7 Aesthetic Travel Destinations In India From TV Shows

Everyone is struck by wanderlust at some point in their lifetimes. Whether it’s after one of those hectic work weeks when all you want to do is leave your workplace with a swagger that probably only Scarface from Half Baked could pull off or whether it’s when your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of your friends having the “trip of their lives!” Bollywood is no less, with movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Jab We Met, and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani adding fuel to the wanderlust fire. These subtle hints only make you want to get out of your monotonous everyday life more and have a crazy adventure. A solo trip or a trip with your gang, from one city to another, meeting new people and making some of the most unforgettable memories of your life!

And Bollywood movies aren’t the only ones that awaken your inner traveler. With the growth and popularity of OTT, many phenomenal web series and TV shows have become accessible to almost everyone! And some of these phenomenal shows, have explored and brought forth a vibrant and eclectic picture of India, in a form that makes you want to travel there. India in itself is an amazing country with a boatload of diversity, both in terms of geography and culture. This is the India you want to travel around and we bring you some of the most aesthetic travel destinations in India from some of the hit TV shows.

So, fasten your seatbelts, get your notepads out and start taking those ‘bucket-list’ notes for your next road trip vacation across India!


What better way to kick off this list than the destination where the ‘road trip with siblings’ started off from! TVF’s Tripling, the web series that made everyone want to go on a road trip with their siblings, however crazy that might sound, definitely brought forth some of the well-known yet hidden gems of India. While Jodhpur is undoubtedly famous, the series painted quite a lively and colorful picture of the city, unlike any other! Popularly known as the ‘Blue City’, Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. The nickname comes from the fact that you’ll find quite a few structures like forts, temples, havelis, and even houses, that are built in vivid shades of blue! 

The magnificent forts and havelis that loom over the city are a spectacular sight that you definitely don’t want to miss. The city has a rich history and cultural heritage that simply cannot be covered within a short trip. From famous majestic forts to beautiful lakes, from magnificent palaces to several architectural phenomena; Jodhpur has a lot of ground to cover simply in terms of architecture and history. But the tourist attractions are not the only features worth visiting in the city. Jodhpur has given all traveling foodies some of the most scrumptious varieties of all time. The famous Malai Ghevar, Dal Bati Churma, Makhaniya Lassi, and a wide variety of lip-smacking chaats alone are a good enough reason to sanction a trip to the Blue City!


Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Jodhpur is between the months of October and March. The winters are the peak tourist season as the temperatures are cool and pleasant. This makes exploring and sightseeing very comfortable, unlike in the summer months.

Places To Visit: Meharangarh Fort, Khejarla Fort, Balsamand Lake, Kailana Lake, Ranisar, Padmasar, Sheesh Mahal, Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, Mandore, and Ghanta Ghar.

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When you think of romantic destinations, you might picture Udaipur, Manali, Munnar, or even Goa, but the mini TV series Soulmates has unveiled the romantic bone of Shillong. While the coincidence of bumping into your soulmate as you’re chasing the lead singer of a rock band is a little too difficult to bring to life, the aesthetic beauty and the magical air of Shillong is something you can most definitely experience during your trip here! The capital city of the stunning state of Meghalaya is a scenic hill station that has brought several tourists to its doorstep for its unfiltered natural beauty and cosmopolitan culture. Shillong is the city where every festival is celebrated with incredible zest and where travelers will stumble across cuisines from around the country and the world!

A fun fact about Shillong is that it is the only hill station in India that is accessible from all directions. The main city center is located on the central plateau and is surrounded by lofty hills and misty peaks on all sides. Shillong acts like a gateway into Meghalaya and is famous for its heavy rainfall, deep caves, tall waterfalls, and an overall heavenly landscape. It’s a city that has many faces; from quiet neighborhoods with whistling pine woods to the vibrant downtown areas with an emerging café culture and a love for modern acoustics. A lot of Shillong’s reputation is built on its love for music and there have been many legendary musicians who call this city home. Well, don’t forget that our Soulmates’ protagonist is chasing a rock band all the way to Shillong – the dots are all connecting now, aren’t they?


Best Time To Visit: The summer months from March to June is the best time to visit Shillong. The weather is quite pleasant and the summers are overall very mild, making it the perfect time to explore Shillong. These months are also perfect for sightseeing and planning adventure activities. 

Places To Visit: Shillong Peak, Lady Hydari Park, Elephant Falls, Crinoline Falls, Diengiei Peak, Laitlum Canyons, Bishop Falls, and Ward’s Lake.

