Authentic Punjabi Sweets That You Must Try This Winter

We all love desserts and that's no secret. Whether you prefer light and airy or rich and decadent, it’s all good as there is no right or wrong with desserts. India has a unique range of sweet dishes and North India, especially Punjabi cuisine has a variety of desserts that call for some exploring. Packed with sweetness and flavor, Punjabi sweets blanket you with a comforting warmth like no other. Here are some of our favorite authentic Punjabi sweets that you must try this winter. 

9 Authentic Punjabi Sweets To Try This Winter

  1. Phirni
  2. Kheer
  3. Meetha Chilla or Meetha Pooda 
  4. Dodha Barfi
  5. Panjiri
  6. Pinni
  7. Shakarpaare
  8. Lauki Halwa
  9. Besan Barfi

1. Phirni

Every foodie will love this luscious and creamy dessert! Phirni is made by combining khoya (evaporated milk solids), rice, and whole milk. There are ample versions of this dish but the one made in Punjab, with rice as its main ingredient simply takes the top spot! It's basically a slow-cooked Indian sweet pudding which is a must in North India during special celebrations like Diwali or Karwa Chauth.

Phirni is also called firni and has a delicious, creamy texture that melts right in your mouth. This Punjabi sweet can be prepared in the comforts of your home using a few basic items and can be served hot after a meal.

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2. Kheer

How can you talk about Punjabi sweets and not mention Kheer? This dessert is at the center of all traditional Indian celebrations and no event is complete without Kheer. For this simple and fast dessert, all you need is whole milk, basmati rice, saffron, gud (jaggery), or sugar, and ample dry fruits. Kheer is the one Punjabi dessert that is made in every household, regardless of whether it's a big or small celebration. 

Mostly prepared when you’ve got guests coming over, the dish wins them with its comforting flavor and serves as a wholesome way to end a scrumptious meal. And the best part is that it can be served hot or cold depending on your preference.

3. Meetha Chilla Or Meetha Pooda 

A delicious dessert known as meetha chilla or meetha pooda is a staple in every Punjabi household. You’ll always find it in a typical Punjabi kitchen and is consumed with breakfast or as an evening snack. It can be stored in the fridge for a few days and tastes super delicious when heated and served with some desi ghee.

You should absolutely attempt making this dish at home if you have a sweet craving. Ingredients like whole wheat flour, fennel seeds, sugar, and ghee, are used to make it. It's mostly made during Baisakhi and other significant occasions. And the amazing part is that this dessert is not too sweet so it can be enjoyed by anyone, sweet tooth or not!

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4. Dodha Barfi

A common dessert served during various Punjabi festivities is dodha barfi. Its texture is quite an enigma, granular yet rich, and is a must-have during winters in Punjab. You must enjoy this mouthwatering Punjabi sweet with your loved ones after a dinner party.

One thing to note about this Punjabi sweet is that it needs some basic ingredients and about 30 minutes of your time.  Liquid glucose, sugar, ghee, milk, and alum are the ingredients used to make this unique barfi. It may sound quite quirky, but the end result is absolutely worth the effort. You can quickly whip up delectable barfi in the comfort of your own kitchen and enjoy it whenever you like.

5. Panjiri

Panjiri or dabra is a North Indian dessert that forms a quintessential part of the winter food menu. A bowl full of Panjiri is the perfect snack when you’re craving something sweet. It is made by roasting flour and semolina in ghee and is topped off with all of your favorite nuts and spices.

The recipe for Panjiri can be considered a family treasure as it is passed down from generation to generation in a Punjabi household. So every household will have a unique-tasting Panjiri with ingredients that are more or less the same. This makes the dish a special one as it holds memories of the precious moments that the females of a house share when preparing the dish!

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6. Pinni

One of the earliest kinds of traditional sweets in Punjab is pinni. For all those who don't know what pinni is, it's the Punjabi name for sweets that are round in shape like a ladoo. It's basically a round sweet, in the shape of balls, made with wheat flour, ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits.

