Best Beaches In Ratnagiri

Best Beaches In Ratnagiri

One destination that instantly comes to the minds of many Indians when it comes to beaches is Goa. But we all know that Goa can sometimes come across as overrated. Do you know that the district of Ratnagiri is home to many exotic beaches as well? They’re secluded, pristine spaces backed against the backdrop of lush landscapes, swaying coconut trees, and golden sunsets. That’s a perfect combo for anyone looking to gain some peace of mind. 

Reaching Ratnagiri is easy as you can drive or bike over there. Cabs, trains, and buses also commute passengers every day, so public/private transport is not an issue at all. The hotels are easy on the wallet, the food served by shacks on the beach is delicious - what more could you ask for? Looking to vacay in a coastal place other than the prominent Goa? Continue reading our article on some of the best beaches in Ratnagiri.  

6 Best Beaches In Ratnagiri

  1. Mandavi Beach 
  2. Ganpatipule Beach 
  3. Bhatye Beach 
  4. Guhagar Beach 
  5. Murud Beach
  6. Anjarle Beach

Mandavi Beach 

You won't find any difficulty searching for this place as it’s located right in the middle of Ratnagiri. Just ask any local and they’ll point you in the right direction in no time. Once you stand on its black sand, you’ll notice the Ratnadurg Fort overlooking the Arabian Sea. And while you scan the shoreline, you’ll view the bustling Rajiwanda Port towards its end.

It’s one of the best beaches in Ratnagiri, and due to its appeal, many tourists from far and wide come to soak up a bit of the sun. That’s why you’ll often see crowds as it has become commercial. But, that should not discourage you from visiting this place. There are plenty of things to do: you can jet ski your way to the horizon or paraglide to view the expanse below.   

After you’ve had your fill of the panoramic view of the beach, it’s time to fill your stomachs. Many street food stalls are parked at the distance from the shoreline. Indulge in some pani puri, bhel, and finish with a cool glass of coconut water. 

Fun Fact: Mandavi Beach is also known as the Gateway of Ratnagiri. It’s a sloping structure that looks somewhat like the Gateway of India, but only smaller. It’s connected to a ramp with thick pillars on its sides that leads to the Balekilla Fort. 

Distance: Approximately 1.5 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Station.

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Ganpatipule Beach 

How would you like a beach that boasts of soft white sands, pristine waters, placed against the backdrop of lush hilly areas? If you’ve been searching for something like that, then look no further: Ganpatipule Beach is here to satisfy that need.  

You won’t find many people in this part of Ratnagiri, but slowly people have been recognizing the immense serenity this place holds. The name of the beach comes from the 400-year old Ganesh Temple that resides by the seashore. A legend goes about the creation of this temple. It’s said that the idol in the temple was self-created. Therefore, it is revered by locals as a place of worship and admiration, in which many festivities take place. If you happen to be around the temple during that time, you’re bound to be spoiled with modaks and all sorts of delicious sweets. 

Best Beaches In Ratnagiri

The shacks on the shore serve some delicious Konkan food that is going to make you hungry after a long stroll. So, be prepared to feast! 

However, its waters are a bit rough, so swimming might not be ideal. Nevertheless, there are a ton of water activities for you to do, or you can just sit in a shack and relax by sipping some coconut water.

Distance: Approximately 24 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Station.

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Bhatye Beach 

Bhatye Beach can be considered a romantic getaway. It is serene and secluded, which means you won’t get much of a crowd, and there’s a 1.5 km stretch of sand waiting to be explored. Hand-in-hand, you can cover the length back and forth and delve into deep conversations with your loved one for hours together.   

For all our single folk, don't be dismayed. There’s something for you to do as well. You can skim the waves by booking a motorboat. Or you can even laze around by basking in the sun. The sand will not be of concern because it’s so soft that it easily peels off your skin.  

Best Beaches In Ratnagiri

Bhatye’s selling point doesn't stop there. You can view the picturesque Ratnagiri lighthouse that has some of the British complexity in the glass lamp machinery. And while you’re driving to the beach, you’ll bump into Titanic Point, a landmark paying homage to the Titanic movie. You get a stunning birds-eye-view of the sea, which will, of course, make you feel like Jack!      

Distance: Approximately 3 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Station. 

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Guhagar Beach 

Very few beaches are unpolluted; it’s a rarity. Nevertheless, Guhagar Beach is unaffected by any sort of pollution on its shores. We’re not saying that the other beaches mentioned on this list are dirty or polluted in any way. It's just that this beach scores a few more brownie points for being extra clean.  