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Our ‘road trip with siblings’ winds up at this world-famous Himachal town. Manali truly needs no introduction. This backpacking and trekking destination is on top of travel lovers’ ‘must-visit’ places and rightfully so! And Manali has been extensively covered by not only several A-lister Bollywood movies but even some hit web series and TV shows. From TVF’s Tripling to Rusk Studio’s Backpackers, Manali has made its presence known as never before! Nestled in the picturesque valley of the River Beas, the town is known for its cool climate and snow-capped mountains. It offers a sense of connection through disconnect and has turned into a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike, attracting soul-searchers looking for a new purpose and direction, quicker than honey calling out to a bear! 

From meandering valley passes to glacial rivers, from expansive open meadows to forested hill slopes; Manali has a diverse range of scenic landscapes to quench your thirst for the best of nature. Along with all of its natural beauty, Manali has also become a hub for a wide range of adventure sports like rowing, white water rafting, river crossing, quad-biking, zorbing, paragliding, and rock climbing, and much more! If you ever dream of sitting by the gurgling waters of a snow-fed stream or waking up to a breathtaking sunrise against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, then Manali is the place to be. And who is to say that your backpacking adventure won’t bring along unexpected friendships and an extraordinary story?


Best Time To Visit: The summer months, that is from March to June, are the perfect time to visit Manali. The temperatures rise, making the overall climate of Manali cool and pleasant for traveling and sightseeing. This is the perfect time to indulge in outdoor activities such as paragliding, rafting, trekking, and mountain adventures. This is also the time when the region’s flora is in full bloom, lending it the most pristine natural beauty.

Places To Visit: Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Naggar Castle, Vaishisht Village, Brighu Lake, and Manali Gompa.

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Love stories and friendships can be mismatched, but aesthetics and Jaipur are a perfect match! Netflix’s Mismatched showcases the true aesthetic beauty of Jaipur, through its wide-angle shots of the city’s majestic architecture and surrounding natural beauty. The series not only piqued the interest of the audience in terms of wanting to visit this captivating city but also lit the sparks to go on an adventure for love and friendship! Jaipur undoubtedly has a thread of romance intricately woven into its tapestry; with all of its architectural heritage, vibrant culture, and timeless traditions. Jaipur is known as the ‘Pink City’ and you’ll be tickled pink to know why. The story goes that in 1876, the Prince of Wales visited India on a tour. Since the color pink was symbolic of hospitality, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the entire city pink!

Jaipur is known worldwide for its colored gemstones and marvelous hues that deck the city. It is one of the three corners of the golden triangle that includes Delhi and Agra But the forts and pink structures aren’t the only things that Jaipur has to offer. The city has so much more essence and spirit that you have to add this timeless city to your travel bucket list. This city needs a good amount of time and love dedicated to exploring it, and you will not regret it one bit!


Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the Pink City is in the months of October to March. The cool breeze and moderate sunlight make October suitable for sightseeing during the daytime. The winter months are the peak tourist season in Jaipur, as the overall climate is suitable for tourist activities and exploring the city.

Places To Visit: Samode, Amber Palace, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, and Maharani Ki Chhatri.


Road tripping with your siblings and backpacking with your friends. Apart from this, imagine going on a biking trip with your father and exploring the Northeastern states of India! Actress Kalki Koechlin did just that, in her travel show, Kalki’s Great Escape. The father-daughter duo explored gems of the Northeast on their biking trip covering Assam, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh. Located in far-flung Northeast India, Assam is a part of the captivating and iconic seven sisters and is nestled amidst ageless forests and formidable mountains. This enigmatic yet captivating state should not only be visited for its natural beauty but also for its rich cultural heritage. An integral part of Assamese culture is its tribal population, mainly the Bodo and Mishing tribes, and you should definitely opt for a tribal tour to get a more in-depth experience of the mystifying colors and lore of Assam.

It’s no secret that Assam is an under-explored treasure. If you’re looking for a vacation that involves relaxing on a river island, treating your taste buds with scrumptious food, indulging in a shopping spree in the local market, going crazy on a wildlife safari, and soothing your thirsty spiritual soul at a monastery, then a vacation in Assam is what you've been longing for! And if you’re a chai lover, then you must visit Assam’s Jorhat and Dibrugarh tea estates, where you can go on a tea tour to admire stunning views of the gardens and sample aromatic Assamese tea. This is a great place for a bonding biking trip without an inkling of a doubt!


Best Time To Visit: The state of Assam is best visited from November to May. The weather is perfect, with cool winds blowing from the Himalayan foothills to reduce heat and humidity. Orchids bloom between March and May, and it is a season of immense joy for the local people who are busy celebrating Bihu, the harvest festival.

Places To Visit: Kaziranga National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Hajo, Manas National Park, Umananda Island, Majuli Island, Kakochang Waterfalls, and Haflong Hill..


