Best Beachside Hotels And Resorts In Cherai

Vacationing in ‘God’s Own Country’ mandates a visit to the beautiful Cherai Beach in Kochi. With a 10 km long beach line, Cherai Beach is the longest beach in Kerala and is situated on the northern side of Vypeen Island. What makes Cherai Beach different from other beaches in Kerala is the merging of the Arabian Sea and the backwaters. One of the cleanest beaches in India, Cherai is a sight to behold with swaying coconut groves and the famous Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront.

This pristine and enchanting beachfront is a must-visit if you’re exploring the city of Kochi. You’ll find the locals and tourists simply enjoying the sandy shores and lounging around the beach. Cherai Beach has several options for water sports. If you’re an adventurer, then you surely have to try the speed boats and water-scooter rides that Cherai Beach offers! Or you can simply enjoy a calming walk along the beach and experience the gorgeous view of the sunrise or sunset. While you’re exploring Cherai be sure to stay at one of Cherai’s amazing beachside resorts for the ultimate vacation feels! Here are the best beachside hotels and resorts in Cherai that are worth the stay:

Best Hotels And Resorts In Cherai

  • Les 3 Elephants Beach Resort
  • Sea Lagoon Health Beach Resort
  • Mare Blu Beach Resort
  • Sealine Beach Resort
  • Maliekal Heritance Beach Resort
  • 36 Palms Beach Boutique Resort
  • Indriya Sands Beach Resort

Les 3 Elephants Beach Resort

Les 3 Elephants offers an authentic Kerala experience. This backwaters-facing resort is located in the Cherai Beach area offering the best of both worlds – the backwaters and of course, the beach. The resort boasts its traditional construction of bamboo and coconut trees. The interlaced leaves, coconut coir ropes, and bamboo shoots exude an all-natural charm that cannot be replicated elsewhere. To add to this, the resort’s unique red and black oxide floors are reminiscent of the traditional Kerala houses that offer natural cooling even during peak summers.

The beach resort offers its guests some traditional specialties like ayurvedic massages that rejuvenate your body and mind, yoga and meditation sessions for the soul-searchers, and the beautiful backwater lawns where you can take in the glorious sunrise reflecting upon the lapping waters. And if you’re a book lover, then be sure to indulge in the resort’s open library traditions – take any book that catches your eye and leave behind a book for other book lovers out there! The resort also offers activities such as kayaking in the backwaters, country boat tours, fishing, and bicycle riding.

Food Availability: Les 3 Elephants has an in-house restaurant that serves some of the best Indo-western fusion cuisines. Their groceries and produce come fresh from the local markets and nearby fishing harbors for the most authentic flavors and taste. They offer a carefully crafted mix of Indian and Mediterranean as well as other Asian cuisines!

Accessibility: The closest airport to the resort is the Cochin International Airport which is 24 km away. The resort has several tourist destinations nearby like Cherai Beach, Marine Drive, Kuzhupilly Beach, and many more.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, Les 3 Elephants Beach Resort is not open to your pet pals.

Rate: The prices at Les 3 Elephants start from INR 3,490 per night.

Ideal for: Families with kids, small groups, married and unmarried couples, and solo travelers.

Location: 1078 Convent Beach Road, Cherai Beach - Munambam Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683515

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beachside hotels in Cherai

Sea Lagoon Health Beach Resort

Nestled between the waves of the Arabian Sea and the serene backwaters, Sea Lagoon Health Resort provides an unparalleled view of Cherai Beach. The resort is constructed as per traditional Kerala architecture and offers its guests a rich experience of Kerala’s artistic and healing culture. The resort cuts off the hectic hustle-bustle of the city and gives you a chance to unwind and relax in an intimate and culturally invigorating environment.

Sea Lagoon Resort offers its guests options between 35 theme-based luxurious rooms that each focus on one of Kerala’s many traditional performing art forms. The resort is built just as any traditional beachside home in Kerala, with sloping roofs, wooden pillars, and subtle hues, and has a very cozy vibe. Being a health resort, Sea Lagoon provides guests with ayurvedic spa massages and restorative therapies to soothe your nerves and restore your body’s balance.

Food Availability: Sea Lagoon Resort provides all-day dining options. The resort has an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant that serves everything from local delicacies to cuisines from around the world. For all the seafood lovers, the resort has a great seafood restaurant as well. You will also find a poolside cafe and juice bar to stay refreshed throughout the day!

Accessibility: The resort has several tourist spots that are close by for visiting like Cherai beach, Church of Saint Francis, Chinese Fishing Nets, and Mattancherry to name a few. The closest airport to the resort is the Cochin International Airport which is 23.5 km from the resort.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, Sea Lagoon Resort does not allow pets.

Rate: The prices at the Sea Lagoon Beach Resort start at INR 4,800 per night.

Ideal for: Families, small groups, and solo tourists.

