7 Places To Visit In Karwar For A Tranquil Holiday

A quaint little town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Karwar is for those who are looking forward to a relaxing holiday. It’s just 15 to 20 km from Goa and has landscapes that will surely leave you speechless. Right from amazing beaches, architectural wonders and serene surroundings, this town has stolen the hearts of all tourists who visit here.

Whether it’s indulging in sports activities at the sandy beaches, gazing at glorious mountains, or stopping to admire the tall coconut trees, Karwar has everything. To help you plan your trip, here are the 7 best places to visit in Karwar:

  • Devbagh Beach
  • Kurumgad Island
  • Oyster Rock Lighthouse
  • Sadashivgad Fort
  • Kali Bridge
  • Timati Beach
  • Anashi Waterfall


Devbagh Beach: House Of Golden Sands And White Seagulls

Devbagh resides on the Karnataka-Goa border and is at a distance of only 5 km from Majali Beach Village. Every tourist who steps into Karwar comes to see this beautiful beach. As you take a stroll here, you’ll witness the glorious Arabian Sea on one side and the majestic Western Ghats on the other side. So, if you want to go sightseeing, this is the perfect place for you.

One thing that makes this beach stand out from the others is the clear golden sand that seems at an endless stretch. The sight of crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea will surely rejuvenate your soul. One can’t help but stop and admire the casuarina trees that add to the beauty of the beach. Not sure about visiting here yet? Well, there’s another interesting thing about Devbagh Beach. You’ll be greeted by the seagulls that often flock here. So you better carry your camera to capture the beautiful views here.

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Kurumgad Island: A Sight To Behold

Just head 4 km from the Karwar coast and you’ll reach the beautiful Kurumgad Island which is adjacent to Devbagh Beach. The tortoise-like shape of this island has attracted a lot of tourists here. You’ll get to see an old fort which will remind you of the Maratha rulers. This is a blend of historical significance and nature’s beauty. An interesting fact about this island is that it has a freshwater pond despite being located in the middle of the Arabian Sea.

If you’re looking for a popular pilgrimage place in Karwar, Kurumgad Island is the place to be. Every year, thousands of pilgrims flock here to pay their respects to the Narasimha Temple here. If you visit the temple in January, you’ll get to participate in the annual jatra called ‘Pushya Purnima’. For those seeking some adventure, you can go trekking on the mountain here to be able to get to the temple. Otherwise, there are tons of activities like swimming, fishing, spotting the dolphins, boat rides, bonfires, and volleyball that’ll keep you entertained.

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Oyster Rock Lighthouse: Magnificent Colonial Architecture

This masterpiece was constructed back in the 1860s by the British. As the name suggests, Oyster Rock Lighthouse resides on Oyster Rock in Devgad Island. It’s about 11 km from the Karwar bus stand.

As you explore the lighthouse, you’ll find a dome at the top through which you’ll have access to the entrance of the lantern room. The view from this lighthouse is surely going to make your trip a memorable one. If you visit the lighthouse during dusk, the sight of the setting sun and the coral-lit sky will soothe your soul. You can enjoy a machine boat ride to Oyster Rock Lighthouse from Karwar Port.

Sadashivgad Fort: A Historical Reminiscence

Sadashivgad Fort is one of the most ancient forts that resides on the northern banks of the Kali River. This fort has great historical significance as it has witnessed several rulers like the Portuguese, Marathas, and the British. Although in ruins, this fort is among the best places to visit in Karwar as it’s almost 200 feet high from the hilltop.

You’ll be stunned by the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea from this fort. If you’re an adventure seeker and want to indulge in a fun activity, you can go trekking here. As you reach the top of this fort, you’ll witness another historic wonder. All trekkers who come here pay their respects to the 600-year-old Shantadurga temple that is situated on the Sadashivgad hill. This historic fort is worth visiting if you’re keen on exploring history amidst the beauty of nature.