With soft beige lands, gradient blue skies, crystal-clear lakes, and elegant monasteries standing stark amidst the crisp white snow; there is no sight in Leh-Ladak that is anything less than stunning. Well, you’re not the only ones to think so. Filmmakers and producers also recognize the splendid backdrops and location that Leh-Ladak has to offer. From Amazon Prime’s Family Man to Netflix’s Bard of Blood, many super-hit TV shows and web series have used this gorgeous location, but surprisingly, not in the manner you’d think! Remember the first season in Family Man, when Major Sameer was on his way to meet a member of ISIS? The scene that was portrayed as ‘Somewhere in Balochistan, Pakistan’ was actually shot on a beautiful plateau in Leh. Bard of Blood too, apparently set in Balochistan, was actually shot in Ladak! 

However unconventional the filmmaking approach may be, these series did pique our interest in these splendid locations. From rugged mountains and steep valleys to winding roads and vibrant cultural life, Leh-Ladak exudes an aura of free spirit and exuberance. The destinations have a wide array of trekking routes that will satiate your soul and enrich your senses. Apart from the moon-like landscapes and rugged mountains, Leh-Ladak is dotted with pops of colorful spiritual flags, tranquil monasteries, and timeless stupas; which inspire a search for a new direction and attract numerous travelers who are simply looking for inspiration.


Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Leh-Ladak is during the summer season from the month of April to July. Ladakh is known for its extremely low temperatures, almost throughout the year. But the summertime is quite pleasant while the winters are exceedingly cold and unforgiving. Naturally, the best time to visit Leh-Ladakh is during the summers.

Places To Visit: Magnetic Hill, Pangong Lake, Shey Monastery, Ley Palace, Hemis Monastery, Khardung La Pass, Sand Dunes of Hunder, and Tso Moriri.


What better way to end our list of aesthetic travel destinations than the paradise-like Munnar! This beautiful green haven of tea estates is truly the remedy you need to relax, unwind and rejuvenate your soul after a hectic work week. And Munnar has certainly worked its magic with the lead stars of the hit web series, Little Things. While there seems to be quite a lot of distance between them, it is nothing a good chat and the refreshing air of Munnar cannot fix! Munnar is a quaint and idyllic hill station located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. This beautiful hill station is formed by three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. 

Munnar is famous for its expansive tea estates, luscious green forests, winding roads, picturesque towns, and charming cottages and lodgings. The hill station is home to the endangered floral species, Neelakurinji, the flowers of which bathe the hills in blue once every twelve years! The hill station offers various viewpoints from where you can have a look at the stunning valleys, hills, and rivers. The beautiful landscape and pristine waterfronts make Munnar a great place for trekking and nature walks. So, for all the outdoorsy people, Munnar will be a soul-enriching vacation. From emerald green hills hidden under a sheer veil of mist, to the fresh air that simply rejuvenates your entire being, from pristine lakes and rivers to fragrant tea estates; Munnar is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway.


Best Time To Visit: The best seasons to visit Munnar are during the summer and winter months. The summer months are from March to June and the atmosphere is mostly comfortable rendering it an apt time for sightseeing and exploration. It’s the perfect time for adventure sports, from long strolls to scenic drives, biking, hiking, camping, and picnicking. The winter months are from November to February and the climate of Munnar in winter is crisp and cool, interspersed with fog and mist. The general climate of the region is cozy and snuggle-worthy!

Places To Visit: Attukal Waterfalls, Pothamedu View Point, TATA Tea Museum, Kundala Lake, Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Lakkom Waterfalls, Echo Point, and Blossom Park.


Which Road Trip Route Is The Best In India?

Some of the best road trip routes, that are easy and worth exploring are from Mumbai to Goa, Manali To Leh, Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley, Guwahati to Tawang, and Shimla to Manali.

Which Is The Number One Tourist Destination In India?

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, is the number one tourist destination in India as it is the most recognizable structure. The Taj Mahal attracts from 7 to 8 million visitors annually, with more than 0.8 million tourists from overseas.

Which Are The Most Beautiful Destinations In India?

Some of the most beautiful destinations in India are the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, Karakoram Backwaters in Kerala, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, Chilika Lake in Odisha, and Madikeri in Coorg.

What Are The Hidden Gems Of India?

Some of the hidden gems in India that you should visit at least once are the Arvalem Caves in Goa, Doodhpathri in Kashmir, Haflong in Assam, Chopta in Uttarakhand, and Tharangambadi in Tamil Nadu.

Which Tourism Category Is Popular In India?

Cultural Tourism is the most popular tourism category in India because of its roots, tourists get to see and experience the culture and tradition. There are also many festivals and fairs in different seasons. 

Who Is The Father Of Indian Tourism?

The Father of Indian Tourism is Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi.

Which State Ranks First In Tourism?

The Indian State that ranks first in Tourism in India is Tamil Nadu with over 140 millions tourists visits in the year 2020.

Who Is The First Tourist To Visit India?

The ambassadoe of Seleucus Nikator, Megasthenes, is the first traveler to visit India.