Adventure Activities During Covid

6 Adventure Activities To Consider During Covid In India

If you’ve been feeling frustrated sitting at home all these months, we sure can empathize. Sitting in front of your screens, confined at home and the only adventure being walking from the fridge to the bedroom, can be deathly monotonous. Maybe what you crave is to experience a real adventure in the great outdoors. Can you have it now? Yes, if the travel restrictions of the place allow for it. Should you have it now? Well, preferably not.

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The virus is still around and we recommend that you take it slow until things get better. But if you’re set on going, we advise you to exercise caution. For those thrillseekers, here are 6 adventure activities during Covid that you can consider.

Microlight Flying, Bangalore

If what you want is a bird’s-eye view of the Silicon Valley of India and its surrounding landscape, set out towards the Jakkur Aerodrome in Bangalore. Here, you can take to the skies by taking up paramotoring, parasailing, or a joyride in an airplane.

The most thrilling adventure that awaits you there is to learn how to actually fly an aircraft. You get to co-pilot a microlight, a tiny lightweight aircraft designed to carry two people. So if you’ve always dreamed of piloting a plane but have no experience whatsoever, this is the place for you.

Note that this activity isn’t for children less than 10 years of age and for pregnant women. Also, as a microlight can only accommodate two people, it is a solo activity.

Rock Climbing, Badami

Badami in Karnataka is best known for its ancient Hindu rock-cut temples from the era of the Chalukya dynasty. Of course, the town’s rich Hindu mythology and history will be a marvel for history buffs. Also, its rugged sandstone cliffs with horizontal cracks make it an ideal destination for rock climbing. What’s more? Whether you’ve simply decided to give this sport a try or already are an accomplished climber, dust your hands with chalk powder and get climbing!


adventure activities during covid

Badami has over 100 rock climbing spots with different difficulty levels. The beginners can avail themselves of the basic training and the equipment needed to make the climb. Then you can set your first foot upward into this sport. It’s definitely not going to be easy, but sure will be fun. With safety in mind, make sure that you don’t take up this sport without supervision. Also, look for climbing tours that strictly follow Covid safety regulations.

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Scuba Diving, Malvan

Scuba diving in the andamans, Scuba Diving, adventure activities during covid

The thrillseeker who seeks to explore the watery depths of the seas can ditch their sunscreen for neoprene by taking up scuba diving in Malvan, Maharashtra. Also, Malvan is close to Goa, a mainstream tourist destination, but not as crowded. So you can have your socially-distanced adventure trip here. What’s even more, if you want a little more isolation, you can even choose scuba diving on a private beach.

Even if you’ve never tried scuba, you’ll be briefed and accompanied by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified trainers. Make sure that you hang on to their every word and then experience first-hand the life beneath the sea. You can also immortalize your thrilling underwater adventures with photographs. Also, Malvan has no dearth of watersports. You could also skim the surface of the Arabian Sea by riding jet skis or banana boats.

Dune Bashing, Khuri

Adventure Activities During Covid

The Thar Desert of Rajasthan full of bright culture and traditions which you can experience firsthand by setting out on a desert safari. If you want to combine the simple rural life of the desert with something thrilling, try your hand at dune bashing in Khuri.

Dune bashing involves you driving over sand dunes in an offroad vehicle, all the while taking care to not tip the vehicle over the edge. For the thrillseeker in a desert, it’s perfect. Just make sure that you listen to the guide’s instructions and protect yourself from the desert sun. If possible, book a private dune bashing session so as to avoid interacting with other people and reduce the risk of Covid.

Skiing And Snowboarding, Auli

Adventure Activities During Covid

Does your idea of thrill involve rushing down a snowy hill? Then set out towards Auli, Uttarakhand. Located at an altitude of over 2800 meters over sea level, this hill station is also home to over 520 species of flowers that are in full bloom between June to October. During the winter months, Auli is blanketed by snow and its slopes make for the perfect haunt for skiers and snowboarders.

Adventure Activities During Covid

Even if you’re a novice skier, you can learn the ropes of this high-adrenaline sport from qualified instructors. The professional can set out on long ski runs. Also, for the trekkers and campers, Auli is the place to be.

