6 Of The Best Beaches In Kannur

Kannur is situated in ‘Gods’ Own Country’ and has a very rich history attached to it and so you’ll get to see historic sites like Fort St. Angelos, Pallikunnu Temple, dotted in the region. That’s not it, the city also has a great number of seafood eateries and still meadows perfect for strolls. But one of the main things that make Kannur a perfect travel destination is the serene beaches here. The unspoiled beaches here are a treat to your eyes and visiting one is truly time well spent. When you plan to visit here are some of the best beaches in Kannur to check out:

  • Muzhappilangad Beach
  • Kizhunna Ezhara Beach
  • Payyambalam Beach
  • Meenkunnu Beach
  • Thottada Beach
  • Dharadam Beach

beaches in kannur

Muzhappilangad Beach

Would you like to visit the longest drive-in beach in entire Asia? Then Muzhappilangad beach is the perfect place to head to. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this beautiful beach when taking a tour of the city. First of all, it’s one of the cleanest beaches in Kannur where you can just go for a long drive in your car along the shore. The sandy shores of the beach and the sound of waves will make you feel that you’re in bliss.

So don’t forget to carry your DSLR to capture some pictures for your travel journal. If you’d rather be adventurous than a photographer, then you can swim in the clear waters of this beach. And don’t worry about deep currents as they’re prevented by the huge black rocks here.

This sandy beach is also famous for many activities like bike stunts, and car drifting that tourists enjoy to the fullest. You’ll find plenty of blue mussels here which are considered a local seafood delight in Kannur. You should definitely try out a mussel dish while you’re here as well.

If you’re a nature lover and a bird watcher, you’ll definitely love bird watching at Muzhappilangad beach. Some of the frequent visitors to this beach are bird species like eagle, egrets, common greenshank, etc. Since it's a tourist attraction, there are several fun activities that you can indulge in like parasailing and paragliding. For those seeking solitude amidst the natural beauty of the beach, you can sunbathe or just take a stroll at the beach.

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Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

Kizhunna Ezhara beach is one of the other pristine beaches that has drawn a lot of attention to itself. The region is also popularly known by the name ‘Twin Beach’. The location of the beach is such that it’s located between two red-colored stone cliffs and has a crescent shape. It will take you just 11 km from Kannur to reach here for a relaxing time near the shores of the beach.

When you glance at the coconut groves and the crimson sand of the beach, you’ll be elated with the beauty of this beach. But natural beauty is not the only thing you’ll witness here. The splendor of visiting Kizhunna Ezhara beach can also be experienced when you take a dive in the melodic waves of this beach. The waves of the beach splashing against the rocks at Ezhara will certainly be a sight to behold. All of this makes Kizhunna Ezhara a rustic beauty of Kannur that every tourist must definitely visit.

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Payyambalam Beach

Another beautiful beach in Kannur is Payyambalam Beach which gives out a peaceful and inviting aura to all who visit here. It’s just at a distance of 2 km from Kannur and has become one of the most preferred and favorite picnic spots in Kannur. That’s probably because it’s maintained extremely well.

When you visit you will be marveled at the sight of the dancing turquoise waters of the sea and the golden sand of the beach. To enter the beach, you’ll have to cross a pedestrian bridge which is the main entry to the beach. If you take a look at the right side of this bridge, you’ll find several monuments that are too majestic to deny. These monuments were constructed to celebrate and commemorate the prominent political personalities of Kannur.

If you’re into South Indian movies, you’ve certainly seen this beach on TV as well. Certain shots for the movie ‘Alaipayuthe’ was shot right here at Payyambalam beach. One of the most beautiful wonders of this beach is the mud sculpture of ‘Mother and Child’ by the popular sculptor Kanai Kunhiraman. This beach does not have many water sport activities like the other beaches in Kannur. Also, the waters here are known to be deceptively shallow which is why swimming is not recommended. But don’t let that hold you back from visiting this beach. At Payyambalam beach, you’ll get to see breathtakingly beautiful sunsets that’ll make your trip worth it!

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Meenkunnu Beach

If you want to know more about the culture of Kannur, you should include Meenkunnu Beach on your list of places to visit in Kannur. This charming beach is located in the Azhikode village of Kannur. Here, fishing is considered to be the main occupation of the locals. No wonder the beach is named Meenkunnu, which translates to 'hill of the fish’. At this beach, you’ll be amazed by the different types of fishing that locals enjoy and how they catch hoards of fishes. It’ll take you around 12 km from the main Kannur city to reach this beautiful secluded beach.

