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8 Places To Visit In Himachal During Monsoon

Nothing beats the excitement and thrill of visiting a hill station no matter what part of the country it is located in. The higher altitudes tend to make you feel a certain kind of way which you won’t experience anywhere else. If we talk about one place, in particular, the state of Himachal Pradesh takes the cake without a doubt. The epitome of spellbinding views and among the top three destinations for every traveler, Himachal Pradesh surely is heaven on earth.  

For a memorable trip, good weather conditions are a must. Since the place we are talking about is Himachal Pradesh, even the rain gods have a soft spot for it and shower their love in the only way they know best - rainfall. The downpours only enhance the already pleasing atmosphere of the state. So, if you are planning a trip to this god-loving state during the rainy season, check out the below best places to visit in Himachal during monsoons.


The most common and sought-after place in entire North India is the city called Shimla. Now, it is a given that the best time to visit this beautiful city is during winters. The high rates of flight tickets and accommodation in this place during peak winters are a testament to that. But it also means the city is going to be more crowded than ever and the places you have planned to visit here are not going to be as peaceful as you might have imagined.

The remedy to this conundrum is to visit Shimla during the monsoon season. The weather here is still cold enough for you to get a feel of the true winters of the North. Plus, with fewer people around, you can soak in the astonishing view of the mountains in their raw and unfiltered form. The city also has a very homely vibe to it. So, a walk in the evening with your hoodie on and raindrops nudging you politely will make for an ideal getaway in Shimla. It is a rule of thumb that no matter the place, if it rains, you ought to eat something hot so when in the city of Shimla, make sure you have smoking hot paranthas and a cup full of tea!

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On regular days, a trip to Kasauli would mean a long nature walk that includes bird watching and trekking activities along the way. During winters, the snow-capped landscape here acts no less than a Christmas card background. It truly is an unmissable sight.

However, the experience in this city during the monsoon season is unparalleled and we have our reasons for making that claim. Firstly, the monsoons cool down the air and manages to intensify the lush greenery of Kasauli. The non-threatening calming rainshower sound drowns out other city sounds and will surely be refreshing to your mind.

The crisp air and the distinct smell accompanied just after rain is also something that just makes Kasauli  more lovely than it is. Secondly, the city celebrates the festival of Akri around this time of the year which also includes the buffalo fighting event. So, a region with nestled greenery and beautiful landscapes, Kasauli is an amazing place to visit during the monsoons.

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A rather unique place to visit during the monsoons is the McLeodganj area which lies in the suburbs of Dharamshala. What’s so unique about this place you ask? The monasteries here provide a strong sense of calmness and positivity that will re-energize your soul. The Tsuglagkhang and the Namgyal Monastery are some of the most famous and quaint monasteries around here. So, go ahead and get that quiet peace of mind you’ve been longing for a while now as the raindrops add the cinematic effects.

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If you’ve drooled enough over the exotic stills of Manali in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, it is time to actually come through with your plan of visiting the place. Now, if you’re a bit adventurous type and want to experience something different, you can consider traveling to the place during the monsoon season. The delightful view of the raindrops blending with the majestic waterfalls is a spectacular sight that you cannot possibly miss out on. If you’re big on water sports, river-rafting and kayaking, the destination will not disappoint. For when you’re looking for a space that soothes your soul, the Hadimba and Manu temple will provide you with a great atmosphere and a hypnotic vibe.

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places to visit in Himachal


Of the many hidden gems in the state of Himachal, Khajjiar tops the list. The place has been a favourite destination for tourists across the globe because it can be pleasant year-round. You can never get bored of the sunny landscapes or wintery nights here since you will always have views overlooking gorgeous mountains. No matter the season, there are truly no bland days in Khajjiar. 

The charm of Khajjiar lake also comes alive during the monsoon season. The perfect harmony in which the raindrops create ripples on the lake is an aesthetic site. Believe us, the Khajjiar Lake and the neighboring cedar forest will make you feel like you’re witnessing scenes straight out of a movie!

Various activities like trekking and boating are in high demand during this time of the year.

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Very rarely will you come across a place in India that is compared to an exotic country like Switzerland. Dalhousie is that rarety here. Often termed as the “Little Switzerland of India”, this town has views to die for. This is not someplace that has been doing the rounds only recently. Dalhousie has been the talk of the town for quite a while now and its’s vintage architectures are proof of that.

