamaya and Cocum. Anamaya is a beach restaurant, while Cocum is inside the premises. Both restaurants are fully veg, use only organic products, and prohibit any hard liquor. These arrangements are made to go with their idea of healthy eating.

Accessibility: The airport closest to SwaSwara is the Goa International Airport, about 160 kms away. One option you have is to land here and take a road trip to the resort. Alternatively, you can travel by train; Thivim or Karmali Railway Stations are your two options after you land at the airport. From here, you can board trains to Gokarna Road Railway Station, which is only 14 kms away from the resort.

Ideal For: Families, groups, individuals.

Pet Friendliness: This property is not pet friendly.

Rate: Starts at INR 17,500 per night.

Location: Om Beach, Gokarna.

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Best Beachside Hotels And Resorts In Gokarna

Kahani Paradise Resort

Perched on the top of a hill in the south of Gokarna, this resort is the perfect place for you to have a vacation surrounded by nature. The hills that house this resort look over the beautiful coastline. Not just that, Kahani Paradise offers a 360° panoramic view of the beach and thick forests.

As soon as you enter the gates of Kahani Paradise, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a luxurious cul-de-sac. The entirety of the resort is built using Redstone and has gorgeous white walls on the outside. There are beautifully designed gardens that are just the perfect place for you to relax, take a walk, or even have a meal with your loved ones. The use of earthy tones and the open spaces surrounded by greenery truly give this place a luxurious feel.

When it comes to accommodations, Kahani Paradise gives you three options, and all of them are just as lavish as the last one. The first type of suite is the Peacock Suite Sea View, located in the arms of seclusion. The contemporary interior and the views of the sea are the biggest attractions of this room.

The second one is the Queen Palace Suite. This is the largest suite that you can rent in Kahani Paradise. Although huge, the interior is very chic, with beauty hidden in the tiniest details. This room also promises total privacy and is full of warm lighting: in the night by the rather beautiful light fixtures and in the day by the sun rays coming in through the large windows.

The third option is the Master Suite, the top of the line in Kahani Paradise. You have the most wonderful master bedroom that looks over the clear blue water right outside. This suite also has an open sky bathroom and a private balcony. You know you’re living like royalty when you can take a bath outside, while still being inside.

There’s a communal pool on the property, as well as a bunch of indoor and outdoor games. If you get a little too engaged in the game and play until your body is sore, you can go to the massage and spa center to help your body relax and recover. Other amenities include pick-up and drop-off services, 24/7 assistance, and free WiFi all over the premises.

Food Availability: There’s a multi-cuisine restaurant on board that is very well known for its quality and taste.

Accessibility: The nearest airport to this property is the Dabolim International Airport (155 kms) and the closest railway station is Gokarna Railway Station (11 kms). You can find taxis and buses taking you to your destination.

Ideal For: Couples, families.

Pet Friendliness: This is a pet-friendly property. There is plenty of space for your pets to roam around and the staff is trained to deal with them. We do recommend being mindful of your pets and co-operating with the staff about their needs.

Rate: Starts at INR 19,000 per night.

Location: Beleken, Gokarna.

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Arthigamya Spa & Resort

Known for its impeccable hospitality and close proximity to multiple temples and Kudle Beach, Arthigamya is the perfect spot for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. This resort is focused on giving you the experience of being in nature, while still having all the creature comforts close by. This can be seen in its design with the green pastures all over the property, and multiple outdoor amenities like a swimming pool and seating areas.

There are three types of rooms in Arthigamya and all of them are perfect for different kinds of travelers. The Luxury AC rooms are essentially studio apartments. The attached bathroom has an attached open shower, meaning there is no ceiling. This just goes on to show how even the resort makes even the most mundane things a little more fun.

Next, the Couples’ AC Rooms have all the same amenities as the previous room. However, they’ve exchanged the open shower with a bathtub. These rooms are also located relatively close to the hotel’s outdoor amenities. So, you have the option of exploring the city, playing around the resort, or having a very laid-back day in the room itself.

