7 Best Beachfront Hotels In Canacona, Goa

Before we go any further, kudos to you for finally making the long-awaited Goa trip happen. You’re now among a small percentage of Indians who have been able to achieve this mean feat and your trip to Goa will be nothing short of a joyful experience if the city you choose to holiday in is Canacona. The city has greatly contributed to the state’s tourism industry and the numerous places of attractions here are the reasons behind it.

Filled with famous beaches like Agonda, Palolem, Butterfly, and the Colo among others, you’ll find a place to bless your feet with soothing sands at very close distances. It’s easy to get lost in the hypnotic vibe of the city of Canacona and tire yourself out from the many amenities available here. To remedy that, you’ll need a decent place to unwind and relax. The list below of some of the best beachfront hotels in Canacona will help you with that search.

7 Best Beachfront Hotels In Canacona, Goa

  1. The Village Agonda
  2. Agonda Shell Beach Resort
  3. Marron Sea View Resort
  4. Palolem Beach Resort
  5. Goa Cottages Agonda
  6. Art Resort Goa
  7. The Ark Comforts

The Village Agonda

Sitting comfortably on Agonda beach’s prime location, the Village Agonda provides utmost luxury and comfort to all its guests. The best part about it is that all the cottages have air conditioning and balconies. So, the early morning jam sessions while you sit on the lawn chair will be a blissful experience. The affordability only makes it easier for tourists to select Village Agonda for their delightful stay in the city of Canacona. The common garden adjacent to the cottage will be a good place for you to interact with people staying in the nearby rooms.

The hotel also offers airport shuttle services for you to get to the property seamlessly. If you’re reaching here via car, the hotel’s parking services will certainly save you the trouble of looking for a place for your vehicle. The king-size beds available in every room will make sure that you have a good night's sleep after an eventful day outdoors. The multitude of positive reviews for this hotel by the past customers is a testament to the high-quality services and amenities offered here.

This quaint and serene hotel will make sure your stay in Canacona is as blissful as possible and with the lush greenery and surrounding palm trees, it’s hard to miss out on such a gem of a place!

Location: Agonda Beach Road Dawalkhazen Agonda, Canacona 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs.3,500 per night.

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Agonda Shell Beach Resort

Situated on one of the most famous beaches in Goa, the Agonda Shell Beach Resort offers a lavish yet cozy vibe to its customers. With nice and clean rooms, based on the many reviews by past customers, the services provided by this hotel won’t leave any room for complaints. You can choose from six types of rooms offered by the hotel.

The pathway leading up to the beach from the hotel is lined with beautiful green plants which will definitely provide a sense of calm. Should you decide to spend your evening tucked in a warm blanket in the hotel room, you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset right from your bed! However, for that, you’ll need to opt for a room that provides a sea view.

Goa is known to be a hub for tourists looking for leisure and relaxation. Embodying that very idea, the Agonda Shell Beach Resort offers its customers all kinds of amenities in one place. The on-site restaurant here offers delectable seafood as well as lip-smacking vegan cuisines. Your evening drinks session is also well taken care of by the beachfront bar. All you have to do is don your party hat and head to the shack for some chill time. Some of the other facilities provided by the resort include free Wi-Fi, free parking, and daily housekeeping services.

Location: 348/9 Opp Fatima Guest House, Tambdem, Vall, Agonda Beach Rd, Canacona, 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs.4,500 per night.

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Marron Sea View Resort

Offering luxurious cottages right on the Palolem Beach, the exquisite Marron Sea View Resort has been delivering top-notch comfort to all its guests for quite a few years now. An enthralling view of the Palolem Beach as soon as you wake up will kickstart your vacation in Goa in the best possible way. To add to this joyous ride, the Continental breakfast served in this hotel will leave a delicious lasting taste in your mouth. If you feel the need to head out and try some local restaurants, the Ourem 88, El Diablo - Palolem, and German Bakery might be some of the viable options around this hotel.

Reaching the property is fairly easy as the Canacona bus station is just about 1.3 km away from the Marron Sea View Resort. These hut-style rooms by the beach are ideal for people of all age groups. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a honeymoon trip or have finally found the time to take your family on a much-needed vacation, Marron Sea View Resort will cater to everyone’s needs comfortably. Nearby attractions are Love The Green (Yoga and Detox Retreat) and the Silent Noise. The location of this hotel is one of the reasons why tourists prefer to spend their stay in Canacona.

Location: Hno.209/2, South End of the Beach, Ourem, Palolem, Canacona 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs.4,000 per night.

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Palolem Beach Resort

Another beautiful option at Palolem beach is the family-friendly Palolem Beach Resort. Positioning itself at just about 60 km away from the Dabolim International Airport, you can reach this hotel in under 2 hours without any inconvenience. You can choose from a wide range of rooms like AC Seaview Cottages, AC and non-AC concrete rooms, AC Garden View Cottages, and Family Rooms.