Location: Sea Lagoon Health Resort, Cherai Beach, Vypeen Island, Cochin, Kerala, India 683514

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Mare Blu Beach Resort

Located on the seafront of the stunning Cherai Beach, Mare Blu Beach Resort is a family-run establishment. The villas of this beach resort exude a Mediterranean charm with private balconies and open sit-out lounges. One of the biggest highlights of this beach resort is its spa-inspired expansive bathrooms. Other than this, the resort is also a favorite for conducting events and banquets due to its beautiful ambiance and beachfront view. The courteous and friendly staff simply add to the resort’s comfort ratings.

Mare Blu features expansive open spaces for guests that wish to take in the gorgeous sunsets or even an evening stroll with the cool ocean breeze. The resort is located at a 10-minute walk from the Cherai Beach, so you can very easily indulge in water sports like speedboats and water scooters. Other than this, the resort also offers its guests open sun terraces for sunbathing and has an in-house restaurant and dining area that serves some mouthwatering local cuisines.

Food Availability: Mare Blu Beach Resort has a restaurant on its property that serves some of the best local delicacies and cuisines. So if you’re looking for the authentic flavors of Kerala, you’re in the right place!

Accessibility: The closest airport to the resort is the Cochin International Airport, which is 29.4 km from the resort. You can visit Cherai Beach, Church of Saint Francis, Kerala Kathakali Center, and the Chinese Fishing Nets which are popular tourist attractions nearby.

Pet Friendliness: The Mare Blu Resort welcomes your pets with open arms!

Rate: The prices at Mare Blu starts at INR 1,550 per night.

Ideal for: Families, married and unmarried couples, and solo travelers.

Location: Cherai Beach Road, Cherai Beach, Kochi (Cochin), Vypin Island 683515 India

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Sealine Beach Resort

If you’re all about the sun, the sand, and the sea, then look no further! Sealine Beach Resort truly encapsulates the ‘beach resort’ vibe to the bone. The resort is located so close to the pristine Cherai Beach that the resort’s backyard is simply the beachline! The resort’s close proximity to the beachfront gives it a ‘Hawaiian Spirit’ and offers a super relaxing and chill vacation experience. This beach resort offers its guests beautiful white sand beaches, a turquoise sea, and the brightest of climates – everything you could ask of a beach vacation!

Its closeness to the beachline means some mesmerizing and outstanding views from your place of stay that perhaps other resorts and hotels might not be able to offer. Watch the beautiful sunrise and sunsets and perhaps look for the flash of green when the sun hits the horizon! Capture every millisecond of the local fishermen casting their fishing nets or paddling in their canoes. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even spot some dolphins that have come close to the shore during their swim! This resort promises some incredible views and some even more incredible memories.

Food Availability: The resort provides its guests with a rooftop multi-cuisine restaurant that serves authentic Kerala cuisine as well as continental, Chinese, and other Indian dishes. The restaurant specializes in local Kerala seafood dishes which are a must-try!

Accessibility: The closest airport to the Sealine Resort is the Cochin International Airport, which is 23 km away from the resort. The resort is surrounded by several other beaches too.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, the Sealine Beach Resort does not welcome your furry friends.

Rate: The prices at the Sealine Beach Resort starts at INR 2,700 per night.

Ideal for: Families, children, married couples, and solo explorers.

Location:  Beach Road, Cherai Beach, Kochi (Cochin), Vypin Island 683514 India

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best beachside hotels and resorts in Cherai

Maliekal Heritance Beach Resort

Maliekal Heritance Beach Resort is the epitome of opulence in the form of a beachfront resort. It offers the sophistication of any luxury hotel along with stunning beachside views. With pristine beaches, quaint elegance, tranquil backwaters, and swaying coconut grooves, Maliekal is the perfect vacation destination away from the hectic city life. The resort ensures that all of its guests leave behind their stress and otherworldly problems and simply relax and laze!

The resort offers well-crafted cottages and beautiful villas to choose from. They have options between Heritage Villa, Wooden Cottages, and Wooden Jacuzzi Suites, each of which opens into a lavish green space and beautifully maintained gardens. Maliekal Heritance offers its guests a range of activities like fishing, water sports, infinity pools, and wave pools, boat rides in the backwaters and speed boating in the sea, kayaking, and cycling. And if you’re looking to spend an enjoyable time indoors, the resort has indoor-game rooms with a variety of games to choose from.

Food Availability: The resort has an in-house restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines as well as delicious local dishes. The professional chefs here always make use of the freshest catch and produce for their favored seafood delicacies. You can also opt for a private dining experience.

Accessibility: The resort has several beaches in its vicinity, like Munambam Beach, Cherai Beach, and Kuzhupilly Beach. The resort is also in close proximity to some tourist spots like the Periyar river, Kerala Museum, etc. The Cochin International Airport is the closest airport to the resort.

Pet Friendliness: The Maliekal Heritance Resort is not open to pets on its premises.

Rate:  The prices at Maliekal Heritance Resort starts at INR 12,000.

Ideal for: Families, married and unmarried couples, and solo travelers.

