Agra Street Food Guide

Besides the iconic Taj Mahal, you’ve got to acknowledge the fact that Agra has among the best street food in the country. The city’s renowned cuisine has attracted a lot of tourists and visitors into coming here to quench their ravenous appetite. Apart from the many fancy restaurants, Agra has many neighborhoods and streets where you can savor lip-smacking local dishes. Read our Agra street food guide to know where to go to try some of its best culinary delights.

7 Popular Places To Try Agra Street Food 

  1. Hari Parwat Crossing - Petha, Dalmoth
  2. Sardar Bazar - Non Veg Food, Chaat, Petha
  3. Gopal Bazar - Parathas
  4. Pratap Pura - Bedai, Jalebis
  5. Kinari Bazar - Malai Lassi, Chow Mein
  6. MG Road - Dahi Bhalla, Samosas
  7. Fatehabad Road - Chole Bhature, Mughlai

1. Hari Parwat Crossing - Petha & Dalmoth

No trip to Agra is complete without trying the famous street food at Hari Parwat Crossing. The bylanes here have many things to treat both your eyes and appetite. If you need something to pair with your hot cup of chai, go ahead and enjoy some dalmoth here. This lane has many stalls that serve this snack. It’s a crunchy snack made with nuts, spices, and fried lentils. 

For years, petha has been a mouth-watering fantasy of every tourist who visits here. And if you’re not sure which place in Agra sells panchi petha, you can head straight to Hari Parwat Crossing. This specialty of Agra gets its unique taste from white pumpkins and nuts. This creamy, juicy, and crisp sweet delicacy will instantly melt in your mouth and satisfy all your sweet cravings!

Must-Visit Food Joints: Panchhi Petha and Bhimsain Bhaij Nath, Pracheen Petha. 

Address: Professors Colony, Civil Lines, Agra.

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Agra Street Food Guide

2. Sardar Bazar - Non-Veg Foods & Chaat

During the day after you’re done shopping for souvenirs for your friends and family, you’re bound to get hungry. For all your food cravings, Sardar Bazar is the one-stop shop for lip-smacking food. The locals always flock to this place as it has a variety of street food options. 

Non-vegetarians will have the time of their lives here! That’s because Sardar Bazar has food joints that sell foods like chicken kebab wraps and mutton seekh kebabs. If you’re a fan of chaat, you can explore the chaat gali at this bazar that has many vendors selling gol gappas and basket chaat. Apart from that, there are other items like soya chaap (soya baked on skewers), momos, and frankies.

Must-Visit Food Joints: Shri Agarwal Chat House, Kela Ji Bhel Puri And Shev Puri Corner, and Mama Chicken Mama Frankie House.

Address: Agra Cantt, Idgah Colony, Agra.

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3. Gopal Bazar - Parathas

Another popular street food of Agra is paratha which is available in countless combinations. To enjoy some garma garam parathas, you can go visit Gopal Bazar in Agra. There are several street stalls that sell hot sizzling parathas that are served with mango pickles. You can choose the kind of vegetables you want in your paratha. For example, a must-try combination would be aloo, vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, and cheese garnishings.

The parathas are made from wheat flour and stuffed with mashed potatoes and other chopped vegetables. They are an important part of Agra street food as people here enjoy having them for breakfast. As you take a stroll through the streets of Gopal Bazar, the aromas of parathas will definitely tempt you to try some! You can relish them with spicy green chutney. Apart from parathas, there are other street foods you can enjoy like kachori, petha, and chaat.

Must-Visit Food Joints: Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar, Gopaldas Pethewale.

Address: Gopal Bazar, Belanganj, Civil Lines, Agra.

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Agra Street Food Guide

4. Pratap Pura - Bedai, Jalebis

All foodies will love to explore the many different types of street food vendors at Pratap Pura. If you happen to visit this lane in the morning, you should definitely try the popular breakfast snack here, bedai. This is a spicy, round puffy, and round bread which is made with dal, coriander, and other spices and is served with aloo sabzi. Most people of Agra love to savor something sweet with bedai. You can pair your bedai with any sweet or as the locals here prefer it, with some delicious kadhai ka dudh. All of you who want to enjoy bedai can explore Pratap Pura. 

Another one of the most iconic dessert dishes of this city is jalebi. This sweet delicacy is made with fermented batter and dipped in sugar syrup before serving. People enjoy eating hot jalebis early in the morning along with rabdi, which is a sweet milk-based dish. Other popular street food options that you can explore at Pratap Pura are kachori, chole kulche, samosas, lassi, and badam ka doodh.

Must-Visit Food Joints: Deviram Sweets & Restaurant, Hotel Orange, and Spice Kitchen - The Sizzling Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.

Address: Rakabganj, Agra.