The resort also offers a hoard of recreational opportunities for you to indulge in making sure that you have a fun time laying off some steam here. Remember the exotic scenes where Jason Bateman in Ozark rides his boat on the crystal-clear waters? You can recreate the same, thanks to the boats provided by the resort. Exploring the city of Canacona also becomes fairly easy if you decide to stay in the Palolem Beach Resort. Their tour ticket service will help you get tickets to the city’s most popular entertainment activities.

What better way to relax than giving proper rest and relaxation to your muscles? The spa facilities offered by this resort will take all your stress away and make you feel like a newborn baby again.

Location: Palolem - Patnem Beach Road Patnem, Canacona 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs.1,600 per night.

Goa Cottages Agonda

The entire point of a lovely vacation is to feast your eyes on astounding views of endless beauty and munch on delectable meals while you’re at it. For the former, Goa Cottages Agonda will exceed all your expectations by providing marvelous views of pristine waters and glowing sunsets at the Agonda Beach. These wooden cottages right below the ever-so-tall coconut trees can easily beat the likes of the best beachfront hotels across the globe. As for dining options here, you can browse through the tasty dishes offered by the in-house restaurant and bar menu.

The semi-circular pattern cottages are the belle of the ball of the entire Canacona region and hence, it’s not surprising that so many tourists choose to pick Goa Cottages Agonda on even their subsequent visits to the city. Apart from the basic services provided here, you can avail of the airport transfer services provided by the hotel. Make sure to inform them well in advance so they can make timely arrangements for you. Free parking facilities are also available here.

Location: Hno 281, Dhavalkhazan Agonda Beach Road 281, Agonda 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs. 4,500 per night.

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Art Resort Goa

Looking for a warm cozy retreat with the beach just a stone’s throw away? The Art Resort Goa will help you achieve just that as it excels in providing a quaint comfortable environment with the Palolem Beach just a few steps away. You can choose a room based on your requirements from the four options available here; Honeymoon Cottage, Superior Cottage, Superior Plus Cottage, and the Art Prive Cottage.

Even though the chances of Bruno Mars spreading his 24K Magic in the air are slim here, the in-house beachfront bar and restaurant located right on the beach will give you a proper Hawaiian vibe when the live-music nights join in. If you’re an art connoisseur, the resort also hosts exhibitions, workshops, and vernissages of artists in multiple fields for you to check out. Because nothing beats the pleasure of having delicious dishes while marveling at exquisite paintings and artworks here! While we are on the subject of arts, the Art Prive room also offers a mini pool for you to relax in.

Location: 103/11 Ourem road, South, Palolem, Canacona 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs.4,600 per night.

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The Ark Comforts

You’d be lying if you said you haven’t swooned over those triangle-shaped beachfront rooms on multiple Instagram reels by now. The interior of the rooms offered by the Ark Comforts are just as amazing as its magnificent exterior – if not more! Waking up to the breathtaking view of the sea while you sip on a hot cup of tea or a cold beer will instantly make your mornings better (because aren't ‘happy hours’ any hour?). Not to mention, the à la carte and buffet breakfast options here will continue to brighten your already amazing day.

The hotel also allows you to plan small events like birthday parties or other celebrations in its vicinity. The aesthetic views inside the hotel will give you enough and more pictures to post on your social media accounts, aided by the free Wi-Fi available here. To get the best of what this place has to offer, book a room that has a balcony and enjoy your vacation with maximum comfort. The fact that the hotel has a sizable referral rate makes it an ideal stay option in Canacona.

Location: Colomb Beach, Palolem, Canacona 403702

Rate: Approximately Rs. 15,000 per night.

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Summing Up

There is no better tourist destination in India than Goa and when the city in question is Canacona, it only adds to the charm. As exciting as touring this city sounds, it can get a bit tiring if the place you choose to stay in doesn’t have all the amenities you’re looking for. And we all know that when one thing goes wrong, the entire vacation experience spirals as a result of a domino effect. To make sure that you don’t get to be on the receiving end of that, the list above of the best beachfront hotels in Canacona will come to your rescue.


Which Beach Hotels In Canacona Are Good For Families?

Some of the best beach hotels in Canacona for families are Marron Sea View Resort, Palolem Beach Resort, and Ark Comforts.

Which Is The Best Part Of South Goa To Stay In?

The best places to stay in South Goa are near Palolem, Agonda, and Colo Beach.

Which Month Is Best For Goa?

The best month to visit the beautiful state of Goa is from mid-November to mid-February.

How Did Canacona Get Its Name?

The name Canacona, in its essence, is a derivative on the name Konkan.

Where Is Canacona Located?

Canacona is located in North Goa, right by the bay of Palolem.

What Is Canacona Famous For?

Aside from the many Hindu and Portuguese architectural wonders, Canacona is famous for attractions like Palolem Beach and Cabo De Rama.

Is Palolem Beach Safe For Swimmers?

Since Palolem Beach is almost horizontal and not inclined towards the water, it is considerably safe for people looking to swim.

Is Palolem Beach Good For Families?

With a clean and calm beach that lies right besides shallow waters of the Arabian Sea, Palolem is a great beach to visit with your family.