Lastly, the Family & Friends Rooms have similar amenities as the last two rooms. However, they are a little bit larger and have the potential to sleep 4 people in one room. Moreover, these rooms are designed to be neighboring and form a semicircle around a very beautiful walkway. So, if you’re giving with a large group, you should definitely check out Arthigamya Spa & Resort.

Food Availability: There is a restaurant available in the resort. It serves breakfast and meals, and has veg, egg, and non-vegetarian options. The menu, somewhat limited but far from sparse, has largely Indian and Chinese dishes.

Accessibility: The closest airport to Arthigamya Spa and Resort is Goa International Airport, which happens to be around 155 kms away from the resort. On the other hand, the closest railway station is Gokarna Railway Station, which is about 15 kms away. Lastly, the closest bus stop is about 5 kms away. So, the best way to get here is to take a taxi and come to the resort directly.

Ideal For: Families, couples, groups.

Pet Friendliness: This property does not allow pets.

Rate: Starts from INR 5,600 per night.

Location: 1324, Om Beach Road, Kudle Beach, Gokarna.

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Best Beachside Hotels And Resorts In Gokarna

Kudle Ocean Front Resort

Kudle Ocean Front Resort is a one-of-a-kind experience in Gokarna. It is located atop a hill overlooking the blue sea that flows right in front of the town. Given the fact that Kudle Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Gokarna, staying in a place on the beach only makes the trip better.

The resort itself is far enough from the crowds to let you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the town. The accommodation in the resort exclusively consists of cottages made out of pine wood. You can choose whether you want an AC room or a non-AC room. Otherwise, pretty much all rooms have the same basic amenities. During your stay in this resort, you get access to things like an activity center, an ayurvedic massage center, a snooker/pool room, an arranged and guided trek, WiFi connection across the entire resort, and of course, unimpeded access to the beach.

The interiors of the cottages in this resort are just as rustic with different shades of wood on the walls and the furniture, all of which complement each other to make it a very peaceful space. If you’re looking for a relaxed and laid-back vacation, Kudle Ocean Front Resort might be the place for you.

Food Availability: There is an awesome multi-cuisine restaurant on-site. However, there are a few eateries like Harbour, Searock Café, and Sunshine Café in the vicinity.

Accessibility: Gokarna Railway Station is about 14 kms away from this resort, while Goa International Airport is 152 kms away. Regardless of how you enter the city, we suggest you take a cab to the resort since that is the most convenient mode of transportation in Gokarna.

Ideal For: Couples, families.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed in this resort.

Rate: Starts at INR 6,500 per night.

Location: Kudle Beach, Om Beach Road, Gokarna.

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Namaste Sanjeevini Resort

Spread over four acres of land on the top of Kudle Hill, Namaste Sanjeevini is a traveler’s favorite and often referred to as their go-to. This resort not only boasts of the comfort and peace it provides, but also amenities like a large pool and a mindblowing terrace that has colorful flowering plants serving as embellishments.

Namaste Sanjeevini consists of about ten different types of rooms that include everything from a studio-type room to a cottage and a villa. However, you also have the option of booking a single room in a villa since all of them are designed to be like a studio apartment (equipped with a seating area, a bed, and an attached bathroom). All of the rooms come with a balcony and you get to make a choice between rooms with or without AC, rooms equipped with just a shower or a bathtub, and how much privacy you want while staying in Namaste Sanjeevini.

The biggest benefit of staying in Namaste Sanjeevini might be the fact that you get to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the terrace every day. Moreover, Kudle Beach is just a 400-meter walk away from the resort. So, even if your plan for the entirety of the vacation is to relax, this resort pulls everything right at an arm's length from you.

Food Availability: There is a restaurant inside the resort itself. However, it is known for mostly serving Chinese food. So, if you want to explore the cuisine, you can visit places like Hunger Hut, O Shanti Café, or Café Oasis.