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5. Kinari Bazar - Malai Lassi, Chow Mein

Your trip to Agra would be incomplete without visiting one of the most famous markets of the city, the Kinari Bazar. It’s located right behind the Jama Masjid. The many narrow lanes and colorful shops have attracted many tourists and vacationers into visiting here. Right from local street foods to exotic dishes, you’ll find everything here!

Kinari Bazar is famous for a beverage that has become a crowd favorite when it comes to Agra street food, malai lassi. It’s made from milk, rose water, sugar, and dry fruits and tastes so yummy that it’ll quench your thirst immediately! It’s just the thing you need when you’re done shopping at this bazar and need something to satisfy your taste buds.

That’s not it, you’ll find several other cuisines that the street stalls of Kinari Bazar are known for. One such dish that the locals come here for, quite frequently, is chow mein. There are several restaurants and local street vendors selling items like noodles and other Chinese dishes with a desi touch that comes from the addition of Indian spices.

Must-Visit Joints: Manoj Restaurant, Radha Rani Food Corner, Chimmanlal Puri Wale, and Akhtar Restaurant.

Address: Hing Ki Mandi, Mantola, Agra.

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Agra Street Food Guide

6. MG Road - Dahi Bhalla, Samosas

This is where the younger crowd in Agra is seen when the sun goes down. The best part is that it’s just 15 minutes from key attractions like the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. A must-try snack at MG Road is dahi bhalla. It’s a deep-fried lentil fritter that is dipped in creamy yogurt and topped with several sweet and spicy chutneys. There are several stalls on this road that sells mouthwatering dahi bhallas, so make sure that you try them during your Agra tour.

Another specialty of Agra is samosa, which is a popular Indian snack found in almost every part of the country. But what makes it different in this city is its unique flavors and taste. Agra samosa is a fried snack with potato filling and other desi spices. It’s served with mint and tamarind chutney here. All locals of this city are seen crowding the many street stalls of MG Road to relish this popular evening snack.

Must-Visit Joints: Bhagat Halwai Sweets & Confectionaries, Ek Number - Twisted Indian Cafe, and  Deviram Sweets & Restaurant.

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Agra.

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7. Fatehabad Road - Chole Bhature, Mughlai

Fatehabad Road is another famous spot in Agra as it’s connected to many tourist attractions like Agra Fort and Jama Masjid. But that’s not it, this road is also famous for many eateries that serve scrumptious food. One thing is certain, the aromas of the spicy chickpeas curry will definitely tempt you to try it. Chole Bhature is one of the famous dishes you’ll find at many restaurants and street stalls near Fatehabad Road. This Punjabi dish with deep-fried bread and chana masala is sure to fulfill your hunger pangs!

Coming to Agra and not trying the Mughlai cuisine here would make you regret your trip for sure! Right from mughlai chicken, mutton seekh kebab, to mughlai parathas, you’ll find several restaurants serving delicious non-vegetarian dishes that’ll definitely make your mouth water. Don’t miss out on this cuisine if you’re traveling to Agra.

Must-Visit Food Joints: Pinch Of Spice, Chowk Restaurant, and Delhi 6.

Address: Fatehabad, Agra.

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Agra Street Food Guide

Summing Up

There are plenty of things that you can do and see in the ‘City of Taj’. But your trip here won’t be complete without exploring the amazing cuisine of this city. Everyone who is visiting Agra should explore and definitely try the roadside delicacies of this wonderful city. We picked out some of the best dishes for you in our Agra street food guide. Have a stomach-filling culinary adventure!


Which Is The Famous Food In Agra?

Some of the most famous foods of Agra are petha, dalmoth, chaat, and parathas.

What Is Famous Sweet In Agra?

One of the most famous sweets in Agra is the petha. It’s made with white pumpkin and has a soft texture. It immediately melts in your mouth and is a perfect treat for all those who have a sweet tooth.

What Is Bedia And Jalebi?

Bedia is a bread that is deep-fried and fluffy. It is enjoyed with yogurt or batata (potato) sabzi. Jalebi on the other hand is a sweet delicacy, which is made with maida and is dipped in sugar syrup before serving it.

Which Food Is UP Famous For?

Petha, parathas, jalebi, dahi bhalla, and samosas are some of the foods UP is famous for.

What Are Famous Mughlai Dishes?

Some of the famous Mughlai dishes are mutton chaap, murgh musallam, chicken lababdar, and mughlai paratha.

How Can I Spend My Day In Agra?

You can spend your day in Agra by covering the most popular attractions like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Akbar’s Tomb. After your sightseeing, you can feast on some delicious food at the many popular restaurants and food joints on the streets of Agra.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Agra?

The best time to visit Agra would be in the winter months, from December to February. That’s when you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat while touring the city.

What Is Black Jalebi Called?

Black jalebi is called mawa or khoya jalebi. It’s made with khoya and potato starch and is deep-fried until it turns a blackish color. People enjoy eating piping hot back jalebis dipped in sugar syrup.