Guhanagar houses a small fishing community and the beach is on the opposite side of Ganpatipule. The drive to this part of Ratnagiri is enthralling as you’ll pass through more beaches, small villages, mango farms. You get to experience a bit of local life as well.   

When you reach the beach, you’ll notice coconut trees lined along the shoreline. As you step a bit further, you’ll see two hills situated on both ends of the sea, thus making the place feel a bit cozier. Just for general knowledge: The Vashishti River, one of the Konkan region’s larger rivers, connects to this part of the Arabian Sea.  

With the Sahyadri Hills surrounding you on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, you’ll certainly be spoiled with lush landscape views. This makes it even more serene when you’re backstroking your way into the calming waves of the sea. While you’re doing that, you’ll spot different species of birds scurrying across the palms on the shore.   

Distance: Approximately 93 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Station. 

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Murud Beach 

Murud Beach deserves a mention on this list of the best beaches in Ratnagiri. There are many reasons why people have been coming to this beautiful haven embedded in the heart of Dapoli taluka. For starters, the early mornings see a lot of Dolphins in the cool waves of the Murud sea. Boat rides often take tourists across the shore to sight these beauties. If you’re lucky, you might spot a dolphin or two jumping out of the water to take help of the coastline for navigation. Don’t forget to keep your smartphone cameras ready!   

Best Beaches In Ratnagiri

While you’re breathing in the saline breeze on the beach’s soft sand, your eyes will be drawn towards the seagulls hovering around the massive waves of the sea. For a spiritual experience, you can also drop into the ancient Durga Devi Temple that’s situated nearby to the beach.  There are great resorts in close proximity to this beach so if you are looking for beachside hotels, you can easily witness one!

Distance: Approximately 160 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Station.

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Anjarle Beach

This little gem is a little tricky to find. You might have to ask a few locals about the whereabouts of the place. But, once you find it, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque views from the hilltop. And once you trek down to the shore, you’ll be rewarded with a serene beach environment because not many people know of this place. 

Some sources say that the government has prohibited swimming in the sea, but it’s better to confirm with some of the locals if you decide to take a dip. If you want to witness the wonders of nature, we urge you to visit this place in February. Tiny turtle eggs begin to break open beneath the soft sands, where baby turtles rush out to meet mother nature. You’ll feel mushy when you see their tiny feet running at top speed towards the sea, all pacing at different intervals of length. Talk about a rat race, or in this case, a turtle race! 

Distance: Approximately 170 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Station.

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Does Ratnagiri Have A Beach? 

Ratnagiri has a plethora of beaches around the district, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.  Mandavi Beach, Ganpatipule Beach, Bhatye Beach, and Guhagar Beach are some of the popular ones. 

In Which State Is Ratnagiri In?

Ratnagiri is in the state of Maharashtra, containing a lot of uncharted territory along the western coast of India. From the north to the south, this coastal district covers approximately 180 km, whereas it stretches a distance of about 64 km on its east-west side.   

What Is The Best Time To Visit Ratnagiri? 

Summers (October-March) is the best time to visit this tropical paradise. Daytime temperatures are in the warm 25°C range, which makes basking in the sea enjoyable. It’s a great time to jet ski and boat ride as well.  

Is Ganpatipule Beach Safe?

Although the place boasts of golden sands and pristine waters, it is said that its waters are a bit rough for deep swimming. Even for experienced swimmers, this can be risky. At the most, you can dip your feet at the outskirts of the sea and enjoy the summer breeze.   

Which Language Is Spoken In Ratnagiri?

Marathi is widely spoken among the locals, but most of them speak Hindi and English as well.  

Why Is Ratnagiri Famous? 

Ratnagiri is famous for many things, and that’s why many people keep returning to this coastal district to vacay in. The beaches are exotic, pristine, not overcrowded, and are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. In addition to the beaches, Ratnagiri is filled with quaint temples, historic monuments, and panoramic views of forts.

Which Fruit Is Famous In Ratnagiri?

Mangoes are the most popular fruit in Ratnagiri. In fact, Ratnagiri is the biggest producer of Alphonso mangoes in the country. So, if you visit during the Summers, do not forget to try the delicious mangoes. 

What Is Ratnagiri Specialty?

Ratnagiri has amazing beaches, and resorts and we all know the mangoes. Other than that, it is also pretty popular for its silver seeming sand, clear coastline, and calm.

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