Cycling, Kaziranga National Park

Northeast India remains largely unexplored and is therefore the perfect haunt for the adventure seeker who wants to keep away from the thronging tourists. The nature lover would fall for the Kaziranga National Park.

Sprawled across Assam, this tropical reserve forest is home to the vulnerable great one-horned rhinoceroses and also tigers. What better way to explore the natural beauty of the place than leaving the place untouched by pollution? You can take up cycling from the central point of the park and drink in the sights and sounds to your heart’s content. Along the way, you’ll pedal past tea estates and can also get to interact with the tribals living in the park. Just make sure that you follow the social distancing norms.

Dos and Don’ts For Adventure Activities During Covid

  • Adventure activities require a lot of effort and exertion, so if you’re not up for them, don’t pursue them. 
  • Before leaving for the trip, make sure that you consult your doctor and seek professional advice. 
  • If you have any underlying medical conditions pertaining to blood pressure, heart ailments, asthma or have had a major surgery, avoid high-adrenaline activities.
  • Inform the tour company/instructor/guide about any medical conditions beforehand to be on the safer side.
  • For most adventure activities, those below the age of 10 and above 60 as well as pregnant women aren’t allowed. So plan your trip accordingly.
  • Most adventure activities depend on weather conditions. So there may be a chance that the event may be postponed or even canceled owing to poor weather. Be sure to check out the tour company’s refund policy.
  • You need your wits about you while engaged in an adventure activity. Do not consume alcohol on the day/s of your adventure trip.
  • Listen to the instructor/guide carefully to enjoy your activity safely.

Also, you don’t want to forget that you’ve decided to go on adventure trips during Covid. So with all the above precautions, you also need to follow the ones given below:

  • Ensure and insist on social distancing, always: masks, regular sanitizing, and maintaining a 6 feet distance. 
  • Look for accommodations that take Covid restrictions seriously.
  • As lockdown restrictions change dynamically, contact the places where you’d like to go to ensure that they’re open to the public.
  • Traveling in your personal vehicle as opposed to public transportation ensures social distancing.
  • As far as possible, opt for cashless transactions to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Every state has different regulations with regard to interstate travel. So be updated with the Covid rules of your state as well as the state you’re traveling to.
  • Have all the necessary documentation mandated by the state and your destination. Install the Aarogya Setu app on your phone and get the coronavirus self-declaration form, regardless of the rules, for good measure.
  • If you start developing symptoms of Covid, seek help immediately.

With all this in mind, have a responsible and thrilling holiday!


Do You Need A License To Fly Microlight?

Yes, you’ll need a Microlight Pilot’s License to fly a microlight. This license is issued by the DGCA & Class II Medical.

Is Rock Climbing Hard For Beginners?

Rock climbing as an activity involves a lot of physical exertion. It might get tiring when you’re just starting out, but it sure is an exciting activity!

What Is The Cost Of Scuba Diving In India?

If you’re planning on going scuba diving in India, expect to pay from INR 2,500 to as high as INR 20,000.

Where Is Sand Dunes In Rajasthan?

If you’re looking for sand dunes in Rajasthan, visit places including the Khuri and Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer, Osian, and Kuldhara.

Which Is Best Time To Visit Auli?

You can visit Auli throughout the year, but considering it’s best known for being a skiing destination, you should visit Auli between November and March.

Can We Stay Inside Kaziranga National Park?

You cannot stay inside Kaziranga National Park, but there are many hotels and resorts very close to it.

How Long Should I Self-quarantine If I Have Been Exposed To Covid-19?

If you’ve been exposed to Covid-19, you should self-quarantine for 14 days. Remember that even if you’re asymptomatic, you can still be carrying the virus.

What Are Some Of The Common Symptoms Of The Coronavirus Disease?

The most common symptoms of the coronavirus disease are fever, dry cough, and tiredness.

Are Small Gatherings Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Gatherings of any number involve a bit of risk during the Covid pandemic. This is why you should insist on social distancing and isolation.

Can I Exercise Outdoors During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Yes, you can exercise outdoors during the Covid pandemic but avoid it if you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. Also, keep in mind the lockdown norms of your area and follow social distancing as much as possible.

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