Air India to resume operation of Domestic Flights to repatriate stranded citizens.

Air India to resume operation of Domestic Flights

While Air India is in the process of extensively repatriating stranded citizens from countries across the globe. They have also started accepting bookings to International destinations and are expected to accept bookings for International travel from the 16th of May.

Air India is expected to partially resume international operations to select airports in The USA, UK and a few major airports in Europe like Paris and Frankfurt.

Travelers are advised to check the status of the destination and their legal status in the country they intend to travel to. For example, The USA has earmarked select airports for American Citizens, Permanent Residents and similarly for immediate families are returning from Coronavirus epicenters like Europe, Iran and China.

UK has a compulsory 14 day quarantine rule for everybody entering the country. So it is advised to check your legal status and the rules of the country you are flying to in order to travel to the international destination you have to get to

  • Air India to resume domestic flights
  • Plan to Repatriate Stranded Passengers first