Location - Cherai Beach Rd, Cherai, Kochi, Kerala 683514

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36 Palms Beach Boutique Retreat

36 Palms Beach Retreat is a boutique beachside resort that combines traditional Kerala architecture with contemporary modern design. The hotel combines natural components of teak, redwood, and laterite stone, to create the traditional Kerala pillars and furniture. The handcrafted furniture, large floor-length windows, and the outer deck lend the resort a modern contemporary tone. Waking up to spectacular sunrises and dolphins splashing in the sea, are some of the pros of the resort’s location!

An interesting snippet of information about the resort’s name is that it is truly surrounded by 36 palm trees amidst the coconut garden – which provides beauty, shade, and of course, lots of coconuts! The resort offers two options for accommodation, the Garden Rooms, and the Deluxe Sea View Rooms, depending on your budget and choice of view. The resort has numerous activities and facilities for its guests like cultural programs, traditional ayurvedic treatments, swimming pools, yoga retreats, and spas.

Food Availability: The resort has an in-house restaurant where you’ll get delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though the restaurant prepares multi-cuisine meals, the local delicacies and dishes are simply otherworldly and a definite must-try!

Accessibility: The closest airport to the 36 Palms Resort is the Cochin International Airport which is 23.9 km away. The resort is in close vicinity to several beaches like Munambam beach, Cherai beach, and Kuzhupilly beach.

Pet Friendliness: 36 Palms, unfortunately, does not welcome your pet pals.

Rate: The prices at 36 Palms Resort starts at INR 4,500 per night.

Ideal for: Families, children, and solo explorers.

Location: 1/485, Pallipuram, Cherai Beach Munambam Road, Munambam, Kochi, Kerala 683515

beachside hotels in Cherai

Indriya Sands Beach Resort

Nestled on a stretch of land between the Cherai lagoon and the beach, Indriya Sands Beach Resort is a discreet hideaway, which is perfect for some quaint alone-time. The architecture of the resort is largely influenced by the vernacular traditional Kerala houses, with pillars supporting the wooden beams that bear the tile-clad roofs of the houses. With stone-paved paths, lush palm trees, tropical plants, and the expansive structure of the resort, Indriya Sands is like paradise on earth!

The resort offers beautiful and spacious rooms, each with gorgeous views of the lagoon and the pool. The attached terraces offer a more elusive view of the entire property, the backwater, and the beach surrounding the resort. The pier located at the edge of the lagoon offers water activities like kayaking or cruising in the country boat, and exploring the pristine water channels. You should definitely go cruising on the backwaters during migration season. You’ll be sure to see a variety of migratory birds passing from here and may even get to see the traditional fishing practices of the locals.

Food Availability: Indriya Sands Resort has a fixed menu for breakfast and offers other meals on an à la carte service.

Accessibility: The closest airport to the resort is the Cochin International Airport which is located 25 km away. You can also choose to travel via train as the closest railway station, the Ernakulam Junction is 34 km from here. The resort is close to some tourist destinations like Kuzhupilly Beach, Cherai Beach, and Fort Kochi.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, the Indriya Sands Resort is not open to pets.

Rate: The prices at the Indriya Sands Resort starts at INR 4,000 per night.

Ideal for: Solo travelers, families with kids, and married and unmarried couples.

Location: Kuzhupilly beach, Beach Road, Cherai, Vypin Island, Kochi, India, 682501

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Summing Up

If you’re planning a trip to Cherai Beach, be sure to stay at one of the splendid resorts here. The beachside resorts and hotels offer some of the most breathtaking views of the backwaters and the beach. Surrounded by paddy fields and coconut groves nearby, these beachside resorts are truly like little pieces of paradise scattered along the beachfront! While here, you should definitely try the traditional ayurvedic massages and various spa treatments that most of these resorts have to offer, for the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation ever.


What Is Special About Cherai Beach?

Cherai Beach is famous for its rustic Chinese Fishing Nets and it is here that the backwaters and the Arabian sea merge. Apart from this, it is also likely that you’d run into some dolphins in the waters of Cherai Beach.

Are There Water Sports At Cherai Beach?

Cherai Beach offers a plethora of water sports for all the adventurers out there. Whether it is wind-surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, a catamaran ride, banana ride, or a speed boat ride; Cherai Beach has it all!

How Much Do Beachside Hotels In Cherai Cost?

The basic cost for a resort or hotel located on the beachside in Cherai is INR 2,000 for a room per night. The cost can be variable depending on the type of room, extra amenities, and the number of people you’re staying with.

Is Cherai Beach Safe?

Yes, Cherai Beach is quite safe for individuals of all age groups. If you’re indulging in any water sports, be sure to be accompanied by trained guides. So overall, Cherai Beach is a very safe vacation spot for tourists and families.

Where Is Cherai Beach Located?

Cherai Beach Is Located In Ernakulam District in Kerala.

Is Swimming Allowed In Cherai Beach?

Yes. You can swin in the sea besides Cherai Beach. However, you can only do so until 6:30 pm in the evening.

Is Cherai Beach Clean?

Cherai beach is very clean, thanks to the efforts taken by the local government to keep the beach free of trash.

What Should I Buy In Cherai?

The small coastal town of Cherai is famous for its traditional clothing, especially sarees and lungis.