You know a place has stood the test of time if it has managed to maintain its charm despite receiving the most rainfall in the entire state. The monsoon season only enhances this place’s beauty. The large concentration of tourists that flock here around the monsoon months is a testament to that. Grab a sip of that hot coffee and feast your eyes with a view of the Pir Panjal mountain range. If that isn’t enough, the Sach Pass will max out your happiness quotient in this part of the town. A casual walk through the neighborhoods and the various mall roads can be a good refresher for you here.

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places to visit in Himachal

Spiti Valley

Another popular tourist destination is the Spiti Valley. As the name suggests, you will have an amazing view of the valley. That being said, people are often skeptical about visiting this place during the monsoons as the occurrence of landslides is a constant threat here. But it doesn’t stop the hardcore travel junkies from taking a little risk to explore the hidden gems in this spectacular place.

Unlike Dalhousie, Spiti Valley doesn’t get over-the-top rainfall which makes it difficult to step out of the hotel at times. The place is considered to be a rain shadow region and you will have no trouble going outdoors to get a feel of this exquisite place tucked between India and Tibet. You can head to the various monasteries here like the Tabo, Dhankar, and Ghandola monastery. The ancient temples, larger-than-life murals, and awe-inspiring paintings in this place are not to be missed at all. Being mindful about a few things and taking necessary precautions in this place will help you get the best of what it has to offer.

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Solang Valley

Another valley that makes it to this list is the Solang Valley. A trip here during the monsoons is best avoided if you’re not looking for some outdoor adventure. But if you are among the hardcore outdoor enthusiast, you will have an amazing time here even during the rains. 

You can start off by competing with the fast-flowing waters in river-rafting. Put your strength and stamina to the test by indulging in mountaineering and rock climbing. Please note that monsoon season brings a few difficulties in the form of landslides and rock-falling. So, taking proper care of all those things is pivotal. As many people avoid visiting this place during monsoon season, the hotel prices are relatively low around this time which will work in your favor. So, if you have a community of adventure-seeking travelers, the Solang Valley will cater to your interests very well.

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places to visit in Himachal

Summing up:

Traveling to Himachal Pradesh must be on your travel bucket list because a trip here will help you connect with your inner self and clear your mind. While you are being part of all such revelations, the monsoon weather will be like a slow melody playing in the background, keeping you company. So, to have such a delightful experience, consider traveling to the above mentioned places in Himachal during the monsoon.


Can We Visit Himachal In Monsoon?

Being a North Indian state, there is no denying that visiting this place during winters is the most ideal option. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the scenic beauty of a place has an added value to it during the monsoon season. So, visiting Himachal in monsoon is a great idea.

Is Himachal Safe During The Monsoon Season?

The landslides and road-blockage doesn’t make Himachal a very safe place to be during the monsoons. But you can always head to the relatively safer parts of the state to experience its true beauty while taking care of a few things to avoid any mishaps.

Is Kasauli Safe During Monsoons?

If not the best, Kasauli is still a safe place to pay a visit to during monsoons. Particularly, if you love nature walks, you will have no trouble connecting with mother nature and uncovering all the beautiful stories she has to tell. 

What Can I Do In Himachal During Monsoons?

Since Himachal is not big on outdoor activities during monsoons due to safety hazards, there are a few things besides that which you can do in Himachal. A quiet getaway to basically any city in this state and booking yourself a lavish hotel room should do the trick for you. Experiencing local cuisines is also something you can do around here in monsoons.

Which Is The Most Visited Place In Himachal?

Owing to its location and the amenities, the most visited place in all of Himachal has to be Kullu-Manali. From astounding views of the snow-capped mountains to a lot of activities ranging from paragliding to skiing, there is no shortage of thrill and excitement in this part of the state.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Manali?

If you want to experience Manali in all its glory, then visit Manali between December to January. That's when you can enjoy the snowfall and grasp scenic views of the white landscape.

How Far Is Mcleodganj From Amritsar?

Mcleodganj is 205 km away from Amritsar.

Which Place Is Called Mini Switzerland In India?

Khajjiar has earned the term "Mini Switzerland" due to its close resemblance to Switzerland.