9 Hacks For Cheap Flights In India

You just found an excellent place to travel, and as you started planning, the prices of flight tickets made you rethink the whole idea. Well, we’ve been there too! But what if we told you that along the way, we discovered nine sneaky hacks for booking cheap plane tickets? Yes, we’re not kidding, and we don't mind sharing them with you either. So check these hacks out and who knows they might save you from bleeding your bank account dry and let you enjoy a budget trip.

9 Hacks For Cheap Flights In India

  1. Go Incognito
  2. Compare Flight Prices Across Websites
  3. Be Flexible With The Date
  4. Check Package Deals
  5. Look For Frequent Flyers Miles
  6. Book On The Cheapest Days To Fly
  7. Search The Price For A Single Person
  8. Opt for A One-Way Ticket From Different Airlines
  9. Follow The Social Media Platforms Of Airlines

1. Go Incognito

We're sure you've noticed airfares becoming quite volatile in a short period of time. This could be a direct result of the importance you've given it by checking multiple times. The website monitors this, and with the frequent searches, they know you'll be booking the tickets shortly. 

Now to pressure you into making the decision quickly, the amount is increased every time you check to give you the illusion of the value hiking rapidly. By researching for flights incognito, you avoid giving uninvited observers access and rushing into any bookings. You can also try deleting all cookies and searching from multiple devices.

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2. Compare Flight Prices Across Websites

Before you book that airplane ticket that you believe is a steal, compare the price on other websites. You might just stop yourself from later regretting the rip-off you would have committed. 

Most of the time, these travel websites have their own cut in the inflated airline ticket, and by comparison, you may avoid such "cuts" while still saving. Also, you may find every airline and their prices for your preferred place by using websites such as Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights, and more.

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3. Be Flexible With The Date

Many flight booking websites have introduced a calendar view wherein you can check the airfare for entire months. It makes it easier to book your flight at the cheapest rate and will be more feasible if you keep your dates flexible. 

You can check this awesome trick on websites like Goibibo, EaseMyTrip, MakeMyTrip, Google Flights, and many more by simply selecting your current location and the place you aspire to go to and clicking on the calendar icon.

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9 Hacks For Cheap Flights In India

4. Check Package Deals

Who wouldn't want an unpublished discount on hotels and flights just by booking them together? There are undoubtedly several travel websites that provide similar personalized packages for a number of locations. 

Of course, you must first conduct a thorough study about the rates of each independently. Occasionally, the flight schedule may not be right for you, or the hotel may not be to your liking, therefore considering these elements is also recommended.

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5. Look For Frequent Flyers Miles

Loyalty goes a long way, and the saying stays true here. When you book all your tickets with a certain airline, you are rewarded with frequent flyer points in exchange for your loyalty. You get an account with a program that stacks the miles you’ve traveled with the same airline. 

In exchange, you receive points you can accumulate over time till you may use them to enjoy a big discount or even a free flight. This may be done in two ways: directly with the airline or through a credit card that offers reward points. While airline membership is free, the credit card service may levy an annual fee.

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6. Book On The Cheapest Days To Fly

Quite often known as the off-peak time to travel is midweek. The duration is between Monday to Thursday and if you’re ready to take the red-eye trip, you might wind up saving a lot of money. 

The red-eye flight is one that leaves at night and lands the next morning. While these flights can be unpleasant, the ticket price is unusually low. Plus, you should avoid booking near holidays such as Holi, Diwali, or Christmas, since the price increases.

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9 Hacks For Cheap Flights In India

7. Search The Price For A Single Person

You might not believe us at first but stick with us. The airline reservation system, by default, mandates that all tickets ordered in a single reservation be the same price. Even economy class has many pricing points, and the fee is determined by when and how you buy it. For instance, you’ve booked a center seat for the sole reason of it being at an amount of INR 1,100. Now the seat to your left was for INR 1,250, and to your right was for INR 1,220. If you would’ve booked these seats altogether, the cost of each ticket would’ve cost INR 1,250. This is because the system is structured to maintain the costs the same by default. So to avoid this you can search the price for individual tickets.

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8. Opt For A One-Way Ticket From Different Airlines

We understand that booking a return ticket is significantly easier but seldom cost-effective. Once you compare one-way tickets from different airlines, the rate difference can certainly amaze you. For example, if you’re traveling from Delhi to Kochi, you may get a terrific discount on Indigo and a fantastic deal on Vistara departing from Kochi. Also, if you decide to extend your holiday, the cancellation fees will only be charged to the one-way return ticket.

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9. Follow The Social Platform Of Airlines

Following a couple of your preferred airlines on social media might help you save a lot of money. Airlines frequently announce promotional discounts and special deals to get demand and you should keep an eye out for such exciting deals. You may also sign up for their newsletter and make sure it doesn't end up in your spam folder; after all, you don't want to miss out on that 60% off bargain, do you?

9 Hacks For Cheap Flights In India

Summing Up

We all love traveling and exploring right? And such absurdly expensive flight tickets should not be allowed to come in the way. So all our globetrotters, go ahead and use these clever hacks to save your bank balance and have a budget-friendly trip every time.


What Is An Airline Hacker Fare?

When you book a one-way flight with one airline and a one-way flight back with another airline, you are paying a "hacker fare."

Do Last Minute Flights Go Down In Price?

Notably, the cost of airline tickets often doesn't fall as travel dates approach closer. Instead, you should book well ahead of time for cheaper rates.

Are Flights Cheaper If Bought At Midnight?

Yes, flights are often significantly cheaper at midnight earlier in the week (Monday through Thursday).

What Month Do Flight Prices Drop?

Airlines start giving discounts and reducing prices six to eight months before the scheduled departure in order to attract more customers. The amount of the reduction, however, is dictated by the demand for tickets. Prices are expected to fall further if demand is constrained.

Do Flight Prices Go Down On Tuesday?

Most airlines appear to announce their discounts on Monday evenings, so you may get the greatest deals on Tuesday mornings. Generally, you should expect to save between 15% and 25%.

How To Reserve Flights Without Paying?

Flights can be booked without paying for them in advance. You may pay for your flight reservation using a book now, pay later option that offers convenient monthly installments.

Which Airline Is Cheapest In India?

IndiGo, GoAir, and SpiceJet are among the top low-cost airlines in India.

What Is A 6 am Flight Called?

It is called a red-eye flight. The majority of red-eye flights take off after 9:00 p.m. and land before sunrise at 5 or 6 a.m.