Accessibility: The closest airport to Namaste Sanjeevini is Goa International Airport, which is 152 kms, while the closest railway station is 13.5 kms away. On the other hand, the closest bus stop is only 10 minutes away from the resort. So, you can easily travel by bus as well.

Ideal For: Families, couples.

Pet Friendliness: This property does not allow pets.

Rate: Starts at INR 2,500 per night.

Location: Kudle Hill top, Kudle Beach Road, Gokarna.

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Best Beachside Hotels And Resorts In Gokarna

Stone Wood Nature Resort

Stone Wood Nature Resort is a three-star resort that sprawls over a five-acre piece of land. This luxury resort consists of cottages that are designed in a manner to give you the best possible views of the beachfront and the gorgeous valley that the resort is perched in.

As soon as you enter the premises, you’re welcomed by towering palm trees and an outdoor swimming pool, where you can relax by taking a dip, or by laying on one of the sun loungers right by the pool. If you want to get away from the water for a while, you can walk down the paved walkways to the spice plantations that are in the resort itself.

For the more adventurous kind, Stone Wood Nature Resort also offers some adventure activities like rappelling, burma bridge, archery, rifle shooting, quake bridge, loop walk, slackline, zipline, and rock climbing. That being said, you have to sit down and see the sunset from this place, which has built quite a reputation amongst the visitors of the resort.

The accommodation units in Stone Wood are all cottages, all white-washed on the inside with dark wood ceilings and furniture to provide a very earthy and comfortable vibe. The design is minimal and you have the choice of having creature comforts like AC and an attached patio. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that puts you close to the beach, this is the place you want to go to.

Food Availability: This resort boasts of one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in the area. The menu contains delicious food items from Italy, China, India, and global cuisines. Moreover, they have some amazing mocktails as well. We recommend you exhaust this menu first before trying to figure out more places.

Accessibility: This resort is only 11 kms away from Gokarna Railway Station, while it is about 150 kms away from Goa International Airport, which happens to be the closest airport to this resort. Regardless of how to come to the area, you have the option of taking a bus or a taxi to the resort. That being said, the easiest way to get here is to take a taxi.

Ideal For: Couples.

Pet Friendliness: This property does not allow pets.

Rate: Starts at INR 4,049 per night.

Location: Om Beach Road, Village, Gokarna.

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Summing Up

Gokarna has turned into a popular vacation destination very quickly. However, there is a lot that isn’t happening right now. If you’re looking for a vacation that allows you to be in a place full of creature comforts, but close to nature, you’ll find plenty of such options in Gokarna. We do recommend you to go here in winter instead of summer, as that allows you to avoid the peak season crowds and prices as well as the summer season heat. Make sure you properly research every aspect of this vacation before booking anything. Then, once you’re done with all the bookings, have fun!


Which Is The Best Beach To Stay In Gokarna?

A few of the beaches in Gokarna that take the cake in terms of beauty and serenity are Gokarna Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, and Half Moon Beach.

Is Gokarna A Honeymoon Destination?

Yes! With its untouched beaches and serene environment, Gokarna is the perfect location for a peaceful honeymoon. Additionally, the availability of adventure activities also allows you to plan a few days of adventure.

Is Gokarna Costly?

While you can find the super-expensive options in Gokarna as well, there are plenty of great options that can be defined as mid-budget or low-budget. In fact, if you take the money required for traveling, you can easily find a spot that’ll cost you around INR 3,500 for two nights and three days.

Is There Ola And Uber In Gokarna?

There are no Ola and Uber services in Gokarna, but many local transportation options are available in this town.

How Far Is Gokarna From Goa?

Gokarna is 134 km away from Goa.

How Far Is Gokarna From Pune?

Gokarna is 542 km from Pune.

How Can I Go To Gokarna By Train?

If you plan to travel by rail, the nearest train station to Gokarna is at Ankola, which is about 20 km from Gokarna.

How Many Days Are Sufficient In Gokarna?

It'll be better to stay for 2-3 days to fully enjoy the offerings of Gokarna.