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Kali Bridge: Mesmerizing Views Of The Water Bodies

The Kali Bridge was constructed back in 1983 and connects the two beautiful states of Goa and Karnataka. One thing is certain, the sight of the mesmerizing merging water bodies of the Kali River along the Sadashivgad Fort will blow your mind. You’ll get a relaxing and pleasant vibe at this bridge with picturesque views around you. That’s why it’s one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Karwar.

All nature lovers are sure to have a relaxing and peaceful time at the Kali Bridge. The view of the stunning waters of the Arabian Sea will surely make your trip memorable. You’ll be dazzled by the changing colors of the waters here. The gentle waters start merging with the rough waters thereby leading to subtle changes in the color of the water bodies.

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Tilmati Beach: An Adventure To Remember

If you want to go for an adventure and indulge yourself in some thrilling activities, Tilmati Beach is the place for you. It is located in the Majali village in Karwar. Just head 2.5 km from the Majali bus stop and you’ll reach this beautiful beach. Want to know what’s the best thing about visiting here? You get to take a hiking route from Majali village to reach here. On your way, you’ll get to cross a beautiful stream and a hill with the Arabian Sea on its side. Doesn’t that seem like a fun hike?

Let’s not forget about the thrill and adventure waiting for you at the beach. You can enjoy various fun activities like cruise rides, rock climbing, kayaking, rowing, pedaling, etc. Another surprise this beach offers you is the sight of beautiful birds and dolphins. If you want to enjoy the views here, you can just take a stroll on the beach while marveling at the basaltic black coloured sand beneath your feet. Since this beach is amidst the hill locks, you can even enjoy camping with your family and friends.

Anashi Waterfall: Enchanting Waters That Soothe The Soul

How would you like to be amidst enchanting waterfalls and beautiful serene surroundings around you? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get to experience at Anashi Waterfalls in Karwar. These waterfalls are one of the most sought-after attractions in the Anashi village of Karwar. If you’re looking for a relaxing time amidst the wonders of nature, this is the perfect place for you.

The sight of razor-thin waterfalls here is a treat to the eyes. The waterfalls are surrounded by dense green forests that add to the beauty of this place. You can enjoy a plate of Maggi while enjoying the picturesque views around you. Another thing that’ll surely catch your eye is the rich flora and fauna of the place. You’ll greet several colorful bird species that fly over the tall trees at this waterfall. The sights at Anashi waterfalls will be like a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, so you better don’t forget to pay a visit here.

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Summing Up

The many places to visit in Karwar certainly breaks the stereotype of small towns having very few things to do. Whether it’s significant historic sites, sandy beaches, vast rivers or enthralling waterfalls, this town has something to offer everyone. The picturesque views of this place are sure to reward you with a holiday experience that you’ll never forget.



Why Is Karwar Famous?

Karwar is famous for its numerous sandy beaches, historic forts, religious temples and scenic views that have attracted several tourists. The muslin cloth here is another famous thing that attracts all travelers who visit the town.

Is Karwar Worth Visiting?

Karwar is definitely worth visiting as you get to explore some of the most beautiful beaches with picturesque views. Some of the popular attractions here are Devbagh Beach, Tilmati Beach, and Kurumgad Island that offer you tons of activities to enjoy.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Karwar?

The best time to visit Karwar would be in the months from October to February where you get to enjoy various festivals here like Karavali Utsav.

What Can I Buy In Karwar?

One of the most attractive things to buy in Karwar would be the famous muslin cloth here. The other famous things you can shop in Karwar are beautifully carved sandalwood, incense sticks, and silk sarees.

How Many Beaches Are There In Karwar?

Karwar has 5 beaches that will offer you a great holiday experience. Some of the famous beaches here are Devbagh Beach, Tilmati, and Karwar Beach.

Where Is Karwar Situated?

Karwar is situated in the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka and is almost 15 to 20 km from the state of Goa.

What Language Is Spoken In Karwar?

While Konkani is the most commonly spoken language in Karwar, Kannada can be heard very frequently. You might also get away with a little bit of Hindi in a majority of the common tourist places as well.

What River Is In Karwar?

The Kali River Estuary is the waterbody that flows right besides Karwar.