Many like to devour this dish during the winter mostly due to its health advantages. It offers the warmth and comfort required during the winter. And all of the nuts added give this dish ample nutrients and crunch. A pinni is edible for a good three months because it is roasted so finely. It's so addictive and rich we recommend you enjoy it in moderation.

7. Shakarpaare Or Shankarpali

Another iconic Punjabi sweet is a crispy, lightly sweetened snack called shakarpaare. Popularly known as shankarpali, the dish is made with just four common ingredients that can be found in any home - milk, flour, ghee, and sugar. One of the classic winter sweets, it is available practically everywhere in the Indian subcontinent. 

This food is typically fried, crunchy, flaky, diamond-shaped flour cookies covered with crystallized sugar. This quick-to-make, bite-sized, fried Indian cookies are frequently prepared for celebrations like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Holi. Additionally, it has a very long shelf life and can be kept for months in an airtight container.

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8. Lauki Halwa

The sweet and creamy lauki ka halwa doesn't require any special cooking skills and you don't have to wait for any occasion to enjoy it. One of Punjab’s classic sweets, it can be made at home and needs some simple ingredients and ample of your time. Made with bottle gourd, whole milk, sugar, ghee, cardamom, and dry fruits, the dessert is packed with flavor and super refreshing. The whole milk or condensed milk and a substantial amount of dry fruits give this dish a rich, creamy texture.

You don't need to add mawa or khoya when making this halwa as when you’re cooking bottle gourd with milk. The milk evaporates to give you that creamy and smooth texture. Janmashtami is when you’ll see this dish being prepared in households and is one of the most wholesome desserts out there. And let's be honest, lauki halwa is the ideal Punjabi dessert to keep you going during winter.

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9. Besan Barfi

Besan barfi is one of the most enticing Punjabi sweets that you must try out this winter. This delicious sweet is made with gram flour, raisins, cardamom powder, ghee, and powdered sugar, and will be an absolute bliss to your taste buds. It's one of Punjab’s most beloved sweets that you’ll find in every nook and corner of the state.

You can easily prepare a batch of besan barfi with simple ingredients that are readily available in your home. Most households in Punjab have besan barfi stored in jars on the counter or dining table. This is because once cooked, the barfi can be stored in an airtight container so that you can later enjoy its stunning flavor.

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Summing Up

Punjab is popular for its vibrant festivals, lively music and dance, fascinating history, and lavish cuisine. From flavorsome curries to flaky bread to mouth-watering desserts, it’s no surprise that Punjabis are wholesome foodies. There's a lot that Punjab has to offer you when it comes to sweet dishes. And if you don’t know where to begin we’ve got you covered with some of its traditional Punjabi sweets that you must try out this winter! 


What Is The Famous Sweet Of Punjab?

Punjab is known for its food, especially sweet dishes. Here are some of the famous sweets of Punjab:

  1. Phirni
  2. Dodha Barfi
  3. Panjiri
  4. Pinni
  5. Shakarpaare

What Are The Main 3 Sweets Offered During Lohri?

Til ki barfi, gur ki roti, and makhane ki kheer are the main three sweets offered during Lohri in Punjab.

What Language Do They Speak In Punjab?

People in Punjab speak Punjabi and Hindi. These are the two widely spoken languages in the state.

Which Sweet Is Best In Winter?

There's nothing better than a steaming hot sweet dish to have after your meals during winter. And if the dish is a Punjabi dessert, it's even better! So some traditional Punjabi sweets like Panjiri, Pinni, Shakarpaare, Lauki Halwa, and Dodha Barfi are best to have during winter.

What Is The Staple Food Of Punjab?

Punjab is known for its food and culture. The staple food of Punjab includes items like Chhole bhature, paneer, dal makhani, butter chicken, and lassi.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Punjab?

October to March, which is the winter season in Punjab, is the best time to visit the state. The climate is cool and pleasant which makes it easy to explore the beautiful state.

What Is Famous In Punjab For Shopping?

The juttis, Punjabi suits, phulkari dupattas, pickles, embroidered textiles, handicrafts, etc. are some of the famous things in Punjab for shopping.