Air India To Launch Flights To Nowhere

Air India To Launch Flights To Nowhere

It is being reported that Air India will soon launch their flights to nowhere program.  These flights will act as a joyride across a scenic route that covers major sights and will that take off and land at the same airport.

Air joyrides are not a novel concept in entirety. Australian air carrier, Qantas airways in the recent past launched their own Flight to Nowhere campaign which was met with resounding success as all the flights were sold out in under ten minutes. The Qantas Airways in their flight to nowhere have charted a seven hour long route that takes passengers across the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef.

Air India is planning to use the Boeing 747 jumbo jet for their flight to nowhere Campaign. These flights will operate at Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (MOCA).  This is the lowest permissible level that is considered to be safe for flying and will enable the passengers to see all the intended sights. MOCA varies across cities

and regions and is set at different altitudes to enable flights to fly at a lower altitude without crashing into a building or another structure.

Singapore is also planning a similar flight program.  Their flights are expected to take off from Changi Airport and land back at Changi. Singapore's flight to nowhere program will include hotel stays, shopping vouchers and limousine rides.

While traveling to a new destination is a luxury amidst the Covid pandemic, the fact that you can take a joyride to nowhere may just bring with it some respite for travelers.