Meenkunnu beach with its golden sands is tucked behind the huge palm trees that surround the entire beach. It’s a perfect place for people who want to avoid touristy crowds and experience oneness with nature. You’ll only find locals fishing at this beach and so this is the best place to interact with locals and get to know more about the culture of Kannur. For those seeking some thrill and fun, surfing is something that visitors enjoy at Meenkunnu beach. You can even take a dip in the relaxing waters of this beach to have a rejuvenating time at this beach.

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Thottada Beach 

Thottada Beach is one of the most serene places in Kannur. The Thottada River joins the backwaters of the sea, a sight that is unrivaled and absolutely breathtaking. When you enter the beach, the sky-high coconut groves and white sands of the beach will greet you.

All those who are seeking a quiet time in nature will enjoy sunbathing at this beach. Just take a stroll on the white sands here and you’ll forget about all that’s bothering you. It’ll take you just 8 km from Kannur to reach Thottada beach. Just so you know, this is one of the unexplored beaches in Kannur. So there’s not much crowd to interrupt your me-time with nature.

This beach is at a stretch of almost 800 meters where you get to witness the waters of the Arabian sea collide with the shimmery white sands of the beach. That’s what makes it very tempting to visit here. The beautiful palm trees here create a tower around the red and black rocks of the beach that is such a pleasing treat to the eyes. When you visit such a natural wonder, it’s hard to say goodbye to the place. If you happen to fall in love with this beach and wish to stay longer, you can check out the numerous beach houses and homestays for your accommodation.

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Dharmadam Beach

If you need a place to unwind in Kannur, then Dharmadam beach is just the place for you. This golden beach is just a stone’s throw away from the famous Muzhappilangad beach. If Dharmadam beach had to be described in two words, it would be a tranquil haven! The beach has a gorgeous golden shore that one can’t help but admire. The literal meaning of the name Dharmadam means ‘Place of Ethics’ which is another popular nickname for this beach. Huge palm trees decorate this seashore and this sight will leave you in awe of this place. No wonder Dharmadam beach is considered an ideal spot for all those wanting to breathe some fresh air and bask in the glory of nature.

Want to know what else is famous here? Sea shells of course! The beach is full of beautiful and colorful sea shells that add to its beauty. You can go for a long stroll by the shore and collect shells of different sizes and colors. Wouldn't that be a perfect souvenir for your friends back home? While you take a stroll at the beach collecting seashells, another natural wonder awaits you! We’re talking about the stunning Anjarakandy and Thalassery Rivers that you can witness from this beach. At Dharmadam beach, you’ll experience oneness with nature like never before.

beaches in kannur

Summing Up

It goes without saying that beaches are known to be one of the best places to relieve yourself of the stress and monotony of everyday life. And if you’re planning a trip to Kannur, you’re sure to be astounded by the tranquility of the many beaches here. These were 6 of the best beaches in Kannur that you can explore on your next trip here. Without a doubt your vacation in Kannur will be a relaxing and fun experience.


Which Is The Most Beautiful Beach In Kannur?

Muzhappilangad beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Kannur. Apart from that, Payyambalam, Meenkunnu, Thottada, and Dharmadam are some of the other beautiful beaches in Kannur.

What Is Famous In Kannur?

Kannur is also known as the Land of Looms And Lores. It is famous for its handlooms, folk art, and music. The city also has many religious temples, historic museums and beaches that are famous and have gained a lot of tourist attraction.

Why Is Kannur Known As Manchester Of Kerala?

One of the many things that brought Kannur into the limelight is its handloom industry. Because of the quality of handloom work here, Kannur is also known as ‘Manchester of Kerala’.

What Is The Old Name Of Kannur?

The old name of Kannur is ‘Cannanore’ but not too many locals refer to the region by its old name.

Which Language Is Spoken In Kannur?

The main language spoken in Kannur is Malayalam. However, you can get by if you speak English, Tamil, and Hindi.

Is Kannur Worth Visiting?

The beautiful beaches, temples, and other attractions alongwith the rich cukture and history of this area make Kannur an absolutely great destination for a trip.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kannur?

The winter months between November to February see very pleasant weather in Kannur. This is also the best time to visit the town as you won't be restricted in your travels in any way.

How Many Beaches Are There In Kannur?

In total, there are 6 beaches in Kannur. These include all the large as well as small ones in the area.