4 Places To Travel To In February 2021, 5 Offbeat Kayaking Destinations In India

4 Awesome Hostels In Alleppey For The Regular Backpacker

Whether it’s to enjoy houseboat cruises or take a tour of the sandy beaches, Alleppey surely is the perfect destination for all travel enthusiasts. You’ll find several old English churches, Portuguese style architecture, vast farms and beautiful lakes in Alleppey. And not to forget the serene backwaters of Alleppey. No wonder it’s called the Venice of the East.

Wondering where to stay in Alleppey? Just like there are tons of places to visit, there are tons of accommodation options available for you. And what’s better than hostels? You get to meet and befriend other backpackers just like you. We have compiled a list of some of the best hostels in Alleppey where you’ll have a relaxing holiday experience. Let’s just dive right in!

4 Of The Best Hostels In Alleppey

  1. goSTOPS Alleppey
  2. Trippr Alleppey
  3. Funky Art Beach House
  4. Backpackers Hostel - By Waves And Shores

4 Places To Travel To In February 2021, 5 Offbeat Kayaking Destinations In India,4 Awesome Hostels In Alleppey For The Regular Backpacker

1.goSTOPS Alleppey 

How would you like staying in a charming place that is in close proximity to all the popular attractions in Alleppey? Well, if you’re one of those who enjoy exploring new places and indulging in fun activities, goSTOPS Alleppey is the place for you. The famous attractions of Alleppey like Thumpoly Beach and Alleppey Lighthouse are just a few minutes away from here.

Speaking of the amenities you can avail of here, the hostel offers you a choice between dorm rooms with bunk beds and private rooms. There’s also a beautiful outdoor seating area where you can have insightful conversations with other travelers. Otherwise, there are board games that will surely keep you entertained. The best thing about goSTOPS is its Indo-Dutch architecture that is sure to catch your eye.

Location: Cullen Road, Sea View Ward, Alappuzha, Kerala 688012.

Perks: Common area, board games, free parking and WiFi, etc.

Cost: Starting from INR 305 onwards.

Website: gostops.com/book-rooms-in-alleppey-hostel

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4 Awesome Hostels In Alleppey For The Regular Backpacker

2.Trippr Alleppey

If you’re planning a trip to Alleppey, there’s nothing better than staying close to beaches and lakes where you can enjoy houseboat rides and feel at peace. Trippr Alleppey is a backpacker’s hostel that will give you just what you need- peaceful, comfy and quality holiday accommodation.

It is located in the Alleppey beach district and so you can just wander around on the sandy beaches any time of the day. You’ll just have to take a walk for a couple of minutes to reach the 19th-century Alappuzha Lighthouse from here. Right from air-conditioned rooms to good ambience, you’ll get everything you need here for a rejuvenating holiday.

Location: Near Vijaya Beach Park, Padinjare Kurisadi. Sea View Ward, 688012 Alleppey.

Perks: Close to Vijay Beach Park, free WiFi, etc. 

Cost: Starting from INR 350 onwards. 

Website: tripprworld.com/ 

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Best Hostels In Alleppey

3.Funky Art Beach House 

Access to the beach, rooftop, pleasant atmosphere and budget-friendly stay- aren’t these things on the top of every traveler’s list? Well, at Funky Art Beach House, you not only get a budget-friendly stay but also a beachside guesthouse from where you can feast your eyes with the beautiful ocean views.

This hostel in Alleppey lets you chill in the beautiful garden here or enjoy with other travelers on the rooftop with an open-air shared sleeping space. To fulfill your cravings, you can even ask for a barbecue chicken or fish while you enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful ocean view from here. Each room here has free WiFi and a wonderful ambience.

Location: Munnodi Temple Road, Near Muthala Pozhi, Kanjiramchira, 688007 Alleppey.

Perks: Private bathroom, laundry services, free WiFi, etc.

Cost: Starting from INR 200 onwards.

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4.Backpackers Hostel- By Waves And Shores

The Backpackers Hostel by Waves and Shores assures you a smooth check-in and check-out along with a hospitable and friendly staff. The best thing about staying in this hostel is that the Alappuzha railway station is just at a distance of 14 km from here. Marari Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in Alleppey, is just 1.4 km from here.

Located in Mararikulam, this hostel offers all the amenities you need. You can enjoy a peaceful time in the big garden here. The hostel also offers you rooms with beds and an attached bathroom. You’ll also have access to some of the popular tourist attractions from here.

Location: 18/387, Jose Road, Mararikulam North, Alleppey - 688523.

Perks: Air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, etc.

Cost: Starting from INR 1,598 onwards.

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Best Hostels In Alleppey


Alleppey surely is a nature’s paradise as you get to see beautiful backwater canals, sandy beaches, paddy fields and old towns. One thing is certain, there’s never going to be a time when you’ll be bored here as you’ll have tons of activities to explore. Whether it’s a houseboat cruise or a visit to the old churches and temples here, you’re sure to have a memorable holiday experience. There’s nothing better than staying in a hostel where you can enjoy a budget-friendly stay and get to interact with other backpackers.


How Many People Are Allowed In One Hostel Room?

Most hostels allow 3-4 people in one room. You can call and check with the hostel you’re interested in before booking your stay.

What Is Special About Alleppey?

The old churches and temples, tranquil lakes, sandy beaches, and beautiful backwaters are some things that make Alleppey a special place in Kerala.

Is Alleppey Houseboat Safe?

Yes, houseboats in Alleppey are safe as they are equipped with life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment.

Why Is Alleppey Famous?

Alleppey is famous for its beautiful backwaters where you can go for a relaxing houseboat cruise. Apart from that, the beautiful beaches here have made it a famous tourist destination.

Which City Is Called Venice Of India?

Alleppey is called the Venice Of India.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Alleppey? 

The best time to visit Alleppey would be in winters during the months of November to February where you’ll get to enjoy cool and pleasant weather.

How Many Nights Can You Stay In A Hostel?

Some hostels let you stay in for both for short and long term, allowing you to stay for around 1- 6 months.

What Makes A Good Hostel?

Staying in a good hostel should give you a homely and comfortable feeling, this is how good hostels are supposed to be.

  • Region
    South India
  • Type Of Experience
    Nature, Adventure, Cultural
  • Best Time To Visit
    November to March
  • 4 Amazing Hostels In Alleppey For The Regular Backpacker
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